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Digitally delivered goods – products or content that can be downloaded from a In addition, you can't sell any digital content that you aren't authorized to sell. Why does eBay have this policy? Local pickup is not allowed for digital items. If you're going to send an eBook by email or have it downloaded from a. You would be in great danger when trying to sell digital goods. . OP, here is the policy for ukraine-europe.info site: ukraine-europe.info . As others mentioned, if you are emailing digital downloads to buyers, there is.

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eBay considers any content that can be downloaded via a website or received via email as a "digital good." In order to sell digital goods on. When you sell physical products on eBay, buyers need to pay for shipping With digital goods, buyers can pay for their items and download them Review eBay's Digitally Delivered Goods policy (link in Resources) before listing your item. Secured & instant download delivery of files and codes for your ebay listings. Bear in mind current eBay policy on selling digitally delivered goods; however.

Digitally delivered goods — products or content that can be downloaded from a website, or sent via email — can infringe on the legal rights of the original content owner, and can also create risk for our buyers. As such, we restrict the types of digitally delivered goods that can be sold, and have guidelines for the information that must be included in any digitally delivered goods listing and product. Please see our full policy guidelines for more details. When you sell digitally delivered goods on eBay, you must include a statement in your listing and product that says you legally own the content or are authorized to sell it. Sellers should also check to ensure compliance with our Compilation and informational items policy. As long as you follow the guidelines, you can sell tickets, domain names, software product keys, and online gaming items such as characters, currency, and points. You can't sell digitally delivered goods that could damage a buyer's devices, be used maliciously, or to invade privacy.

Click "Add your own item specific" to give more details. Click "Save. Click "Add pictures" to include images with the listing.

eBay Revisits the Idea of Digital Content

Digital products do not generally need images, although at least one main picture will make your listing stand out to buyers. Click "Standard" above the item description box. Select a font type, size and color if you don't want to use the default font.

Type a description of the digital item. Provide all necessary details, such as how the buyer will receive the item, the format of the item and how to view or use the item.

Most digital items only have a Buy It Now price.

How to Sell Downloadable Products on eBay

This allows a buyer to purchase and download the item without having to wait for the listing to end. Enter the quantity of digital items you have available, then choose a listing duration.

Digital policy ebay download

Enter your PayPal email address. Click the check box next to "Require immediate payment when buyer uses Buy It Now. Select "Free Shipping" in the Shipping Details section.

Add any other instructions for the buyer, then click "Continue. Watch your email inbox for purchase confirmations from eBay or PayPal. As soon as possible after a buyer pays, email him the download link where you host the purchased file. Special Interest Groups. Community Home Sign In Register. Seller News. Seller News Home. Knowledge Base. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean: Board Archive: Archive Selling: Selling digital products for download only. Mar 2, Thanks, Kat. Message 1 of Mar 2, 1: Message 2 of Message 3 of You have no idea what you are talking about. Message 4 of Mar 2, 4: I've never been able to read his posts, so I quit trying and just scroll past them. Forget keeping up with the Joneses.


Be the Finklegrubers! OK kids, time to get the Dodge loaded up again. I hear 'Poppy's By the Tree' calling. This trip might be a long one too. Message 5 of Albright Great! Are you impressed? I'm certainly not!

How to use E-junkie for eBay digital delivery?

Message 6 of Mar 2, 5: Message 7 of Mar 2, 8: Prove it! You can't! Message 8 of If you think large volume sellers have it better why not become one? See for yourself how much fun life is at the top. Having digital content in any fashion is only eBays attempt to try and bring people to the site.

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Another eBay failure. Any seller of Digital Goods knows that only scammers will sell on eBay because they all already sell here. Another day, another eBay scheme to bolster its third quarter financials. I'm gonna don my Columbo hat It's too easy to believe that Wenig et al are leaking their "save the 3rd quarter" ideas in advance to stockbrokers, who then pass them on to willing chumps.

Nothing else can explain the slow uptick in the stock price. The only real plausible leak left is that they'll start to pay dividends. The End.

The Ebay disappeared the whole digital thing. Ebay's Make Work scheme is a waste of life and is the sport of the wholesale untalented. They should have left it alone at Everything was just fine.

OK, let's say you were a legitimate seller of digital goods back in when eBay decided to decimate your business. Ric yes, they definitely thru us under the bus, then reversed back over us to make sure we were really done, We just could not believe what the morons did, digital items were a huge part of online business back then, and have only grown bigger after 10 years somehow they think they are going to re-gain market share , these people are are absolutely pure delusional idiots Just going to be Another ebay failure.

Thu Aug 30 EB needs to hire someone with the title, "Futurist"!

Digital download policy ebay

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