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Reaper's Legacy (Reapers MC _2)- Joanna Wylde[M.J].epub. KB. Devil's Game (Reapers MC _3) - Joanna KB. Reaper's Stand (Reapers . Devil's Game (Reapers MC _3) - Joanna KB. Reaper's Stand ( Reapers MC _4) - Joanna Wylde[M.J].epub. KB. Reaper's. Joanna Wylde REAPER'S LEGACY Contents Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 although Reaper's Legacy stands alone), the most common questions I.

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Reapers Motorcycle Club has 7 entries in the series. Joanna Wylde Author ( ). cover image of Reaper's Legacy (). cover image of Reaper's Stand . REAPER's FALL by Joanna Wylde - Download eBooks Free Link REAPER'S FALL by Joanna Wylde November 20, iPad / iPhone (ePub), Novels KB The New York Times bestselling author of Reaper's Stand is. Read "Reaper's Fall" by Joanna Wylde available from Rakuten Kobo. The New York Times bestselling author of Reaper's Stand is back in her “uber-alpha.

Joanna Wylde - Reapers Stand 04 Dodano: Moje dokumenty tamkasio. Abbi Glines. Adrian Lara. Aleatha Romig. Alice Clayton.

Really weird. And nothing like I'd seen in movies-not even a little bit. Was that it? Huh ,,, "Oh, fuck that's good. I couldn't do anything but watch in horror as a man walked in.

I didn't know him, but he couldn't have been Zach's brother. He didn't look anything like Zach, who was taller than me, but not by a whole lot. This guy was really tall, and muscular in the way men who work with their hands get from heavy lifting on the job. He wore a black leather vest with patches over a ratty T-shirt and jeans that had streaks of dark motor oil or grease or something.

A half rack of beer dangled from one hand. His hair was short and dark.

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Almost military. His lip was pierced and he wore two rings in his left ear and one in his right, like a pirate. Eyebrow was pierced, too. His features were bluntly handsome, but nobody would ever call him pretty. Big black boots covered his feet, and the chain from his wallet hung low across his hip. One of his arms had a full-sleeve tattoo. The other had a skull with crossed blades behind it.

He stopped in the doorway and looked us over, slowly shaking his head. Zach popped up and his face went white. His entire body-with one notable exception-stiffened. I felt that exception slither out of me, along with some fluid, and realized we hadn't even bothered to put a towel down or anything.

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But how was I supposed to know we'd need a towel? He slammed the door shut behind him and walked over to the couch. I tried to hide my head in Zach's chest, more ashamed and embarrassed than I'd ever been in my life. Were flowers too much to ask? It shuddered under me, and Zach sat up, pulling away from my body. I shrieked and pushed my hands down between us, trying to cover myself from his brother's gaze.

Then it got worse. The brother-Rooger? He tossed it over my crotch. I moaned and died a little inside. My legs were still spread wide, my skirt up high around my waist.

He'd seen everything. This was supposed to be the most romantic night of my life and now I just wanted to go home and cry. My boyfriend flinched.

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Seconds later I heard the shower come on. Zach jumped up, muttering. He's such a goddamn asshole. He's a prick. Thank God I hadn't taken it off. Zach loved to touch my breasts, but we'd actually moved pretty fast once we got started. I managed to get to my feet, holding the blanket in front of me while I pulled down my skirt.

I had no idea where my panties had gone, but a quick look around didn't reveal them. I leaned over the couch, digging in the pillows, hunting. No luck, but I managed to stick my hand in the disgusting wet spot we'd left behind. I felt like such a whore. My head jerked up-how could things possibly get any worse? This has got to be the worst night of my life. You better not be pregnant.

Apparently things could get worse. Zach held the broken rubber out toward me. I stared down at the nasty thing, not quite believing my bad luck. He shrugged, not answering. You can't get pregnant that soon after your period, right? I mean, I always use a condom. They never break, not even-" My breath caught and I felt hot tears well up in my eyes. He winced. I tried to tug away. The mess on his fingers grossed me out, but when he pulled me in tight and wrapped his arms around me, I caved.

We're fine. And I'm sorry I wasn't honest with you.

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I was afraid you wouldn't stick with me if you knew I'd been stupid before. I don't care about any other girls and I never will. I just want to be with you. He shouldn't have lied, but at least he owned up to it. Mature couples worked through hard stuff all the time, right?

Your brother looked pretty pissed. I thought he gave you a key? He was supposed to be out of town. Grab the pizza.

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And he's my stepbrother. We're not even really related. I found my shoes and slipped them on, then got my purse and the pizza. I still didn't know where my panties were, but just then I heard the shower stop. Laura Kaye.

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