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Uploaded by: CARLYN .. to make behind-the-scenes Ajax calls and turn your websites into highly .. When PHP allies with MySQL to store and retrieve this data, you have the .. When the download is complete, double-click file. Jun 16, of our ebook website, then watch a full walkthrough on how we built it. of those endless PDF “ebooks” everyone downloads and forgets. Apr 13, And with those eReaders comes fantastic eBook stores for easy browsing and purchasing. They have tons of great digital literature for sell, but.

Selling e-books direct to your readers has just got a little easier, thanks to a new company called Gumroad. The first obvious advantage is higher royalty rates. It also gives me somewhere to send readers who hate opening an account just to make one purchase, and an alternative for them when there are technical problems at their preferred site as happened recently with Kobo and Smashwords. There are downsides to selling direct though. It takes time to set-up and can cost you, depending on your approach. Some might also worry that selling direct could dilute their sales and thus their ranking on key retailers, costing them crucial visibility on bestseller lists.

Place that link on your site, and you are good to go. Customers click on the link, get whisked to a secure off-site payment processor, complete the transaction, and receive your file more details. There are some disadvantages with Gumroad. For starters, you can make more per book with other solutions but they each have their own drawbacks, outlined above. They are new but legit ; some teething problems are to be expected. I had some issues with test transactions not going through yesterday, but they ironed everything out very quickly after I contacted them — very impressive customer service, in fact.

Finally, not all planned features are online yet.

PayPal is a hugely popular and trusted payment option; many readers may not want to dig out their credit card for one purchase. However, after weighing it all up, I decided Gumroad was the best approach for now.

Initially, I just decided to replicate the layout of the big sale I had last week , but after some feedback, I shrank the book covers and blurbs, to minimize scrolling, and tried to make the layout more intuitive overall and more like a regular e-bookstore. Laying out the store the first way only took a couple of hours. Doing it the second way took all Saturday — but a lot of that time was spent doing up nice-looking PDFs of my books with new backmatter pointing directly to the store.

I had a basic version running on Saturday and made a couple of sales, and then made a couple more on Sunday when the new version went live until I ran into some snafus. As part of my mission to be as widely distributed as possible, A Storm Hits Valparaiso will be appearing in a bookstore for the first time, hopefully later this week. More details soon. Maybe even a picture. Print formatting, once again, is being done by the excellent Heather Adkins.

The translation is complete, I just need to find a French proofer. If you know of anyone or are one yourself , get in touch at david dot gaughran at gmail dot com. All of this stuff has, of course, taken time away from writing — but it has been fun and I think it will pay off long-term. Besides, I wrote a book in February and needed a break before tackling the rewrite. And thanks to Austin for the pic!

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Only three days left to enter! You have no idea. My brain refuses to cooperate. Will probably look into it fully once I can get my site overhauled. Fascinating stuff, the future just keeps looking brighter and brighter for indies. Thanks Lee. I think we are only at the beginning of discovering the possibilities. I thought I set up my account on Gumroad, by it does not allow me to see what are the downloadable formats available and customer payment other than PayPal.

Any ideas please? If accepting customer payments via PayPal is important to you, you should try Sellfy. You can also set up affiliate program for your products, which is another feature that not all of the competitors offer. Thank you, thank you thank you!!! I was about to crawl through the screen and slap PayPal. This really fixed it for me.

Do you plan to update the image covers in the sidebar to point to gumroad instead of Amazon? Amazon are still where most people want to buy my books. I prefer giving people options, rather than pushing them one way or another. However, I did strip the sidebar from the store page altogether, to avoid any confusion. Thanks for the great info. I too have toyed with the idea, but rejected it as either too costly or too time consuming or both.

Like most readers, I hate DRM, and refuse to put it on my books. Obscurity is a far greater threat to me than piracy.

Not if you keep writing as well as you have! This is pretty darn cool. What I especially like is the ability to sell in almost any format you want, since Hatchet Force Journal, being an e-zine, has been requested in a printable, PDF format by a number of people since I released it last year. Me too. I wanted to sell PDFs, offer people the option of multiple formats, and to do bundles as well.

My only real grouch is the lack of PayPal payment option for customers. David, Oronjo. Oronjo is based in the Netherlands. Currently Oronjo takes no cut at all. Customer is directed to Paypal, authorizes payment, goes back to Oronjo and gets download. You get paid by Paypal. You get instant revenue. Not sure how good their customer service works either.

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I emailed a few customers to see how the process went and feedback was positive. Oronjo has one sweet little feature too. Customers can add a tip and pay more than you are asking. You can also send people free downloads via an email link, but only one at a time manually. Files can be re-downloaded for 12 months. Customer must then be logged in. Thanks for the Oronjo. You are using their site, software, and waiting for royalty payments just like other retail sites.

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If you like I can email some links to inexpensive hosts just a few dollars a month and shopping carts included free on the same servers.

Hey Mike. The transaction never actually takes place on your site. The only difference here is that the input of the details takes place offsite too.

With this solution, you are your own distributor even if you are outsourcing the actual transaction and fulfillment and the percentages reflect that. Plus you have the advantage of nobody having the power to pull down your listing for whatever reason. I have considered moving to WordPress. This solution was so simple, that I had a basic store up in running in two hours, at zero cost.

Every author with a book blogging at wordpress. Gumroad and Oronjo are technically no different. All are off-site sales, external to wordpress.

Seriously, this is good news and I wish you all the best with it. More power to your elbow, David. Keep up the good work and thanks for an interesting and informative post. FWIW, one thing to remember is that for pad users and netbook users who are using the kindle, ibook, or nook app. I have to track down those places and reload them. I am very impressed, David. Hi John. If I was living in the US, it would be easy enough to do.

Createspace shipping inside the US is much cheaper. Last night, I just finished setting up my own bookstore on my privately hosted website, but using a Word Press theme. Since my husband is developing his own websites as well, he had access to something called Gravity Forms which is a bit expensive to purchase. I used that to create a simple order form that you customize.

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After they fill out their name and e-mail address in my form, it takes them straight to PayPal, where they make their payment with their account or with credit card. I as the writer, I receive two notifications to my email account — one is the PayPal payment notification, the other, the form they filled out — and the customer receives one from my website with the download link. That link is to an online file folder system that lets me create public links for any file I want. They provide a limited amount of in-house widgets, but none that would provide the functionality needed.

I recently set up a site for a non-fiction book and looked at using Gumroad. The setup looks very easy. I spent a day or so messing around with free WordPress shopping cart plugins. WP e-Commerce worked quite well. It allows you to use PayPal and has reasonable protection for your digital files.

No plug-ins possible at all, unfortunately. Only a limited selection of widgets which are basically simplified in-house only plug-ins, but all Javascript and iFrame code is not allowed etc. Selling Ebooks Direct: Fantastic information! Maybe the day will come when authors completely cut out the middleman and sell all their books direct.

The missing link for that is a search engine a la Google, but designed and devoted solely to authors and books.

I think there will always be a place for innovative retailers like Amazon who give self-publishers a level playing field and actually allow readers to discover our books. Not so much. Reblogged this on Dispatches From ConsterNation and commented: Is this a great time to be a writer, or what? I believe WordPress. My question, David, is how is WordPress. Were they OK with your recent sale of cent books?

Store download php website ebook complete

I gather that you and many others are Amazon affiliates, and possibly affiliates of other booksellers as well. Do you think WordPress. However, my hunch is that WordPress. Seems to me WordPress. It has a little bit of a chilling effect on the otherwise free-speech world of blogging.

Interesting aspect of the empowering effects of the Internet: He who controls the server has the Power. Sorry, WordPress, no offense intended. I saw someone ask about this on the WordPress. Congratulations on your recent accomplishments St. A few questions: Best wishes for continued success, and thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us struggling self-publishers. I put out an open call for translators, have a few in the works, and the French one just got done first.

There will be more! Marketing will be a challenge, for sure. I will have a few French contributors. I am intrigued by this system.

I am also using the free wordpress. I want to have a way to sell my work there without having to upload a shopping cart. Like others, I am concerned about losing my website due to terms of service. I like being on wordpress. My blog is more a showcase of my writing than anything else, but I do link book reviews and author interviews to where people can get the books.

I usually highlight a free source first if available. I do not have a smashwords account and am rather concerned with their current fight with paypal. This might be a better alternative for now. I think your concerns with Smashwords are misplaced, unless you are writing certain kinds of erotica and even then, I believe that the issue has been largely resolved.

You can do both. Still, I like your recommendation and am looking into it. This is fantastic, thank you! I figure that by the time the first one is finished, Gumroad may have added Paypal and gone through some of the initial growing pains.

Please keep us informed about your experiences with them. That sounds really interesting! I want to write a book and i think this website could really help me! Having a quick look and this seems like avery good platform. Takes away the risk and hassle, and still gives you a nice cut, at least compared to Amazon.

The big thing is having people come to you first, so for first time authors this is tough. But for someone like yourself with a nice following, this is a no brainer.

This is a great post, David, very helpful! The first novel is coming off of KDP Select the end of the month, and several story collections will be following soon thereafter, so it would be a good time to give it a whirl.

Thanks for the tip, David. Have used an ecommerce site called Mercantec. I may give Gumroad a try in the near future, though — hopefully when they start using PayPal for transactions. Just wanted to check-in and see how your store is doing and how Gumroad is working so far… I think this is an extremely interesting idea! Thank you for the info sounds like a very good site.

Just wanted to know i have a book i want to publish which i am going to publish with a publishing site like smashwords but coming across gumroad made me think that i could do some selling separatly with the same book so a bit confused.

Could you tell me if i was to publish on the publishing site would i beable to use my book content and make it into a pdf file and sell it on gumroad? Or should i publish it on gumroad first and would i then beable to publish it on eg smashwords as its already been published? Just to follow up on this blog post.

Although both of these titles are sold via Amazon as ebooks, and both will be out as trade paperbacks via CreateSpace, giving readers the option of buying a very cheap printable PDF allows for even more options. I would recommend giving readers the option of both ZIP bundles and the individual files. Great article as usual. It keeps telling me custom permalink already taken, for all 4 files I uploaded. Mailchimp Subscribe customers to Mail Chimp Email lists during checkout. Mad Mimi Let your customers easily opt in to your Mad Mimi newsletter at the checkout.

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