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The Forbidden Game - The Hunter; The Chase; The Kill ebook by L.J. Smith The Game is real, and the only way to win is to face your most secret fears. .. ISBN: ; Language: English; Download options: EPUB 2 (Adobe. Forbidden Game 1 - The Hunter - L J Smith. 1. Jenny glanced we each have to swear that we're playing this game of our own free will, an d that the game is. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. L.J. Smith is the New York Times bestselling author of the Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features Kindle $ Read with Our Free App; Library Binding . I recently picked up the ebooks of some of the books I loved the most. (Still no .

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The Forbidden Game by L.J. Smith - This spectacular repackaged bind-up of a beloved trilogy begins with a board game. What was supposed to be an Sign up and get a free eBook! Don't miss our eBook deals starting at $! Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! Plus, receive recommendations and. The Forbidden Game book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When Jenny buys a game for her boyfriend, Tom, she finds hers. Every eighteen years the Forbidden kingdom opens up their walls and princesses and wealthy families daughters in the Forbidden game. Read Book Download eBooks; Download Free eBooks · eBook Publishing / Self.

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About The Author. Product Details. Simon Pulse June Length: Resources and Downloads. The Forbidden Game Trade Paperback Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! More books from this author: See more by L. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Kill , please sign up. Lists with This Book.

Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Jul 16, Kayla rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I'm just gonna come out and say it. Smith was the last book in the forbidden game trioligy. In this book Jenny plays the final game and enters the shadow land. She will have to try and win back zach and tom. Jenny was as amazing as ever and she really let her true feelings show in this book, which was hella awesome!

Julian was such a smol bean in this book. My heart will forever love him! They are my OTP. I hate with a burning passion tom and Jenny. Tom is just so annoying! PLOT- The concept of the whole trioligy is just so amazing and I couldn't ask for a better plot line! I'm still crying. He sacrificed himself for Jenny. That is love and the ending where he thanked her for showing him love and light. I cried like a baby.

I honestly just don't know what to think about th endgame of this book! View 1 comment. Aug 27, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: In this final book of the series, Jenny must play another game with Julian in order to save Tom and her cousin, Zach, who were captured in the last book.

She and her remaining friends travel to Pittsburgh to her grandfather's house where she was first exposed to the Shadow Men. They transport themselves to the Shadow Realm and must navigate a creepy amusement park and collect tokens in order to win "the treasure" of having their friends released. The stakes are higher here as there are other Sha In this final book of the series, Jenny must play another game with Julian in order to save Tom and her cousin, Zach, who were captured in the last book.

The stakes are higher here as there are other Shadow Men present besides Julian. This series is great. It's scary, but not too scary. The amusement park is a really creepy setting!! I think it would be great for grades 7 and up. There is no bad language. As far as violence goes, there is less than book 2, and it isn't very graphic. Feb 05, Starry rated it it was amazing. Julian trades his life to save jenny and he dies View all 4 comments.

Feb 05, Kim M rated it liked it. I actually liked this book better than the first one. The reason I'm giving it 3 instead of 4 stars is that the whole story could have ended after the first book and again after the second book. The story is dragged on and not much more is added with each new book, and I got a little tired of reading the same premise three times in a row. Most of all, thou I actually liked this book better than the first one.

Forbidden free download game the ebook

Julian is a fascinating person and really carries the series. I also appreciate the growth that happens in all the characters, though I must confess that I care very little for any of them except Julian. Sep 02, Mada Linx rated it really liked it. I need more. Aug 12, Sakura Koneko rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I actually picked this up at the same time that I picked up the second book. My father had bought me them with one rule set in place: Do not read these in one night.

Sadly, I did not follow his rule, but I don't think he found out at the time I read a lot, so thusly I cost him a lot of money since I was fond of owning the books rather than getting them on loan from a library.

This was a very exciting end to this series, which also ended up tying up some loose ends and giving a little relief to I actually picked this up at the same time that I picked up the second book. This was a very exciting end to this series, which also ended up tying up some loose ends and giving a little relief to anyone who had been reading since the first book in regards to some characters.

In the end, I ended up feeling pity for Julian, as he turned out to be a better person than he made himself seem. He actually loved Jenny, he was just very bad at showing it and wrongly treated her like a prize that was meant to be won. The ending was a little sad, but fitting for this series, and can technically be called a happy ending, despite the realizations you make about some characters throughout this book.


Jun 18, Chrissie rated it liked it Shelves: The amusement theme park was a fun and campy setting for Julian's latest game. Everything gets resolved in the bittersweet end.

Jun 17, Keertana rated it it was amazing. I finished The Kill less than five minutes ago and my mind is still reeling from the sheer perfection of it. I think the hardest part about writing a series - or even a book for that matter - is finding a way to wrap everything up perfectly. Rowling is one of the few authors who has been able to write a completely satisfactory ending, and I am proud to add L. Smith to that category as well.

Did anyone else notice how their names have two initials and then their last name I'm sure you can all guess what the plot of The Kill is going to be. If you thought another game, then you're right! This time, Jenny and her friends travel to Pennsylvania, using information they find from Jenny's grandfather's basement to enter into the Shadow World.

Julian's latest game is a quest - find three golden doubloons and free Tom and Zach. Surprisingly though, I felt as if this game was the least scary of the three. Perhaps I'm just getting used to the horror-like style of Smith's writing, but I enjoyed the fact that the creepiness factor was toned down a bit.

Still, what made this novel stand out as the best in the trilogy IMO was the amount of character development that took place. If you've read my previous reviews of Smith's work, you'll no doubt be familiar with my hatred for Julian. Yet, Smith manages to take a character like Julian who is evil, cruel, and sadistic by nature, and show us a completely different side of him.

I'll admit that at first I was enamored by his hidden sweet nature, but I was also annoyed that Jenny seemed to be falling for him. Even by the end of the novel though, when Jenny does admit that she loves Julian, it is a different kind of love from that she harbors for Tom. Jenny and Julian's relationship takes an extremely unique turn in this book as Jenny is able to see beyond the outer facade Julian puts and can see that even he has good inside of him.

It is this inner goodness that Jenny attempts to save, salvage, and offer redemption to even though no one else can see it in Julian except for her.

I absolutely loved this theme that emerged over the course of the story and its development and eventual unfoldment was very cleverly done. Furthermore, I thought the ending was perfect and extremely fitting as Smith tied up all possible hanging threads and even managed to introduce to us other Shadow Men and show us some of the magic in the Shadow Realms.

Smith's exceptional world-building aside, all of her other characters underwent immense changes as well. I loved seeing how the personalities of individual characters adapted and became different after each game that Julian made them play.

Smith clearly understands her characters with an exceptional amount of skill and was able to write them in an extremely realistic manner. In addition, I loved how they grew to accept each other for what they were and appreciate the friendship between them.

In fact, their group was not without its usual tiffs and petty arguments, but they managed to overcome those and continue onwards to fight Julian and his cruelty. Ultimately, I cannot recommend this series enough. It is not only unique, different, and exceptionally well-written, but the characters undergo realistic development, the themes that emerge are paramount, and the entertainment this series provides is unparalleled.

I think it would be an understatement to say I'm a fan of L. Smith as, quite frankly, I want to give her a giant hug for writing this series. If only all paranormal authors wrote like this, the world would be a better place. View all 8 comments. Aug 15, Tatiana rated it it was amazing.

Oct 20, Vanessa rated it really liked it. A great finale! This was probably my favourite book in the trilogy, which, normaly it does not happen often that the last one is my favourite! I still cannot understand why Jenny would chose Tom over Julian, but oh well Jenny still became stronger in this final instalment and she sort of grew to become the leader of their small group of friends. It was nice seeing how the others trusted her blindly and didn't question her decisions anymore in the end. They understood that - even though not psy A great finale!

They understood that - even though not psysically - Jenny is the strongest of them all mentally. Julian's development in this book for simply fabulous.

It was amazing seeing him so human and with so much feeling toward Jenny and even she finally realised that he was being serious about his feelings for her this entire time. And even though she still couldn't chose him over Tom, she cared for him now. She wanted him to be save and she saw that Julian absolutely wasn't like the other shadow men. The ending left me a bit sad, but it feels like there might or might not be a continuation?? I mean, these books are from , so it really isn't that likely that there will be any more to the story.

So, please, if anyone reads this and knows more - let me know!!! Jul 29, Astoria rated it it was amazing. Still crying my eyes out, the last chapters, were amazingly beautiful and bitter sweet. I dislike Tom very much. Julian was the real hero in this book. I'll be part of it. In this book Jenny and her friends are once again faced against Julian's Games and nightmares for one final time, and they have to win in order to save Tom and Zach from the Shadow World.

The Game this time is a Treasure Hunt and it takes place in an amusement park. That was by far the scariest setting, with so many creepy possibilities.

I loved that in the final book we got to se Rating: I loved that in the final book we got to see a side of Julian that we haven't seen so far. It made me love him even more. My heart was broken in tiny little pieces by the end of this book. I also once again loved Jenny, she has grown so much through the books and she has become the perfect main character. I'd love to read more of her story and Julian's but unfortunately the trilogy has come to an end. I am really glad that even after all the years that these books have been collecting dust on my shelves, I finally picked them up.

Oh, and another thing I love about them, the 90s! I am a 90s kid so it was pretty awesome to relive in that time period. Jun 22, Emma rated it it was ok Shelves: Here goes. I liked this book, but I also did not like it. I have so much to say about this book. Coming into this book, I expected too much. My friends kept telling me how amazing this book is, and how much I had to read it.

I finally caved in, and bought the book. So this book is kind of a bind up of three books in one. All from the same story, just seperated into three other books. As I was reading the hunter, I was telling myself, "oh hey this is pret Alright. As I was reading the hunter, I was telling myself, "oh hey this is pretty good! When you tell yourself that, you know that the book really isn't a hit for you.

When I read a book, I want a book that is so good that it makes you want to read the book at night, under the covers of your bed, with a flashlight. As for the plot, I thought the idea of the book was really good, but how L. J smith executed the story was not very good. I did not like the writing. Especially that it was in 3rd person. And for the characters, I didn't like any of them except for Julian. That's it. Everyone else was whiny and annoying. Especially Tom.

He was the most annoying of all. The ending of the book was definetaly NOT a hit. But she was too proud to see that Tom was not good for her hide spoiler ] Although I didn't like it, it doesn't mean that whoever's reading this won't like it either. Everyone is different, and has a different taste in books. View all 6 comments. Jun 09, Michael rated it really liked it. The Forbidden Game was a whole new experience for me. Not in terms of reading young adult but in terms of young adult with such dark themes.

The Forbidden Games is split into three parts the hunter, the chase and the kill and centres on a young girl Jenny who decide's to get a game to bring to a party.

But when she finds a place after being chased in a bad neighbourhood she is greeted by the incredibly handsome Julian who recommends a game in a plain white box. What she doesnt know is what is in The Forbidden Game was a whole new experience for me. What she doesnt know is what is involved playing the game and how much Julian control's the game. The book right from the start went at a million miles an hour with a breif lull in the second part that built up to a touching and emotional ending.

Along the way Jenny her cousin and her friends must find their way out of the game by encountering their worst nighmares and the Shadow Men. We also see changes in Julian and show him in the end tragically in a whole different light instead of the evil one as he seems.

The book has many other themes as well like the connectection between Jenny's grandfather and what happens and what Julian is. Overall i found The Forbidden Game a very good read the only real criticism being that at times it was a tad predictable. Apart from that there was nothing i could really pick at. Great characters and a really good storyline made for a suspenseful and riveting read.

May 21, Keertana rated it it was amazing Recommended to Keertana by: Smith has created a world that is not only haunting and real, but also remarkably unique.

In the genre of YA Fiction, unique is not a word we hear very often. Words like amazing character development, kick-ass heroine, and paramount themes are also not common words used to describe the majority of novels that have been released in YA in the past couple of years. Yet, these were all phrases that I used while writing my reviews of the individua Rating: Yet, these were all phrases that I used while writing my reviews of the individual novels that made up this trilogy.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that Smith's work truly stands out as some of the best horror, paranormal, and entertaining fiction out there. I think what truly struck me about Smith's work and made it so egregiously different from any other author was how well she knew each and every one of her characters.

The personalities of Smith's characters change, not only from book to book, but sometimes from chapter to chapter as well. Human nature and personality is bound to change and evolve after traumatic or terrifying experiences, and Smith's characters are no exception. I cannot tell you how many novels or series I've read where the characters don't change at all from the beginning to the end, but I had no qualms about that in The Forbidden Game.

Often times, the emotions that each character feels and experiences is hard to relate to, simply because their ordeals are so unreal, but I felt as if Smith managed to portray this all in a very realistic manner. Furthermore, even though The Game that these teenagers were forced to play was brutal and cruel, Smith always finds a silver lining in the cloud and through The Game, she transforms each of her characters into better, more stronger, more appreciating, and far more independent people than they were before.

Even Jenny, who is seemingly perfect from the outside, has human flaws which Smith manages to convey and change throughout her books. If I had to find a problem with this series, I don't think I would be able to. Julian, who is the sadistic villain of this story, is truly evil. Yet, Smith finds ultimate redemption for him too, and that too in an extremely believable setting. Jenny, who I once found myself being irritated with for being so perfect, really isn't perfect.

Her friends all consider her to be the best of them and although that is true in some aspects, it is not true in all. Tom, Jenny's originally petulant boyfriend, learns the true value of what he has and transforms into a man who supports Jenny, not possesses her.

Each and every one of Jenny's friends too change for the better. Although some of these changes are more profound in some characters opposed to others, they are all present. Truly, I can't find fault with Smith's writing, world-building, or character development.

Each and every one of them is astounding, having been given the perfect amount of attention and time to make this story perfect. Smith's The Forbidden Game is the first novel of hers that I have read, but it most certainly will not be my last. The world she has created, her writing style, and her characters are sure to stick with me long after the last pages of this book have been read. This is definitely one of the best trilogies I've had the pleasure to read in a really long time and I couldn't recommend it more.

If you don't find yourself enjoying this, then you're definitely reading the wrong book, so pick up a copy of The Forbidden Game because it is one story that will never disappoint!

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and will be returning to read more L. Smith as soon as my TBR-Pile allows for it! View all 24 comments. Jun 03, Hannah rated it really liked it Shelves: I love that book! I have found out about this book from Jen from The Bookavid blog and received my own omnibook copy while I was still in the UK.

Therefore, once my bookshelves were up here in Germany it was the first book I picked up to read as it was a Trilogy and I had all three books in my omnibook.

Forbidden free the download game ebook

The writing of L. Smith is just never disappointing. I did not know up until I started the first page how much I missed it! She is an amazing author! This trilogy wa MORE? This trilogy was published in if I am not mistaken.

Therefore, the technology is a little bit behind but other than that the one world is really like ours. Now the other world, The Shadow World is a completely different story. It is full of Shadow Men, very nasty boogeymen who take people and torture them. However we do not really get to know this world up till book three. In first book the setting is mainly based in the paper house which becomes real and it is just briefly mentioned that it stands in the Shadow World.

The second book has a setting or ordinary world more or less and in the third book we finally get introduced into the shadow world. It is nasty magic but it is awesome when you thing about it! The lead character of the trilogy is Jenny, she actually reminded me a lot of Elena.

Smith in her The Vampire Diaries books. Jenny is the same pure and and beautiful and just incredibly good. Sometimes actually too good for me but I must admit, I never felt any hate towards her. She was just an incredible friend and I absolutely understand why she did the mistakes she did.

I did not love Jenny but I did like her as character a lot. The evil lead character aka Damon look alike is Julian in this book. I have to say he did not appeal to me as very handsome, maybe I'm just out of that type of thing but I enjoyed his character very much as well. Especially in the third book of the trilogy where we got to know him better.

He was great. There are also Jenny's sidekick friend: I was very jumping between who I liked when it come to the friends and in the end I must admit that none of them seemed very special. Dee I eventually found annoying, Audrey maybe would be my favorite if I must choose and others were just well Tho I do not like Tom, I actually find him super annoying. I would like to say there was a love triangle in the trilogy among Jenny Tom and Julian but I would be not exactly on it.

It was just never that strong between Jenny and Julian and just well always clear that Jenny loves her Tom. So if I tell you that I actually liked Jenny and Julian moment much more you most likely understand why the whole romance in the end for me looked blah.

This book had a lot of magic and I absolutely love magic. Not the focus pocus type of magic. The nature type of magic. Plus it had runes and the myth of nine worlds. That was just great! Jul 08, Gabrielle Elise rated it it was amazing.

I've read four other of her series which all seem to be bind-ups and I definitely think this bests them all. The main character, Jenny, was likable and courageable at least, at the end. Throughout the book you could feel her personality developing. From the way it was written, I can say that Jenny was a highly realistic character, believable and someone you could feel emphatic toward "The Forbidden Game" by Lisa Jane Smith is a modern fiction book, written with fast-paced, beautiful language.

From the way it was written, I can say that Jenny was a highly realistic character, believable and someone you could feel emphatic towards. Each friend was wound tightly into the story; you could understand how each of their and Jenny's relationships worked.

The "villain" is a "shadow man" called Julian, who plays a very important part in the book and in Jenny's own history.

He himself was likeable, too, convinced that he is like all the other Shadow Men, the exact opposite of Jenny, the golden girl, loved by all. Later in the series, Julian learns that he isn't all that he thinks he is.

To conclude, I thought this book should be read by everyone who wants a good read - let it be out of boredom, enthusiasm or force - and that everyone will get captured by Smith's words, just like Jenny and her friends in the book people who read it will understand. Jun 27, Pang rated it really liked it Recommends it for: All villian love interest lovers. Recommended to Pang by: Rachel E. Oh my poor little heart, I love Julian to piece. He love her that much, why it has to be like this!

The Forbidden Game

Anyway, why you have to read this? One word, nuf said.

Forbidden download free the game ebook

Nov 01, Hanna rated it it was amazing. I hate this book so much that I love it. Who in their right mind would make Jenny like Tom and not Julian?!? Julian is fantastic while Tom comes off as a strange chauvinistic pig. I love Julian. He's like a small, cute child who keeps getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Jan 26, Bird rated it it was ok Shelves: I originally read this during my L.

Smith phase when I was a teenager. Rereading books from your childhood is always problematic, and this book emphasized that for me. I remember adoring this, but during my most recent reading? Eh, not so much. First up, it reminds me strongly especially Book 1 of David Bowie's Labyrinth Said man shows up throughout her time there to torment her, and a clock's chimes marks times throughout the adventures. What sticks out about the book?

Strangely, it's character descriptions. No, I don't have a photographic memory, and no, I didn't reread descriptive passages. The reason I can recall those things so clearly is that L. Smith repeats herself. A lot. The same descriptors are used over and over throughout each of the three books. And there is constant mention of what the characters looks like. Audrey can't just raise her eyebrows in surprise. Instead she has to "raise her eyebrows in surprise until they touched her spiky copper-colored bangs.

Having read a number of more recently published YA novels, this one seems like a dowdy younger cousin in comparison. The writing is certainly less polished and sophisticated, and many topics were skirted around rather than being dealt with directly.

I read quite a bit of adult urban fantasy and paranormal romance, and I think that colors my expectations when I sit down to read YA paranormals. This was certainly the case here. Julian was so sexy, but things didn't play out the way they would have in an adult novel. See spoilers for more info! Overall, the book was just OK. I got a nice dose of nostalgia from reading it, but it's not something I will likely be returning to.

Jenny's emotions toward him weren't very believable, either. If it had been an adult paranormal, it's likely they would have ended up together in the end, with Jenny being the only one able to reach through to him and help him conquer his dark side. And engage in hot sex.

Instead, the ending has a decidedly Disney-after-school-special feel to it. In the end, evil has been defeated, and Julian had to sacrifice himself to save the sweet, innocent girl he loves. Jenny's blossomed from a naive, dependent girl to a strong, capable young woman who can make decisions for herself. Audrey realizes looks aren't important. Zach discovers that real life can be more exciting than his art. Dee's figured out that she can be tough as well as smart, and wants to go to college.

Tom now views Jenny as his equal, rather than someone who needs to be taken care of. Etc, etc. Essentially, the entire page book was wrapped up in a neat little package with everyone having learned an important lesson that will carry them through their lives as better people. Oops, I mean, awwwww. Don't get me wrong, I love happily-ever-afters as much as the next reader. But there's a difference between HEA and "here's the lesson we learned from all this," which is how the novel felt to me at the end.

My perfect ending would have been Jenny getting a hold of the rune stave and stabbing out all the other Shadow Men's runes, leaving Julian as the only one. Then she would have brought him into her world and loved him until all the darkness from his soul was gone. Happily ever after, no lessons needed! Feb 07, Eryn rated it it was ok Shelves: Well, I really shouldn't be rating this, since I only read the first 2 books and couldn't even get into the third The idea of the whole "Game" was intriguing - and that's what kept me reading for the entirety of the first book.

Unfortunately, the characters were so flat and immature that once I started the second book, I couldn't look past that. The only character that I somewhat liked was, Julian - and I'm not even supposed to like him. Cause he's supposed to be "evil" 2 stars.

Cause he's supposed to be "evil" or something Goodness, and don't even start me on the writing. Maybe a 13 year old would be fine with how choppy and repetitive it was, but not me. If I read another book where the character keeps saying, " Oh, my, God" every other page - it will be too soon.

So yeah, I don't know If I'll ever get to the third book. I recommend reading all three books in this trilogy right after each other in order to fully appreciate the story, which is exciting, creepy, and emotionally-charged. The first two books are very fast-paced actually all three are and end with cliffhangers, and the third book finally ties everything together.

But it isn't until the third book that you get a better glimpse into the villain, who is juicy but also scary and it's hard to sympathize with him. I might even say that the plot is a bit I recommend reading all three books in this trilogy right after each other in order to fully appreciate the story, which is exciting, creepy, and emotionally-charged.

I might even say that the plot is a bit too fast-paced and I would've liked more one-on-one time with Jenny and Julian. This book has one of my favorite endings of any series.


This would be a 5 star series if I didn't find all the characters so lame. The story, plot and how it all comes together is great to watch. Unfortunately it goes on and on with the same characters in the next books.

The one exception that got me to read the other two books was Julian. He is a little creepy lurker at times. She annoys me to no end. My reaction to this series. Gif Thanks Conflicting. Yes I know. Sep 08, Josie Le rated it it was ok Shelves: Full review or maybe a rant will be updated as soon as school holiday starts. Update as promised Let's me start off with the prose of the three books.

I don't like it. To me, the prose was just adequate, annoying at times, even. Upon reading the books, I found the style to be quite childish- I know that the trilogy is YA but it seems to me that it aims more towards tweens.

When I was reading the book, it gave off a nostalgic vibe and kinda transported me back Rating: When I was reading the book, it gave off a nostalgic vibe and kinda transported me back to my noisy Year 7 classroom. Which wouldn't have been so bad if Year 7 wasn't such a hell hole. Also, I think one of the reasons why the books' storytelling style was unbearable to me is the POV. In my opinion, the story would have been better suited to a first person instead of a third person POV.

Now onto the main characters. Julian is the end game for me, he's the protagonist. But Smith keeps insisting that Jenny is the main character and that Tom and Jenny the fool is meant to be. So, when I was first introduced to Jullian, I was hooked.

He's powerful, seemingly evil, damnable good-looking, slightly? When he first appears in the book, I said a silent thank you to whoever had recommended the trilogy to me in the GoodReads discussion thread "What are other fictional males similar to Warner?

Back to the first book, it was okay. It wasn't excellent or anything, but the scattered appearances of Julian spurs me to read on. I found that I dislike Jenny. I mean what drugs were you on gurlll??! Who the fuck turns down such a guy as Julian?! He loves her and knows that she deserves someone better than that scumbag who is her boyfriend and who obviously takes her for granted, has a trust issue and inhibits an inferiority complex.

Jullian obviously would do anything to have Jenny but I wouldn't say that he's very smart in his method of demonstrating it. Seriously, if a guy -who dares half as much what Julian dares for Jenny's love- admits his love for me. You bet that I will jump onto a carriage with him and disappear into the sunset, never to be bothered again by trivial matters such as school and maths exam and universities. No, I'm kidding, a girl gotta have priorities, mine is education and clothes.

But still, I won't react like how Jenny does- whose ego is too big that it barricades her better judgment even when subconsciously she knows that Julian would be good for her and she would be good for him. Alright, that's a lot of ranting but I did warn you.

Let's move onto the second installment The Hunt. It was blah blah blah and more blah blah blah. Now, if it wasn't for Julian, I wouldn't bother to keep reading. Seriously, the book was a bored. I found myself skipping pages and only stopped to read the part where Jullian is mentioned. The things I did for you, Julian. Now let us move onto the final book The Kill the title is a foreshadow btw.

Be warned that there are profanities ahead. I cried.

The Forbidden Game | Book by L.J. Smith | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Julian, Jenny doesn't deserve you view spoiler [ why the fuck did you die for her? Why the fuck did you die at all? Honestly, I don't even need a And they lived happily ever after , all I ask for is a view spoiler [ And they lived hide spoiler ].

Since you had chosen that cunt Tom over Julian and indirectly caused his death when you could have saved Julian from what happened, I hope you live a long and ordinary life. I hope that you and Tom get married. I hope that when Tom is complaining about how much work he has to do to feed you and your ten hungry children, you would remember a boy named Julian who promised to give you the Sun. I hope that when you catch Tom with another woman on your bed, you would remember a foolish lovesick boy who vowed to make you his Queen- his equal.

I hope that you remember. I hope you realize what you could have had, what you had done to make it all impossible.

I hope you're happy now. Dec 27, Sarah rated it really liked it Recommends it for: A lot of people, L. Smith fans especially. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This one probably had the best-organized plot, and a cool concept.