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Aug 26, Dear Readers,. We know you're probably on-the-go more these days now that the school year has started back up, and to keep up with your. May 16, But, just in case you haven't, did you know that the Hank the Cowdog books are also available in all major ebook formats? That means you can. May 17, Hank the cowdog by John R. Erickson, , Maverick Books edition, in English. 1 edition of Hank the cowdog found in the catalog. Download ebook for print- disabled Download Protected DAISY a (c)(3) non-profit, building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "The best family entertainment in years." -- USA Today. From the Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like Advanced Search · Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Literature & Fiction . $ Read with Our Free App; Audiobook. $ Free with. Hank the Cowdog (Series). Book 1. John R. Erickson Author Gerald L. Holmes Author (). cover image of The Further Adventures of Hank the Cowdog. Quick download ebook Hank The Cowdog #19 for PC - Free Books Online.

Hank the Cowdog Series. See also: Greatest Hits. Book 1. The popular Hank the Cowdog series is based on th… More. Want to Read. Shelving menu.

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Book 2. Hank is stricken with Eye-Crosserosis. To make ma… More.

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Book 3. It's a Dog's Life by John R. Duped into thinking the world is coming to an end… More. Shelve It's a Dog's Life. Book 4. Murder in the Middle Pasture by John R. On Christmas Eve, a killer coyote attacked the ra… More. Shelve Murder in the Middle Pasture.

Hank the Cowdog Series by John R. Erickson

Book 5. Faded Love by John R. Hank the Cowdog quits his job as head of ranch se… More. Shelve Faded Love. Book 6. A chicken killer is loose on the ranch. In this s… More.

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Shelve Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. Book 7. While trying to outwit his arch enemy Pete the Ba… More. Book 8. Hank the cowdog goes to the rescue as a wild, one… More. Book 9. Hank the cowdog has one of the scariest adventure… More. Shelve The Case of the Halloween Ghost. Book Little Alfred is having a hard time accepting his… More. Shelve Lost in the Dark Unchanted Forest. While working on a mysterious case involving disa… More. Hank is looking forward to a long winter's nap wh… More.

Hank apprehends a large red box bearing a mysteri… More.

Hank the Cowdog Series

Shelve Hank the Cowdog and Monkey Business. After losing his post as Head of Ranch Security i… More. Shelve The Case of the Missing Cat.

Lost in the Blinded Blizzard by John R. When a raging blizzard shuts down the ranch, a ph… More. Shelve Lost in the Blinded Blizzard. Stranded in town, Hank the Cowdog, finds himself… More. Unsupervised for the day, Hank the cowdog and his… More.

Shelve The Case of the Hooking Bull. A calf-snitcher is on the loose, so Hank and Slim… More. Shelve The Case of the Midnight Rustler. The Phantom in the Mirror by John R. When Hank takes a peek into the old mirror in the… More. Shelve The Phantom in the Mirror.

When Hank is accidentally abandoned at a neighbor… More.

Free hank ebook the cowdog download

Shelve The Case of the Vampire Cat. This just in from the Emergency Weather Service: Moonlight Madness by John R. When Slim brings an orphaned raccoon back to the… More. Shelve Moonlight Madness. When Eddy the Rac disappears from the ranch, a se… More. Shelve The Case of the Black-hooded Hangman. Hank's not too happy when Beulah the Collie shuns… More. Little Alfred middle name Leroy likes Hank and often participates in adventures with him.

Some of these are harmless, though in "The Case of the Hooking Bull" Alfred deliberately tricks Hank into going into the dryer and then turning the machine on, showing he has a mischievous streak. Most of the story "Lost in the Dark Unchanted Forest" revolves around Hank's search for Alfred when he goes missing in the woods. In this story and a few others Alfred is shown to have the ability to talk to animals, although in later stories he does not appear to have this ability.

It is revealed that the older a child gets, the more their ability to understand animals diminishes. Hank is very protective of Alfred and frequently risks his life to protect him, labeling it every cowdog's duty.

Alfred first appears in book 2, The Further Adventures of Hank the Cowdog, though he is referred to at that time only as "the baby. Pete the Barn Cat: Hank's primary antagonist on the ranch. Pete is Sally May's favorite pet and he frequently uses this to his advantage in his petty clashes with Hank. Pete is much more clever than Hank and usually manages to outwit him, although Hank usually perceives the events differently.

Many of Hank's adventures are initiated by an embarrassing incident where he has been tricked by Pete. In "The Further Adventures of Hank the Cowdog", Hank's eyes go crossed after staring at a bloody nose he received by attacking a fried egg Pete obtained that was just behind Sally May's garden fence.

In "The Curse of the Incredible Priceless Corncob", the entire story revolves around Hank's over-protectiveness towards a corncob Pete has tricked him into believing is worth a fortune.

In "The Case of the Missing Cat" Hank eventually loses patience with Pete and tries to strand him on the plains, but has a change of heart and rescues him from the coyotes Rip and Snort. The two then lament the fact that by saving Pete's life Hank and Pete must be friends and stop fighting each other.

Find and Load Ebook Hank The Cowdog #19

At the end of the adventure, however, the two return to fighting over scraps, suggesting that they both secretly like their antagonistic relationship. Slim Chance: A lazy but loyal cowboy and ranch hand that works for High Loper.

It is unclear how long Slim has worked at the ranch, but despite several comments made about wanting to move to a bigger operation, he has never quit. Slim lives in a run down shack two miles from ranch headquarters, and maintains a filthy house, frequently leaving old dishes, clothes, food, and livestock magazines lying around and fostering a chronic rodent problem. He also hates cooking, which results in him maintaining a horrible diet and eating things that would disgust the average reader, like sardine and ketchup sandwiches and boiled turkey necks.

Slim loves pranks including placing a smoke bomb in the town's volunteer fire department truck and tricking Loper into believing there was a fire causing him to start the truck and set it off.

Although Slim loves to play pranks on Hank and poke fun at him, it is clear he has an affinity for both him and Drover, frequently asking them to come along with him on odd jobs. Wallace and Junior: Two buzzards that Hank sometimes encounters. Wallace, an old buzzard and father to Junior, is very harsh and abrasive, not easily getting along with most of the other characters of the series. He is also relatively single-minded, judging most things mainly on their usefulness as a food source.

He doesn't seem to like Hank much, but sometimes acts decently towards him. Junior, Wallace's slow and clumsy son, is more timid than his father and has a stuttering problem. He loves his father but often makes Wallace angry by being cowardly, being friendly towards other animals who Wallace says they should rather think about eating , and generally being bad at being a buzzard.

Wallace also loathes Junior's love of singing. Rip and Snort: Two coyote brothers who have a grudge against Hank. However, they are enemies in every other book. They are vicious and strong, but not very smart, and Hank manages to escape from sticky situations involving them by tricking them.

They call Hank "Hunk. A vicious coyote near the top of the pack's pecking order, he maintains an intense hatred of Hank. He is the brother of Missy Coyote, to which Hank was once promised in marriage. He is smarter, tougher, and more grumpy than Rip and Snort. Missy Coyote: A coyote who was at one point promised to be Hank's mate, and thus join her family pack if Hank attacked the ranch and killed Drover. Hank ultimately refused to do so, showing that he is loyal to the ranch inhabitants, and loyal to Drover as a good friend.

Hank seems to share Missy's feelings and though he doesn't like coyotes it seemed that at one point he seriously considered joining Missy's pack.

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Unlike most of Hank's crushes, Missy actually considers him cute. A collie who resides on a local ranch, and with whom Hank is madly in love.

He is constantly trying to impress her, which usually results in his making a fool of himself instead. Beulah lives on her ranch with her boyfriend Plato, a bird dog who Hank despises. Although she likes Hank as a friend, she does not return his love, and tries to let him down easy for fear of hurting his feelings. Despite this, Hank continues to be convinced Beulah is in love with him, and would express it if it weren't for Plato. A polite bird dog who likes Hank despite Hank's obvious disdain for him.

He is in love with Beulah, much to Hank's consternation, and seems not to notice or care that Hank is constantly trying to court her. He also seems to be oblivious to Hank's malice towards him. Madame Moonshine: A witch owl who assists Hank on occasion.

She has a bodyguard, a rattlesnake named Timothy, who lives in the same hole as her. When she does use her magic, it normally is very odd and may not have the desired results. For example, in Lost in the Dark Unchanted Forest , she and Hank were tied upside-down to a tree branch, while Rip and Snort were planning to eat them below.

She recited a spell to make them stop, but, because they were upside-down, it just made them sing their song backwards. A basset hound who lives in the local dog pound. His owner works at the pound and just puts him in whichever kennel is currently available. He has a fairly uneventful life, except when his owner lets him out as happens in The Fling. Eddy the Rac: A raccoon who occasionally shows up and causes trouble. He was orphaned as a baby and Slim took care of him for a while in Moonlight Madness.

Everytime Slim puts Eddy in a cage, Eddy convinces Hank to let him out and enter the cage himself, at which point Eddy locks him in. Despite this, Hank continues to be fooled and does not particularly like Eddy. Some books are only on audio. The episode changed the original book: Hank the Cowdog is an animated adaptation based on the books. It was first unveiled at a MIPJunior content market in So far there is no specific release date for the series. The series will be done in 2D animation and will have 13 episodes.

There was a previous attempt at a TV series adaptation in the late s. It was going to be produced by Nickelodeon , WildBrain and Productions. The series would have blended 2D animation with live-action backgrounds.