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Hello! Welcome to my website. You probably already know, but I'm Jojo Moyes, a novelist and journalist and write screenplays. essential jung ebook download ebook 38,12mb the essential jung ebook . Mijnbestseller B.v, Bol Com Een Leven Na Jou Jojo Moyes , Bon. Bol Com Een Leven Na Jou Jojo Moyes een leven lang atkins pdf epub mobi download boek - boeken - bol een leven lang atkins (paperback).

Jojo Moyes. Een leven na jou van Jojo Moyes heeft paginas en. Een paar dagen later wordt in een kelderbox het verminkte lichaam van een tweede vrouw gevonden. Het wordt steeds moeilijker om de kloof te overbruggen. Release Date: ISBN Code:

She cares for her family.

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She does what she has to do. He has a great job, a great girlfriend and the means to go wherever he wants and do whatever he desires. That is, before the accident happens. When Louisa and Will meet, there is no love at first sight. She is his new caregiver. But the more they spend time together, the more Louisa discovers the wonders that life has to offer. I read Me Before You , expecting to discover the most poignant love story on earth. But I found something else instead.

She never left the country and stays away from anything remotely dangerous. Will is determined to open her eyes to the unknown. With him by her side, she gains confidence, determination, learns not to let anyone dictate her actions and finally realizes what is best for her. He is her sun and she is his. The themes of acceptance, family, friendship and life are even more present than the love one.

Louisa is a charming woman with a sense of humor and fantastic imagination. Reading the book through her perspective was utterly delightful. It will not affect your enjoyment of this book. You know why? Me Before You will win you over, whether you want it to or not. View all 56 comments. View all 7 comments. I kept seeing people say " Now this is a book ", and figured it was a lot of hype. NO , NO it wasn't just a lot of hype.

If you follow me on goodreads than you know all this month I've only well mainly only been reading books suggested to me from. If you follow me on goodreads than you know all this month I've only well mainly only been reading books suggested to me from friends on here. Me Before You was suggested to me at least ten times.

Lou is just average. She is barely floating through life.

Ebook voor moyes jou download jojo

Long time job, rocking a steady boyfriend, and just above average taste in clothes. Will Taynor was a successful business man. Constantly traveling, being active, and enjoying his above average life. This all changes when Lou is laid off work and Will is in a major accident leaving him a quadriplegic. After these events happen you'll more than likely be thinking the same thing I thought, " wow I know exactly where this cliche story is going to go ", and just like me you'll more than likely be wrong.

Lou is struggling with what and who she wants to be. At 26 she really has no aim in life. She finds herself at a job center which offers her the chance to be a sort of caregiver to Will. Will is the definition of a broken human.

After two years of having no control over his life he has just given up hope. After a shocking plot twist Lou makes it her goal to make Will happy and is determined to have him wanting to live life again. As they set out to travel and make the most of time their feelings for each other change and turn into something way beyond friendship. You make me happy, even when you're awful. I would rather be with you- even the you that you seem to think is diminished- than with anyone else in the world.

I was worried when I got over pages in and the book was still at that same pace. Once getting closer to the end I saw why it was that way. This story builds to something so amazing. I wish I could come up with a better, more lyrical word than "amazing", but I don't think they've invented a word yet to describe the end of this story.

The end of this book had me on the floor balling my eyes out. Not kidding View all 37 comments. Breasa This was the first book that made me really cry. Sep 13, Mar 29, Just finished my re-read and all I have to say is everyone should read this book Still cried like a baby, but I love it! Before you start this book You will cry happy tears and sad tears. You will smile, laugh, be devastated, ugly cry, and if your like me- you will love the journey this book took you on.

This is a story of two people who meet each other by chance, and change each others lives forever. H Just finished my re-read and all I have to say is everyone should read this book He used to be successful. He used to be a lot of things. Two years ago, everything changed for him. Now, he is stuck in a wheel chair. He is a quadriplegic with no real hope at recovery. He feels trapped. He just wants a way out. Lou just lost her job as a waitress and is looking for work.

She lives at home with her parents, grandpa, sister, and nephew, and they count on her. After a few failed attempts at random jobs, she gets placed as a carer. She thinks Lou is right for the job. She gets hired to help Will out and be his companion for six months.

The first few weeks of Lou working for Will, it is difficult. But eventually, they click. Lou is starting to really like Will, and is pretty happy with her job. Until she overhears a conversation. She finds out that view spoiler [Will has a plan. He gave his parents 6 months, then he is going to go to Switzerland to kill himself essentially. Lou is not happy with this information. She wants to quit, but instead, decides to do something about it Lou tries all kinds of activities to cheer Will up and make him come to life.

Some are successful, some are not. I loved this. Lou put her heart and soul into helping Will. She planned all kinds of trips and things for them to do.

The horse racing had me laughing, I loved all her ideas and enthusiasm. It seemed like it was starting to help. She even got Will to go to a concert. Just for a few minutes more. Seeing Will happy, and Will and Lou dance- it was one of my favorite parts. Truly, I think this is the moment she really started falling in love with Will.

Will cares for Lou. He is always encouraging her to step out of her comfort zone, to live. As there six months was coming to an end, Will got sick. A bad case of pneumonia put their last big adventure off.

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But Lou came up with a new plan. She and Will and his other care giver went to the ocean. There, she decided to tell Will her true feelings for him. But is it enough I can't be the man I want to be with you. And that means that this - this just becomes It made me think, it made me question things, it made me feel.

There were points towards the end where I was like But in the end, it was his choice. My heart broke for Lou. This is one of those books that will stay with me. One of the most emotional stories I have ever read, but it was also one of the most beautiful. Would reccommend this one to everyone!!!

Me duelen los ojos de tanto llorar. View all 8 comments. Pages stained with tears. Used tissues. And my bruised, bleeding heart lying on the floor.

I don't know how long I'll survive with a huge hole in my chest. I finished it a few hours ago but I'm still crying. It feels like I've shed an ocean of tears, fat, ugly Pages stained with tears. It feels like I've shed an ocean of tears, fat, ugly droplets of liquid pain, but there are always more. My hands are shaking while I type, my jaw is trembling and God, words don't seem enough to describe what I feel.

Imagine a tornado sweeping off everything in its path. Imagine huge, menacing waves crashing the rocks. Imagine a raging storm. A clouded sky. Combine all of them. There, that's what I feel. I told him a story of two people. Two people who shouldn't have met, and who didn't like each other much when they did, but who found they were the only two people in the world who could possibly have understood each other. He used to be an adventurous person, ambitious and confident, living every moment to the fullest and now, he couldn't even eat without help.

And then he met Lou. Lou with her crazy clothes and lack of dreams invaded his life, trying to make him find beauty in simple things and adapt to his new reality, but she didn't predict that she would change as well, that she would find her place in the world and someone to really see the potential and fire in her.

Someone to understand. She made you hope, and then she scared you to death. Hope and terror , terror and hope danced and kissed and fought while the clock was ticking, while you held your breath and prayed, while you laughed and cried. There would be gut-wrenching moments and then some sweet moments that warmed you up and made you forget the knife that was twisting in your heart. She created flawed, realistic characters , family relationships that were far from perfect but you sympathized with each and everyone of them.

She made you contemplate situations with religious, moral and legal aspects and understand the reasoning of both sides, even though it was killing you inside. She made you appreciate the things you take for granted. Will's sarcasm was his last defense, he didn't want pity or sympathy ,he just wanted the ability to make his own decisions and even that was taken away from him.

Lou on the other hand was always treated as if she was stupid, she never had the chance to shine, she never dared dream a different, more exciting life.

Two lost souls with nothing to fight for crossed paths. Two blind people found their light. And for a while, it was enough. It hurts so darn much. But I have to be strong, for Lou and Will. To live my life fully. And I am thankful I witnessed the most tender love story. One day, I'm going to visit Paris, drink coffee in Le Marais and imagine that the girl with the bee tights is walking next to the love of her life, who makes fun of her clothes but holds her in a strong grip and never lets her go.

View all 54 comments. I decided to read this book right after watching the trailer and crying, partly because Mr. Bates from Downton Abbey was there every single time he shows up- tears start streaming down my face and partly because the story was so moving. But I honestly did not expect this book to impact me this emotionally.

While TFIOS made me feel like an emotionless robot, Me Before You made me think and contemplate and feel so many things all at once- I cried and laughed and felt anxious and hopeful. This story starts out with Lou Clark losing her job at The Buttered Bun tea shop and I could honestly really relate to the way she was feeling during that period, especially with the financial responsibility she held for her family.

After that memorable first day, she and Will start to get used to each other and even on occasion opening up a bit one with the other.

See a Problem?

Nathan walked in as I was finishing the dishes. But he said it — you know — in a good way. Their second outing to the concert made me tear up, I could imagine it so vividly. Will was smiling.

In fact, I think you had tears in your eyes you hated it so much. I felt really connected to Lou and Will and their families. Me Before You had extremely vivid characters, infectious humor, and bittersweet truth. And that ending definitely crushed me even though I knew what was coming — it did not make it easier to read and experience.

It hurts. Oh, and do not listen to this song , unless you want to sob like I did. I'm an Amazon Affiliate. If you're interested in buying Me Before You , just click on the image below to go through my link. I'll make a small commission! Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with http: Jan 05, Hailey Hailey in Bookland rated it really liked it Shelves: I did really enjoy this but not as much as I'd expected to.

I think too many people were telling me how much I was going to love it and how emotional it was and that kind of set me up for failure. It was sad, but I wasn't moved to tears and while I really did like it, I didn't love it.

Just watched the movie trailer for the first time and I got chills. Honestly I think this is one of those cases where I'm going to like the movie better than the book.

Jojo download ebook voor jou moyes

I just had a lot of trouble connectin I did really enjoy this but not as much as I'd expected to. I just had a lot of trouble connecting with the characters in the book but I already felt connected to the movie characters, if that makes sense. View all 28 comments. I finished this yesterday and thought it was great but I can not express what I felt this morning when I woke up thinking about them.

Me Before You is real, just like life is real. This is a book about friendship, love, patience, ambitions and many many many more things. You know what? I had the pleasure of reading this gem on paperback and I marked the whole damn book and I was planning to quote some of the best sentences but I am NOT gonna do that.

You wanna know why? Because you need to experience this book, you need to read it blind This book will teach you to LIVE BOLDLY Will used to live boldly, he was an attractive guy on his early thirties with a great job, a hot girlfriend and an amazing life in London until one day everything changes. Two years later he crosses paths with Lou who apparently has nothing in common with him. But they have to spend time together whether they like it or not.

But she discovers that pushing your limits, walking outside your comfort zone is not that bad. And this is how you write Romance. This book just taught me that there are people who are worth it out there.

People like Lou who would leave everything behind to help someone like Will. I understood every single character, their POVs, even Will's dad. I will respect all your opinions, hope you can respect mine.

Living with someone like Will and loving someone like Will is NOT easy and view spoiler [ I understand what they did, if you love someone you would do ANYTHING to see that person happy hide spoiler ] I am totally against view spoiler [ suicide but in this case I truly understood him and I would have helped him to go to Switzerland. He was living a miserable life, he wasn't happy and he has the right to decide what to do with his life. Ramon San Pedro was in the same conditions than Will view spoiler [ and he did exactly the same and when I saw that on the news I was a teen but even then I understood him hide spoiler ].

If you get a chance, pls watch the film Mar Adentro by Alejandro Amenabar , if you loved this book, you'll love that film. I know this might not be a coherent review but I am still a mess! I'm not going to write a proper review about this book. I dont want to spoil anything for you. Just read it, you wont regret it. Oh my god this book was so mind blowing but mostly heartbreaking. Will Best before: Given the circumstances Will is all the time cranky, rude , vile to her because his life is miserable.

However, they start getting along because Lou is the only person who contradict I'm not going to write a proper review about this book. However, they start getting along because Lou is the only person who contradicts him and that's something intriguing for him. There are times that he is such a tease and it was nice to know that after so long he finally seems happier. After a while we see that due to his state Lou doesnt want to leave him alone , much less quit her job.

Will inevitably manages to become part of her life and her daily routine. Sadly , Will is hiding something. He is an adult and he has the right to do whatever he wants with his life but damn I dont know if I agree with his thoughts. Wouldnt it be selfish to stop him? Of course it would be but still it doesnt feel right. If I were him I might wanted to do the same but if I had someone like Lou caring for me I dont think that I would consider it like an option anymore.

Well, Lou is trying to stop him from doing anything crazy and I really admire that she is the only person that hasnt lost faith on him. She has only six freaking months to change his life but she never thought that he would change her life as well.

I loved Will! He is one of the smartest book heros I've ever met. The one day you have everything and the next nothing. His story will totally affect you. He is not the book hero with the fucked up past who finds release at sex. This book is unique and very depressing but you'll never regret reading it.

Lou is simply wonderful! She is trying so hard , with gallant efforts to help him and she deserves a million congratulations. No one forced her to stay with him but she did.

Jojo Moyes

She had the right to leave him but she didnt. She's full of exuberance which affects him possitively. This book made laugh a lot. Lou's family is so crazy! Will is also so sarcastic and Lou loves it. I also cried a lot. I couldnt help it. But I had promised. You wont get disappointed!! Don't Settle. Just live well. Just LIVE. I just finished my re-read of this book. Sometimes a second trip into a book doesn't end well for me. I see things that I did not pick up the first time and I end up not liking the book anymore.

That didn't happen with this book. Because guess what I'm doing? I'm sobbing. Not crying. Big ugly snot running tears. It takes a lot for a book to do this to me. There is no reason to go into what this book is about. Most everyone knows or has heard by now. The movie is soon to come out and the s Rereading! The movie is soon to come out and the second book is out I have it and now I'm terrified to read it Can anything hold up to the magic that is this book?

I guess we just have to put on our big girl tights and see. Five stars again. That makes ten doesn't it? First read: June I remember when I was a little girl the excitement of a really good book just took me away from whatever was going on in my life. Books have always been my escape and my peace. I had gone through a reading slump in the last months and I've picked it back up finally. After reading this book I'm so glad that I did. This book to me spun it's magic around me and encompassed me in it.

I laughed and cried so hard I thought my heart was breaking too. There was not one line in the whole book I didn't love. Amazing writing on a hard subject. Jojo Moyes made the most wonderful characters of Lou and Will come to life for me. I loved them both and just hate that book reviews just cannot do them justice.

I kept putting it down so I would not finish it in a hurry but could not leave it alone. Best book I have read in years. This is the point that I usually highlight a friends review for spotlighting Not just those that get bumped on your feed every five minutes because the reviewer feels that it doesn't have enough "likes" to carry them to the top of the most favorite list for the week. I'm saying go read all the reviews for this wonderful book.. Run and get it.

It is rare to find a book that has the ability to make the reader look at life through a different lens, forcing us to re-examine our values, prejudices, morals and ethics. This book, is such a book. I didn't know what this book was about when I It is rare to find a book that has the ability to make the reader look at life through a different lens, forcing us to re-examine our values, prejudices, morals and ethics.

That would have been tragic. I am so glad that I went into this book blind, choosing to read it after seeing it persist on the charts and growing curious enough to give it a go. I was awed by the author's ability to weave a story filled with humor and love, while realistically addressing the not so nice, sometimes ugly, realities of living with a disability that are rarely discussed in "polite" society.

Moyes has, no doubt, heightened the awareness of thousands, and should be commended. She addressed many emotionally-charged topics, including discrimination against disabled individuals, quality of life, right to self-determination, assisted suicide and psychosocial implications, among others, in a candid manner.

To touch upon such heavy topics, while keeping readers entertained and engaged, is no easy feat. I can not stress enough how touching and beautiful this story is. I would encourage everyone to read this book. My only regret is that I let it sit on my "to-read" shelf for so long. Five stars are not nearly enough! View all 55 comments. Full review with GIFs: P on my blog at www. Oh goodness heartbreak. I'm one of those people that as soon as I hear a book is being made into a movie, I decide I should read it.

But honestly with this one, I have no clue why I waited so long. I have heard over and over about how much others have enjoyed it and yet held off myself. Lesson learned. Me Before You is the story of a young girl who finds herself the caretaker of a quadriplegic man who is both charming and brash depending on the mood. And yet, there's something about him that she Oh goodness heartbreak.

And yet, there's something about him that she finds herself drawn to. In order to help make his life better, she plans out a fantastic series of events in order to make him happy. I must tell you, the characters in this story are perfectly done. They're lovable, hatable, questionably insane - but all so wonderfully done that you never get bored. I started this book while on a plane to Hawaii and despite my happiness toward embarking on a vacation, I still cried. Good God, the emotions.

If you can make it through this one without shedding a tear, hats off to you. I couldn't do it. What did I think?: This is one of the most emotional books I have read in a long time, if not ever. I absolutely can't wait for the movie, and after hearing about the casting I'm even more exciting.

I don't know whether to call it "chick-lit" as I think there's something in it for everyone, but it's certainly an easy read, but one that should probably not be read in public because crying in public is apparently a weird thing to do.

Who should read it?: Are you looking for a good book? Read it.

>>> Jojo moyes een leven na jou epub torrent

Are you in need of a good cry? Are you planning to see the movie? You get the picture. View all 20 comments. Final rating: I stared out of the window at the bright-blue Swiss sky and I told him a story of two people.

We have been told that we are the creators of our own fates. But what happens when the fate has different plans for you? Where fate rips everything you ever loved away from you? I drew the world he had created for me, full of wonder and possibility. It's not a classic love story. But it's also a story of friendship, of love.

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Louisa "Lou" Clark. Lou lost her job recently, and her family is in chaotic position. In desperation, she accepts the job of being a care taker. I supposed I would probably marry Patrick, knock out a few kids, live a few streets away from where I had always lived.

An ordinary girl, leading an ordinary life. It actually suited me fine. It's a story about a man who lost everything in just one day. William "Will" Traynor. Because most days, all you have are places in your memory that you can go to.

Because of it, he lost the will to live. Or how you might seem to other people. At first, they argue a lot. Will doesn't think Lou can handle being his care taker for that period of time, but Lou is not a person who easily gives up. A kind person who through time reached to him and showed him that not everything is dark - that there are still choices and that life is worth living.

Just for a minute. I just. I just want to sit and not have to think about. Even in the half-dark it seemed effortful. Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson is a book that Moyes cites [7] as one that really changed her feelings about writing as she matured and grew into her career.

She cites it as being one of those books that keeps readers invested, and it was one that she said pushed her to become a better, stronger writer.

Moyes admires Barbara Kingsolver and her use of language. Moyes cites how she loves Nora Ephron 's use of wit to display the business of love and being human. Marian Keyes and Lisa Jewell are two authors whom Moyes cites that are often referred to as "chick-lit" authors, but whose writing is well-refined and goes beyond the "lightweight" implications of being labelled a "romance writer".

Jonathan Tropper is a writer whom Moyes cites as someone she admires hugely, noting that she tries "to read authors who are better than [she is]" because it pushes her to be a better writer. Jane Austen is an author whom Moyes admires for her ability to write about what truly influences love and what makes a love story realistic i.

Moyes lives on a farm in Great Sampford , Essex , with her husband, journalist Charles Arthur, and their three children. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jojo Moyes. Retrieved 15 November Retrieved 5 November Retrieved 28 February The Open Library.

The Telegraph. Retrieved 14 November Irish Independent. The Guardian. Retrieved 13 December Mail Online. The Times. Retrieved 25 January