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Editorial Reviews. Review. Killer Acclaim for Jeff Lindsay's DEXTER novels: " Lindsay just Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Mystery, Thriller & Suspense. With million copies of the Dexter novels sold, and ever-increasing critical acclaim, Jeff Lindsay returns to his groundbreaking and beloved character. Dexters Final Cut Dexter 7 Jeff Lindsay - Download and read online Book Dexters Final Cut Dexter 7 Jeff Lindsay file PDF only if you are.

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The Dexter series continues with a wild ride through Hollywood. Mega-star Best Seller. Dexter's Final Cut by Jeff Lindsay Buy the Audiobook Download. Dexters Final Cut Dexter 7 Jeff Lindsay. [[epub download]] dexter s final cut dexter morgan 7 - dexter s final cut dexter morgan 7 dexter series epub book Dexter's Final Cut (eBook, ePUB) - Lindsay, Jeff. Als Download kaufen Als Download kaufen. Bisher 17,99** eBook bestellen. Sofort per Download lieferbar.

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For you. Can you come up to my office? I stared at the phone for a long moment before I replaced it in its cradle. I was not sure what had just happened, or what it meant: So what was this about? In fact, it had just recently started to seem like much too long, and the past few evenings I had been fondling my little candidates list and thinking about a new Playdate. But as I thought back on that wonderful evening, I could remember no slipup, no lazy shortcut, nothing but painstaking perfection.

Had Somebody Somehow found Something anyway?

Ebook download final cut dexters

But no: I had been meticulously neat, as always. It was not actually an answer, but it was a good and practical thought, and it was followed by another: He gave commands and I obeyed them. That is all you know in this world, and all you need to know. Because he was a real captain, and very important in the general scheme of things, Matthews had a secretary, although she liked to be called an executive assistant. Her name was Gwen, and she had three virtues far above anyone else I had ever known: She was astonishingly efficient, unbearably serious, and uncompromisingly plain.

It was a delightful combination and I always found it irresistible. So as I hurried up to her desk, wiping the residue of the doughnut off my hands and onto my pants where it belonged, I could not help attempting a very small bon mot. She stared at me with a slight frown.

Go right in. A devastating combination! I breezed past her and went through the door and into the conference room. Captain Matthews sat at the head of the table, looking earnest, manly, and at least semi-noble, as he almost always did. Sitting to one side of him was my sister, Sergeant Deborah Morgan, and she did not look happy.

Of course, she very seldom did; between her carefully cultivated Cop Scowl and her general outlook of surly watchfulness, the most cheerful expression she had ever managed in my presence was a look of grudging acquiescence.

Still, this morning she looked very much displeased, even for her. Sitting closest to the captain was a man who was clearly Alpha Dog of the group. The man looked up at me as I entered, scanned me as if he was memorizing a row of numbers, and then turned impatiently back to Matthews. I simply stared, and I could not have said why. And her eyes were a startling violet, a color so unlikely and yet so compelling that I felt an urgent need to move near and study her eyes at close range.

Whatever it was, it grabbed my attention and held me helpless. The woman watched me goggle at her with distant amusement, raising an eyebrow and giving me a small smile that said, Of course, but so what? And then she turned back to face the captain, leaving me free to finish my interrupted step and stumble toward the table once more. In a morning of surprises, my reaction to mere Female Pulchritude was a rather large one.

I could not remember ever behaving in such an absurdly human way: Dexter does not Drool, not at mere womanly beauty. My tastes are somewhat more refined, generally involving a carefully chosen playmate and a roll of duct tape. But something about this woman had absolutely frozen me, and I could not stop myself from continuing to stare as I lurched into a chair next to my sister.

Debs greeted me with a sharp elbow to the ribs and a whisper: There was one last person at the table whom I had not registered yet. He had put a vacant seat between himself and the Irresistible Siren, and he leaned away from her as if afraid he might catch something from her, his head propped up on one elbow, which was planted casually on the table. Somehow I managed to conceal my crushing disappointment at his negligence, and I turned my steely gaze to the head of the table, where Captain Matthews was once again clearing his throat.

So anyway. He nodded at the man in the impressive suit. Big Ticket Network. A, um, TV show, you know. The man in the sunglasses spoke up for the first time. The beautiful woman rolled her eyes and looked at me, shaking her head, and I found myself smiling eagerly back at her, without any conscious decision to do so.

Eissen has asked us for our cooperation. Which we are very happy to give them. I don't know why I keep getting the new ones when they do come out. Is it a misshapen loyalty to the TV show that I adore. Or the beautiful covers; it is certainly not the content. There are few worthy moments but they are just that, moments. Maybe it's my understanding of a character, an elusive figure that I love and look for albeit in all the wrong places, like its own source material. Despite its many flaws and in sp Um, I don't know how I feel about this series at this point, if I ever did.

Despite its many flaws and in spite of its lack of substance and any kind of real depth I did enjoy this latest offering. I'd say this was the funniest entry in the Dexter series, undeniably there was some laugh aloud moments. One in particular amused me where Lindsay in self-deprecating humor made fun of himself.

After that unfortunately all the fun ended. So while this book was fine the protagonist remained as clueless and moronic as ever bordering almost on being special but not special. Preferring to Forrest Gumped his way around the books' plots, such as they are. Something happened during the reading of this book; I realized Jeff Lindsay just isn't a good writer, no matter if his wife's name happened to be Hemingway but then again there is only one Hemingway and his wife is definitely not it.

It eventually dawned on me that book Dexter is nothing at all like his TV counterpart. I don't expect them to be the same but Lindsay's Dexter goes out of his way to be stupid and that makes me wonder; does Lindsay believes his fans or rather Dexter's fans to be that gullible or is he the one who is insufficient and inadequate.

I could see that the book series's Dexter isn't sharp, intelligent, witty, suave, resourceful, quick, everything basically the show Dexter is. There in the books I noticed a sense of urgency that is missing that the show most expertly displayed, dwelt on handled and executed with panache. Let's not even talk about the silver mask that Our Dumb Dexter wears which one you Decide that I am talking about, the book one or the show one is nothing beyond battered uninspiring and nothing as cool as the killuniform the show Dexter uses, but even that atrocity was missing in this volume.

The level of stupidity shown by series Dexter in this book is almost beyond belief. Unlike the show Dexter who actually uses his brains, smart detective work to figure things and killers out, the book one just relay on pure magic and even with that ability he couldn't figure out who the killer was. I liked Jackie a lot when I thought she was the killer.

Early on, I figured out that the killer was a pervert but I didn't figure out that the pervert was the killer. So yeah, that did surprise me. Oddly enough I would still like to finish this series, only one book is left. Maybe just out of some misplaced nostalgia for the superior show I wanna read the last offering. Final words: Well, yes every man has that one desire that one weakness that one dream that he harbors in his bosom. Apparently in this book fame and money is Dexter's.

What the actual fuck. How ridiculous that is do you not realize. That was degrading for sundry reasons. See, in spite of being an unappreciated monster that gets rid of the killers, Dexter in essence is a superhero and as we mere mortals understands it, superheroes don't give a hoot about money or fame. In that Lindsay had failed us. For Dexter inherently should shun any sort of public life. A difference that show Dexter understood and didn't fail to his brittle end, which was abysmal but at least that Dexter remained true to who he was.

Yet somehow Lindsay couldn't remain true to what he created. Dexter is Dead is out. I'll be checking that out soon enough. View all 9 comments.

Well, it was very funny. And the bad guy s aren't that easy to spot straight away. But Dexter got quite wrapped up in himself and stardom for most of the book I rather say he deserved the ending he got, which I did not like.

Specially Lily-Anne. I thought he loved at least her, if no one else. It's like he hasn't grown or learned anything at all from previous devious Dexter installments. He's cheated on wifey before and Well, it was very funny. He's cheated on wifey before and claimed he would never again Book 5 he was enamoured with Lily-Anne; this book she gets a chin scratch and an awkward hold.

The heck? And a bare moments passing thought, as he plans his new life living luxuriously. He also made promises to those two cute but odd stepkids, and he's shirking responsibilities; unacceptable from dear Doctor Death. I also totally do not blame Debs for giving him the cold shoulder, possibly indefinitely. Redeem him, somehow, Mr Lindsay. Please, please, I beg of you, sir. I have always loved myself some Dexter and his naughty but just ways and as things stand, I simply cannot.

Apr 04, Vivian rated it did not like it Shelves: Time of DNF: Don't think it doesn't disappoint me greatly, but it is what it is. I don't know if this was written after the television series started or what, and I don't care enough to investigate it--this was reading for pleasure--but Dexter's Final Cut spends less time on Dexter and more about the cult of celebrity. There is more time devoted to driving in Miami traffic than on Dark Passenger, which as a book about a serial killer is pretty sad.

And yeah, not interesting in getting into a debate about whether LA or Miami has it worse. Seriously, considering this book is about a serial killer it has a lack of stabby-stabby.

Having stopped just after Dexter's kill I can say that it sucked. It was slapdash and broke all the rules, Harry's code. There is a process and aesthetic Dexter employed in the beginning that is gone. In fact, the most critical and defining aspect of his kills and what defines his psychosis was ignored--and that infuriated me. This wasn't Dexter. This was half-assed.

So, I'm stopping, not going to attempt to read the final book in the series either. Because at this point, in my mind I can maintain the ideal of Dexter. Funny, I'm even angrier and more disappointed after writing this review. Vaya con dios, Dexter!

Cut download ebook final dexters

Hold on to your blood spatters, folks! Dexter Morgan — forensic specialist by day, serial killer by night — is about to become a TV star! Well, sort of. It goes without saying that Dexter already is an actor; indeed, our favorite serial killer has been successfully masquerading as a human for his entire adult life.

He learned very early on that no one could know that his body was home to a Dark Passenger, and so he has been guarded and careful about what he says and does, and living for those bri Hold on to your blood spatters, folks! He learned very early on that no one could know that his body was home to a Dark Passenger, and so he has been guarded and careful about what he says and does, and living for those bright and bloody moments when he can release his true self upon the truly deserving.

Which means that he now gets to be shadowed on the job by a real actor, so that the man can see what a forensic technician does on the job. And that might not be so bad — maybe even a little flattering to the average person. But Dexter is not the average person, and really does not need to have some washed-up, has-been, boorish actor a half-step behind him, aping his mannerisms and little tics.

Final ebook dexters download cut

Of course, things get interesting when a case requiring his unique skills appears: Things get even more interesting when it turns out that other, similar killings have been found wherever the actress about to become Deborah has worked. Or is this going to truly be his final cut? Lindsay knows how to work this both to comedic and horrific effect in Final Cut, as the little mistakes that Dexter makes come back to haunt him with a vengeance.

One gets the sense that the author spent some time on the set, dealing with the surreal nature of life behind the camera, and wrote some of the scenes, characters, and situations with that in mind. Jan 01, Stuart Nager rated it liked it. This Dexter read like a version of the Showtime series: Lindsay created, but the Dexter on TV, the one "based on the books by Like some others, making the ending a cliff hanger is not the way to go so late in a series.

It feels desperate. It felt like a lot of padding in places, which I've never really felt in the previo This Dexter read like a version of the Showtime series: It felt like a lot of padding in places, which I've never really felt in the previous outings.

I will read the next most likely last book, just to see how Dexter fares out of all this mess. If you enjoyed the first two books, and stayed along for the others, give this a try. If this is your first shot at a Dexter book, do not start here. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The last 3 Dexter novels feel as thought the main character has become a caricature of himself.

I really wanted to enjoy this book, but the plot line was a bit hard to swallow. The ending, while believable, felt like it was trying to tie the book characters into their Showtime doppelgangers and did so in a particularly ham-handed way.

Dexter is a sociopath, but the last three books seem more fascinated with trying to find "deserving" people to kill - i. This series has traveled far off the rails since Dexter in the Dark, perhaps it is time to retire the character and start something else. Sep 27, Sarah Hayes rated it it was ok. Don't get me wrong. Jeff Lindsay is a solid, imaginative writer who can keep me glued to the page like few others.

But I am getting real tired of Darling Dear Dexter and his increasingly polarizing, patronizing personality that turns him from interesting sociopath to infuriating douchebag who happens to occasionally kill folks. Also, it seemed like Dexter was holding the idiot ball a lot of the time; I was spotting plot twists so many chapters before our Daring Dexter even got a clue something w Don't get me wrong.

Also, it seemed like Dexter was holding the idiot ball a lot of the time; I was spotting plot twists so many chapters before our Daring Dexter even got a clue something was up. Can we make the next book all about Deb, please? I like Deb a lot more than Dexter nowadays.

Dexter va llegando a su fin Si bien este libro empezaba algo mejor, con una serie de asesinatos bastante 'fuera de lo normal' One to go!!! Oct 12, Bradley rated it really liked it Shelves: I've been keeping up with Dexter ever since the tv show began, but since I've always been a book nut, I always need to pull up the authors who started it.

It's never a chicken or the egg question, but in this instance, I did start with the tv show first, and after a few seasons, needed my fix and so started the books.

I personally love how I can get a completely different story out of Dexter in an alternate universe kind of way between the two. If I didn't like how things happened in one, then I I've been keeping up with Dexter ever since the tv show began, but since I've always been a book nut, I always need to pull up the authors who started it.

If I didn't like how things happened in one, then I could always rely on the other. I have always enjoyed the bona fide supernatural aspect of the dark passenger in the books, and really loved how he was grooming his stepchildren along his path. I can only assume that we will come back to that in the next novel, because as a character, Dexter has slid from those ways in this novel.

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As a set-up for a cliffhanger, this novel did wonderfully, timed wonderfully with the end of the tv series, and it has the appearance of stopping Dexter in his tracks. As a reader, I wanted a little more of a conclusion, but I'm just going to have to wait and see if the next book comes out soon, because if it doesn't, I might be very very angry. Kinda like I was with the ending of the tv series. I want to love the book very much, because not only the writing is good, but I've grown to love the characters so much.

There's the caveat, tho. I want to love it, but something drastic is going to have to happen or I might stop. It's kinda a big cliffhanger, after all.

If we wait six months and a new one comes out, then everything is fine with the world. My faith is restored and I can go on enjoying Dexter for years to come.

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Oct 20, Liz Cee rated it liked it. Three and a half stars. I would have given this book four and a half stars if the identity of the killer hadn't been obvious from the beginning. Things I enjoy about this and the whole Dexter series: Lindsay does not diminish this character he has built by suddenly giving him 'feelings'. Even his attractions to some oth Three and a half stars. Dexter's reasons for being with her are in keeping with his personality.

Even though you may not like some of the events that happen, you'll find Dexter's reactions ring true once more. Can't wait for the next installment after that conclusion! Things I dislike: Ick, ick, ick. She is a cartoon cutout with a foul mouth!

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They also appear to be place holders in a novel stuffed with interesting characters. All in all, I recommend this book for fans of the books and those who enjoy the twisted psychological thriller.

Sep 28, Justin Luther rated it it was ok. So the reason I gave it 2 stars is because I really enjoy his prose and crisp writing. If it weren't for that this book would get 1 star or lower if possible. First of all: What does he do with his serial killing mojo? Kills Patrick, which seemed a moot point when all was said and done, and he "suspects" Renny a part that received 0 closure btw and that was it. The rest of the time its just Dexter falling into traps and making bad decisions.

In fact, it barely ends at all. Is this the last book? That was his one weakness? Rich people? If there is another book after this I will change my rating to 3 stars, because at least that doesn't mean that Dexter goes down because of some stupid fling with an actress. Okay, wretched story mechanics aside, I'm going to try and talk about some positive things. The parts where we slip into the "we" and get to be Dexter and his Dark Passenger are great. The writing is funny to the point where the author made me laugh out loud at points.

The story is compelling and I obviously didn't expect to give the book that bad of a rating until the very last page. I WANT to like this book! It WAS fun, up until the slap in the face ending. Since I am a glutton for punishment I will continue to read them if Lindsay continues to write them. I will continue like I continued after the weird Dark Passenger mythology thing, like I continued after the last book where the villain gets eaten by frickn shark, I will continue to the bitter end because I want these books to finally be good.

Maybe he should get a Co-author. And he killed Rita. I love Rita. Sep 11, Kellye rated it really liked it Shelves: In the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you I signed up for a giveaway and somehow won this book! It was extremely satisfying to open my front door and find it on my porch, direct from the marketing department of Doubleday. The only catch is that I have to review it "wherever [I] do my social networking.

Final cut ebook download dexters

I have to tell you I was born to have free books sent to me for nothing on the condition that I read them and tell people what I think. I adore Dexter. I love TV Dexter, In the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you I signed up for a giveaway and somehow won this book! I love TV Dexter, I love novel Dexter, I love the fat, chuckling moon and the snicker of cold steel in the silver-red moonlight. I adore Deb only slightly less than Dexter and she is in fine form in this book, too.

As is usual for me reading Jeff Lindsay, I laughed out loud several times, was amused throuought and found no typos. I was a bit disappointed to see Dexter unexpectedly feeling things very much like feelings, but I persevered and was rewarded. Sort of. To say I was actually relieved to see one of Dexter's children endangered, because I knew it would pull him back into Dear Dark Dexterland, sounds very mercenary and awful, but it's so much better.

Without advertently spoiling the big twist at the end, I very much hope that this is not Dexter's final adventure. I really very much need to know what happens next. If you love Dexter, too, you'll like this book. I feel conflicted about recommending Dexter to anyone who doesn't already love him. I don't want you to like Dexter because that would make him and by extension me less unique.

However, I have to admit that Jeff Lindsay is one hell of a writer and if you give these books a chance you will probably like them very much. I have been listening to the audio books for this whole series.

The author, Jeff Lindsay, has been the narrator for all but one of them. I felt he had come around on the last book, Double Dexter , giving the right voice to characters and bringing out the subtleties of Dexter. On the whole, I'd prefer to hear the author read their own works. But this book was a disaster.

Giving voice to female characters is not something Mr. Lindsay should ever put on his resume. I can forgive the harsh tones Debra I have been listening to the audio books for this whole series. I can forgive the harsh tones Debra's character receives, and even enjoy how he puts the disjointed sentences of Rita into voice.

Jeff Lindsay | Dexter Books - Dexter's Final Cut - eBook

But the cast of characters in this book is just too much for his abilities. The storyline stays on par for the series with a solid 4 stars. Dexter is just smart enough to be really dumb and still get away with killing a deserving candidate without anyone the wiser.

And yet we are left with a messy ending and cliffhanger that must be resolved in the final book of the series. I just hope the author can finish it all off with a better performance than I heard in this audiobook. My recommendation: Sep 11, Alisa Kester rated it liked it Shelves: Oh dear, Dexter. Is this really The End? Can you really end your saga in such a Can your devious destruction really end in view spoiler [detention for a crime in which you didn't delight?

And perhaps worse of all, can the demise of your demonic heartlessness be owned to nothing more than a pair of violet eyes? In the battle between the best Dexter book or tv , I have to say t Oh dear, Dexter. In the battle between the best Dexter book or tv , I have to say that in my opinion, tv Dexter has won.

While he might be entirely too soft and cuddly to be anything remotely like a real sociopath, at least the tv's finale was wonderfully done. The only way it could have been any better was if view spoiler [Dexter walked off in the Argentine sunset with Hannah at his side hide spoiler ].

He earned that. Book Dexter is definitely the genuine sociopath, but oh wow. Where DID those violet eyes come from? Not buying it, Lindsay. Not buying it at all. And while the ending would be good if it were perhaps the penultimate book, it doesn't work as The End.

Am I wrong that this is the final book? I hope I am. Dexter wouldn't go out like that! Nov 03, Victoria rated it it was ok. I've loved these novels from the beginning and would have continued to do so where it not for the lackluster effort this time out.

Lindsey seems so disenchanted or just tired with the whole thing it makes me wonder…. Was he contractually obligated to get his manuscript done before he was ready? I could live with that. But if not, then I find it odd that without reason this particular installment of these otherwise exuberant novels is flatter than day old beer. Dexter is unlike any characte I've loved these novels from the beginning and would have continued to do so where it not for the lackluster effort this time out.

No, our boy is not dead but if in the next? I dread the thought of Dexter Deprivation and truly hope another, better, book is in the offing.