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L Change the World - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book Death Note L Change the World. Uploaded by. polyplop. Vol. 13 Death Note. Death Note: L, Change the World by M - L has twenty-three days to live, and twenty-two days to save the world. L to R (Western Style). In an alternative. Death Note: L, Change the World [M] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. L has twenty-three days to live, and twenty-two days to save the .

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Download Death Note L Change The World By M read. Name: Death Note L Change The World By M Rating: Likes: Types: ebook | djvu | pdf | mp3. L: Change the WorLd (stylized as L: change the WorLd) is a novel written by M. It is a spin-off story focusing on L after the events of the first two films in the Death. Death Note: L, Change the World: M: Books. book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

M Death Note Similar books. Death Note: L, Change the WorLd by M. In an alternative continuity in the Death Note setting, ace detective L's name has been written in a Death Note. He has twenty-three days to bring a terrorist group to justice, or they will use a dea… More.

How to Read by Tsugumi Ohba. An encyclopedic guide to the Death Note manga series, including character bios, storyline summaries, interviews with creators Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, production notes and commentaries, and… More.

Shelve Death Note, Vol. How to Read. Light's latest machinations are putting a strain on even his formidable intellect as Near flies to Japan to beard Kira in his den. Near is sure that Light is Kira, but his sense of honor as L's heir… More. Kindred Spirits Death Note, Introducing the thrilling first novel set in the exotic, mysterious world of xxxHOLiC!

Shelve xxxHOLiC: Boogiepop And Others by Kouhei Kadono. There is an urban legend that children tell one another about a shinigami that can release people from the pain they may be suffering.

This "Angel of Death" has a name--Boogiepop.

L Change the World

And the legends are… More. Shelve Boogiepop And Others.

L change the ebook note death download world

Fullmetal Alchemist: Train lines are being destroyed in a series of terrorist strikes. At the same time, a string of kidnappings targeting those related to the military takes place. However, nobody is harmed.

Civilian an… More. Shelve Fullmetal Alchemist: The Abducted Alchemist Fullmetal Alchemist, 2. The Hunter: To those whole are still doubting and lost in the dark , think of it this way: L has 23 days left to live to save the world from a bio-terrorist group who are seeking for a level 4 virus, so powerful that would eliminate half of the human population. Surprisingly, their intentions were no different from Light's who kills criminals in the name of justice.

And again, for those who wondered why 23 days?

Change ebook note l world download the death

L wrote his own name in death note, and this is because he knew that Light will write his name in the death note eventually so he adjusted the time he wants to live to solve the last case so efficiently because if Light's did make this step first , he won't mention the cause of death nor will pick a specific time for his death, so eventually L will die with a heart attack in 40 secs, make sense?

So L wrote down his name to mention the cause and the timings of death so he can solve the last case to save the world. What kept me really turning the pages right till the end is the background story of L.

The strong relationship between him and watari, his assistant, but actually the founder of the wammy's house; the orphanage in Winchester, England which teaches children who are really intelligent and have high level skill and provides them with a specialized education.

We can also say that Watari is the spokesman of L and he, as well, goes with the letter ''W''. The only man except L who knows L's real name and than who always believed that no one can take L's place after his death.

L has already decided, and it meant to be the Last name in the shinigami's death note, the Last name ''L''. I do no think that any person could hate L. Fans of Light would probably spread the rumor of how much they hate him, this is actually not true.

They probably want to attract attention of how they are huge supporters for villains and their intentions. Me , as a person, I respected Light's desires, but never hated L.

[PDF] Download Death Note: L, Change the WorLd Download eBook

Since they really love Light, L considered him as a friend; he is still wearing his watch. L's supporters are the only ones who have the right to hate Kira, who is light hide spoiler ] Although I consider myself in Ryuk's side, the shinigami, who is not considered as a villain nor a good creature. It is so so so so interesting to read more about this orphanage. The author introduced a new character who only had like 3 lines in the book.

He was called ''Q'' a mathematical genius who developed a hacking defense system for Dr.

L: Change the WorLd (novel)

Nikaido's Labratory who is an immunologist and a researcher in the infectious diseases field who created the antidote of this killer virus. No body knew how this antidote can be created; however, it is astonishing to say that view spoiler [ the clue to the vaccine formula was found in Maki's last Homework, Dr.

Nikaido's daughter hide spoiler ] I hated the dialogue deeply. I think it is a repetitive of many books I have read not mentioning that there are really interesting parts; for instance, L's conversation with the shinigami and with Watari. I was not comfortable with the fact that most people knew L's place so easily also not amusing to know that the majority of characters in the book finally saw him.

Some of the actions were familiar and duplicated.

Change the ebook world death l download note

All i can say that i had no emotions in this plot. The only emotions I had were towards L and his life. I would probably rate this book 5 stars if it was more like a biography of L and other Wammy's house gifted children. I can categorize it as an action book more than a mystery, really. The villains in this book were not worthy of L's attention nor to be listed in the criminals of L's last case. This battle is defiantly not in the level of L's and Light's battle.

I would probably rate this book 2.

Although i feel so glad to read this book and put it on my shelves along with my death note collection. At the end, it was worth it.

I would probably enjoy any death note related thingy and I think ''M'' did great job in most parts too.

Ebook change world the download death note l

The book was beautifully ended in the last pages of the book. He said to himself while taking off Light's watch from his wrist: Since the people that their names were written in the note won't go to heaven nor hell.

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Finally, L was playing the chess with the imaginary Watari, himself. L's last words were " Watari, have i fulfilled your expectations? Sign into Goodreads to see if any of your friends have read Death Note.