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Pro SQL Server Integration Services teaches how to take advantage of the ebooks can be used on all reading devices; Immediate eBook download after. . Enter SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Like Otis .., you can download a variety of open source projects that. Pro SQL Server Integration Services teaches how to take advantage of the powerful extract, transform, and load (ETL) platform included with Microsoft SQL.

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Professional Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services [Brian Knight, Erik Veerman, Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Oct 19, SQL Server Editions and Integration Services Features Summary. One of my best professional decisions was over- riding my . Follow the instructions to download the file. Sep 15, Using the developer enhancements in SQL Server and the flexible Book ; eBook Build and manage data integration solutions with expert guidance from the Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) team. eBook FAQ · eBook Download Instructions.

The tips address editing package configurations and specifically connection strings, converting configurations to parameters, converting packages to the project deployment model, updating Execute Package tasks to use project references and parameterizing the PackageName property. E-book publication date: The paper has two goals: This ability for top-down composition of a LINQ query, combined with bottom-up understanding of the query model, will help you build rich and powerful streaming applications. The more advanced sections of this paper provide an overview of a query plan, the operators that constitute the query, and, where appropriate, the foundational query algebra itself. The paper is not a feature reference or a substitute for MSDN documentation.

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Professional NoSQL. September , Paperback. Access Hour Trainer. June , Paperback. Discovering SQL: A Hands-On Guide for Beginners. Effective monitoring involves taking periodic snapshots of current performance to isolate processes that are causing problems, and gathering data continuously over time to track performance trends. Ongoing evaluation of the database performance helps you minimize response times and maximize throughput, yielding optimal performance.

Reference Multidimensional Expressions MDX is the query language that you use to work with and retrieve multidimensional data in Microsoft Analysis Services. MDX utilizes expressions composed of identifiers, values, statements, functions, and operators that Analysis Services can evaluate to retrieve an object for example a set or a member , or a scalar value for example, a string or a number.

Analysis Services provides several APIs that you can use to program against an Analysis Services instance and the multidimensional databases that it makes available. This section describes the approaches available to developers who want to create custom applications using Analysis Services multidimensional solutions.

You can use this information to choose the programming interface that best meets the requirements of a particular project.

Analysis Services development projects can be based on managed or non-managed code that runs on a Windows platform, or other platforms that support HTTP access.

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SQL Server This paper discusses these alternatives. This paper also contains procedures, examples, and scripts that you can use to apply these practices to your organization. COM site. The book was originally published in June You can also use it to help assess the impact of hardware and operating system upgrades, and SQL Server tuning.

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Use these statements to create, alter, or drop data structures in an instance of SQL Server. Use these statements to add, modify, query, or remove data from a SQL Server database. With the xml data type support provided in the Database Engine, documents can be stored in a database and then queried by using XQuery.

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XQuery is based on the existing XPath query language, with support added for better iteration, better sorting results, and the ability to construct the necessary XML. The business requirements of many modern business applications often involve processing large amounts of data. Additionally, the performance requirements typically make it imperative that the application uses the most efficient means to store and retrieve this data.

In the past, most application designers would have simply chosen to save this data in a SQL database, but the recent advances in NoSQL technology have brought about highly-scalable, non-relational databases that can handle vast amounts of information very efficiently.

Each type of NoSQL database is often optimized for a particular pattern of data access, and application designers are now increasingly looking to integrate multiple NoSQL and SQL databases into their solutions. This guide describes how to design and build applications and services that can take best advantage of SQL and NoSQL databases by combining them into a polyglot solution.

It provides an end to end walkthrough of a business application that uses SQL Server in conjunction with a variety of NoSQL databases, showing how the designers selected the databases to closely match the various business requirements.

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There are a lot of exciting enhancements and new capabilities engineered into SQL Server R2 that will have a positive impact on your applications, ranging from improvements in operation to those in management. It gives organizations effective tools to protect, unlock, and scale the power of their data, and it works across a variety of devices and data sources, from desktops, phones, and tablets, to datacenters and both private and public clouds.

Our purpose in this book is to point out both the new and the improved capabilities as they apply to achieving mission-critical confidence, breakthrough insight, and using a cloud on your terms. TechNet Wiki E-book publication date: Quick Guide This white paper discusses how to reduce planned and unplanned downtime, maximize application availability, and provide data protection using SQL Server AlwaysOn high availability and disaster recovery solutions.

A key goal of this paper is to establish a common context for related discussions between business stakeholders, technical decision makers, system architects, infrastructure engineers, and database administrators.

Guide Download this book to learn about Analysis Services Multidimensional performance tuning from an operational and development perspective. It is meant to give you a quick and easy introduction on how you can use Data Analysis Expressions DAX to solve a number of basic data modeling and analytical problems. The step-by-step tutorials in the following list will help you learn how to get the most out of Analysis Services, so that you can perform advanced analysis to solve business problems that are beyond the reach of traditional business intelligence methods.

It will help new users get started by reviewing some basic statements for creating tables and inserting data.

The statements in this tutorial are intentionally simple, and are not meant to represent the complexity found in a typical production database. Net Asp. Email Addresshttp: About me CV Trainings Certifications.

Net C Asp.