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Angus Buchan wrote and published the book “Faith Like Potatoes” in It continues to Faith Like Potatoes DVD free to all who subscribe to Joy! Contact . Oxford, UK & Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. FAITH. LIKE. POTATOES. The story of a farmer who risked everything for God. ANGUS BUCHAN with. Angus Buchan's most popular book is Faith Like Potatoes: The Story of a God of the Impossible (eBook): Amazing testimonies of God's miracle-working power.

Angus Buchan is a straight-talking South African farmer of Scottish extraction. His abrupt conversion startled friends of the explosive hard-drinking man. Angus' bold faith has carried him through droughts, family tragedies and financial crisis. He has seen wonderful miracles of provision and healing. In obedience to God's call he started preaching, which led into a healing ministry.

Still a farmer, he is now an international evangelist, travelling through Africa in a refitted yellow fire engine, and filling the largest venues in South Africa.

He has visited Scotland several times in recent years on speaking tours. In July he undertakes a UK-wide tour. In , political upheaval in Zambia forced hard-driving Angus Buchan born , Rhodesia to sell-up his farm for a pittance and relocate with his family to South Africa. Angus' funds were so low that he couldn't afford a farm with a house on it, but with typical determination he settled on a piece of land in KwaZulu Natal and set about raising crops and livestock.

In , Angus startled those who knew him with his sudden conversion to Christianity, and in he and his wife Jill committed their lives fully to Christ during a service at Greytown Methodist Church. In his best-selling autobiography, Faith Like Potatoes , published in , Angus recounts how he learned to trust that God was at work building something substantial even if he couldn't see it, much in the way a potato grows underground, out of sight.

In the book was made into a film, which went on to become a huge success in South Africa and worldwide. The Great Commission - Mark This was the inspiration for Shalom Ministries, which has grown from an evangelistic outreach in Angus' own community to an Africa-wide concern.

Without any formal higher education or theological training, Angus followed God's call and conducted his first preaching campaign in in Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal. In the years since, Angus' reputation has grown to the extent that he now fills stadiums across the African continent.

Also, between and Shalom ran seven annual 'Mighty Men' Conferences - outdoor worship camp-outs for men and boys that grew from 40 attendees at the start to over ,, and have proven to be highly influential.

Angus' evangelistic and worship events have been recorded live, bringing his distinctive down-to-earth teaching style to a worldwide audience. He also presents a twice-weekly Christian television program 'Grassroots', filmed mostly on his farm. Despite the demands of his ministry as a full-time evangelist, Angus remains a man who values quiet times with God and maintains a simple, no frills lifestyle on his farm, which is now run by his two sons Andrew and Fergus.

Angus and his wife Jill also have three daughters Robyn, Jilly, and Lindi. Jan Greenough is a professional author and editor, and has written many books.

She serves as a magistrate in Oxfordshire, and she and her husband worship at a local Methodist church. This book is the story of his growing up, establishing a farm, h I didn't know until after reading this book that there is controversy surrounding it, the movie based on it, and Buchan's ministry, "Shalom Ministries". This book is the story of his growing up, establishing a farm, having a family, becoming a Christian and building a global ministry.

That's a lot to cram into pages and I think the story suffers for trying to tell it all in such a short space. Some things are described with a lot of detail, but others are barely mentioned, then are referred to later and that gives it a choppy feel.

I couldn't figure out who the target audience is.

If it's other Christians and this story is meant to be an encouragement then I think he was partly successful. I think he is a believer and that he tries to live by faith, but there were places where it felt like more emphasis was placed on Buchan's faith than on God's faithfulness. If, on the other hand, he's telling his story in hopes of convincing unbelievers to follow Christ, I don't think it's very effective.

That's just my opinion from the book alone. I haven't heard him speak, I haven't seen the movie and I don't know him in any way, I just think the story is poorly presented in this book. He speaks in cliches with his references to being "gripped by the Spirt" and "the pearly gates" of Heaven and people "finding the Lord".

It's full of overused church expressions like that and to be honest it got tedious after a while. Overall I found it predictable and boring, but I at least knew what he was talking about because I'm familiar with the language. To an unbeliever it would be a foreign language, so what's the point? The book tends to emphasize the more dramatic events in his life, which I guess is not unusual, but I think he's overdoing the drama with things like referring to himself as just an "illiterate farmer".

He is a farmer, but illiterate people don't usually have websites listing all the books they've written. Is it false humility?

Free download like ebook potatoes faith

Is it playing up his rise from a struggling farmer to the leader of a world-wide ministry? I don't know. I just know it didn't sit well with me and when held up to the light of Scripture some of what the book says doesn't ring true.

I can't recommend this book because I didn't like it; I found it poorly written and too melodramatic. I watched the movie, and was so amazed that I ordered the book. Angus Buchan is now one of my heroes! He lives BY faith The work he is doing in South Africa is truly inspiring.

See a Problem?

I'm sure that I will read this again many times Reading his experiences and perspectives, including the conversations he has with God, felt like I was shadowing someone of great faith For example, when he first felt his need for Jesus, and turned his life over to God, he started devoting his early morning hours to the Lord. In fact, he called this his special time with the Lord. God is not an after thought to him Awesome man.

Awesome book. I saw the movie a couple years ago and decided to read the book. Why is it that book and movie pairings often seem to be flat? Loved, loved, loved the movie. Enjoyed the book but felt as if it was missing something. Interesting thing: I guess I thought that the book would come back around to that, but it didn't.

It did, however, fill in information about how he came to the Lord, his early faith walk and the expansion of the minist I saw the movie a couple years ago and decided to read the book. It did, however, fill in information about how he came to the Lord, his early faith walk and the expansion of the ministry.

Inspiring read of how he allowed himself to be used by the Lord. As he said, he's a relatively uneducated farmer who has been able to do great things for God just because he stepped out in faith and trust that God would again prove Himself faithful.

A fantastic book. An absolute testament of faith. Put your faith in the Lord and start taking steps. This book shows the importance of doing what we can do in the faith that God is leading us to wherever it is He wants us to go. I can't get over the faith! It's a matter of A fantastic book. Mar 09, Steve Best rated it really liked it.

I'll admit I wasn't exactly thrilled at the thought of my life group reading a book about potatoes, but fair play to Angus Buchan, it is an engaging and engrossing book, which I read in virtually one sitting. Sure there were setbacks, but over the course of the story, not that many. Of course, that's not Angus' fault, but it just made I'll admit I wasn't exactly thrilled at the thought of my life group reading a book about potatoes, but fair play to Angus Buchan, it is an engaging and engrossing book, which I read in virtually one sitting.

Of course, that's not Angus' fault, but it just made me wish my life had been a little bit more straightforward! I guess though that if there was anything to be learned from this book, it's this. Don't be put off by the title. This is a straightforward book.

If you are looking for a powerful testimony of God and what he can do in a surrendered life, you will find Faith Like Potatoes powerful, compelling, and perhaps even life changing. Aug 31, Rebecca Rash rated it it was amazing. My siblings have been begging to watch this movie again.

A great story of faith! I would recommend no one under ten and a mature ten year old watches this movie, as there is some scenes that might disturb young ones.

But for the rest of you, sit back, listen and learn - and don't forget to bring a Kleenex or ten.

Books by Angus Buchan (Author of Faith Like Potatoes)

Jul 22, Michelle rated it it was ok Shelves: Not very well written, more of a rambling conversational style, but you can't help but like the author anyway! It is good to think about various people living out their faith in different ways around the world, and I had never heard from a white farmer in Africa before, so I am glad I read the book for that reason.

It a very good read indeed - so inspirong! I've seen the movie a long time ago, but i've forgotten so much of it, but the book edition to the film was really an eye-opener for me. In the book some really good questions came to my attention - i think that i will have to put some time aside and to reflect upon that.

Apr 07, Marilou Go rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love this story on how God changes Angus Buchan's life. An how HE works with our faith. I feel really moved on how HE sends rain to the farmers even though it's not seasonal. And how HE send the African girl back to life. We really should put our trusts and faith on God.

I would give this book stars if I could! I watched the movie and knew I had to read it to find out more. He inspires me to a deeper faith. Nov 18, Sue rated it it was amazing. Amazing what one man can accomplish in Africa. He ran his life on faith and touched thousands of people. A little difficult to read. Reading it a chapter at a time instead of in one sitting is about right. Feb 17, David rated it really liked it. Very honest and straight forwardly written by a Angus who loves to tell of his faith just as it is.

His story is an encouragement to everyone who wonders if they are too ordinary to attempt something great for God. Oct 04, Larisha rated it really liked it.

Books by Angus Buchan

This book will inspire and challenge you to experience God in your every-day life!! Apr 14, Tiani rated it really liked it Shelves: A great autobiography covering the life of Angus Buchan and his work in South Africa. A great read and testimony. If you liked this book you may also like Christian autobiography: Aug 04, Arabicstudent rated it it was amazing. Want to know how God can use an ordinary farmer to acheive amazing things Has been made into an great DVD now as well.

Great message. I am moved by Angus' story and the breadth and depth of his faith.

Potatoes free download faith like ebook

I pray for such faith. The writing is not superlative, but his ministry is. Apr 04, B. DVD available Very encouraging. Mar 21, Mareli Thalwitzer rated it it was amazing Shelves: Everyone has to face a time of testing.