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Read "Push Buchvorlage zum Film "Precious"" by Sapphire available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Buchvorlage zur . and its brutal honesty, Push recounts a young black street-girl's horrendous her to learn to read, to define her own feelings and set them down in a diary. Push - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. PUSH. a novel by SAPPHIRE. I I was left back when I was twelve because I had a baby for my fahver. Miz Rain said she read the truth shall set you ukraine-europe.info Boy.

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Jun 12, Read a free sample or buy Push by Sapphire. Mongo, "short for Mongoloid Down Sinder, which is what she is; sometimes what I feel I is. "Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire," directed by Lee Daniels and written by Damien Paul GRAND JURY PRIZE and Buy the Audiobook Download. ukraine-europe.info: Push: Sapphire: Books. This item:Push by Sapphire Hardcover $ . Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. To download from the iTunes Store, get iTunes now. Lenox Avenue, Harlem: Hier, in einem Abbruchhaus, lebt Precious Jones, sechzehn Jahre alt und schon zum zweitenmal von ihrem eigenen Vater schwanger. I do NOT read German. Overview Music Video Charts.

Unavailable for purchase. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. Push Buchvorlage zum Film "Precious" by Sapphire. Buy the eBook Price: Choose Store. Ratings and Book Reviews 0 1 star ratings 0 reviews.

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I disappears from the day. Second grade. I crying for me who no one never hold before. I don't think I look up again till EMS find me on floor. I see me. You really are gonna get through this. Daddy put his pee-pee smelling thing in my mouth. No one comb my hair. I crying for ugly baby. Carl is the night and I disappear in it. A little at first.

Don't make sense talking. I jus' put it all down—book. And the daytimes don't make no sense. Who care whether purple shit a square or a circle. I feel warm kindness from her I never feel from Mama and I start to cry. I'm still twelve when all this happen. Then she kick me in ribs. What you tell them mutherfuckers at the damn hospital? I should KILL you! I look at her but see Mama's shoe coming at the side of my head like a bullet. About three months after baby born. Mama slap me. I'm lying on the floor shaking.

Nigger pig bitch! He done quit me! He done left me 'cause of you. Then she pick up cast-iron skillet. I fix collard greens and ham hocks. Carl's dick dangle dangle in my face and now the flat-face baby with eyes like Koreans. I carry Mama a plate.

Bring me some margarine and hot sauce. I wanna lay down. The pain in my shoulder is throbbing me. Devil red sparks flashes in Mama's eyes. I barely touched you! Go get a plate and stop acting stupid 'fore I do hurt your shoulder. I don't taste nothin'. Then I go git my plate and sit down with her. I eat 'cause she say eat. My neck. Mama holler. I don't like.

Push by Sapphire

Some white people is smiling and kissing on television. I'm in the kitchen two hours. I'm scared. I'm so full I could bust. I keep eating till the pain. Try not to look at her. I look at Mama. Scare me to look at her. She take up half the couch.

I sit her pies down on the tray. Try not to see grease running down Mama's chin. I bring her plate back. Try to watch the white people on TV running on the beach sand. I can tell Mama's other hand between her legs now 'cause the smell fill the room. I feel Mama's hand between my legs. I tells myself. Mama sleep on couch. Everything seem like clothes in washing machine at laundry mat—round 'n round.

Mama can't fit into bathtub no more. I just lay still still. I got to get through. I'm twelve. October Her hand stop. For past couple of weeks or so. Mama's hand creepy spider. I'm sixteen now. But now. It's Friday. Go sleep. God please! Thank you god I say as I fall asleep.

I'm standing at the sink finishing the dishes. One minute Mama's foot smashing into side of my head. Mama jus' hit me wif fry in' pan? I be back before she wake up. I'm wearing them and my X sweat shirt.

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Ize gone! The staircase so skinny both sides of me touch some. That's what you here for. I is going. It's four of 'em.

Put some Vaseline on my face. Why Mama never do anything? One time I ax her. Why ain' her fat ass sleep? I look at my poster of Farrakhan on the wall. Amen Allah! Radio clock glowing red 8: Saturday and Sunday 'fore I get to Monday—the alternative. Better than Nikes? Fuck her! Time to go! Mama sleep. Green leather jacket. He climb on me.

Maybe I get my own place. When I step out in morning Lenox is jumping with cars. No one say nuffin' to me now my belly big. He slap my ass. Shut up! She bring him to me. I'm walking slow slow now. Delivery trucks is parked in front the supermarket and the McDonald's on corner of nd. Probably thas' what he require to fuck her.

No "Yo Big Mama" 'n "all dat meat and no potatoes" shit. This is my second baby for my daddy. I ain't got no money. African vendors out on street wif they stuff—leather purses and African clothes and earrings from cow shells. I ain' cfazy. Umm hmmm. I'm safe. Come to th Street. Maybe after I have baby I lose some weight. This time I know Mama know. Got to where he jus' come in my room any ole time. You wide as the Mississippi. Wonder where they go to work?

Where I gonna go to work. Hurry up. You jus' like your mama—you die for it! I feel ashamed. They love me! Say I'm one of the best dancers ain' no doubt of or about that!

First he mess up my life fucking me. I wanna scream. I come some more. I be dancing in videos! In movies! I be breaking. Umm hmm heating up the stage at the Apollo for Doug E. He shake his. Oh shut up! I try to go back to video but coming now. Git usta it. I'm your daughter. Then I change stations. Fresh or Al B. He mess up dream talkin' 'n gruntin'.

But I keep my mouf shut so's the fucking don't turn into a beating. I fall back on bed. I start to feel good. I'm on my way. I'm OK. White sign black letters on the desk. I tell myself. It's a elevator wif black doors. I step out the elevator and see this lady with cornrow hair sitting at desk. Don't go nowhere. I'm leaning against glass panel of bus stop. I step inside. Mind your bizness! I push the button. I'm not stupid. I done passed it a hunnert times but never been in it.

How I git here? What I'm doing on one-two-five at this time of morning? I look down at my feet. I walk through the doors. I stare at bus disappearing down th Street. Push the button. Why git 'em put in if you not gonna get extensions? It's the law. I understand but you still need formal discharge papers or we can't let you in. Thas' kinda nice. Our students have to meet certain income. Do it say who daddy? What kind a baby? Do it say how pages the same for me. I don't know what file say.

I know it say I got a baby. So what's the big deal. So really their sending your records over was just a way of speeding things up for you. Are you currently receiving AFDC? I do know every time they wants to fuck wif me or decide something in my life. The only thing we really need is income verification.

I see. They should score 8. I got another one 'sides this one coming. I don't believe this bitch no teacher. I likes slim people too.

Where can I find Push by Sapphire free ebook download.?

She got leggings like mine 'cept hers black. She got on blue blouse. The fat lady is looking at me. I looks back. I like light-skin people. Mama fat black. She look OK I guess. I big. The other peoples did not exist. I see the pink faces in suits look over top of my head. I know who I am.

Sapphire free push download ebook

Don't nobody need me. They vampires. One time I seen us on TV. I wanna say it on subway. The tesses paint a picture of me wif no brain.

Don't nobody want me. Ugly black grease to be wipe away. But I can see when the picture come back I don't exist. I know who they say I am—vampire sucking the system's blood. You know crackers eating roast turkey and champagne and shit.

Got it? When picture develop it's instamatic only one person on the couch. I eats. But the real peoples did not know it till it was party time. There has always been something wrong wif the tesses. I watch TV. I watch myself. So it's five of 'em sitting on the couch. They eats. And the peoples. For me this nuffin' new. I laugh. I wanna say I am somebody. I cooks. I talk. It was a show of spooky shit. The tesses paint a picture of me an' my muver—my whole family.

Is it because they white? If Mrs Lichenstein who have elephant stomach and garbage smell from her pussy exist. Do all white people look like pictures? He would not climb on me from forever and stick his dick in me 'n get me inside on fire.

I sometimes look in the pink people in suits eyes. But that don't mean it don't hurt. I bleed then he slap me. She have not left home since Little. If he did he would know I was like a white girl. But I know it can't be my muver 'cause my muver is at home. Can't he see I am a girl for flowers and thin straw legs and a place in the picture.

My fahver don't see me really. I been out the picture so long I am used to it. I see it over and over. Why can't I see myself. Sometimes I pass by store window and somebody fat dark skin. I talk loud but still I don't exist. I know the money she got for me—from my baby. I try to hide myself. I never stick my bresses in her mouth. She usta give me money. I'm fast. Ain' no plug to pull out. I got baby. My muver say what for? It's outta style. Her man? Thas my mutherfuckin' fahver!

I hear her tell someone on phone I am heifer. I ax my muver for money to git my hair done. I feel proud 'cept it's baby by my fahver and that make me not in picture again. What that child of yours need tittie for? She retarded. I see something. But I don't care now what anybody see. But I don't know how to die. I hardly have not seen my daughter since she was a little baby.

She say I never do you. Down Sinder. What tess say? I don't give a fuck. What it take for my muver to see me? Sometimes I wish I was not alive.

Who I see? I stand in tub sometime. Mongo was born. I look bitch teacher woman in face. She say I in first class which meet Monday. I still me. Is she saying something? It's teacher woman. What for. I ain't change. He is against crack addicts and crackers. I'm I think for years. Crackers is the cause of everything bad. I have to say sometimes I hate my muver. But I'm not sure I know how to be on my own. She don't love me.

Where can i find push by sapphire as an e book?

I love him. I could be on the 'fare for myself now. It why my father ack like he do. I think. When he see I'm pregnant the first time he disappear. He has forgot he is the Original Man! So he fuck me. So really all she did was add my baby to her budget She already on the 'fare wit' me so she just add my daughter.

After my baby and me come out of the hospital my muver take us down to welfare. I'm old enuff. Mongo sound Spanish don't it? I wonder how she could love Little Mongo thas my daughter. I got to get dress for school. Today is first day. I could just sit here wif my muver everyday wif the shades drawed. Go from room to room.

I is ready. I am so pretty.. So ugly. School gonna. All that shit. Sometimes fuck feel good. I hate hear him talk more than I hate fuck.

I been tessed. School something this nuthin'l. I got to be at school by 9 a. I was on my way to graduate from I. That confuse me.

Carl come over fuck us'es. I got Medicaid card and proof of address. Ready for school. I just sit in back classroom. It's 8 a. I know I woketed up at 6 a. I feel so stupid sometimes. I been incomed eligible. I wear my pink stretch pants? I think so. Can I get a witness!

I'm outta here! I always did like school. I gotta throw some water on my ass and git up. I got your size he call out in hallway I got your size. Ol' Cornrows say bring self. I got to get dress. Kinnergarden and first grade I don't talk. I don't. I'll eat it walking down Lenox.

Free push sapphire download ebook

What I'm gonna wear what I'm gonna wear? One thing I do got is clothes. View More by This Author. Description Lenox Avenue, Harlem: Obese, dark-skinned, HIV-positive, bullied by her sexually abusive mother, Clareece, Precious Jones is, at the novel's outset, pregnant for the second time with her father's child. Precious had her first daughter at 12, named Little Mongo, "short for Mongoloid Down Sinder, which is what she is; sometimes what I feel I is.

I feel so stupid sometimes. So ugly, worth nuffin. Under her angelic mentorship, Precious, who has never before experienced real nurturing, learns to voice her long suppressed feelings in a journal.

As her language skills improve, she finds sustenance in writing poetry, in friendships and in support groups-one for "insect" survivors and one for HIV-positive teens.


It is here that Sapphire falters, as her slim and harrowing novel, with its references to Harriet Tubman, Langston Hughes and The Color Purple a parallel the author hints at again and again , becomes a conventional, albeit dark and unresolved, allegory about redemption. The ending, composed of excerpts from the journals of Precious's classmates, lends heightened realism and a wider scope to the narrative, but also gives it a quality of incompleteness.

Sapphire has created a remarkable heroine in Precious, whose first-person street talk is by turns blisteringly savvy, rawly lyrical, hilariously pig-headed and wrenchingly vulnerable.