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Get this from a library! Warrior's cross. [Madeleine Urban; Abigail Roux] -- Cameron Jacobs is an open book. He considers himself a common waiter with normal. Warrior's Cross ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Abigail Roux Warrior's Cross ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub. Madeleine Urban Author Abigail Roux Author (). cover image of Sticks & Stones Book 1. Abigail Roux Author (). cover image of Warrior's Cross.

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6. leden download Warrior's Cross book Book title: Аthor: Madeleine Urban, Abigail Roux Formаts: pdf, text, android, ebook, epub, ipad, audio. Actions. Report. Abigail Roux and Madeline Urban - Warrior's ukraine-europe.info MB. Urban, Madeleine & Roux, Abigail-Caught Running. epub. Mar 30, Warriors Cross Abigail Roux Epub Download Software.

Nibiru Vampire Warriors. Abigail Roux - According to.. EPUB What's this? Details Customer Reviews.. Abigail has a daughter, Little Roux, who is the light of her life, a boxer, four rescued cats who play an ongoing live-action variation of 'Call of Duty' throughout the house, a certifiable.

But when his ordinary life meets and clashes with Julian's extraordinary lifestyle, Cameron discovers that trust and fear can go hand in hand, and love is just a step away from danger.

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Side note: This is probably what I haven't read the Game of Thrones Series yet I get overly attached to fictional characters So I had to skip ahead, make sure Julian was going to come back, and resume my reading pacified with the knowledge that Julian was out there somewhere Cameron sighed.

A man like that was certainly nothing but a fantasy to Cameron, someone who was too far out of his league in every way. He thought about that man far too much for it to be healthy. Like, shot? By a gun? He was certainly spoiled forever, now. After this little adventure, nothing would be the same. Just like that morning. Just like he hoped, at that very moment, it would for more time to come. He figured his heart would be broken no matter what happened. But seeing the man before him, his lover, he also knew it would be worth it.

And you…. That you understood the implications of being involved with me, what the consequences might be. I thought I could protect you. I made a mistake. He needed to talk to Julian, but he needed to do it when he had all his ducks in a row.

Epub download roux cross abigail warriors

Right now, his ducks were all over the fucking pond. He enjoyed what he did. He was good at it and always had been. He had, in the end, been given a choice. Remain one of the bad guys or be loved. And he had walked away from love. I will update the list as more books are published. View all 10 comments. Eventually finished it. I tried I just couldn't buy it. I found Cameron to be quite naive.

I wanted to like this one as I have loved the books in the Cut and Run series that I have read so far Even with a certain theme view spoiler [the Irish connection View all 34 comments.

May 01, Duchess Nicole rated it really liked it Shelves: I bet they all die at the end, mwahahaha!!!!! My Own Synopsis: Cam is a waiter at a posh Chicago restaurant. He's content with his lot in life Everything he is reflects his simple character. He is friends with everyone he works with, he's good at his job, he has a few fluffy white dogs at home to greet him.

The biggest excitement for Cameron, it seems, is Tuesday nights. That's when HE comes in.

Without fail, a mysterious dark haired, gorgeous hunk of man sits at Cam's table, orders the house wine and the daily special, and never says a word Just nods and looks. Until one day he does Mystery speaks! He begins to very slowly have a certain repertoire with Cam. As their one and two word conversations turn into more lengthy discussions, Cam begins to notice that this man watches him with a certain look in his eyes.

Though he doesn't even really begin to let himself hope that the hotness personified is gay, let alone that he would be interested in plain, unassuming Cam, there comes a day that Mystery Man makes it clear that he's interested.

But he also begins to notice things about Julian Others are intuitive; such as the intense, nearly feral look in his eye and the sometimes too self contained demeanor in which he carries himself. And so it goes The first part of this book was full of that magical, giggly, squishy, sexually charged feeling of a new relationship.

It was made better because of the mystery surrounding Julian. He's quite the badass, it seems, and yet he's not obvious about it. That's one thing that made me like him even more. He's not at all what I expected. Neither was Cameron for that matter. While Julian is the stoic, self contained mystery at first, he slowly turns into a somewhat romantic figure Cam starts off almost feminine in his attitudes and actions.

He's an extremely passive guy, more than I was prepared for. Almost too much at times. I will say that Cam does have a few moments that he sticks up for himself and doesn't let Julian unintentionally run rough shod over him.

I think I expected this to be a romantic suspense novel. For the most part, it was straight up contemporary romance, and with only one fairly nondescript sex scene. I also expected more bow-chicka-bow-wow. The middle of the story fell pretty flat for me. I think it needed more moments of levity But every scene with these two together had them solving or trying to solve some sort of conflict. I just never got to the point that I felt comfortable with them as a couple. Their solid relationship never manifested for me, even though they are supposedly together for months.

Maybe this was due to Julian's mystery profession that only allowed them to be together two days a week. Well, that and the fact that Julian remains a mystery for pretty much the entire book.

In fact, there isn't EVER a moment in which his job is spelled out. You have to sort of make an educated guess. When the action picks up during the last parts of the book, my attention was again captured.

I had to laugh at myself because even though I knew what had actually happened at one point, I was still on the edge of my seat and choking up He's discovered tonight that being scared for someone you cared about was an entirely different animal from simply fearing for your own life and limb.

They just seem to fit each other And I put the book down feeling as if they were meant to be. Julian allows Cam to have a solid, confident influence in his life, and Cam gives Julian the comfort of simply being loved and accepted without fear.

Beautiful love story!!! View all 58 comments. Mar 23, Ravyn rated it it was ok Shelves: Sorry folks, I know I am the dissenting opinion here, but I just didn't really care for this book. It wasn't bad, just "ok" for me, thus the 2 stars. So what was my problem?

First, I found the story to move at a terribly slow pace. It's a page novel, and nothing remotely exciting starts to happen until after pages in; and even after that, it's still not all that exciting! In fact, there's only one action scene in the whole novel. Pretty much the whole story is about Julian and Cameron's supposed "romance" and how Julian is big, bad, and mysterious.

Now, I could have gotten over the fact that this novel was not the action-packed thriller that I had expected, but I'm sorry to say that I didn't really find the "romance" all that believable either.

Actually, I found the whole thing to be completely baffling. Julian and Cameron have nothing in common as far as I could tell aside from physical attraction. Julian hardly even talks!

And Cameron just whines the entire novel about how he doesn't understand why Julian cares about him. And he's got a point! I don't understand it either! I just never really got the whole true-love vibe since, even by the end of the novel, I never really felt like I knew anything about the characters.

Bottom Line: I wasn't a fan of the story or the characters, but it is well-written technically and there are plenty of other people who loved it. View all 9 comments. May 13, Gwendolyn rated it really liked it Shelves: Solid 3. It would have been a 4. Maybe they were paper trained or something but wondering how in the heck the dogs were ok for overnight trips with just food kept bugging me and pulling me out of the scenes.


Even before the first and only sex scene I kept thinking "He just got home from 10 hours of work. Why hasn't he taken the dogs out? He's gonna take the dogs out right?

The distraction repeated every time with him arriving after a long shift or leaving for days was mentioned. Everything else criticized in other reviews didn't bother me a bit. POV changes were easy to follow. The other big one seems to be Cam not grabbing people.

Sometimes you just love someone because they are who they are and together it just works. Not all of us have to be the dark handsome staranger.

Epub roux warriors download cross abigail

What Julian needed was comforting and sweet. Cameron was and I understood the freaking out too. Things were being withheld from him and he didn't know what. Their first conversation outside of work was magical. A sentence or two about a dog walker or paper training would have raised this from a decent book to an excellent one.

View all 4 comments. I should've probably rounded down on this one, there was definite skimming involved with the first half.

Not much happened other than Julian and Cam's interactions at the restaurant. But it picked up the second half and I'm glad I read it just for the background of the two characters prior to starting Armed and Dangerous. Definitely disappointed by the lack of steam. But a pretty decent ending. Back to Ty and Zane I go! View all 5 comments. I can't speak to that at this juncture but, I can say I was quite bored by Warrior's Cross.

It could easily have been a novella rather than a novel. There was far too much restaurant talk-opening wine, smelling corks, prep areas… blah, blah, blah. I don't understand how this is supposed to be either engaging or titillating. I couldn't even get excited about Julian's line of work.

I found the whole thing about as scintillating as watching paint dry. I can understand Cameron's appeal to Julian to a certain extent but, I'm still dubious about their long term plausibility.

Cameron is naive and doesn't ask a lot of questions which is exactly what should appeal to a hit man. He's also significantly smaller than Julian so… there is that. Ordinarily, I would classify this as instalove but it's not that exactly, it's more like the story began in the middle of their relationship. I didn't feel them fall in love. I was just told to believe it. Like I said, Julian's a hit man which, theoretically, should bring a certain excitement level yet, it fell flat.

Most of the "jobs" happened off the page except the vendetta a. Arlo Lancaster that comes to town in search of Julian. Yet, even that was only moderately exciting. In a nutshell, the plot was thin. The characters aren't all that likable. It's far too long.

There certainly wasn't enough sexy time. Overall, it was kind of a snoozefest thus, I can only muster up 2 stars. View all 22 comments.

Nov 11, Deborah rated it really liked it. I really like Julian. Original review. At first glance Julian and Cameron are complete opposites who have nothing in common. Cameron is slight and blends in well which helps him with his job as a waiter. I read this book before Armed and Dangerous after discovering that these two characters appear with Ty and Zane and I'm glad I did I really enjoyed this book and it made Armed and Dangerous so much better knowing the background of these two first.

I'm trying to make an effort to write more reviews since I enjoy reading everyone else's so much but if I don't do it as soon as I've finished I just get into my next book so sorry this review is later than it should be. View all 13 comments. Jun 07, Jenni Lea rated it really liked it Shelves: Stayed up until 4am to finish this book because I just couldn't put it down.

It was that good. Even with all the "fade to black" sex scenes. The writing is superb. I have to go to work now. On 3 hours of sleep. Totally worth it though. View all 14 comments. I was struggling between a 2 or 3 star rating but decided on a 3.

This book started off great. I loved that Julien was mysterious and grumpy and I could totally see how Cam could slowly fall for him Tuesday after Tuesday with barely any words spoken between the two of them. Hell by the time they took that first walk together I was in l I was struggling between a 2 or 3 star rating but decided on a 3. I was prepared to give this a 5 star rating at that point. But their relationship once it started lacked passion. While Cam was a nice guy he was kind of dull so for the sex to be dull as well was kind of a bummer.

I needed him to be a wild animal in between the sheets to make up for what he lacked outside of it. There was no mention of their ages which drove me crazy. No back story on the characters either but maybe we will get that in Armed and Dangerous?

Also hated how much Julien got hurt. It kind of annoyed me.

Like are you good at your job or not? Who sits in a restaurant and discusses murder where people can over hear? Jul 30, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: It surprised me how much I ended up really loving the simplicity of the story. It was one of my most satisfying reads lately.

Painful heart aches that made my stomach plummet. Beautiful declarations that made me cry. View all 7 comments.

Nov 02, Heather K dentist in my spare time rated it liked it Shelves: Let me just say that I only read this book for because I love the Cut and Run series. That said, this book was a let down for me. They were totally lukewarm. I didn't get a sense of why they loved each other either. Because Cam was so loving and Julian was so hot?? The spark wasn't there for me in this book. I still love Abigail Roux's writing and found it an enjoyable read but it was lackluster for me.

There is only one rating: I think I have a slight preference for low-key, a little melancholy stories. Sign up to save your library. With an OverDrive account,.. Cameron Jacobs is an open book. He considers himself a common waiter.. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Warrior's Cross at Amazon. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.. Beautiful Creatures Free Pdf Download Kelly pushed up, sitting cross-legged and facing Nick.

Read La croce del guerriero by Abigail Roux with. Gli basta tuttavia una sola notte di passione con Julian Cross perch il suo. Download options: EPUB Sale ends 25 February at Sep 1 Kindle eBook. Kindle Edition. Buy now with 1-Click Available for download now. This acclaimed book by Abigail Roux is available at eBookMall.

Warrior's Cross by Madeleine Urban

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