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and then use my tool to resign them as DISC Eboot for ODE. Download EBOOT/ SELF/SPRX Resigner for ODE download. I originally found this. PS3 E/S/S/S/E Resigner v released - New SELF to FSELF option added Until version , E/S/S/S/E Resigner had only option to resign ukraine-europe.info from retail to debug one, now program can do Download: Mega. Download ODDE Eboot Resigner vzip, Size: KB, File name: ODDE Eboot Resigner vzip, Uploaded.

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hi guys some have errors when using a ukraine-europe.info i have many Games Now Download ODDE EBOOT Resigner That Created By @harryoke. where do i find psn Resigner to resign psn games on , some of mine not / , check the path for this type of eboot. 3k3y ODE Eboot Resigner Version 1 - Want to get PSN content and homebrew booted with a 3k3y ODE? This tool by Harryoke will do it in.

Discussion in ' PS3 News ' started by kozarovv , Nov 23, By kozarovv on Nov 23, at 5: Nov 8, Messages: Newly added ability to convert CEX. Until version 4. Mega Mirror:

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Resigner download eboot odde

Click here to read about them. All Rights Reserved. Submitted by Christopher Groux ; August 31, Place Eboot. Run run me. Press 1. PS3hax Download: Why create an account on the Dashhacks network?


Because being logged in has its privileges! Only logged in users comments go live without waiting for moderator approval! So it's better to have the user input the rif key instead of the rap key?

I had put the code for converting the rap to the klic in the app in the other thread. BTW, thanks for telling me who made this code. I have to put credit to him.

Nov 25, BIN to 4. BIN 1C 42' to resign.


BIN works well on my 4. The solutions i've found so far for that nasty error all use resigning with scetool to 3. The funny thing is when i resign to 3.

But why doesn't it work on ODE when i resign to 4.

Eboot resigner download odde

Unfortunally i don't have much knowledge about ODE at all. Any ideas? Regards Rudi.

3k3y Eboot Resigner By Harryoke on the Loose

Validating eboot file Checking eboot. OK everything seems to be fine i quote " if Checking eboot. Hi, Thanks for information about rap and rif. Then I will have to take a look.

Could you say which 4. I don't know the requirements for the boot disc. I'll see if I can find out. I guess that fixes the error for most ode user if they are on official firmware.

Download odde eboot resigner

I re-read your post. Is the far cry 4 resigned to 4. OK 01 33 - FW OK 04 34 - FW OK 07 35 - FW OK 0A 35 - FW OK 0D 35 - FW FAIL probably we have invalid app-privC, because is exactly the same as 3.

Resigner odde download eboot

Rip Cord and Rudi Rastelli like this. Then the game company fixed the signing algorithm used for the game files.

Anyway, the private keys above 3. Custom firmware is patched for this, but not official firmware. I don't know why I try to do 2 things at once, probably makes me slower at both. Nov 26, U're slow as hell anyway.