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Also available as: Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. Now get ready to meet his shark of an agent, Heath Champion, and Annabelle Granger, the girl least likely to succeed. Annabelle's endured dead-end jobs, a broken engagement. But that's going to change now that she's taken over her late grandmother's matchmaking business. All Annabelle has to do is land the Windy City's hottest bachelor as her client, and she'll be the most sought-after matchmaker in town.

I liked her most out of the three friends - I have a feeling that even though there was a lot about Catherine, I still don't know her too well, and Rachel was the most immature and shallow. Nevertheless, I really appreciate that all the three girls were so different, as it made the story this bit better, and they really complemented each other.

But back to recycling. To be in a chance to join RecycLove, you must sign with your ex - so yes, it's a website with a twist, ha! The former couple must answer questions about each other, rating them from 1 to 4, which is not visible to the public, and they write each other recommendation, which is visible.

And this is what I missed so, so much, because there are only two couples doing this evaluation and the rest of the book concentrates on the girls' private lives. So yes, more than about dating and slashing the exes right and left, this is a story about learning something new, about discovering who you truly are and what you really want from life, about finding the right balance between work and private life.

This book is written in the typical Michele's way - first she introduces all the characters to us, and then slowly and continuously takes us deeper and deeper. Each of the chapter is then told from one of the characters' point of view, my favourite way BTW, as we then know what all of them are thinking. And, in fact, we have three stories bundled into one book - and as much as I'd SO like to have a book about dating, and only dating, I really appreciate what Ms Gorman has done with her characters, how she allowed us to follow them on their journey through their lives, dealing with obstacles and searching for happiness.

What I also like in Michele's latest releases is the fact that her heroines are normal woman with same everyday problems as all of us, and that all of them are intelligent and ambitious and they're not scared to change their lives to achieve what they want - which doesn't mean that they're going through life blasting their ways out. No, but still they manage to achieve something. So Match Me if You Can, even though it was not this what I was expecting, was a fast - paced novel filled with vivid, realistic characters, full of friendship, hope and strong women supporting each other.

Every word here sounds honest and genuine, and I couldn't help thinking that this could happen in real life as well, oh heck, it's for sure happening right now somewhere around the world, and Michele has created a great story. She has also managed to brilliantly balance humour with much more important issues, such as caring for a family member with disability, cancer and I am a little disappointed it didn't turn out the way I was hoping for it, but altogether I think it is the best Michele's novel yet.

Copy provided by publisher in exchange for a review. Unfortunately, the hype and build-up didn't really come across in the book - where was the hilarity? I genuinely thought Rachel and Sarah and Catherine were going to recommend boyfriends to each other, or something, but no. Instead it was just the story of three friends, who all happen to be single, and two end up joini I've read the majority of Michele Gorman's books and I generally really like them, so when I heard about Match Me If You Can, I knew I wanted to read it and it sounded hilarious.

Instead it was just the story of three friends, who all happen to be single, and two end up joining the third's dating site. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed getting to know the three girls, they were amazing. They let things fester, with bad feeling, instead of just opening their gobs, sigh. By far my favourite character was Sarah.

She was the most like me, bookish, indoorsy, happy to let the world outside fly past, until she decides to live a little. Mostly I enjoyed her interactions with her sister, Sissy. Sissy was a scene stealer! She was amazing. And she had me craving toast like you wouldn't believe.

Seriously, if you read this book keep a toaster, a loaf of bread and a ton of butter handy.

Match Me If You Can wasn't what I expected but it was a fairly decent read, I enjoyed it, and getting to know the girls was a pleasure. Getting to know Sissy was the icing on the cake, she was genuinely just that awesome.

The book may not have been as funny as I would have wanted it to be, because I do love an author who can genuinely make me laugh and Michele can do that, it's happened before, and I may have gotten annoyed at Rachel's antics, but that's just Chick Lit characters.

They don't bloody talk to each other, do they? But I really did enjoy the book.

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The fellas feature were completely out of this world, and Alis was by far the most bizarre. Honestly, not only do you have to read this book to meet the wonderful Sissy, but Alis has to be seen to be believed. Originally posted on: Something I really like about Michele Gorman is that her stories are always so original. With her, there's no girl meets boy; with her, there are strong down to earth women who might be looking for love but also have a thousand other things in their heads too, they have dreams, concerns and expectations.

And above all, they have each other's backs. Reading the blurb, I expected a f Originally posted on: Reading the blurb, I expected a fun story about online dating and its disasters. But what I got was way deeper and so self-affirming.

Actually, the online dating is quite present in the stories of these three women, Catherine, Rachel and Sarah, but it's not the main focus.

Catherine is the one who actually runs the website where you have to register with an ex and evaluate them so you both can find better fitted people for you. She actually owns it and other dating services with her ex-husband.

Who is marrying a quite younger girl. Catherine was probably my least favourite character. She was OK in general but I didn't really care for her. It was interesting to find out more about her but her parts were the ones I enjoyed less. Then there's Rachel, an architect who works with her ex-boyfriend. They are actually competing for a project, which made for some scenes between them. They join Catherine's website together and soon Rachel starts getting quite the attention.

Rachel is quite stubborn and proud so I really enjoyed seeing her out of her comfort zone in her dates. And I was really happy with the ending of her story. She deserved it. And finally there's Sarah. She was my favourite of the three, I guess because at the beginning she was kind of lost, never bothering to leave the house and focusing all her energies on baking for her loved one and forgetting about the rest of the worl. She really needed to find herself and during the story we see her growing and learning to love herself.

But the star of the story for me was Sarah's sister. She was such a special character. I'm sure you all will love her. It has relatable characters and an original idea.

It manages to surprise you more than once and it definitely makes you giggle. Right is just a click away? She convinces her best-friends and housemates, Sarah and Rachel, to join her site and get their exes to sign up along with them. Recyclove is in the business of recycling your ex, and upcycling to a better relationship! This novel had me laughing sooooo hard. I actually got the attention of my mother-in-law, who thought I was screaming in pain, when in fact I was just laughing hysterically.

I loved the women of this novel. I kept going back and forth between which lady was my favorite. In the end, I settled on Sarah.

Then there was Rachel, my second favorite. Another great touch was the crossover with The Curvy Girls Club. It made me smile when the ladies expressed an interest in it. Full Book Review: For some reason, the book started out very slow to me.

Especially after the hallway point, I thought things really started to get interesting. A nice, enjoyable chick lit read. For my written review, please check out the link below: Debra's Book Cafe Debs: This was my favorite of Michele Gorman's book so far - I enjoyed every minute of it! I found it funny, charming, and unpredictable. I found myself with a vested interest in how things turned out for Rachel, Sarah, and Catherine.

I was especially sucked into the storyline with Rachel, James, and Sarah - like on the edge of my seat sucked in. A big thanks to Notting Hill Press for providing me with this book in exchange for an honest review! This book had a very interesting premise. One of the main characters, Catherine, and her ex-husband, Richard, started a dating website with a twist.

At RecycLove, individuals join the site with one of their exes. The former partners review each other privately to learn where they can improve. They also each write a public recommendation of the other.

Catherine, Rachel, and Sarah are all housemate A big thanks to Notting Hill Press for providing me with this book in exchange for an honest review! Catherine, Rachel, and Sarah are all housemates in London who are looking for love. When Catherine's husband sells the business to his fiancee, Magda, she owns half of it and wants a say in everything!

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In the midst of their adventures with RecycLove, Rachel and Sarah have other things to worry about. Sarah's mother passed away a few years ago and she and her brother are in charge of their younger sister, Sissy, who has Down's Syndrome. Sarah has had trouble putting herself out there since her mother's death. Rachel is an architect trying to get ahead at work, but this means competing against her ex-boyfriend, James.

Add in a house renovation and there are a lot of events happening in this story! I really enjoyed Michele Gorman's newest novel! These three characters had very different personalities, but they complemented each other.

I was invested in each of their stories and the stories of those they interacted with. I liked that some parts of their stories were intertwined, but many weren't. It was fun to read about the different people the girls went on dates with.

Each character learned something new about herself by the end of the story. Although there were some love stories, it was more about them growing as people. I also liked the inclusion of a character with a disability. That story line was very well-done. This novel was engaging and fast-paced enough to keep my interest. I read it very quickly! I would highly recommend this novel to fans of chick lit! Match Me If You Can is a fantastically entertaining story, full of some dating disasters, and good friendships.

However for a group of three friends, I found that I was warming to Sarah's and Rachel's stories a lot more than Catherine's and at times I forgot Catherine was even there. That isn't to say I disliked her, just wasn't too sure about her. Catherine runs a dating website called RecycLove. Catherine lives with Sarah and Rachel. Rachel is an architect who works alongside her ex, as they work together on the firms biggest ever pitch.

Sarah is a bit of a free spirit, who designs wedding cards for a living, and also tries to be the best sister she can be to Sissy. Sarah is also a fabulous baker, and some of the descriptions were making me hungry. Sissy is to me the best character in the story, I loved her toast obsession, and she is just so kind hearted and its great seeing her develop.

Sarah and Rachel both join Catherine's site and seeing the changes they make to themselves as they start dating new people are interesting. Also Catherine has to deal with working with her ex's fiancee who is a challenge.

This is a typical Michele Gorman book, a lovely easy to read story, with a lot going for it. There was even a reference to a past book which made me smile. However I felt that the ending was slightly abrupt. I honestly thought there was more to say before the epilogue came around. Thanks to Notting Hill Press and Avon for this review copy. This is my honest opinion. Loved the book. Wish it would be possible to have such an agency in real life. Great characters. Not a brain-challenging read, but def a page-turner as characters were rounded and situations believable.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review. Really loved this one! I really liked the characters, the premise was interesting and fresh in ways while still providing what is expected from the genre, and I'm a sucker for books sets in London.

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Also, the book provides some romance without being a romance novel and without being cheesy. I like that the women are portrayed as being st Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I like that the women are portrayed as being strong and don't need a man to sweep in and save them, something that grates on my nerves in most typical romance novels. Another thing going for it is that there is no insta-love here, another thing that drives me crazy. We have relationships with natural progression and believable storylines. The story also has many humorous moments, so it will have you laughing several times.

I highly recommend it! And now, I need to find more books by this author because she writes exactly what I love for this genre!

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Star Rating: That's how this book has left me. I wanted to like it so badly, but the pace was extremely slow. I felt disconnected with their characters it's written in 3rd person and I didn't like them very much. This book follows three friends, Catherine, who owns a match-making site, Sarah, and Rachel. Catherine convinces Sarah and Rachel to join the dating site, but there's a catch. Their ex-boyfriends have to sign up too. I just felt that the book was too slow paced.

They Star Rating: They didn't even join the website until after pages. The one thing I did like about this novel was Sarah and her sister, who is in a mental heath care facility.

Their relationship was really cute and I looked forward to reading chapters with the two of them. Besides that, Sarah came off as annoying and boring. She was always doubting herself and it frustrated me. Jan 13, Mrs Mommy Booknerd http: Darn it all Michele Gorman I have the feels.

I adored it cover to cover. You have such a way to pull directly on my heart strings. I loved all the characters both main and secondary The combination of the Catherine, Rachel and Sarah was brilliant. I loved watching them negotiate life, love and friendship. It is such a treat to jump inside your books because the characters start to feel like frien Darn it all Michele Gorman It is such a treat to jump inside your books because the characters start to feel like friends.

I cringe when they make a mistake or embarrass themselves and I cheer them on celebrate along side them when they succeed. I just loved this book and I think it is one of your best books yet! You seem to get better and better. I never thought that was possible because every book I read was gold, but alas you blasted it out of the park once again!

An easy to read, simply written book, with a close to the heart characters, showing you life can be as satisfying if you just let things, go as it is, work on the things you love most, and let open doors for other happy things to come in, to not work to find Mr. I saw this title and thought of which I adored!

Another great book from one of my more recent favorite authors. The book was easy to get into and you can really invest in the characters.

Excellent writing. Thumbs up. I'd give this a 3. A fun, light read. I think it might have been a bit longer than it needed to be it was still a good book.

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It was worth getting to the end of, there's recipes! Full review. I've never really come across books by Michele Gorman, but after reading 'Match me if you can' which I borrowed from my sister I will be sure to read some of her other books.

After looking at the reviews for this particular book, I'm afraid that I might not be so popular. I'll start with the good points first. The beginning of the book was very promising.

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Match Me If you Can by Michele Gorman

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