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Loved it! Quickly moving on to book two! Review to come. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

I think he's one of those characters you have to learn about completely before you can really start to like him. Brad DeLuca is a senior partner in a law firm. He's known for sleeping with clients, sleeping with interns, pretty much just sleeping around. Julia is warned about him from the start. She is an intern at his law firm under another partner.

Julia has no inclination to go there with Brad, but he can be pretty irresistible I loved that Julia was able to get out of her comfort zone with Brad. I also loved that she was a strong and intelligent heroine. The way Brad and Julia's relationship progressed felt natural, even if it wasn't the most normal of relationships. I like the way you saw it grow and develop.

Alessandra's writing style is wonderful. I love how her books always go out of the box a bit. And that last scene. After reading that I am diving straight into the next book! View all 30 comments. Because I'm an intern in your firm, therefore off-limits? You challenge me and make me laugh. And because every time I see you I want to rip your clothes off and put my hands on you. Why oh why did it take me so long to read this? I then went back and one-clicked every single 4.

I then went back and one-clicked every single book by her, this included. I wasn't sure what to expect going into this; it being her debut book and having some mixed reviews. I shouldn't have been concerned in the least. I really can't go wrong with a book by this author. Brad De Luca now has my pervy little heart in the palm of his hand.

But I digress Julia is a 21 year old Pre-Law student that just landed an internship at one of the most prestigious law firms. Fresh off a broken engagement, she's not looking to get wrapped up in a man again too soon, especially a manwhoring womanizer that every person at the firm warns her off of.

The one thing I love about Alessandra's writing are her heroines. Julia may be young and not exactly coming from a vast sexual experience, but she was no blushing ingenue. She was feisty, sassy, and gave as good as she got. Brad De Luca is the firm's most successful divorce attorney.

He's used to getting what he wants, and he's not exactly lacking for women. But when Julia continually denies his advances, he's intrigued. He has to have her.

And let's face it, there's only so long that Julia can fight the incredible sexual pull between them. Julia doesn't believe in sex without love. Brad doesn't believe that his perfect woman exists so why deny the pleasure of sex. They share nothing in common except for the attraction that is slowly coming to a boil between them. But little by little Brad slowly chips away at Julia's doubts and Julia begins to see that she's not exactly the good girl that she once believed herself to be.

Brad is an enigma that she just can't seem to stay away from or quite figure out. So what is it that Brad wants from his women? His kink? That "thing" he wants that he doesn't think the type of woman he'd want to marry will be able to give him? Guess you'll just have to read it and find out! Guess I'm sadistic that way ; I'm looking forward to learning more about Brad and seeing where book two takes his relationship with Julia, because let me tell you Good lord, gimme more of that.

Until the next book View all 65 comments. I'm sorry but if you put a raunchy image of a chick butt naked and covering her vagina their on the front of the book, THEN that book should at least have some sexual tension in the first ten chapters.

Was there? Then what was there? I got to learn a lot about her interning for a guy that wasn't the hero. I found out some tidbits about the hero which isn't even important. Okay so hero meets heroine. Meaning, the first chapter should give me, the reader, an indicator of what this book is about.

This didn't do that. I truthfully thought that this book was maybe about her journey as a law intern. I kept checking the freakin cover over and over. Next problem I had with this book. The Heroine is just. And she's all talking about how liberated that makes her. Then the vomit-inducing Hero. IS this supposed to be sexy and cool?

But all and all the most disgusting part of this book wasn't even the plot or characters it was "the crab eating scene" I just don't know why. But the whole spitting empty shelves on the plate and mixing it with other chunks of the food. I am a bit obsessive compulsive with food mixing.

This was just really BAD! I mean seriously there are books out there that I don't like but can see why others like it I get why these unnatural fits of sucess occur But this book should not be on any list, but a Take-out-to-the-trash list.

The plot fails. The writing is amateur. The characters are senseless, one-dimensional, wastes of flesh. The erotic elements are meh. The romance is non-existent. Its a book about Swingers, but the swinging isn't addressed or even brought up until the last five maybe six chapters of the WHOLE book!

WTH was all the first half of the book for? I would say backstory, but there wasn't anything there. Don't waste your time. View all 17 comments. They are divine. Needless to say I've been looking forward to this series immensely A few things were troubling me, would some activities go too far for my comfort levels? Would they push my feels? Would I find some aspects of this story a little too tricky? Would Julia bug me?

I LOVE this book!!! And I love Julia!!! The premise Julia is a law student and has successfully secured an internship at a prestigious law firm. It will look amazing on her CV and improve her future prospects. Brad is one of the partners, he's older and has a reputation that proceeds him The attractive, female interns are kept away from Brad. Blindfolded Innocence is the epitome of a character driven book with an amazing, erotic story.

And I have lots of lovely feelings about ALL of it I love Julia's dry sense of humour laced with sarcasm, there are a few great quips that really made me smile. She has beliefs, morals, ideals. Will something or someone break Julia's resolve on this? Does she have hidden desires that are yet to be discovered? He exudes it. It pours out of every fiber of his being….

He lights up the page with his charisma and looks. He doesn't hide it from the people who count, there's no duplicity in his conduct, he's completely up front Brad's family history has undoubtedly had a lasting effect on his personality, his drive and determination. Maybe even more than we have yet discovered. They take a trip to Vegas….. Their trip was luscious in many, many ways I melted a little!!! I swooned… LOVE that. My favourite thing in a book is when the main characters cuddle down in bed together, just hold each other and sleep.

Her behaviour, although a little out of character, balanced out Brad for me, if you've read the book, you'll know what I mean?!! Good grief That's one of the many qualities drawing me to this fictional book character in a big way…..

It's a highly erotic, sexy, push my limits story but, in my opinion, there's a beauty to it also, not only in the writing but in the developing relationship. I love books that take me away. Take me to another world. A world far removed from where I function. And Blindfolded Innocence does that in buckets. Alessandra Torre's writing style and characterization is just brilliant, she shows me so much The dialogue is spotless and full of personality. What does it take to make a successful relationship?

That's what I did. I will make you bad. Very bad. View all 74 comments.

Mar 16, Geri Reads rated it really liked it. I'm feeling too lazy to write a review. View all 22 comments. Blindfolded Innocence is the 1st book in the Innocence Series and it was such a sexy and entertaining read.

Now I understand the magic of Brad de Luca…. He loves to fuck, he loves women and he loves to ….. Is this the type of man we want or are looking for? She just wants to get on with her work and finishing her law degree…. Not even Julia can resist him…..

Hell, that man knows how to impress a woman….. Julia wants to experience everything in Vegas.. He never tried to be anyone else but who he was. He never lied about himself to Julia…This is who and what I am….. I liked Julia…. I had this idea that she would be stalking and pining for Brad but no…this woman had balls!!! Sexy, sassy and how could one not adore her and her love for Jimmy Choo?????

I loved the writing, the humor, the dialogue and the sizzling sex and watching the relationship grown between the two instead of the insta-love thing. What is it about this guy that is so addictive??? My favourite quote: View all 12 comments. Update 29th April review completed: This author is something else ' this oh this ' I'm just going to say I loved it.

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Brad De luca is a well known, driven and excellent Divorce attorney, he's the best in Town. He's also a highly sexual man and has slept with half the town including his clients, he's used to getting what he wants and because of his reputation and his Polyamorous lifestyle his partners have the female interns and he has the male.

He Update 29th April review completed: He also stays in his wing and the female Interns stay in theirs. She is also confident in her sexuality and a tease to the men, she gets them, works them up then walk away So when she meets Brad she soon discovers how she should stay clear of him, she's way out of her depth, but there's that powerful pull that she just can't seem to stay away from. He smelled of something I don't know how to describe the smell, but it was intoxicating and animal.

The man reeked of masculinity and sex. Brad does not do relationships though and that's something that Julia has only ever done she's stuck on finding the one, she's just come out of a break up where she was engaged but they didn't fit so it ended Brad wants Julia and Julia wants Brad but they start out as friends teasing each other until Julia is willing to just enjoy what Brad is willing to give her, he's definitely not marriage material and currently he's not willing to start a relationship with Julia And that's how it begins friendship to more My thoughts I enjoyed Sex, love, repeat which was my first read from this author but I'm adoring this series so far it's grabbed my attention for sure, the writings as always is exquisite.

Blindfolded epub download innocence

I loved Brad, I'm coming round to Julia let the journey continue onto the next My Visuals so far Bring it on girls View all 64 comments. Alessandra Torre Fans, Romance. Get stuck with the boring, overloaded corporate cases while others Brad De Luca. Women put their dissolving marriages on hold just to have him represent them and do all sorts of other things with him. Brad is a force. He enters a room and sucks all of the air out of it.

He is a little older but built with str 4. He is a little older but built with strong written all over his body; back, thighs, arms and cock. Everything a woman would want to touch, to taste and to handle her.

He works hard and plays hard Julia Campbell is said intern at the firm. She is exactly the "type" Brad has been known to go after. Pretty, young, 21 bright and has a sexual undercurrent. She has not had many sexual partners and both were not satisfying, leading her to develop this idea that she could "take it or leave it"; mostly teasing dates with her wanting control, then walking away.

Julia is told to stay totally, absolutely way from Brad De Luca. Brad knows she is "off limits" and of course these directives work like a moth to flame. Brad pursues Julia, she says no. He pursues her through lunches, meetings and then tempts her with a trip to Vegas where no one from the office will ever find out.

The pull of attraction proves too much for her and she goes with him. Things happen in Vegas that live up to the slogan.

Masked Innocence ( Innocence, # 2)

Brad gives her many firsts: What was most interesting and revealing was the discussion of love vs sex. This was done with bantering smart, real concepts. You felt the characters were pretty equal in the ability to spare with each other She made her decisions on her terms and that was refreshing. After the Vegas experience, they both go back to work pretending not to have had any type of contact. It doesn't seem to be working for Brad, a first.

He clearly was more moved from this experience. He has decided to lay it out on the line with Julia.. This book was a real pleasure for me. I was interested from the start as there were little hints along the way at the beginning of each chapter to a type of sexual play. I was alert to something happening in the future while the rest of the chapter gave me insight to the participants.

I liked always knew who the characters were; what they thought and were not running away from how they felt about things. Julia may have been young but wasn't a pushover for me.

Blindfolded innocence epub download

She was sarcastic, cutting sometimes in her responses to Brad and willing to experience her life. The secondary characters were there supporting each other and we received a bit about them so their actions matched what we knew.

Brad De Luca is the type of man every woman would like to experience at some point in her life There is more Brad coming View all 46 comments. Julia is an intern recently accepted into a renowned law firm. Unfortunately, she gets stuck interning for the guy specializing in boring corporate law and who notoriously works 80 hour work weeks.

Her friend Todd gets to intern for the hot and very famous divorce attorney Brad De Luca. They won't put a female with Brad as he has a reputation of being a total man-whore. No mixing business with pleasure. So I seriously went into this book expecting a very erotic, smut-filled storyline.

Not really I mean, don't get me wrong, there's hotness in the book but there's a great story that goes with it. Brad is such an endearingly sweet character and Julia tough as nails. It was refreshing. So I started it anxiously thinking But really felt a bit more I mean, seriously?

Not love, no promises, no commitments. He readily admits to a secret "taste" he has. I taste he knows doesn't mesh with an innocent Julia. He wants her.

I seriously do not blame the woman for going from 0 to 60 in 2. She fights it. Yes she does but Brad is a tough one to resist. Julia is no shrinking violet and is not only tough, but actually sometimes quite hurtful in her "disgust" for his lifestyle of debauchery. But resist him she can't. But does he take advantage of her weaknesses? I'm not sure why it took me so long to read this series.

I've loved all things A Torre. Her character development is what sucks me in. You feel as if you know them personally and are invested in their story Is this a love story? A bit of each. It's a gradual build. None of this insta-love, or weak heroine stuff. But still the irresistible arrogant man-whore that I pray will soon find himself on his knees Fingers crossed!

Moving on! This was the original version dammit. More sex? And I thank you, View all 36 comments. Surprising, witty, naughty and all around immensely satisfying.

See a Problem?

From the first page I was pleasantly surprised by the cheeky writing style. It just speaks to me and felt very natural to read I'm the queen of witty comments, if you didn't know that already. Twenty-one year old Julia is determined to focus on her pre-law studies and the brand new intern job she started at a swanky law firm, after ending an unsatisfying relationship and engagement. And yes, she catches the eye of the notorious Brad De Luca, a brilliant divorce attorney who has a reputation of screwing everyone who isn't on a tree by the count of three - interns, secretaries Heard that one before?

Don't worry, this one is actually expertly executed and would you believe me when I say Blindfolded Innocence has a twist you won't see coming? Well, don't take my word for it, but I for one was really happy with the outcome. Julia Campbell is no bumbling idiot. She is actually a rather interesting heroin. She is highly intelligent, determined, has a good work ethic and she is also very independent. After being warned repeatedly about Mr. De Luca, Julia has no problem to stay away from him and ultimately deflect his advances.

Most heroines fall head over heels at this point, but I do admire her strength Which is to be expected The feisty young intern is a complete mystery to him. No woman with a pulse has ever denied him or even called him out on his BS.

And men are all the same in the end No difference here. He is stunning He is domineering as hell, rich, arrogant and he is one very naughty boy. There is a short weekend trip to Vegas in their future and everything else you have to find out the usual way The writing is just up my alley, the characters are not only well developed but also highly entertaining and they give good bickering.

Brad and Julia are very strong characters, with a lot of flaws and edges. It's a short novella with Brad's POV and it gives you some insight into his headspace and why he acts certain ways and what his motives are. I loved the way their relationship It's not a straight forward 'we fall in love and live happily ever after'. Beside the point that this is only the first instalment in a trilogy, the plot or better yet their 'involvement with each other' takes a lot of twists and turns.

Let's just say, Mr. De Luca has certain proclivities and you gotta think twice if you want to deal with that kind of Oh boy! Oh my! That book. That ending!

I really enjoyed this one and I'm so anxious to find out where it all goes and what will happen and I sure as hell want more of the naughty.

Damn girl I have three days of sleep to catch up on. View all 33 comments. Mar 24, Mo rated it liked it. Was not feeling much for the characters. But persevered. His cocky smily infuriated me We have Julia, a 21 year old intern who has been warned to stay away from Brad De Luca, one of the partners in the Law firm.

But the attraction is there once they eventually meet. To be honest, sometimes Bra 3. To be honest, sometimes Brad came across as being the younger of the two. Found him a bit immature at times. Brad is suave, sexy, sophistacted. He has been around the block a few times. Julia is a bit innocent… has had a few relationships. You are innocent to my world. It was a good read. Do I want to read the next one?

Yes, hope it blows my mind a bit more than this one! View all 49 comments. Well tickle my tits till Friday! I haven't read a story like this in forever and it was such an awesome change. Cocks and nipples everywhere. I had myself a lovely time.

Brad De Fucking Well tickle my tits till Friday! Brad De Fucking Luca was a beast of a man and I would let that bloke smash my back doors into next week.

A top book boyfriend for fucking sure! IT Hugs n Handjobs. The end. View all 8 comments. We start with Julia Campbell, a college intern at a law office. She's only 21 and well she's young, beautiful, sassy and a little full of herself but I have to say I loved her. There are rumors of all the partners and what they are like.

She gets stuck with Mr.

Work-a-holic but Julia is smart and driven and wants a good recommendation for law schools so she suc 5 Awesome Stars I must say for certain that when I start an Alessandra Torre book, I am going to have one hot damn, incredibly sexy read!! Work-a-holic but Julia is smart and driven and wants a good recommendation for law schools so she sucks it up. There is one partner that she is warned to stay away from. He is charismatic, the resident divorce attorney, known for sleeping with his clients and interns.

There is no way that Julia would get drawn into a manwhore like that. No way, no how! But she meets him, bringing a file to his side of the office, just to see for herself who is the infamous Brad DeLuca. Looking into his eyes, I felt my knees buckle slightly. There was this draw to him, this indescribable pull that I couldn't break from. He emitted, even across the large office, a wave of power, intelligence No freaking wonder everyone talked about this man.

He had locked his ridiculously sexy stare on me and spoken softly, but with absolute confidence and conviction. I swallowed. I wanted this man so badly it hurt.

Knowing I couldn't have him made it that much more delicious. She will not allow this man to conquer her. She holds herself and so the chase begins. The one thing is that Brad DeLuca doesn't do is romance or commitments. He wants sex and when the friends with benefits runs dry, do does their "relationship".

He is brutally honest about his feelings. He is always truthful to Julia and explains that he is who he is and nothing can change that. Julia believes that sex is an act for a committed relationship, once in love. She doesn't do casual sex and never has. Can Brad change her mind, can Julia see past her own convictions? Brad asks Julia to come to Las Vegas for the weekend. Just to get to know each other. She says no and no until her resolve falters. She tells him she is not sleeping with him.

She has never been to Vegas before, what can be the harm? Well, let me let you, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I can promise that it's everything you can imagine that happens in Vegas.

Brad wines and dines her and as he is a high roller, so the Bellagio caters to his wishes. Julia is shown a great time as she is with him.

They also do a "guys night". Julia wants to know and do what Brad would normally if he was with the guys. Some of Brad's sexual needs and desires are also unfolded. He is such an enigma. Thoughtful and sweet at times, the perfect gentleman. Other times he was pure sexual temptation, able to soak my panties with a single look or touch. He was unapologetically honest about his love of women and sex, comfortable and unashamed of his conquests or lack of monogamy.

I didn't know how to take it, didn't know what I wanted from him, other than the one overriding sexual desire that had been interfering with my common sense the moment we'd met.

They return from Vegas and their fun is over.

Innocence download epub blindfolded

They both go back to work and well 2 weeks pass and neither seeks the other out. But time and an another intern turn things around and well Julia seeks out Brad to let him have it. But they both have feelings for one another but Brad can't be the man Julia needs and wants.

He has issues and needs someone who can deal with those issues. Can Julia be that woman or will it be her damnation? The one thing that she does know, is that she will try because this man has a hold on her and she owes it to herself to try. If the night's experience was any indicator, this lifestyle, this arrangement, was something I could not only deal with, but could enjoy, could want, could need.

That ending If you want a super sexy, downright panty melting read, open this book immediately and get ready to be wrapped up in the vortex of Brad and Julia. It will not disappoint.

BR with some sassy SAA chicks!! Complimentary copy provided by author via Netgalley for an honest review. For you Alessandra, you have a forever fan View all 44 comments. I was enjoying the idea of our young intern and the forbidden whore law firm partner.

Alessandra Torre eBooks

When Brad DeLuca talks Julia into going to Vegas with him and their interaction began I didn't feel any true connection.

It took me to the end of the story to decide whether or not I liked it. The man "How do we know we aren't the person we both are searching for? The manner in which the story is heading leaves me pretty indecisive about continuing. She is mine and not yours. Remember that. Yes the dude is rich, a bit controlling and into kinkiness but it is not Christian kink it is different kink which i will not go into as it has a huge revel in the book.

She is not like Ana either. In actual fact i was totally loving the book until Vegas. Then something happened that left me like this..

But you know what they say, What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. So i was forced to take some deep breaths, stop fantasizing about killing Brad and move on. Click here for my book review blog She is kept blindfolded for the first meeting. If the blindfold is to be taken off,it must be done by her alone. There are stories that you think you can breeze your way through. There are stories that you feel connected to the characters.

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Epub download blindfolded innocence

What to Say Next 5 of 5. What to Say Next - Julie Buxbaum. Hana Lee pinned post 30 Sep Kenner Dark Pleasure Series:. Malene-Danold Rasmussen.