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Not You It's Me (Boston Love #1) Gemma Not that he's bothered to notice. Despite Take Your Time (A Boston Love S - Julie READ JULIE JOHNSON BOOK FREE ONLINE PDF EPUB Download Not You It's Me Cross The Line One Good Reason Take Your Time Like Gravity Say the. NOT YOU IT'S ME is the story of a girl who doesn't believe in love and the man who changes her mind. Downloading to Kindle · Download to iPad/iPhone/iOS · Download to B&N nook Available ebook formats: epub JULIE JOHNSON is a twenty-something Boston native suffering from an extreme.

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Read "Not You It's Me" by Julie Johnson available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Gemma Summers is unlucky in love. Filled with romance and comedy, Julie Johnson's Not You It's Me is a must-listen contemporary novel about a girl who doesn't believe in love and the man who. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Boston native Julie Johnson graduated cum laude from 1. Not You It's Me (A Boston Love Story Julie .. Download.

Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. See if you have enough points for this item. Sign in. Gemma Summers is unlucky in love. One kiss.

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Unfaded by Julie Johnson

Penelope Ward. Bad Judgment. Meghan March. The Last Shot. Sara Hubbard. Sweet Hope. Tillie Cole. The Knocked Up Plan. One S'more Summer. Beth Merlin. Shacking Up. We Own Tonight. There are positions other than missionary, Ralph! Many of them. Just perfect. Chase tracks me down and now there are zombie freaking butterflies swarming inside me. Black and white.

A fucking rainbow. Paul will understand. View all 29 comments. I mean, take Cinderella, for example. She never asked for a Prince, let alone waited around for one. Hell, all she ever wanted was a night off from work and a fancy dress to twirl in for a few hours. Amen, sister! This book reminded me of a funny, updated Harlequin Presents in the very best way.

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It had all of the familial drama, evil side characters and subdued but still slightly hot sexy times I'd expect from a Harly but luckily Julie Johnson kept the tone upbeat and snarky for the majority of the book. Gemma and Chase were fabulous together and this could've easily been a five star read for me had it not been for the drama surrounding both of their families.

There were several aspects I wish had either been explored further or left out entirely. View 1 comment. Her first three books, Like Gravity , Say The Word and Erasing Faith , while humorous in their own right, were still fundamentally romantic suspense. On a last ditch effort to save her terrible relationship, Gemma Summers calls into a radio show hoping to score the hottest tickets around, court-side With her fourth book, Not You It's Me , Julie Johnson has ventured away from Romantic Suspense and shifted toward Romantic Comedy.

On a last ditch effort to save her terrible relationship, Gemma Summers calls into a radio show hoping to score the hottest tickets around, court-side seats to the playoff game. Surely this will add some spice into her relationship and make her boyfriend at least act like he likes her Unfortunately, through the entire game, her boyfriend stayed on his phone, including during the close-up of the KISS CAM, which was aimed directly at them.

He's too busy to notice the cam and her, and she's mortified. Suddenly the press wants to know who she is. She is hounded at every turn. Chase has his own reasons to keep her hidden and away from himself.

But that doesn't work out because he can't fight his attraction. She has never had good luck with men, so she is leery of his intentions. I could so see it on the big screen.

This would surely be a hit. I have always described this authors writing style as; descriptive, lyrical, poetic, moving, and funny, and that she is incredibly insightful and sprinkles life lessons throughout her books. But with the focus on comedy, I missed the emotional connection I usually feel for Ms. Johnson's characters as well as her usual insightful passages.

Johnson will continue to be a one-click author for me, she is an amazing story teller. ARC graciously provided in exchange for honest review View all 6 comments.

Why did you write such an annoying book, Julie? I know you have a thing for theatrics and all in every book you must dive into a plotline out of a mafia movie but seriously?

Did it have to be over a span of a week? Did Gemma have to be so endearingly awkward to the point of it being annoying? Did Chase have to be so hot but so unrealistically inlove with someone he met literally 5 days ago? The answer i Why. The answer is no. Let's say that its okaaaay to fall in love in 5 days Is it okay to move in in 6 days? The answer is NO. Am I overreacting? Should you read this book? View all 7 comments. Does that mean we ARE getting Phoebe's story? I loved the living shit out of this story.

It was cute af in the best way possible: It's been several hours since I finished it, but I'm still riding on the high. I'm kind of a Gemma in real life. Especially in the beginning, I could completely see myself as her. The way she rambles - c'est ma vie! I loved her. And freaking Chase! One of the best written heroes of all time. A contender with the best of the best of the creme de la creme. May 08, Katerina rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm so sad.

This book is C. Now where's the X-rated version because this book was written like one and blind sided me with its "fade to black" style. Saturday passes in a blur of laughter and love-making.

Explain the BLUR. I wasn't going to read this but I had already purchased the book a while back. Because I heard it's a one week "fall in love" - which is true and it made me think, oh God, inst I'm so sad.

Because I heard it's a one week "fall in love" - which is true and it made me think, oh God, insta insta insta, bangs two minutes after meeting with no development. But, there was character, and the blurb really reeled me in.

I really liked it. So much. The feels, the banter, the immediacy of their attraction, the alpha vibes, her clumsiness, and the supporting cast. Gemma was a doormat for the wrong person in the start, but I got it, she was giving the couple life a go with the wrong person and it clearly didn't work out for four months and she was ready to break up with said asshole.

The MCs were great, young, not virgins with experience, but Gemma's friends were excellent and in a sphere of their own. Frigging wonderful, hilarious and there for her in a ways friends should be. The pacing was a little fast at points.

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I mean there's falling in love and then moving in together in the space of a week. Perhaps the intimate scenes - if they were provided - could have bolstered this impact.

But at least they address this; they know it's crazy, but then again so were the misshapen drama-filled events that surrounded that week. But Chase calls her "sunshine", and I found it impossibly endearing in comparison to the usual 'sweetheart', 'love' or 'baby.

As the ending neared, everything cleared up too tidily, too black and white. I quite liked Brett and hoped there'd be something salvageable, some explanation, but he was merely the antagonist instead of being sad half-brother.

Same situation with Milo and his entrance. I just don't think it needed to have that happy ending, and could have been stretched to a book 2 in terms of resolution between their families, even if they are happy. Solid 3. Contemporary Storyline: This is the story of Gemma and Chase. Gemma wins tickets to a playoff Celtics game and takes her no good boyfriend as a last ditch effort for their pathetic relationship.

Gemma doesn't believe in true love and is not a commitment kind of girl, but because all her friends are now married she gave it a go with this guy. When he blatantly ignores Gemma when the kiss jumbotron lands on her the super hot guy next to her, Chase, helps a girl out and kiss 3. When he blatantly ignores Gemma when the kiss jumbotron lands on her the super hot guy next to her, Chase, helps a girl out and kisses her. Sparks fly and they have an instant connection. Nothing but drama, drama, drama happens next.

We have paparazzi, crazy exes, crazy family, fun but crazy friends, and so many things going on its surprising they connect enough to fall in love. Gemma's POV H rating: He was charming, funny, controlling but not in a bad way alpha male. I understand that he was always looking out for Gemma but some things he did I felt crossed the line view spoiler [ the "I'll never end up with a girl like Gemma" comment to the press was hurtful and never addressed hide spoiler ].

I loved Gemma! She was hillariously awkward at moments but always genuine. I loved her loyalty to her friends and just her overall personality was great.

Angst level: It was dramatic for sure, but I wouldn't say that the tissues needed to come out. Heat level: There were some steamy moments but they were more about the emotional vs. Descriptive sex: Yes and no. It describes the situation, but not the physical details of sex--more about the emotions that Gemma feels. Sex scene with OW or OM: I would say this is a HFN. Kind of an abrupt ending without an epilogue View all 4 comments.

Review to be posted! I'm a huge fan of Julie Johnson's writing. I feel like she's one of the undiscovered diamonds of the writing world. Her books are entertaining, funny, emotional, and just overall a great read. Each one has been different in content, and I'm so glad to see that trend continue with Not You It's Me. The only thing that hasn't changed from one book to the next is the consistency with which she writes and captures my attention.

When I first started reading this book, I initially felt it was going to b I'm a huge fan of Julie Johnson's writing. When I first started reading this book, I initially felt it was going to be a typical romance featuring a billionaire.

Here's what I thought would happen because I've read quite a few. Man and woman meet, they're smitten with one another, they immediately fall into bed, then deal with their emotional baggage, and finally float off into the sunset on a yacht.

Well I should've known this book would be different. After all, Julie wrote it, and she hasn't written anything "typical" yet! I loved Gemma and Chase. I could totally relate to Gemma's character. She's trying to find her place in the world and what she wants. All of her friends are settling down and she's thinking she wants to do the same.

She's a little clumsy, but she's a go-getter. She'll go after what she wants, sometimes without thinking things all the way through. I really liked Chase too.

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Yes he was hot and swoon worthy, but it was obvious he cared for Gemma, no matter how brief their interaction. He was honorable and charming. It was also clear he hadn't had the easiest time growing up, even if he did have a silver spoon in his mouth. I liked how he was willing to do whatever to keep her safe. He's an alpha, but he's not shoving that down her throat.

The two of them had some amazing chemistry. The kiss they shared that sparked something between them is proof of that. I liked how believable their relationship was. It might have developed quickly, but it didn't feel that way. I think what I loved most about this book was the mixture of laughter, romance, and the twists.

Smashwords – Not You It's Me – a book by Julie Johnson

I never knew what was going to happen next, and I loved it! It made for such a wonderful reading experience. I couldn't put this book down and I was often laughing aloud or putting my hand over my racing heart. There's so much more that makes this book amazing beyond Gemma and Chase. I loved Gemma's mother and her advice for her daughter. I both laughed my heart out at it and mentally cringed while picturing my mother doing the same. I absolutely loved Gemma's friends. Those two were hilarious!

I loved how they supported Gemma unconditionally. Julie Johnson has really done a wonderful job with this book. My review in all honestly in no way does it justice. The magic of Julie's masterful story telling skills can only be experienced by reading one of them. If you're looking for a great beach read this summer, something to make you laugh and lift your spirits, or just a great story, this book is for you.

I can not wait to see what great story Julie writes next! Aug 26, Tina added it. I need to re-read this. There is so much books that I need to re-read because before I kinda easily gave away stars. To my old self: The heroine and her friends had me cracking up several times and Chase was a great hero!

He does do the typical pushing away but thankfully it doesn't last long and when he goes after Gemma she's it for him. I wish we had gotten his POV and I also wish there was an epilogue!

It was sweet and funny, a little suspenseful and maybe a little frustrating at times but overall a good story! Chase was a really good hero. My only complaint is that I needed an epilogue. Looking forward to reading more by this author and hopefully Knox's story someday! View all 3 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. It reads like a primer for romance tropes. The only problem is, Chase is used to getting whatever he wants. And after kissing Gemma once, he knows one thing… He wants more. Not ever. Even if she makes him feel things he barely recognizes Though, in his quest to save her life, he may just break her heart She knows exactly what she needs to survive — a bit of money in the bank, a roof over her head, food on the table. And forget about frivolous romantic entanglements. From responsibility.

From obligation. When a crisis at the family company forces him to return to Boston, he has no choice but to stop chasing adventures — temporarily. As soon as things are back in order, he fully intends to sail off into the sunset… Until he locks eyes with a mysterious blonde who screams trouble and sets his senses on fire.

Maybe it's the way she walks in skyscraper designer heels or the way she talks in total absence of a filter or simply the shade of her hair strawberry blonde.