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English Audio Course 'Whole System' Super Pack brings you EVERY Zapp! English Listening (Level 2) - 28 Audio/MP3 files and 28 PDF eBooks. English Vocabulary & Pronunciation (Level 2) - 28 Audio/MP3 files and 28 PDF eBooks. All our packs contain real English conversations, audio/MP3 classes, PLUS eBooks (with full transcriptions of the audio) in Adobe acrobat PDF format. Click on. Zapp! English Vocabulary and Pronunciation is based on *Real* unscripted English The eBook includes the complete conversation and class transcripts, To leave or reply comments, please download free Podbean App.

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Zapp! English Vocabulary and Pronunciation is based on *Real* unscripted English The eBook includes the complete conversation and class transcripts. Each podcast comes with its own eBook which you can download at Zappenglish .com. We charge a small amount for the eBooks as this allows us to continue. Tom and Katie, Download Ebook + Transcript ion & MP3 here: English Podcasts o Work Tasks and Responsibilities Zapp! English Vocabulary.

A new episode about every 15 days averaging 20 mins duration. What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Player FM is scanning the web for high-quality podcast content right now. Try us out on any web browser — desktop, mobile, or tablet. Start listening to Zapp! English Vocabulary and Pronunciation English version on your phone right now with Player FM's free mobile app, the best podcasting experience on both iPhone and Android.

To listen to an audio podcast, mouse over the title and click Play. Open iTunes to download and subscribe to podcasts. This is the English-only version of Zapp! English Listening. English Listening classes! This free audio podcast by Zappenglish. Each podcast comes with an accompanying eBook containing a full transcript of the audio class and additional materials which you can download at Zappenglish.

It is real dialog and the quiz section really me to find out wether I have understand or not. Overview Music Video Charts.


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English Listening English version By Zappenglish. Description This is the English-only version of Zapp! Customer Reviews It's amazing podcast. Listeners also subscribed to. English Vocabulary and Pronunciation English version Zappenglish. English Colloquial English version Zappenglish.

Customer Ratings 3. Links Podcast Website Report a Concern. View in iTunes. Clean Food - Zapp English Listening 2. English Listening Podcast about Food and Ingredients. Clean Money - Zapp English Listening 2. Download the e-book at http: Money is a topic we think about and talk about every day. In this audio podcast, you'll get better Clean Time - Zapp English Listening 2. Get the eBook at http: Are you ever late? Are you always on time? In this audio podcast you can see how you compare to our native English speakers.

You'll also develop your English listening skills as you hear about different It's a great opportunity to get better at listening to natural English speech as well as reminding yourself of.. Clean Computers - Zapp English Listening 2. Do you ever have a day when you don't use computers? We certainly don't whilst making all these podcasts for you: Love them or hate them, we spend a lot of time talking about computers, so it's important to understand conversations about them.

Houses and apartments and the things inside them can be very different. Compare where you live and the things in your rooms to those of our six different English speakers.

By the end of this audio podcast you'll be better at understanding descriptions..

Zapp! English Colloquial (English Version) podcast

Describing things is an important part of everyday life. What possessions do you own? What would you like to have? We talk about these things a lot and in this audio class you'll get better at understanding these English conversations as people Do you think you can guess what somebody looks like from the sound of their voice? In this English podcast you can try! We have eight different speakers for you, with Canadian, English and American accents.

You'll practise getting general and detailed.. Get the ebook at http: Practise listening to both natural English conversations and monologues in this listening podcast about education and learning.

Download ebook zapp english

We can all remember our school days and maybe some of the teachers we had. You'll study and revise English words and phrases we use Have you been to Beijing? You'll hear eight.. Do you know what to do if there's an earthquake? Have you ever been in a dangerous situation?

In this listening skills audio lesson you'll hear real and unscripted conversations that answer these questions and more. You'll hear four different.. In this English listening skills podcast you'll practise listening to real conversations about friends and family. There are eight different speakers in this audio lesson and you'll hear accents from In this real English audio class about describing people you have the chance to take a personality test, as well as hearing what different people think are good characteristics and bad characteristics of people's characters.

We'll hear what makes a Who do you live with? Do you know your neighbours? Are your flatmates clean and tidy? Practise your listening in this audio podcast as they answer questions like these about living with people.

You'll hear four people with different British accents New Level 2 Intermediate Series! In this English listening audio class you're going to practise listening to natural English on the topic of work and employment.

Careers are important in most people's lives; we either have one or want one, so In this English listening unit, you're going to work on picking out specific information relating to numbers, facts and figures. Tom plays a guessing game — can you do better How green are you? This is a useful English listening in today's environment conscious world. Practise your listening skills while comparing your green credentials to our speakers. You will also pick up and review ways to talk about the environment Clean Shopping - Zapp English Listening 3.

Do you shop locally or buy from a huge supermarket? What was the last thing you bought? You'll develop your listening skills on topics like these in this unit. You'll hear recordings including individuals as well as discussions between three different.. Clean Advertising - Zapp English Listening 3. Download the conversation transcript at Zappenglish.

Practise listening to English for both gist and detail in this unit, as people describe adverts that they found memorable. There's also a discussion about the positives and negatives of In this listening unit, you'll hear people talking about things related to holidays USA: You'll hear descriptions of family trips, of ideal holidays and the kind of holidays people hate.

You'll practise following an English conversation Clean Wonders of the world - Zapp English Listening 3. Amazing places to see before you die! In this listening unit, you'll find out how much you know about the wonders of the world and hear people recommending the most amazing places on the planet.

You're going to practise listening for gist and detail, Clean Cooking and recipes - Zapp English Listening 3. Download the transcript at Zappenglish.

Does he get ten out of ten? And will you? By the end of this unit you'll sound much more natural and will have added so How green are you? The environment is a hot topic these days, so you're going to sound a lot better talking about it when you have some useful colloquial English phrases and expressions. See if you can guess any before Tom does. Katie and Tom spend a day at the beach in Sitges discussing a couple of funny English expressions and a few serious What's in your basket?

This unit contains colloquial English expressions about shopping as well as some informal phrases that mean different things but use the word 'shop'. Be careful one of them is a little bit rude! We spend a lot of time shopping and now you'll learn how to talk about it like a native English speaker with Amanda and Katie.

Buy me, buy me!

In this unit Katie is describing colloquial English expressions we use when we are describing adverts or buying and selling things. How do you feel about advertising and marketing? Which phrases can we use to describe people who can sell anything and which of these colloqiual phrases are used in American English?

Cathy is from N Time off In this unit you'll learn a colloquial English expression a flight attendant will never tell you, as well as ways to describe some typical problems you might have with your stomach when you go on holiday! Places to see before you die When you go and visit amazing places you need the colloquial English expressions to express exactly how amazing they were.

The same is true with negative expressions to say they weren't that good. In this unit you'll learn exactly how to do this. Yum or yuk? Everybody's got to eat and we have lots of colloquial English expressions to talk about food and eating.

What is the most common colloquial way to say you're hungry? And what's another word for food?

English download zapp ebook

In this unit you'll hear Katie describing colloquial phrases related to food and Amanda will be trying to guess them. Beware — this un Are you good at remembering things or do you forget everything? In this unit you will learn ten new colloquial expressions including how to talk about having a good and bad memory. You'll also find out why something you use in the kitchen is linked to memory and a few common expressions using the word mind.

But will you be able to remember them Liar, liar, pants on fire Honesty is very important — but we all lie a little sometimes don't we? There are lots of colloquial phrases about lying and telling the truth in English, and in this unit you're going to learn some of the more common colloquial English expressions.

English download zapp ebook

What's the word for a big lie and what's the word for a little lie? Katie is describing colloquial English phrases that you might use when talking about controversial issues. Do you know why she might be using the word devil? And what part of your body you might bite in discussion? Find the answers to these questions and more as you learn ten colloquial English phrases to use when having discussions, debates or Read all about it!

Newspapers are part of everyday life. So in this unit you'll learn some new colloquial English expressions for describing them, parts of them and the people that work on them.

You'll also learn some colloquial expressions using the word news. Katie describes the English phrases to Tom, and Tom guesses what the expression is.

Pass the popcorn After this unit you'll be better at giving natural spoken English reactions to movies whether you love them or hate them. Katie is describing the colloquial English expressions while Tom tries to guess them. Learn what we call a movie that makes you cry and why boys might not want to se Donnie is guessing as Katie describes ten of them. Do you know a spoken English expression for describing stolen goods?

How is the colour red linked to crime? The answers to these questions and more, can be found in this colloquial unit. And of course, you'll be li Not many people like getting old, but it's a topic we often talk and laugh about, which means there are lots of colloquial English expressions to describe it.

In this unit, you'll learn ten of them. You'll find why chickens and hills are link It's well—known that English people 'like a few drinks' alcoholic drinks! In this unit, you will learn the colloquial English expressions they use for ordering drinks, what they might ask for and a lot of informal ways to talk in English about being drunk! You'll learn ten new expressions about alcohol and drinking, as well as practising lis In this unit, Katie is describing colloquial English expressions related to chance and probability and Tom is trying to guess them.

If you try too, by the end of this unit you'll have learnt ten new colloquial expressions, which will have you sounding much more natural with your spoken English. In this unit you'll find out how superstitious the British are and learn lots of colloquial English ways to talk about luck. Do you know any sayings about fingers or old ladies?

Well you will by the time you've finished this colloquial unit. Katie is describing the colloquialism and Mark is guessing. See how many spoken expressions you can get There are so many colloquial English expressions on the topic of sex, love, dating and getting married that it can be difficult to know which ones to learn.

We've chosen ten of the most common colloquial expressions that you will hear in movies and real conversations when English speakers are talking about relationships. Be warned — some of the Get fit! In this unit you can develop your range of colloquial English expressions on the topic of health and fitness, as well as hearing the difference between what a British English speaker and a North American English speaker would say.

Katie is in the park with Cathy, describing colloquial English phrases. Who do you think is the fitter of We use a lot of colloquial English language when things aren't going right! How are a frying pan and an iceberg linked to problems?

Listen to Katie and Amanda playing a guessing game.

Zapp! English Vocabulary and Pronunciation

You'll learn ten new colloq We use our senses every minute, but do you know any colloquial English expressions about them? You will do after completing this unit, where Katie describes things like ways to say something smells bad, and Tom tries to guess.

Do you know whi A change is as good as a rest. Everything in life changes all the time — after this unit you'll be better at using natural colloquial English to describe these changes. You'll also learn how to change the topic of a conversation in English, and which animal we say can never change. You'll find out how in this colloquial English unit and you'll soon be able to speak about rules and regulations just like a native English speaker.

In this unit Katie will be describing the colloquialisms and Donnie will be guessing. Donnie's from Scotland, so you'll g This colloquial English unit is all about the world and globalisation USA: Did you know that we have lots of expressions in English using the word world?

You're going to learn some colloquial English 'world' idioms and phrases. See if you can guess the expressions before Cathy does. This is also a good chance to hear a North Am In this unit you'll learn some new and different colloquial English expressions to talk about what might happen in the future.

Katie will describe ways of predicting the future and colloquial English phrases to express how likely things are, Whether you are a party person or a stay-at-home person, we have some colloquial English expressions to describe entertainment, and how you spend your free time. Katie will be describing the expressions and Mark will be trying to guess them. British people are famous for joking and humour USA: In this unit, you'll learn lots of different colloquial expressions to talk about jokes, laughter, being silly and laughing at your friends.

There are a few phrases here that you shouldn't use around your grandmother! Each culture has different ways of doing things.

In this unit you'll learn some new ways to talk about them using new colloquial English expressions. You maybe already know a little about some of the common characteristics of British people — but do you know any colloquial expressions to tell somebody what the British are like, or the way they What does travel do to your mind? Which travel expression uses the word 'feet'? Find the answer to this along with lots of other colloquial English travel expressions as you listen to Katie describing, and Cathy USA guessing informal English expressions related to travelling around.

You'll also get to learn which colloquial phrases are common In this unit you're going to learn all kinds of colloquial English expressions that use items of clothing or are about fashion. Katie describes the colloquial expressions, and Amanda tries to guess them. Can you guess them too? Do you know an expression using the word 'belt'?

Zapp! English Listening (English version)

How about with the word 'hat'? If there's one time you want to use very informal English it's when something goes wrong. The next time you do something wrong, you can sound just like a native by using these colloquial English expressions.

Learn about all the different ways we can do things badly and what we might say! Some people love children, other people are less enthusiastic about them. In this unit you'll learn some colloquial expressions used to describe children including a few less polite ones and also learn some phrases which talk about adults, but use vocabulary related to children. Welcome to Player FM What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want?