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Download Oblivion (The Power of Five) eBook. Title: Oblivion (The Power of Five) Rating: Likes: Types: ebook | djvu | pdf | mp3 score: /10 - ( THE VILLAGE. ONE. It was the week before my sixteenth birthday when the boy fell out of the door and everything changed. Is that a good start? Miss Keyland. Editorial Reviews. Review. "If Harry Potter and a new Power of Five were coming out on the The Power of Five: Oblivion - Kindle edition by Anthony Horowitz. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Anthony Horowitz is the New York Times bestselling The Power of Five: Nightrise - Kindle edition by Anthony Horowitz. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. FAMOUS FIVE SERIES: Enid blyton Tanglewood tales · The Songs of Power ( Ancient Fantasy Book 2) · The mountain of marvels · The magic flyswatter · The enchanted woods . There are many websites that offer free eBooks to download . The Five Shields: Free Young Adult eBook The Five Shields who must protect the world's fate using a mysterious gem and untold powers hidden within them.

Subscribe to this RSS feed. Oblivion The Power of Five Rating: Shivering Isles features more than 30 hours of new gameplay as you are sent to explore Both decide they need to head back to base to Over the last six years an army of modders have been hard at work, trying to make Oblivion into the game they always imagined it should be. There's now a vast array Meshes and textures only.

To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? After his experiences at Raven's Gate, fourteen-year-old Matt Freeman thinks his days of battling evil are over. But he is pulled into another horrifying adventure when he discovers a second gate exists. Matt and his friend Richard travel to Peru and, assisted by a secret organization known as the Nexus, follow a series of clues to the gate's whereabouts.

But there is a traitor in the Nexus Richard is kidnapped. Matt manages to escape with the help of Pablo, a local boy.

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The pair travel to the Nazca desert and Matt realizes the horrifying truth: But, this time, will he have the strength to prevent it? Read more Read less. Enabled Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled Page Flip: Books In This Series 5 Books. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. Previous page.

Anthony Horowitz. Next page. Complete Series. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Spy School British Invasion. Stuart Gibbs. Skeleton Key Alex Rider Book 3. Spy School Secret Service. Point Blank Alex Rider Book 2. Spy School Goes South. Scorpia Alex Rider Book 5. Editorial Reviews From School Library Journal Grade —Though this is the second installment in this series, new readers will catch on quickly.

Fresh from his victory over Raven's Gate, Matt is once again called upon by the mysterious Nexus. As one of the five kids foretold by prophecy to fight back the Old Ones, the year-old is needed in South America. From the very beginning, his enemies seem to always be one step ahead of him.

But these shadowy opponents don't count on Matt's unexpected allies: While the story and characters are not particularly original, and more experienced readers will not be glued to their seats, the plot turns and emotional relationships will more than satisfy thrill seekers, especially those already into Horowitz's Alex Rider series Philomel. A must-have for reluctant, middle-grade boys.

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The Power of Five: Oblivion eBook: Anthony Horowitz: Kindle Store

Fourteen-year-old Matt Freeman, who forestalled the evil Old Ones in the riveting Raven's Gate , finds himself on yet another precipitous adventure.

This time Matt and Richard, the journalist with whom Matt has been staying, travel to Peru, where Nexus believes a second gate to the underworld is poised to open. The when and how of the event are left to Matt to discover, which he eventually does, but not without some lugubrious descriptions, an abundance of dramatic escapes, and the help of a Peruvian teen, Pedro, with whose destiny Matt's is linked.

Although this is neither as tightly constructed nor as compelling as the lead title in the Gatekeepers Series which was equal parts horror and adventure , this book still has its moments, especially at the end, when the secret of the second gate is revealed, and Pedro finally settles into his place as the second of the children prophesied to save the world. See all Editorial Reviews.

Product details File Size: Walker August 2, Publication Date: Kelvin Johnson appears in the 1st book of the series, Raven's Gate. He is Matthew Freeman's friend who smokes and shoplifts. He lives in Ipswich. In Raven's gate, Kelvin convinces Matt to steal from a warehouse that his brother has told him about. They are caught by a security guard, Mark Adams and Kelvin cowardly stabs him in the back and runs off, leaving Matt behind.

He is then caught and is taken to a juvenile detention center. Chaos appears in all five books and is first mentioned in the 3rd book, Nightrise. He is the King of the Old Ones. How exactly Chaos came into being is unknown, but according to Dravid, Chaos lived on human misery for many years. Eventually, Chaos attempted to take over the world by driving the human race into extinction, but was defeated by five children with supernatural powers called the Gatekeepers.

After his defeat, the Gatekeepers imprisoned Chaos in another dimension along with his minions, the Old Ones. The Gatekeepers then built Raven's Gate to prevent Chaos from escaping his extra dimensional prison.

Even imprisoned, Chaos had human followers to release him. With Raven's Gate destroyed, Chaos finally escaped from his prison and crushed Michael to death, having outlived his usefulness. Chaos then proceeded to destroy Matt, who had killed Jayne Deverill, but an explosion caused by the destruction of the power plant caused Raven's Gate to be rebuilt and Chaos is re-imprisoned in his dimension.

In Oblivion, John is the adopted grandfather of Holly and George. He was married to Rita. Alicia McGuire appears in the 3rd book, Nightrise. She helps Jamie Tyler try to find his brother, Scott Tyler, when he gets kidnapped.

They meet at one of Jamie and Scott's performances, as she is trying to find her son, Daniel, who was kidnapped by the Nightrise organisation due to his clairvoyant powers. Luckily for Jamie, Alicia still had contact with the presidential hopeful. At the end of Nightrise she is nearly arrested, but then she persuades the police to contact Senator Trelawney. It is presumed he lets her off the hook. Matthew Freeman is a fourteen-year-old boy who lives in Ipswich with his aunt, Gwenda Davis and her boyfriend, Brian Conran.

He lives with her because his parents died in a car crash when he was eight years old. While living with his aunt, he breaks into a warehouse filled with electronic equipment with his friend, Kelvin Johnson. The security guard apprehends them and tells them he has called the police. Kelvin panics and stabs the guard and then runs away.

But when he is caught, he blames it on Matt. After they are caught, Matt is sent to Yorkshire on the L. Liberty and Education Achieved through Fostering Project, which involves sending troubled children into the countryside to get away from city temptations. Matt's foster parent is a woman named Jayne Deverill, who lives on a farm named Hive Hill, with a strange farmhand named Noah, who doesn't talk much.

When Matt goes down to the nearby village of Lesser Malling on an errand for Mrs Deverill he receives a warning from a strange man. The man warns him to get away from Lesser Malling before it is too late. So Matt tries to escape, and while trying to find some money he goes into Mrs Deverill's bedroom and finds a copy of the police report detailing his parents' deaths and his clairvoyant powers.

Matt tries to escape Hive Hall by stealing the bike of Mrs Deverill's missing husband. He tries to ride away, but finds it impossible to escape, because which ever way he goes, he always ends up back at the same intersection in the forest he started at. He hears strange whispers and sees a light in the trees. After a while, Matt discovers Omega One, an abandoned nuclear power station, in the woods and meets the man from Lesser Malling again.

The man introduces himself as Tom Burgess, gives Matt a charm that prevents him from going in circles like before, and tells Matt to meet him at his house. Matt visits his house the next day and finds Tom Burgess murdered, with the words "Raven's Gate" painted on the wall in green.

Matt runs away as fast as possible, then finds the police and tells them what he saw. They go back to the house where a woman named Miss Creevy says that Tom Burgess has gone to tend to his sheep and visit someone far away. He shows the police officers the scene where he saw Tom Burgess's body, but finds nothing. The words painted on the wall have been painted over. To get information about Raven's Gate, he finds a book by someone called Elizabeth Ashwood, but the chapter on Raven's Gate is ripped out.

When he searches on the Internet, an instant-mail box appears, and a man called Professor Sanjay Dravid talks to him, asking Matt who he is. Matt tells him his name, then the pop-up window disappears. The librarian tells Matt to go to the Greater Malling Gazette to find articles on Raven's Gate, and there he meets Richard Cole, a young journalist working there.

Matt tells his story to him, but Cole doesn't believe him. And oddly, when he leaves the Gazette he finds Mrs Deverill waiting for him with Noah. They forcefully take Matt back to Hive Hall. Later that night, Matt wakes up to see another light coming from Omega One, even though he found out from the gazette that it hadn't been used in 20 years. Matt knows something is going on and explores the woods.

Near the power station he finds an old witchcraft ceremony going on with all the inhabitants of Lesser Malling involved. The power station lights are coming on and men are carrying materials into the building. Matt is noticed and Mrs Deverill summons some gruesome hounds from a fire to kill Matt. While Matt is being chased, he accidentally falls into a bog and begins to sink.

Richard Cole arrives and rescues him, as Matt had used his power to call for help. The dogs arrive and Richard kills them by getting a can of gasoline stuffed with a handkerchief, lights it on fire, then throws it at the dogs setting them on fire.

They then go back to Richard's house in York. Richard now believes Matt's story because he remembers Omega One and says there were sections of the story he "couldn't get out of his head". Since Matt suspects that there is something odd about Omega One, they meet with the engineer who designed and built it, Sir Michael Marsh, but find out nothing except how a nuclear power plant works.

Matt and Richard then go to visit Elizabeth Ashwood, the author of the book in the library. Elizabeth Ashwood is revealed to have died, but her daughter Susan is there. She also tells them that she and Dravid are part of an organization known as the Nexus. Dravid tells Matt about the Old Ones. They were dark creatures who survived on human misery many years ago, and once wanted to rule the world, but were transported to another dimension by five children with supernatural powers.

The Five, or the Gatekeepers, as they are also known, then built Raven's Gate to hold the evil creatures away. According to Dravid, Mrs Deverill and the villagers of Lesser Malling are part of a group of witches who seek the return of the Old Ones by opening Raven's Gate using witchcraft.

Dravid tells Matt that he is a part of one of the five children who defeated the Old Ones, and has inherited their powers while Mrs Deverill and the citizens of Lesser Malling, who are all descendants of witches and warlocks, want to sacrifice him on the night of Roodmas, the day black magic is most powerful.

Richard doesn't believe Dravid and begins to leave with Matt. But as Professor Dravid returns to his office to contact the Nexus and get his keys, he is attacked and walks out of his office with a cut in his neck and dies. Richard quickly takes his keys, but then is also attacked by dinosaur skeletons in the museum and at that moment millions of skeleton dinosaurs turn to life and attempt to kill Matt and Richard.

Richard is trapped by a diplodocus's rib cage and then crushed by a girder. Matt is recaptured by Mrs Deverill, who animated the dinosaurs to kill them.

Matt wakes in the barn at Hive Hall, and to escape he slowly removes the floorboards in his room with a makeshift chisel.

Five of the ebook download power

When Noah enters the room to take Matt to Mrs Deverill, he falls through the hole made by Matt, which was covered by a rug, and dies because he fell on his sickle. Matt runs away to the road, and a car comes towards him. But then Matt realises that Sir Michael is a traitor, working with the inhabitants of Lesser Malling, and Sir Michael explains that he was the one who bought the power station's uranium in the first place. Matt is taken inside Omega One, and realizes that it was built where Raven's Gate once stood.

Richard Cole survived the ordeal at the museum and has been recaptured by the witches. They are taken to the inner sanctum, where Matt and the villagers are held in a magical protective circle, but Richard is left outside it to die in the heat of the nuclear reactor. Sir Michael Marsh reveals that he needs Matt's blood to complete the black magic ritual that will open Raven's Gate.

Marsh is about to stab the knife into Matt when Matt uses his powers to stop the knife. He defeats Marsh and frees himself and Richard. They escape to the lower levels of the power station but are followed by Mrs Deverill. She knocks out Richard and is about to kill Matt when Richard recovers and shoves Deverill into a pool of radioactive acid.

Then they escape from Omega One by jumping into an underground river under the building. Back in the inner sanctum, the station's levels are at critical mass. The villagers panic and run out of the protective circle, killing them all and leaving Sir Michael Marsh alone. Marsh then realises there is a tiny drop of Matt's blood on the knife and stabs down with the knife, causing Raven's Gate to break and explode open.

The power station then overloads and explodes, but all the heat and radiation is sucked into the gate, taking the Old Ones with it. The portal and the Gate are sealed and the Old Ones are once again trapped in their separate dimension.

Matt ends up living with Richard in York. They get a visit from Fabian, a member of Nexus, who has come to talk to him about a second gate in Peru. Richard doesn't want to go through all this again, but Matt explains he has no choice because he is a Gatekeeper and, as the Old Ones will try to break out again, it is his destiny to stop them when they do.

After the events of Raven's Gate, Matt goes to a new private school in which the Nexus are paying for, but is left friendless due to a bully named Gavin Taylor, causing Matt to injure Taylor by using his powers. Susan Ashwood and Fabian, members of the Nexus, ask him to help them acquire an old diary which could enable them to stop a second gate being opened.

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He refuses. Meanwhile, Gwenda Davis, his aunt, has fallen under the influence of dark forces. She kills her spouse Brian, steals a petrol tanker, and drives it into Matt's new school in a desperate attempt to kill him. Fortunately, he uses his clairvoyance powers and manages to evacuate the whole school before it happens. Matt realizes that he must stop the gate from being opened and agrees to meet the bookseller, Morton, at St Meredithe's Church after a meeting with the Nexus.

Morton affirms him to be one of the Five, but he is killed in the process and the diary is stolen by Diego Salamanda, another bidder who wants to use the diary to open the second gate. The Nexus persuade Matt and his carer, Richard Cole, to fly to Peru, find the second gate, and stay at a house belonging to Fabian. However, on their way to the planned rendezvous, the Hotel Europa, the car is ambushed and Richard is kidnapped but Matt manages to escape. With the help of a local Peruvian, Pedro, Matt manages to get to the meeting place but is captured by the Peruvian police at the hotel, led by the sadistic Captain Rodriguez, and brutally beaten.

Pedro saves him. Then, they escape to the Poison Town, where Pedro lives. Strangely while all the town is affected by diseases, the street in where Pedro lives in seems unaffected. Here, they meet the man Sebastian who can speak English, unlike Pedro , who agrees to help Matt. As night passes, Matt meets Pedro in a dream, revealing that he is one of the Five.

Matt finds the markings of his previous beatings have all gone. Thinking Salamanda had Richard kidnapped, Matt and Pedro travel to his hacienda in Inca, but they are discovered. Salamanda reveals that he does not have Richard. An Inca, Micos, one of Richard's kidnappers, helps them escape, and he is killed in the process. He tells them to travel to Cuzco before he dies, and there, Matt manages to contact Fabian and the Nexus on their whereabouts.

However, Rodriguez and the police arrive but Matt and Pedro escape with the help of several Incas, led by Atoc, Micos' brother. Then they are taken to the Mountain of the Sleeping God Mandingo.

From there, they descend into the town of the last Incas, Vilcabamba, where Richard, having been staying there after being separated, is waiting for them.

There, Richard reveals that the kidnapping was conducted to prevent Matt from reaching the Hotel Europa. Based on the Salamanda's knowledge of their movements, Matt and Richard deduce that there is a traitor in the Nexus tipping him off. At the village, it is learned that the gate is located somewhere in the Nazca Desert.

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They travel to the Nazca Desert with Professor Chambers, an expert on everything Peruvian, and Matt realizes that the Nazca lines are the second gate. The gate will only open once all the stars align with each of the drawings, however, the gate has been constructed such that the stars will never all align at once, and in this case, the star Cygnus is not in its proper position. However, Salamanda has sent a satellite as a substitute star, an evil star, to open the gate. Matt and Pedro break into Salamanda's headquarters with some help of the Incas in an attempt to stop his plan by destroying the radio mast controlling the satellite.

At the control center, it is revealed that Fabian is the traitor in the Nexus, having believed it was pointless to try and stop the opening of the gate.

Rodriguez then bursts into the room and shoots Fabian when he tries to stop Matt and Richard from being killed. The radio mast is destroyed and falls into the building, flattening Rodriguez.

In his dying moments, Fabian reveals that Salamanda had taken control of the satellite once it was in range, using a different satellite dish out in the desert. Atoc takes Matt and Pedro on a helicopter to the dish, but the helicopter crashes, killing Atoc and breaking Pedro's ankle. Matt has no choice but to stop the gate from being opened alone. He manages to trigger his power, destroying the dish and trailer Salamanda is using, and kills Salamanda when he shoots at Matt by deflecting two bullets back to him.

However, the satellite is revealed to still be continuing on its trajectory, opening the gate. The Nazca lines crack open and an army of demons arise, before the King of the Old Ones himself appears, and challenges Matt. Matt uses his powers to wound them but he over-exerts himself and falls into a coma. The Old Ones, biding their time, temporarily hide from the world. Matt is taken to Professor Chambers' house and a doctor examines Matt but does not think he will survive.

But Pedro comes back from hospital early and insists on being alone with Matt. At this point, Pedro's power is revealed to be the power to heal. This explains the reason why the street Pedro lived in was the only place in Poison Town that was unaffected by disease. Matt awakes from his coma thanks to Pedro and decides that the only way they can defeat the Old Ones is to find the other three Gatekeepers.

This story begins with two men, Colton Bane and Kyle Hovey, who work for an evil corporation called Nightrise, waiting outside a theatre in Reno, Nevada. They are waiting to kidnap identical twin brothers Jamie and Scott Tyler, who are part of a magic show in the theatre.

Their foster parent, Don White, sells the twins off to them, but Jamie and Scott escape and are pursued. Scott is captured but Jamie is rescued by a woman. He awakens at the woman's house, who introduces herself as Alicia and tells that her son, Daniel, was kidnapped by the same corporation after exhibiting clairvoyant powers.

She takes Jamie to his foster parents' house only to realize they have been murdered, and escape the police only when Jamie uses his telepathic powers. Alicia and Jamie go to Los Angeles where he reveals his backstory. He tells her of his previous foster parents and the weird and inexplicable "accidents" associated with them. He tells her about the strange tattoo he has and that he thinks he is an Indian. After these incidents, he and Scott refused to read or control anyone's minds but each other's.

They find a lead to one of the men that kidnapped Scott, Colton Banes, and Alicia persuades Jamie to read his mind to find out where Scott is. Jamie manages to find out where Scott is being held: Silent Creek, a juvenile Centre, where he is being tortured in order to be on Nightrise's side.

Alicia decides to seek help from her boss, John Trelawny, who is running for presidency, and manages to convince him about Jamie's powers and to help him get into Silent Creek. Trelawny affirms Jamie's powers and agrees to help him. Jamie is given a false identity and crime and is put into the juvenile Centre. When he arrives, Jamie meets an intake guard named Joe Feather. Jamie manages to discover his brother is there in solitary confinement and Alicia's son Daniel is there too.

One night, when he demands that a supervisor named Max Koring take him to his brother, he realizes that his powers do not work in the prison, because of some magnetic field that neutralizes special powers.

Koring puts him in solitary confinement for his rudeness and secretly calls Banes to tell him he has found a Gatekeeper. Jamie does not realize that the second gate was opened. Pedro tells them that Matt went by himself to stop the gate from opening.

Thinking Matt is dead, Richard runs until he finds Matt. Matt "looks like all the life was sucked out of him" and is in a coma.

Of ebook download power the five

After seeing he has a pulse, Richard runs back to bring get help for Matt. Feather had examined him earlier and knew about his mysterious tattoo. They work out a convincing plan to save Daniel and escape, whilst at the same time Colton Banes is on their way to Silent Creek. A fight goes on between Feather's tribe and Banes' men, resulting in Jamie being shot in the shoulder and Banes killed by an arrow. Feather manages to break out with Daniel and Jamie, but Jamie falls unconscious when he is hit by a bullet, and a shaman is called on to bring him back.

During this however, Jamie is transported back in time to the height of the war between humanity and the Old Ones ten thousand years ago in England. It becomes clear that the original Gatekeepers are exactly the same as the Gatekeepers in the present, just with different names except for Matt, who says "I prefer to use my name from your world". Matt is obviously the leader, and most knowledgeable of the Gatekeepers. In this past life, Jamie's gatekeeper persona was named Sapling.

Jamie then participates in the battle against the Old Ones, in which the Old Ones are defeated and banished, having mistakenly thought that only four of the Five could come together and letting their guard down.

At the place where the Five congregate, a gate is built at the location the Old Ones were banished to, and would be called Raven's Gate by future generations. Jamie sees an eagle which Matt explains is there to take him back. Jamie's body wakes up in the present and with Feather and Daniel travels back to Reno to reunite Daniel with Alicia, parting ways with Feather afterwards. When he is asleep that night, he is spoken to again by a grey man in the dream world of the Gatekeepers, to kill him.

Throughout the book, Nightrise has always wanted the other candidate, Charles Baker, to become president, who will support the return of the Old Ones. However, when Trelawny became too popular, assassination seemed the only option. It becomes apparent that this will take place during his birthday parade in his home town of Auburn. Alicia, Danny and Jamie hurry to Auburn to stop the assassination.

Jamie sees Scott with Susan Mortlake, a leader of Nightrise, in the crowd, and he tries to send a telepathic message to him, but it fails. Desperate, Jamie commands Warren Cornfeld, Trelawny's bodyguard and would-be assassin being controlled by Scott , to aim the gun at Susan Mortlake.

Cornfield shoots and kills Mortlake, and in chaos Jamie takes Scott and meets up with Alicia and Danny. They meet Natalie Johnson, a member of the Nexus and a friend of Trelawny, who gives them her car to escape. Policemen immediately come after them and the twins bid farewell to Alicia and Danny.

The twins find their way to the Nazca desert and meet with Matt and Pedro, the first and second Gatekeepers. Meanwhile, Scarlett Adams takes an airplane to Hong Kong to meet her father, who works for Nightrise.

It appeared in the sky one summer night; the largest object known to man, it seemed abandoned, but why was it it here, was it the answer to man's technological craving. NASA and the ESA came together to investigate it but what they found was not a back-engineering project, but something that In a world of magic and monsters, Kiran Kehomba aspires to become a great sorcerer like his grandfather.

However, this budding wizard must for enter the Witching Tournament held every three years to qualify for his license. And in order to to do that, Kiran will need to gather the ingredients to In the aftermath of genetic plague, human beings are transformed into white-eyed 'Happy' zombies, and the remnants of uninfected society live in heavily fortified compounds.

One such group leader, , records in his diary the travails of day-to-day life over a winter where the water freezes and This is the perfectly modern, after school special. This is a coming of age story for humans and tulpas alike. This is A group of half-human half-animal beings known as fauns are on the run from crazed hunter through the mountainside.

However things take a dark turn when an alien ship lands in their area, its occupants set on completing their weapon at the cost of experimenting on the creatures of Earth.

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