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Book 3 The Grey Wolves Series Jen has just found out that human DNA is not the only to share that little pesky werewolf gene, although it isn't more than just a drop. Published by Quinn Loftis Books, LLC This eBook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. Classic Interface · Sign In · Join Now for Free. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Quinn Loftis lives in beautiful western Arkansas with her Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. $ Read with Our Free App; Audiobook . Reading is one of my favorites forms of entertainment and with the advent ebooks and self published. Online PDF Just One Drop (Grey Wolves), Download PDF Just One Drop (Grey by Quinn Loftis pdf Just One Drop (Grey Wolves), Quinn Loftis epub Just One.

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Read "Just One Drop, Book 3 The Grey Wolves Series" by Quinn Loftis available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Jennifer. Ebookstore Library Just One Drop Grey Wolves By Quinn Loftis Ibook Google book downloader pdf free download Day Starters for Moms: 60 Devotions to Help You Love your Kids and Keep your Sanity på norsk ePub Download or Read Online just one drop quinn loftis epub free book in our library is free for you. We provide copy of just one drop quinn loftis epub free in digital.

Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. See if you have enough points for this item. Sign in. Jennifer Adams, best friend to Jacque Pierce and Sally Morgan, spicy, out spoken, a little crazy and human Jen has just found out that human DNA is not the only thing that resides in her veins, she happens to share that little pesky werewolf gene, although it isn't more than just a drop.

Loooved this book ;. Feb 02, Naomi rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Mature Teens, Young Adults, Adults. Obliterated My Expectations!

Possessive werewolves, witty teenagers, best friends, sweet sappy love story, vengeful pranks, overcoming obstacles, examples of healthy, mature relationships, loyalty, betrayal, intrigue, crazy cliff hanger - JOD has it all! Even if you start the series with this book, you'll love it because you don't have to read the first two to understand this one you'll just want to read POW and BR afte Obliterated My Expectations!

Even if you start the series with this book, you'll love it because you don't have to read the first two to understand this one you'll just want to read POW and BR after reading JOD. Written in a fast paced style with slow, tender moments thrown in at the perfect time in addition to a great cast of characters, old and new, and splashes of various story lines that add interest and depth, JOD is a winner!!

I love this series, and this book particularly, because I'm not a paranormal fan, but this book took the "eww" out and replaced it with "ahh", "yum" and "Nice! Quinn caught me up, dropped me off in the mansion in Romania and a piece of my heart is still there.

There is some mention of biting, blood and death but in a so PG13 sort of way. I recommend this to all mature teens and older. It is a fantastic read written by an incredible author. Just one piece of advice: Just One Drop begins with Jen, a mouthy, smart, beautiful, just-turned girl who found out that the teeny, tiny drop of werewolf blood she has in her genes might or might not change her life.

There is finally hope that she can be with Dec, a very hot Beta werewolf, but he abandons her almost immediately. Dec carries baggage from the loss of a woman in the past, doesn't want to be anyone's protector again and has refused to assume his rightful position and power as an Alpha. Unsure of why he left, Jen decides to move on, but Dec convinces her to stay and she is forced to attend the aptly named "Mate Fest.

Each struggles with seeing the other talking, touching, etc. Although Dec's wolf has claimed Jen, there are no outward signs of the "true mate.

When the final straw is broken, Dec is caged while Jen exacts revenge on those male wolves that caused Dec to crack. At the same time, there's a traitor in their midst seeking death and power. Jen's death is planned. Will Jen and Dec become Mates? Is Jen even capable of having a Mate? Who is the traitor? Will Jen survive? What will happen to the pack? Read Just One Drop to find out! Jan 15, Georgia Cates rated it it was amazing. Quinn has done it again!

Completely in love with Just One Drop. As always, Jen's personality shines and we began to see a side of Dec that we all know we love and have been so desperate to see. The growth of their relationship has been a long time coming and man I love the addition of the new characters and the history we see unveiled is incredible.

As always, can't wait to see what happens in The Grey Wolves Series next. Great Job!! Highly Recommended!! Sep 16, Alaina rated it really liked it Shelves: Okay so this book took me on an emotional roller coaster. Not that ugly crying kind of ride but I am seriously a hot mess after that ending. Or a drink. Jen and Decebel are slowly becoming my favorite couple.

Heck, not slowly.. I give zero fucks about anyone else in this series. Back to this ending, because I'm still salty and shook after Rachel's introduction.. Other than that, I'm seriously hooked on this series now. I'm so freaking glad that this book was a lot better than Blood Rites. Now I can't wait to dive into the fourth book of this series. Jan 18, Ellen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Quinn Loftis has outdone herself with Just One Drop. I have been enthralled with The Grey Wolves series and have been on the edge of my seat waiting for the next installment.

Needles to say, Just One Drop left me breathless and desperate for more. Every single page of Just One Drop leaves you hungry for the next.

I simply could not put it down. The book is action packed and filled with romance, as well as humor. I have thoroughly enjoyed the story of these three best friends, where they have been, and I am exited to see what their future holds.

I love the way Quinn has made you feel like you know and love all the characters in the book, and I cannot wait to see where Quinn takes us from here. You will swoon, you will cry, your heart will race in anticipation of what is going to happen next, you will laugh your head off, and you will fall in love with Just One Drop, and the entire Grey Wolves series.

It just keeps getting better and better.

Drop just quinn ebook free one download loftis

I highly recommend this book, and the entire Grey Wolves series. Get them all. Quinn has become one of my favorite authors and the Grey Wolves series, is on the top of my favorites list. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Jan 04, Kristine rated it it was amazing Shelves: Quinn, Quinn Quinn, Im not sure if I should buy you a hot fudge sundae with whipped cream and a cherry on top or put you in time out.

The ending left me yelling," what the holy crap Quinn" how could you leave with me needing so much more. However, I also love being left out on a cliff waiting for what's up next. I am so impressed that book three is just as good if not better then the first one.

This is hard to accomplish. I know first hand. I have had many let downs on o Quinn, Quinn Quinn, Im not sure if I should buy you a hot fudge sundae with whipped cream and a cherry on top or put you in time out.

I have had many let downs on other 3rd books in a series. Okay so here goes my review. If you dont like humor lot's of it , or hot, hot guy's, strong independent women, romance, love, family, devotion, honor, friendship, passion, this book is not for you. I was a tiny bit worried that I would miss Fane and Jacquelyn in the spot light of this book. I am pleased to say that that is no longer a concern.

Quinn did not let me down at all. Okay, so I know I am going to get crap from my sisters, but they would be happy to be mated and produce little baby "Fane" pups. So for me this book is my favorite of the three. I'll I needed more was a diet pepsi and popcorn, but I could not put down my kindle or move off my couch to get them, as I inhaled this book. Yes, this is the one and only time I have inhaled something. It was soooo worth it. Quinn thank you for sharing your gift with me.

We all have been given a talent, and with you I believe you where double blessed. Please keep them coming really fast. I am a patient women, but I have recently found out that patient is not my virtue in waiting for your books to release. Thanks for the ride! Jan 20, Roxana rated it it was amazing. Ummm, WOW Okay, I am seriously addicted to this series!!!

I love the passion that you experience. Decebel, Decebel, by far one of my favorite hunks!!

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Yes, I've become giddy over him!! Again, Quinn, you don't disappoint me!!!

Like I mentioned to you, this book has become my favorite. Not one of my favorite, but "the" favorite book!!! I really hope that you all enjoy it as much as I have!!! Feb 07, Sara rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was really good, and a lot longer than you think it is.

I have loved every book in this series and can't wait for the next one. New surprises come in this book, and the romance was sweet. Loved it. Oct 03, Bridget rated it it was amazing Shelves: Still a favorite! I love Quinn Loftis and I love Jen!! Aug 02, Nina rated it it was amazing. I mean, I found myself ranting and raving about this series at a bar last night. If that doesn't scream uber nerd, I don't know what does.

Anyways, when my friend told me that the third installment of this series focuses on Jen and Decebel's frustrating yet smokin hot relationship, I basically did this: Just One Drop begins pretty much where the last book left off.

The girls are living with the pack in Romania and are causing as little trouble as possible yeah right. The Alphas of different packs had decided to being back an old tradition called The Gathering where unmated males and females come together in hopes of finding their mate.

This would be all fine and dandy if it weren't for the fact that Decebel's wolf has claimed Jen as his mate but they have yet to show the actual signs. This is a dangerous situation for everyone because if any male so much as looks at Jen, Decebel unleashes a wrath like none other. All of this frustration sexual or otherwise mixed with some funny cheers, strip poker, and an attempt on an Alpha's life make for an entertaining story. Good - This series makes me fangirl.

I love that it does not really focus on one character and it jumps around. I like that we are able to get to know the different members of the pack. Don't get me wrong.

Loftis download one just drop ebook quinn free

I adoooore Fane and Jacque's love story but I didn't want it to go downhill with a bunch of unnecessary drama. Who doesn't like a sexy piece of man erm.. And come on.. Well, not all of them but that's another story.

Right after I finished this book, I picked up my phone and texted my friend and proceeded to flip the eff out. How can a book just end like that?!?! What kind of awful mind torture is this, Quinn Loftis?! Needless to say, I give this book 5 fantabulous stars because this series has my heart. I love the characters, I love the stories, and I love the humor. Now, please excuse me as I go freak out a little more about the ending.

I have to mentally prepare myself before I can even start the next one.. Apr 24, Melly rated it it was amazing Shelves: I could not devour these words fast enough. The awesomeness continues in Just One Drop and let me tell you, it does not disappoint. I loved this book for many reasons but I especially loved it because it follows one of my absolute favorite characters. I have loved Jen from the beginning. Which makes all that intensely hot sexual tension between her and Decebel good gracious, hold me down even more interesting.

Jen and Sally move to Romania with Jacque, Fane, and the rest of the pack members. While adjusting to their new environment, an old tradition is brought back in which un-mated wolves are required to attend to see if they can find their true mate. Talk about ultimate speed dating. Sign me up! Since female Canis Lupis are rare, the odds are definitely in their favor.

The same cannot be said of Jen and Decebel however. Unfortunately there have been no signs that they are true mates, which means that since they are both un-mated they have to mingle with the others. Simple, right? Just One Drop has passion, jealousy, action, betrayal, and above all else romance. Is it strange that I want a guy to call me Mina now? Quinn Loftis has a gift for creating loveable characters and a paranormal world that feels like it could be real. I will be counting down the days till I can get my greedy little hands on Out of the Dark because that ending just about did me in.

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Aug 05, Lauren rated it it was amazing. Of course things can't go as planned for our favorite trio, their HEA has to be complicated. The Alphas decide to throw an ancient past time called The Gathering in an effort to find mated pairs. Throw in an assassination attempt, sexual tension and some good ole fashioned smart alec comments from our American trio and it makes for an amazing book.

The Good - Decebel Can we talk about how much I adore this wolf? Because I do. He is brooding, hot, sensitive at times and just an all around BAMF. I'm not going to lie, during Prince of Wolves I found their banter un realistic but it's grown on me.

It gets old when you are focusing on the same person over and over because then they have to have some sort of crazy drama to keep things interesting.

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The Bad - The only thing I didn't adore about this book is how we never really got to know about the villians very well. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks?

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No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author Table of Contents Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3. Now that she and her friends are living in Romania with Fane's pack, she is also oh so conveniently stuck with the object of her affection, the fur ball Decebel.

Drawn to each other by something they don't understand Jen finds herself frustrated by the lack of mating signs between her and said fur ball.

Just One Drop

Not only is she dealing with that not so un-frustrating problem, she now has been informed that because of that little drop of werewolf blood in her she is now required to attended a multi-pack gathering for un-mated wolves. This type of gathering hasn't taken place in over a century but with a shortage of females among the werewolf population the males are getting worried they won't ever find their true mates.

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