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If you're having difficulty downloading NOOK Books in the NOOK Reading App If you're still having issues, move the item to the NOOK Cloud (also known as. An internet connection is required in order to download NOOK content. For assistance with Wi-Fi connectivity issues, click here. 2. If you are still having trouble with a specific eBook, refresh the title by either archiving and unarchiving it or by. Get answers to frequently asked questions for NOOK Tablet. Why is it taking longer for some of my NOOK Books, magazines, apps and NOOK Kids' books to download? Enhanced NOOK Books, magazines, . Who should I call if I have a problem with an app? .. What if I'm only reading free eBooks and samples? Yes.

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Get answers to frequently asked questions for NOOK Reading Apps. I'm having trouble downloading my books to my Android device. What do I do? Possible reasons why you . order you prefer. - Refresh - Sync your library for the latest updates and downloads. . I'm still having issues using the app. Who can I contact. 24 discussion posts. Anna D. said: Has anyone had issues downloading your ebooks from Barnes & Noble? I download them to my laptop using Nook for PC. Mar 6, It came out today but it's not downloading to my Nook Tab. I had this problem today with Intruder, so went to the BN website, where they had a.

Mar 06, I pre-ordered this book days ago, Fair Game by Patricia Briggs. It came out today but it's not downloading to my Nook Tablet. It's just not getting to my nook for some reason. When I click on it all I get is the book info and it still just has the little "preorder" ribbon on it. I can't get it to download the actual book. Anyone else having this problem?

I have it on my Samsung Galaxy Note tablet. Any suggestions? I just downloaded Nook for PC to my Windows 7 computer. CNet still has it available. I installed it with no trouble and gave it my account information email address and password , which it had no trouble authenticating. So I tried hooking my Nook Color to the computer and synching that way.

Download problems ebook nook

It asked for my Adobe ID and password, which I gave it. It asked me to authorize both the PC and the Nook, which I did. The only technique that I can now find for downloading Nook books to the PC is via Nook for Android, which means either downloading them to a smart phone as if I had that much room on my phone or installing the Windows version of Android. I purchases a book from the Barnes and Noble website but there was no download link for the epub file like they use too. I was able to view the ebook on my android tablet just fine, but I wanted the epub file as a backup just in case something happen.

After a lot of research I was able to download the epub file and remove the DRM encryption. Here are the steps and please post a comment if this works for you.

Verify in your Documents folder that the epub file downloaded — Install Calibre. If you are scared, changed your password after you verify that everything is working. Very helpful thread, thanks. Has anyone run into this?

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I found Nook for PC, got my library to show up. But when I try to download, it says I have to verify my payment method for my account. I am only using Nook because I got that class action settlement credit. Small update: Using the Windows 10 Nook App tile on Start screen vs. Not sure if it is still available in the Windows Store but it might work for others as well.

This will be fine for now but am still curious about the desktop app not working. Please, I do not see recent posts: I have just purchased a Samsung Nook and would like to download ebooks.

The Barnes and Noble website seems unavailable to provide downloads. How am I to download to my device, or transfer from a Laptop to my device? Kindle Comparison Table Updated.

Ana September 19, at Nathan September 19, at I was able to get a few of my newest Nook books this way: Thank you, Nathan.

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I will give this a try. Sue September 20, at 4: Gabe September 23, at Nathan September 23, at 4: Gabe September 29, at 2: Jim Savitz October 13, at Nathan, Thanks for reporting this.


Nathan October 13, at Christy October 19, at 8: Jessica November 21, at 9: Nathan November 21, at Cloudmann December 20, at 7: Angie February 21, at 3: Marie February 15, at 1: April 3, at Nathan April 3, at Darryl Brooks March 2, at Nathan March 2, at 1: Nate June 9, at 9: CBS March 11, at Karine Sophia December 1, at 8: Nathan December 1, at 9: Karine Sophia December 1, at 2: Julie M January 21, at 4: Chip January 11, at 2: David February 27, at 2: Nathan February 21, at 4: Ry February 14, at Hank March 3, at How hard is it going to be to get a refund?

Alexandria March 13, at 1: Nathan March 14, at 7: Nathan June 3, at 7: Violet June 18, at 5: Jack July 19, at 5: Sounds like it is time for a class-action suit. Any suggestions? I agree with you! Some type of update was pushed to our 1st edition nook today or recently that logged us out and no longer can get back on as it is after the June 30th date. Just discovered today that my first edition Nook is now useless unless I want to read my old books again.

Problems nook ebook download

The least you could do is offer a discount on a newer model to the customers you screwed. I just turned on my nook color for the first time in about a year and I was able to get an automatic update with the newest software. All you need to do is connect to your Barnes and noble account from a different device. Make sure ure you have your nook connected to your wifi. Once your signed in on the other device you should receive the latest version on your nook with in a half hour.

Ebook download problems nook

Just leave it on and it will update. I was able to download books again no problem. I will never buy another Nook. The employee told me she no longer recommends the Glowlight 3 because it is so bad. Very frustrated as I have quite a few books in my Nook library. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

How to Download Nook eBooks Now That B&N has Removed the Option

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Jill Reply June 21, at 7: I have the newest nook ereader and it had an update today. Gini Risinger Reply August 6, at 8: Trish Reply February 22, at Sebrina Reply June 22, at 6: Kathleen Mazurowski Reply June 22, at 2: Mary Reply June 23, at 9: Jon Reply June 25, at 3: Pat Tipton Reply July 20, at 9: David Reply July 22, at 9: Dee Reply August 30, at 1: Todd Reply August 7, at 8: I ordered a few other books to see if they would download alright and I did not have any problem with them.

They got to the nook just fine. It seems to be just the pre-order that won't download. I had this problem today with Intruder , so went to the BN website, where they had a chat window under 'help'. The guy told me to turn my Nook off, then back on, then select the book, archive it, unarchive it, then restart the Nook again.

It worked!

He said it should download automatically but if it happened again, just follow that procedure. Good luck! That worked. Thanks so much Sandra!