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I am Jackie Chan by Long Chʻeng, , Ballantine Books edition, in English - 1st ed. 1 edition of I am Jackie Chan found in the catalog. my life in action Download ebook for print-disabled Download Protected DAISY. I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action Mass Market Paperback – June 28, by . a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action [Jackie Chan] on ukraine-europe.info *FREE* have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

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He lived in a tiny flat with no furniture and worked in films as a stunt man. Whenever he was free he would visit his first love, Oh Chang. Oh Chang was an opera student at different school.

I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action

Jackie loved her kind and gentle nature. The young couple, use to sneak out at night to sit at the park and talk yes just talk no funny business. All Jackie wanted was someone to talk and share his sensitive side.

When you see me again- If you see me again —it will not be as Yuen Lo, the poor stunt boy. I hated Yuen Lo. I had nothing but contempt for him-lazy, good-for-nothing, loser Yuen Lo. He would have to die, I realised. For me to be what I wanted to be, I would have to kill Yuen Lo.

I am Jackie Chan

And become someone else. Jackie became determined to work hard to become a stunt coordinator. He also got a few acting roles in some action movies.

He even worked on a Bruce Lee movie! When Bruce Lee died everyone was devastated. So, Jackie moved to Australia briefly to live his parents. When Jackie came to Australia, he tried to learn English at school. He found school boring and English was hard to learn. He decided to work instead and it was at work, that he got his name Jackie. His father got him a construction job with his friend Jack. Eventually, he became Jackie. He missed his old life in Hong Kong.

He did not get along with Lo Wei. Jackie just wanted to be himself. They were controlled by the studio and the studio decided what films they did. In the book, Jackie is very candid about his time with Lo Wei. After a costly ordeal, Jackie managed to be released from his contract and signed to another film company called Golden Harvest.

At Golden Harvest, he was able to do films his way. That is why most Jackie Chan films has him playing an easygoing fellow. Jackie wanted to show that when you fight, you always get hurt whether you win or not.

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As he became famous, he met and dated Chinese singer, Theresa Teng. The two broke up after Jackie became a big jerk and let fame get to his head. I would hit the town wearing short pants, a t-shirt, and as much gold as my wrists and neck could carry. She was a wonder of politeness, a miracle of manners.

I thumbed my nose at authority, laughing in the faces of hotel managers and haughty waiters, putting my feet up on the tables. And, while she was content to go out alone, with no one but me as her gentleman escort-not that I was much of a gentleman- I refused to be seen anywhere without my boys: Fortunately he realised he was arrogant jerk when she dumped him and the movie that he directed had flopped.

He was only a young man at the time and had come from a poor background so I can understand how he got carried away by fame and fortune. The two had a long distance relationship with Jackie flying from Hong Kong to Taiwan on the weekends. He knew that Lin Feng-jiao wanted a more stable and traditional relationship.

Jackie action free am chan ebook life i download in my

So one day he surprised her during the middle of filming to reassure her of his commitment. I went down on one knee. Jackie also writes about his attempts to break into the American film industry. He was frustrated when they wanted him to be the next Bruce Lee. The book ends with him mentioning that he was currently filming the first Rush Hour movie. Fortunately for him, it was a huge hit, with two sequels made afterwards.

There are rumours that there will be a Rush Hour 4. I recommend this book to all Jackie Chan fans. It was easy to read, humorous, touching and insightful. The book also features lots of lovely old pictures of Jackie growing up as well as some pictures of his films.

He also has a list of top ten stunts and injuries. I like to look at that lists when I watch a Jackie Chan movie to gain a greater insight into the making of the film.

So are you a fan of Jackie Chan? What is your favourite Jackie Chan movie? Jun 14, Brian Burhoe rated it it was amazing Shelves: My Life in Action. Inside, he sees young boys and girls leaping and tumbling and screaming. Through the chapters, he grows into a young disciplined man of the full range of operatic skills — from kung fu to clownish pratfalls to singing and dancing to character acting. And the voices for others, like Kung Fu Panda. As of this writing, Shanghai Dawn is in production for a release.

May 19, Gaurav Yadav rated it it was amazing.

My in chan i free action life ebook jackie download am

I found this book coming straight from the heart. A classic underdog story that can win thousands of hearts!!!! The book starts with a jump that Jackie is about to take and which reminds him of the struggles that he has undergone to achieve his place in the world. And the book grows on you from there!! Its an inspiring tale of a man's rather a family's fight to make a living. A saga of discipline and a story of ups and downs of a hero not willing to accept his fate.

On one hand you get to know I found this book coming straight from the heart. On one hand you get to know how Jackie was made an on another, how a whole industry evolved in China and took the world by storm. Another beautiful part of this story is about sacrifice. First, the sacrifice that the parents make for their kid.

And then the one that the teacher Master Yu makes for his disciples. There are many touching quotes in the book but my best pick would be the one when Jackie is about to leave the School of Arts and visits Master Yu for one last time. He expects some deep emotions and possibly anger during the scene, but what he gets is this pure gold: My rating: Absolutely mindblowing!!!

Jun 15, Claire rated it liked it. This autobiography does read exactly like one of the books I had to review for my professor Dr.

Jackie i chan life in action ebook free am download my

Chien's courses in Chinese history in fact, it might have been an option in the Modern Chinese History class , so I liked it as much as I did for the clarity of the memory it invoked. Physical activity. I mix it up.

I could also strongly identify with this action-and-adventure man regarding sustaining head injuries, wh This autobiography does read exactly like one of the books I had to review for my professor Dr.

I could also strongly identify with this action-and-adventure man regarding sustaining head injuries, which is the other reason I did not outright dislike this literature.

But, honestly, even after reading this, you could not tie me down to watch a kung fu film, no matter how much scrumptious Asian cooking was surrounding it.

I am sorry. I've tried! But every time it made me uncomfortable. Feb 18, Sam rated it it was ok. Reading about Jackie's youth in a Chinese opera school is eye-opening. The grueling training, austere living conditions, and frequent beatings are juxtaposed with anecdotes about meeting a beautiful girl and living fast and loose with stuntmen and playing practical jokes with his mates.

The first hundred and fifty pages or so are quite worthwhile for a glimpse into a very different world, though it is often a rose-tinted glimpse. The descriptions of the early Hong Kong movie scene are fascinatin Reading about Jackie's youth in a Chinese opera school is eye-opening.

The descriptions of the early Hong Kong movie scene are fascinating as well. The book loses a lot of steam once Jackie becomes well-known. Reading about Jackie's frustration with American filmmakers and not being recognized for his talent outside of Hong Kong isn't very compelling.

The first half of the book is worth reading and the chapters are very short, making for good quick bursts. Also comes with a bunch of photos of Jackie. The childhood photos are great for being so mundane, just Jackie hanging out with other kids. Feb 10, Kaye rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a really well done celebrity autobiography of substance. The book is ghost written but comes across as solidly colloquial in style.

Am chan i ebook download in my free life jackie action

Jackie Chan's description of his training and what was involved in doing stunts was grueling and interesting. The latter end of the book outlining his life of fame wasn't compelling to me, but the rest was very good indeed. The audiobook-version is abridged. That really killed this book.

More than half of the abridged book cover the period before Jackie start making movies. Sure, that part is interesting, but if I read a book about a movie-star, I want to know about his movies.

I want to know the details behind the scenes. This book felt like wasted time, skip it and read the unabridged version. It MUST be better! Mar 21, Frank rated it really liked it. Awesome read. Very Inspiring to learn about the life of Jackie Chan. The story really shows how hardship can create a champion. Hard to believe Jackie is not the so nice guy he alwasy comes off as.

I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action by Jackie Chan

But he is a driven man to succeed and alwasy running to win. Nov 08, Alex Railean rated it it was amazing Shelves: As a huge fan of Jackie Chan, I enjoyed this opportunity to learn about his childhood and his path to celebrity. Keep it up, Jackie! Oct 02, Christopher rated it it was amazing. This book is incredible! Chan's rise to fame and how he changed the industry once he was in it is a must read!

It's been a while since this came out though. Is there ever going to be a sequel. I'd love to read about his post Rush Hour work too! Feb 13, David Troyer rated it it was amazing. This is a great read for anyone who wants to know about Jackie Chan's life experiences. Jun 23, Shrek rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mar 04, Richard Garcia rated it it was amazing.

The first Biography I ever read and I loved it. And he's honest about what movies he made that he doesn't like and his dissatisfaction with his own approach to work and not making enough time with his family.

It was a little bit sad to read that and to know that he still kept working constantly. Now I enjoy his movies even more knowing just how much he gives and risked his life to entertain audiences.

One person found this helpful. Paperback Verified Purchase. What a great read. If you like JC movies you will want to read the story behind them.

Great book for teens and is good for an autobiography for school. When selecting this book, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I was certainly surprised when I began reading.

Based off of his fun-loving charisma today, you would have never expected that he was raised in an extremely strict setting. Of course that never stopped him from acting out and putting people in their place, but punishment was cruel during his time and I couldn't help but feel sorry for him and his Chinese Drama Academy family. Reading about his struggle on finding a promising job after his life at the Academy really helped me put into perspective as to how hard he's worked to become what he is today.

I was a bit surprised when he shared his struggle with acting, since that's what he's known for, but I suppose with each film, an actor's skills only get better. Overall, this autobiography is very intriguing as it is consumed of many things I've never read of before.

This is a great book about a great man! If you are a dedicated Jackie Chan fan, make sure you purchase this biography. I have enjoyed having this in my collection for many years and I am surprised to see that the price has not fluctuated much. Take care of it! Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. I read the disclaimer: Writing, markings, etc I knew I was buying a used book.

I took the chance, since "I Am Jackie Chan" has been a hard book to find. Also, I've read the book already, so to me, it was worth the risk.

I received it today, and it has a few bends on the soft cover, but other than that, the book is perfect. I noticed that the book is actually sold for six US dollars, More than double what I paid for it, but alas, I have my book and I can sleep at night. I'm one happy customer. Maybe I got lucky, who knows. No book is the same when it's used. So this review may not be the same for other customers. As for the book itself, it's an awesome book.

You might want to rent it out at your public library if it's not available on Amazon. I can't say much about the book without talking too much. All I can say is that it's an amazing story. Jackie Chan tells how he got his name, Jackie Chan!

I always thought it was a super awesome story, and I enjoy telling others about it. When I tell them, they think it's funny and I can't help but smile. Why did I buy it, if I still remember the book? I am Jackie Chan Close. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove I am Jackie Chan from your list? I am Jackie Chan my life in action 1st ed. Written in English.

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