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Free Digital Marketing Ebooks. Book, FREE Social Media Marketing Book and more - Download ebook Read ebook online. Get access to our Digital Marketing free eBooks created by industry thought leaders and get started with your certification journey. We believe knowledge is power, which is why we've curated a list of free digital marketing ebooks for you to read up. Click here to download this ebook.

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15 Digital Marketing eBooks Every Marketing Director Should Read Download this free eBook to understand how branding has changed in. Check out this valuable list of digital marketing ebooks to find out how You simply click on the links given to download them so you can read. This simple fact is all the reason why you need digital marketing strategy. But, if that doesn't click for you, keep reading. CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION. Page 4.

All you want to know about how to do Digital marketing starting from keywords research, website planning and optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, lead generation, leads nurturing, optimizing website for mobile and how to create, analyze and refine Internet marketing strategies, everything covered in one ebook. Click here to download. Introduction The moment you think about marketing these days the first thing that pops up in your mind is to go online. I need not explain it in detail. Let us see what you are going to learn in this article. Whether you are a student who wants to learn the basics of digital marketing, a working professional who wants to re-acquaint yourself with the basics or a business owner who is just getting started with digital marketing, this article will be your step by step guide to set up and implement a successful internet marketing strategy.


Finding and engaging with influencers, ways to optimize your posting frequency, and even ways to persuade your boss to recognize the value of social media.

A solid content marketing strategy needs to be backed by deep understanding of data analytics. Infographics, visual content that combines data, graphics, and text, are a beautiful and easy way to communicate. An infographic without a working strategy behind it might just fall flat, which is why we teamed up with HubSpot for the second time to make this eBook.

Unbounce insists that the quality of your landing page copy is responsible for the success or failure of every marketing campaign you run. You will also learn things like: What a click-worthy call to action looks like, and what the elements of high-converting landing pages are.

The power of Facebook is pretty unfathomable, but this will put it into perspective: This eBook created by Contently deep dives into the way Facebook works and how it came to be, all from a content marketing perspective. You will be able to learn how to leverage its ad platform for big results, get tips from top Facebook industry experts, and examine case studies from brands that have mastered the platform. This is more a series of articles than an eBook, although it is still organized just like the chapters of a book.

You will learn the fundamental strategies in making your website more search engine-friendly, which includes understanding how people interact with search engines, keyword research, and how things like usability and content affects rankings.

How to optimize your website for visibility Now when you have some relevant keywords in your bank, you would certainly want to increase your visibility for those keywords on the search engine ranking pages. The digital marketing tactics that you make use of to do so is SEO i. For your business to be found by the consumers through search engines, you should set a goal to be on the first page or in the first few result pages.

Things have becomes quite easier now than couple of years ago and the entire credit goes to the social media. This is why you are asked to optimize all your social media profiles so as to include updates with major industry keywords. As per Google you should target the audience while designing the website and not the search engines.

Besides, the new panda and penguin updates have made it clearer than ever. You need to spend some time to improve in off page SEO. Page Title Page titles are the text at the top of the browser window in a web page. They act as the title of the page, which is presented in search engine.

Here are some rules to have some very effective page titles: Unnecessarily longer page title will not be seen in your web browser or in Google search results.

Too long page title tends to adulterate the significance of keyword mentioned. Make it readable and easily memorable for the audience.

15 Digital Marketing eBooks Every Marketing Director Should Read

This is how you can utilize all your relevant keywords in driving more and qualified traffic to your website. Meta description and Meta Data When you put in a keyword to search for the information, the text that you see as the description of the site is called Meta Data.

If you will not use the Meta description for any web page the search engine will automatically pick up the content on your web page and will show that as the Meta description. It is not used for any SEO purposes. A short summary of the web page at the top of the pages source code in a Meta description tag is Meta data. Headings Heading is perhaps the piece of text appearing larger or more prominent than other text on the page.

This can be verified by checking the HTML code of the website if they include text with an h1, h2, or h3 tag surrounding it. Usually, search engines take the text in the headings as the keywords which is why you are asked to include keywords in your headings if possible.

Besides, as far as importance of the headlines as per the keywords are concerned, is given in ascending order first h1 tags, then h2 tags and so on.

Book Challenge 10 FREE Digital Marketing Ebooks To Read

Even h4 and h5 tags do exist but are taken as the regular text when it comes to their influence on keywords. It is advised to use h1 tag only once however, if required such as in case of blog posts or so, you can include h2 or h3 tags as paragraph titles.

You need to separate the keywords in the file name with a dash -.

Marketing download digital ebook

Domain Info The older your domain is the more importance search engine gives to your website. An older domain registration is a sign of commitment to the website, which in turn is a signal that the site has lesser probability of being spam. Moz Rank MOZ Rank is used to measure the overall online authority of your website which is why a higher moz rank is a good sign.

Google Crawl date Google updates the information related to your website such as keywords and other SEO factors after crawling it. This is why frequently crawling of site by Google is supposed to be a good thing. The best way to get Google crawl your website is to produce and publish fresh content on your website more frequently. Improving URL structure is a little bit complicated task however a skilled developer by yo ur side can significantly sort out the issue.

Stay away from keyword stuffing Keywords happen to be a very crucial component while practicing digital marketing however it does not mean you go ahead and stuff your entire content unnecessarily with too many keywords as not only it can be bad experience for your site visitors but even search engines have invented n numbers of ways to detect such behaviors. Besides, a good SEO strategy is the one that abides by search engine rules giving visitors a better reading experience at the same time.

Websites with higher authority are supposed to rank higher than those with lower authority. Website authority mainly gets influenced by inbound links. Linking of a page on your website by any other website is called inbound links. Now how to get the inbound links? Create high quality and original content which will lead other websites to obviously and willingly link it to the content on their sites.

Besides, sharing content on social media and optimizing it for search results increases the chances of pulling more and more inbound links towards you and leads to better visibility also.

How to create a Blog and marketing offers Publishing content on the web has become easier with blogging platforms like wordpress and blogger. Up till now this article has helped you gain a better understanding of your business keywords and know how to optimize your website for search engine.

Now we will go ahead and see how we can attract more visitors to our website. We all know how efficient blogging and other content like EBook and webinars are in bringing consumers to our business online. Approach towards Blogging While writing a blog forget about the fact that you are doing it for marketing purpose; think as if you have to spread authentic information and knowledge about the related topics to the masses, just like the way a magazine or a newspaper writer would do through their articles or columns.

However, you can always keep your blogging around your keywords but the quality of the blog should never be compromised. Besides, never use industry jargons that only your employees will be able to understand.

Like you did while making the keyword strategy, try including words or the phrases in your blog that are most frequently used by the people to describe or find your business. Before you start Blogging! There are various tools paid and free that allows you to easily publish your content. However, you need to keep certain things in mind while going ahead with business blogging.

First thing first your blog must be a part of your business website. By introducing fresh and new content with the publishing of the articles blogs tend to maintain the dynamism of your website. Even search engines prefer to give higher ranking to websites which constantly add fresh and new content. This in turn brings a huge traffic to your website and finally leads to an effective lead generation for your business.

13 Digital Marketing Ebooks That Will Help You Achieve Your Online Marketing Goals

Blogging Platforms to consider There are so many blogging platforms for your business such as wordpress, drupal, posterous and so on. With the help of these platforms you can easily update and add content to your site as you need not to know HTML code. You can do it all yourself without needing to wait for a webmaster to do so. Key Components of a successful blog Post There are so many things that need to be considered while creating a blog in order to drive more traffic to your website and convert them into leads while educating the customers at the same time.

Let us go through the key factors essential for a great blog post. Hence, make sure you are making your purpose of the article clear in the title as in what is the article all about. People love high quality informative article which lets them to learn new things and they eagerly share it on their social networks as well if they like your content.

Besides, for search engines compatibility, you are advised to use the relevant keywords in your title. You always have a prospect to write an SEO friendly article without compromising on its content. Make sure the article is easy to read.

Instead of throwing the information in bulk try using header tags and bullet points to branch off the content into different sections and make it more readable. Take care of the formatting part at the same time.

A poor formatting impacts very badly on your reputation. Ask anybody in your team to review the post before you publish. If not much, try adding at least one image with each blog post. Besides, infographics, slideshow presentations and videos are some good examples of other multimedia content that you can feature. On the one hand where businesses get more opportunity to extend their products, consumers gets a lot of information they were hunting for. Reader get to have a more in-depth knowledge of what they are interested in and marketer at the same time get to have more leads in their banks as the links naturally point to their internal and landing pages to help them generate more leads from their content.

Hence, try including in-text links where relevant. Calls-To-Action is a very important component that you need to include in a a blog. The blog content that you are going to publish must contain an applicable call-to-action to help increase lead generation.

Deciding the matter of your Blog See! It is a fact that you are doing business blogging to promote your product but at anytime during your blog you should not reveal it.

Ebook download marketing digital

People around the world check in your website as they are looking for some information of their need; try to identify this need of the consumers and decide the purpose of your blog. There would be so many questions your customers have asked from you, try to answer 10 most common of them through your blog posts.

Sign up for a free Piktochart account and start creating powerful visuals now!

Do this once a week for a few weeks and you will have the foundations of a great blog. After first few weeks are over, go ahead and use your blogging analytics to measure the impact of your different contents. Depending on the response of the consumers to the different contents you can optimize your blog for its content. If some of your posts have received relatively higher number of views and inbound links, try including more about these topics in your further content explaining these in details.

Contents Other Than Blogs Although worth still blog post is not the only type of content that does wonders in digital marketing. There are other content resources as well like eBooks, research reports or whitepapers that are found to be quite useful in generating leads.

Besides, non-text based contents like videos, webinars and slideshows are considered to be a great source. They not only educate and entertain the audience but posses a great ability to achieve information exchange, which happens to be a critical point in the sales cycle. Information exchange here is the process in which the visitor fills out the lead capture form to access the resource. As far as producing the content is concerned, you should not select to do so randomly. Try making use of marketing analytics for this.

It not only helps you pick the right kind of content you should produce but also optimize them based on results. For instance, marketing analytics lets you know as to which content is successful in generating leads for you and which type of content is bringing what part of the audience. Based on these calculations you can you can prioritize the contents to be published. How to promote content through Social media Social Media has proved amazing in generating revenue for those who can leverage it to dole out business content and increase the community of their brand proponents.

It provides a common platform for everybody to communicate directly with each other be it customers, prospects, businesses or their employees. Social media drives content distribution and brand visibility online to a great extent. Besides, make sure you have all your marketing analytics at the right place before you start your social media campaign in order to measure all the pros and cons.

Moreover, while leveraging social media, you must be aware of what industry-related conversations are happening online and when to respond. Should you focus on paid influencers or earned influencers? Jay touches on a lot of other aspects as well. Like the fact that brands need influencers. But influencers need brands so that they are able to develop and post interesting content for their followers.

He talks about the different kinds of influencers mega, macro and micro , and their impact on marketing and more. Check it out. It talks about inbound content marketing. And teaches you how to use it correctly to attract targeted people.

Peter discusses social media marketing, and other remarketing tactics for generating leads. He also talks, in detail, about the internet sales funnel. He teaches you all about advertising on the internet so that you can drive targeted traffic to your website. You will also learn about using dedicated sales-based landing pages. Kevan Lee and the Buffer team share 25 social media strategies you can use. A social media strategy is more than posting content. You need to work on achieving goals.

In this ebook, there are many actionable tips that can be useful to you as you work on social media. One tip which Kevin and the team share is about choosing areas of expertise to post your content on. Your followers should be able to figure you out easily. There is also a tip on testing your posting frequency. Find out if posting more than specific times a day is costing you followers. Read it to learn more tips. It is important that you achieve your marketing goals with the help of your content marketing strategies.

For that, you need to study your data and steer your content marketing efforts in a way that is guided by data. You need to analyze what content is resulting in what kinds of results, and accordingly plan your strategy. Hana Abaza explains it all very efficiently in the book.

She talks about using data for the content creation process. And she stresses the effectiveness of the process of content distribution. This expert survival guide contains optimization tips from 30 experts which can guide your own processes as a marketer. The experts give you tips on avoiding roadblocks and help you take your testing program to the next level.

Ebook download marketing digital

This book will help you create a smart experiment hypothesis. Which will help you build better testing processes. Joanna Wiebe shares her tips on writing a good landing page. She talks about critical copy elements a landing page must have for conversions.