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ALSO BY CARRIE RYAN The Forest of Hands and Teeth The Dead-Tossed Waves This is a work of fiction. Names, characters. The Dark and Hollow Places by Carrie Ryan. Read an Excerpt. Buy. Look Inside. Read an Buy the Audiobook Download: Apple · Audible · downpour · eMusic. Editorial Reviews. From the Author. Carrie Ryan When I began writing The Forest of Hands and .. kids on the go · Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants · Amazon Web Services Scalable Cloud Computing Services · Audible Download.

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DARK. AND. HOLLOW. PLACES a FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH book. The New York Times Palisade wall that cordons off and protects the Dark City as. Download ePUB The Dark and Hollow Places (Paperback) [PDF] Edge] the collection stacks of children's literature: Chunhyang Qiuyun Children's. READ The Dark And Hollow Places Forest Of Hands And Teeth pdf. Download The Dark And. Hollow Places Forest Of Hands And Teeth pdf. Ebooks The Dark.

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Is it possible to get another copy? Thank you sooooo much X. Frost midnight ice book 1 KB. Anky Singh pinned post 27 Apr Kaitlyn Davis - Simmer. Anky Singh pinned post 12 Feb Piano for Beginners 6th ED - Anky Singh pinned post 14 Jan Anky Singh pinned post 11 Jan Krait's Redemption - T. Christine White. Hi, Thanks. Anky Singh updated her profile picture: Anky Singh pinned post 9 Nov Gillian Flynn - Sharp Objects. Finkler Question, The - Howard Jacobson.

Salman Rushdie - The Satanic Verses. Anky Singh pinned post 4 Nov Flynn Gillian - Dark Places. Michele Campbell - It's Always the Husband. Ruth Ware - The Lying Game. The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. Arbaaz Shaikh. Anky Singh replied to Arbaaz. Arbaaz , try this one. Bad Girl. But it burns so, so good. Ryan has only honed and perfected her craft of agonized teenage affection throughout all three books, which is really well represented in this last story.

And then there's the generational aspect as well; Mary's story was the first story, somewhere around 20 years previous to the second book. By the end of this third book, you get the feeling that things have come full circle, that there is hope, another generation to be born, and even though they may have to fight for their lives, they WILL live.

That, ultimately, I think is Ryan's message: And that's what makes us different from the dead, just as Annah says in the book - the fact that we're aware and fight for these emotions makes us alive, makes us fallible, but makes us human. This is the line that separates us from the dead.

I really hope there are more books in the world of "Hands and Teeth" - "Hare Moon", a novella just released online which I haven't had a chance to read yet , apparently also takes place in the same universe. I won't take no for an answer. This one's in my top five for so far, and the year's not even over yet. Simply gorgeous. Jan 25, Enna Isilee rated it really liked it Shelves: I wasn't too thrilled with this book at first, but that ending I hope with all my might and soul that this isn't really the end of this fabulous series.

But if it is, it's still a beautiful ending. View all 7 comments. Jun 19, Lupita rated it it was amazing. Mar 23, Ashlie rated it it was amazing Shelves: What would you do if you knew you only had a few more days to live?

What are you living for if the Unconsecrated swarm the earth in hoards, claiming any and all life they can come in contact with? Do you get sick of fighting and running, always surviving just to survive, doing whatever it takes to survive? Carrie Ryan sends all these questions and much more!

This book was an amazing finis What would you do if you knew you only had a few more days to live? This book was an amazing finish to such a remarkable series. I love a writer who gives you something, say, a present, wrapped in pretty pink paper.

This gift is so amazing, and the author allows it to grow in your heart, then rips it right back out, roughs it up some, okay, roughs it up A LOT, and then hands it back to you, wrapped in pretty new paper and says, "okay, this time you can have it. I adored it. I adored the torture that some scenes were, the humanity that the characters attempt to preserve and the love that perseveres through all hopelessness.

Another thing that is SO great about this trilogy is how each book is told from a different and possibly new character's POV, yet they are all intertwined so deeply, and rooted to each other.

I loved how Annah tried to learn what she was really fight for and how Catcher tried to learn to be unbroken. Everything on the surface was about survival, but underneath is was so, so SO much deeper. Gabry and Elias were great complimentary characters whereas, in the volume before this book, The Dead-Tossed Waves, they really were the show.

Epub Teenage Mermaid

Their back story was plenty strong enough to allow them to reinforce the third books plot without rehashing too much of the plot of the series in TDAHP. I am grateful that authors like Carrie Ryan exist to torture us; it expands our horizons and thoughts in different ways.

It doesn't always give us the "fairy-tale ending" but it helps to show us how adversity can create opportunities for us and reshape the way we see things. Just because something is different, doesn't mean it's bad.


This book is SUCH a great example of that. Even though as a reader I flt hopelessness and despair during the course of events in this book, the characters never stopped hoping and believing that a better way existed.

They knew it didn't have to be perfect, but that if they didn't just have to keep "surviving," they could really, truly live. I've never been into "zombie drama" stories or movies, but Carrie Ryan takes the undead to a whole new level. I love the suspense, the horror, the romance that makes surviving not just a matter of saving your own life, but of someone else's, and every other emotion and feeling this book and series evokes.

This series is one of the best I've ever read and it absolutely graces the top of my "Favorite Series" list. Even if you think you don't like zombie stories, you need to read this series. If you don't read this book, I hear you turn into a Mudo. Sucks to be yooooooou May 09, Stacey rated it it was ok Shelves: This final?

The world has ended, there are a few survivors trying to scrabble out an increasingly difficult and futile existence, and of course, the teenagers are smarter, faster and better than the adults. More so than the other two books, the teenagers in The Dark and Hollow Places , were cast as "good," and the adults were unrelentingly bad, obstructionist, and in some cases, plain old vanilla stupid.

Still, I felt like I had to finish the series, a This final? Fortunately, it's a quick and easy read, even if Annah's continual whining about her scars, and Catcher's "heat" got really old after about 50 pages. Not especially recommended, but if you've read this far, you might as well finish the series.

May 11, Lofinka rated it really liked it Shelves: No gif can describe my feelings after reading this book. First impression: The second book was better, come onnn. Second impression: The Death-Tossed Waves disappointed, this is Champion! Dear Lord!

The Dark and Hollow Places

Annah lives in a Dark City where she's waiting for his friend Elias, whom had fled from the village. A Few years ago he left to join the crimps for a couple of years to OMG!

A Few years ago he left to join the crimps for a couple of years to provide the service themselves and Anna safe, but it doesn't return for a long time and Annah isn't going to wait any longer. She decides to retire from the dangerous city and find a better life somewhere far away.

It was at her departure but she sees his sister on the way to the city, so she stayed. Everything happens next will start the chain of events leading to a huge denouement: Can the human race survive in the final battle against unclean or whatever? Yes, this book offers a huge finale. It is full of action, emotion and also is boasting my favorite heroine of this series. But the biggest plus is somewhere else.

How dark and catastrophic this book is. One might expect it by name, but I guess no one can prepare to future like this only based on name. How far Carrie Ryan chased her vision of the Dark City really surprised me.

As I said, Annah is my favorite heroine from this series. She's strong, harsh and brave. Even here, however, appear Carrie's shortcomings of previous books. Annah is too much thinking sometimes. She's still discussing her guilt she feels towards his sister I survived that, yay! As we know, Gabry was dating Catcher, but she fell in love with Elias after his transformation.

Well, Annah was in love with Elias, but the more she was recognized Catcher, the more she was detached of that feelings especially when he licked her twin and, of course, she begins to discuss her growing feelings for Catcher. And here we go I didn't like Catcher very much. I noticed one thing in this series - when there are two boys in one book, one is good and a second is bad, literally literally as BAD.

He's rude, mad. And in this book I found that Catcher isn't that bad, neither rude or mad. Maybe he's more attractive than Elias. And that scene when he was crying and hugging Annah in her bed was just ohhh Little spoiler - I think that last night of Anna and Elias, before he joined the crimps.

Did you also thought that they, as it were, came to the last base? Were you also surprised that they were just ''kissing''? Because Annah Although can undress to the waist ahead of Catcher left her pants and shoes or take his hands and put them on her breasts, but God forbid that they were doing something more than kissing and making out together!

You know what? Well, that's just something I noticed and want to get out of my head.

When I let out that love triangle square and thinking about the past, it was really great book and super ending of this series. I really enjoyed Dark and Hollow Places and it's just a pity that there are no more books similar to this one! Apr 14, Nely rated it it was amazing Shelves: Annah has been living on her own in the Dark City since Elias left to join the protectorate.

With scars that mar her face and body, Annah is more of a recluse. She uses her street smarts - bowing her head, not making eye contact and blending into the shadows as a weapon. Without any friends or family she has used these skills as a way to survive the dangers of the Dark City. Waiting for Elias, her life has become as lifeless as that of the Unconsecrated but then she meets Catcher. Catcher who brings with him memories of a past that she has longed to forget.

Out of the three leading ladies you will find in this series, Annah was hands down my favorite. She wasn't a whiner like Mary, and Gabry annoyed me with all her boy drama She was tough as nails, brave, strong and courageous.

Her will to live was a breath of fresh air. Even though she's scarred, feels alone and even broken at times - she still was not willing to give up. Out of the three books I believe this was the darkest one. Their struggle for survival was the most intense. I went through a slew of emotions from sadness, hopelessness, and even found myself choked up more than once.

I can't even imagine a life this bleak where the unconsecrated are a threat but humans can be just as dangerous. Yet through it all I found myself hopeful. I found myself waiting for and really savoring the moments that weren't as dark Especially when those moments dealt with Annah and Catcher's relationship. The fact that they are both so broken and flawed really makes you hope that they can find a way to make it work in a world infested by the living dead.

Ryan did a wonderful job in connecting everything together. Overall this book was incredible. The whole series is amazing. Full of tension, suspense, nail-biting action and Unconsecrated I can't recommend it enough! Hands down the best book I have read this year, and easily the strongest installment of this trilogy-which is now my second favorite of all time, second to only "Chaos Walking" The Forest of Hands and Teeth was worth 4.

It was magnificent. It takes place in a dying New York City, at least years into the future. This is now called "The Dark City"-one of the last safe places on a dead earth.

I typed six more, but all of them were mega-spoilers, and thats not on. The third book is narrated by a third protagonist-Annah, and she is the most likable and interesting yet. Everything I type will not do justice to this thrilling book Just read it. Its written well, paced terrifically, the characters are wonderful and the dark atmosphere is sensational. I just wanted to pull Annah out of the book and comfort her. And the ending I am considering making a goodreads shelf for 'best climaxes' just for this book.

Ive tried recommending this series to my friends, but they just scoff: Its all about human nature, survival, love -and mostly: Please, please, please, please: Read this trilogy.

Mar 25, Sesana rated it liked it Shelves: Argh, Carrie Ryan. Such a good writer, and yet there's always something about her books that bothers me. Last time, in Dead-Tossed Waves, I was bored by both the heroine and the romance. This is an improvement, in that it's just the romance that bothered me. Gabry honestly irritated me, so I was not exactly looking forward to a book from the POV of her sister.

Luckily, Annah is a far more interesting character, rather more like Mary had been: Ryan's setting and creep factor remain as good as ever.

It's just that romance. Elias and Annah grow up as brother and sister. At some point, she falls into a barbed wire fence and becomes heavily scarred over half her body, which understandably gives her some issues. Elias and Annah who have, I remind you, been brother and sister for years start to fall in love, which isn't squicky at all.

However, Elias decides that he doesn't want to deal with Annah's issues and runs off. While away, he meets Gabry, Annah's identical twin sister. Who has no scars. Cue insta-love on his part. I don't think I need to elaborate on how much this bothered me. But wait, it's not over yet! Early in the book, Elias, Gabry, Annah, and Catcher meet up.

In the prior book, Gabry had rejected Catcher in favor of Elias. But then he meets Annah, identical to Gabry save the scars, and boom! It's appallingly obvious that Catcher is using her as a stand-in for Gabry, at least at first. This is why Carrie Ryan drives me crazy. Her books are almost entirely really good, but there's always just one thing that bugs me.

It's to her credit that I even attempted to finish this book at all, much less that I enjoyed it as much as I did. Jun 20, Amy Nielsen rated it did not like it Shelves: Where oh where do we begin?

The ONLY reason I continued beyond book 2 was that I hoped beyond hope that something awesome might happen and somehow this crew would whip the zombie's butts and create a new world. Well, since I gave up on this book in the last 20 minutes of it audiobook , it's not looking like that happened, unless it happened super fast. No, I wouldn't have normally given up that close to the end but my library loan ended and I just don't care what finally happened to stupid Anna Where oh where do we begin?

No, I wouldn't have normally given up that close to the end but my library loan ended and I just don't care what finally happened to stupid Annah in the tunnels in the frigid air. Yes, say frigid air out loud and see if you don't laugh out loud. Because I heard it repeatedly like 7 times and I was like, wha?

I understand the air is cold, but is this author so completely devoid of imagination that the only words she can use to describe cold air repeatedly is frigid air? Stupid similes, something is always "like" something else in a totally long-winded annoying way. The stupid self-talk continues as in the other books and random bits of tedious unimportant information that is forever fed to the reader.

This is not good literature - it is annoying fluff. Annah is a self-pitying reject who has no original idea of her own and trusts no one and yet falls in love with Catcher without any real reason that I can see. Let's talk about Catcher for a second though.

This is a boy as 2 dimensional as the pages of the book. This boy is totally into Annah's twin sister for all of book 2 and decides he can't be with her because it's too big of a risk. And yet, 1 day later okay maybe a week later he meets Gabry's twin sister, scarred and broken, and falls in love too - again, with no reason that is made clear to us. And yet although Annah is Gabry's twin, she's the ugly twin. But Catcher's willing to sacrifice all of his scruples for the ugly twin - and not even the nice ugly twin.

She's the mean, ugly twin. I don't get this 2 dimensional stuff. And so we don't get enough information as to why the relationships go in the directions they do, and yet we know exactly minute inconsequential events occur.

Here are a few examples of extraneous sentences that tell us nothing and waste space: I don't notice him make his way along the edge of the wall. And the partial sentences are so grating ya partial sentence intended. I can't stand poor grammar from an author. If you are going to write, please don't insult my intelligence by using poor grammar. There is no excuse. It is not cool, trendy or whatever it is you're hoping to achieve.

It just makes you look like a marginal amateur author. Last but not least, the narrator for this book was terrible. I know this because I went onto Google Books and looked up the book so I could actually read it, and it wasn't quite so bad.

Which tells me that the narrator was an amateur too. Please blow your nose before you read - ya, really.

Epub Teenage Mermaid 2003

But frankly I am more discerning with my spare time and I feel like I just wasted it. I look back over the 3 books and feel like so very little of any monument actually happened and the end of book 3 was a joke - how convenient that a group of completely untrained "children" could come up with such a viable option and create this complex aircraft for their escape.

Made from quilts and oil? It didn't burn up?

Dark hollow epub and download places the

No trial run? It makes about as much sense as the whole rest of this ridiculous series. Apr 08, Greta is Erikasbuddy rated it it was amazing. I adore this series. I was skeptical at first but I always am.

I just can't hand the lip gloss dot your eyes with wash and curl kind of books. This series isn't one of them. These books made me squee with delight as each girl endured a loss sprikled torture but found love in the most unsuspecting of places.

I loved the insert zombie here and make it a bit rougher than your normal hard knock life kinda story. It was a very interesting world. Dare I say better than Harry Potter? I actually do say bec I adore this series. I actually do say because I know Hogwarts would never accept me but the Forest would welcome me with open arms, the Waves would try to take me away, and those Hollow Places would be a nice blanket when I tried to hide my head.

Plus, I'm one of those weirdos who could never get into the Potter books. Well, I'd like to tell you everything. I really would, but you see So, to those who have read the series: I really enjoyed what I read. To those of you who haven't read the series: I highly recommend it. I would have loved to have read a series like this when I was thirteen and up I'm sure a 12 year old could handle it but there are some graphic violence that parents might want to censor till the child gets a bit older and won't wind up in their bed when the wind rattles the tree branch against their window-- FYI: TEETH scared me so bad that I thought my house was infested with zombies for a time lolz I enjoyed this series way more than the Beautiful one.

It's about neck and neck with the Iron one but that's only because both of those worlds are just so different and unique that they tie in different ways. The originality of the zombie apocalypse has been done before but the plot was one of a kind and very imaginative. I also enjoyed how each book was done by a different girl's point of view. That really wowed me. The way the author linked everyone up but made each story different was amazing.

I have to admit that this is NOT a stand-alone book. IF you can't it is fine. THe stories that you might not remember are explained to you but you'll be brain farting for a while until then. I know I was. I now want to read all the short anthology stories that have been written in this land. I want to disect this world a little more. While I am sad that this was the final book I am very satisfied with the way that it ended.

View all 11 comments. May 16, Duchess Nicole rated it really liked it Shelves: At no point in the reading of this entire series have I ever had happy feelings. That being said, this is a series that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Maybe I shelter myself with romance too often. In my endless search for literary escape, do I miss out on these thought provoking gems? Ms Ryan is an amazing author. Truly, the thoughts she must have in her head to be able to come up with this entire world, the characterization and imagery that she creates is stunning.

She is an artist with words, painting a vivid dystopian society that feels so real! Someone better check on that. What would humanity do if they were in this situation? Is this what people turn into? Those in power preying on the weak, building cities just so they can control, rape, murder? The torture that they dish out is atrocious. Buck up, little girl! The horrors taking place around you, the inhumanity of the humans who are meant to protect you needs to stop!

That bothered me more than anything else. I felt like Mrs. Ryan just…got tired of writing escape attempts. Or at the very least some sort of finality? I wish we did. I could have given this the fifth star. I want to rant and rant and pitch a fit.

Places the download and epub hollow dark

But I shall refrain and move on with my life. How amazing that a person can bring out these emotions in so many readers. What a fabulous accomplishment and what a great job she did. Bravo to Carrie Ryan. Now write a freaking epilogue!! View all 4 comments. Jun 13, Jon rated it it was amazing Shelves: Check out more reviews at Scott Reads It! It's not always about tomorrow and the day after that-what we achieve over the years and how we leave the world.

Sometimes it's about today. I have read tons of trilogies and the 3rd book in a trilogy almost always manages to disappoint me.

I usually don't like how authors resolve trilogies because the conclusions usually feel way too rushed. Second of all, it sounds kind of juvenile but I avoided reading this book because I didn't want this series to end. The Dark And Hollow Places is an extremely satisfying conclusion that definitely exceeded all of my expectations.

Carrie Ryan is truly a literary genius. Only Carrie Ryan could make a zombie book into something so beautiful and emotionally powerful. The Dark And Hollow Places filled me with hope and yet at the same time it broke my heart and shattered it into a million pieces.

No matter how hopeless a situation may seem, no situation is entirely hopeless. Annah is so different from Mary and Gabry but I still loved her nevertheless.

Annah is extremely insecure about herself but you really can't blame her. Some readers will probably find Annah irritating but her insecurity is really a result of her situation. Even though everything feels so bleak and hopeless, Annah is determined to continue to fight each and every day.

If I was in the situation that Annah was, I highly doubt I'd be as hopeful or determined as she was. I really loved watching Annah evolve as a person and accept who she is. Everything feels even more bleak and hopeless in this book. Carrie Ryan takes advantage of the situation and uses the setting to put across some thought provoking messages. What does it mean to be human?

When is it okay to give up? Is life worth living without hope? Some people have complained about how this series ended because it's a bit open ended. I found the ending extremely satisfying and it was a truly perfect ending. I don't want to give anything way but I loved the ending!

The Dark And Hollow Places is a thought-provoking conclusion to one of my all-time favorite series. I really look forward to reading more of Carrie Ryan's books and I hope I enjoy them as much as I enjoyed this book. I'd highly recommend reading all of The Forest Of Hands And Teeth books and I believe these books really deserve the hype they receive!

December 6th, 46 92 Dec 13, The Dark and Hollow Places 1 30 Sep 22, Readers Also Enjoyed. Young Adult. About Carrie Ryan. Carrie Ryan. Carrie Ryan is the New York Times bestselling author of a lot of books. She use to be a lawyer. Happily, she is not anymore. You can keep it that way by reading her books: If you like zombies, try the Forest of Hands and Teeth series.

If you like clever, fun adventure fantasy for year olds, definitely read the Map To Everywhere series co-written with her husband, John Parke Davis. If you like cold calculated revenge involving hidden identities and lots of secrets: Daughter of Deep Silence.

If you or your kids like multi-author, multi-platform series like 39 Clues and Spirit Animals, try Infinity Ring: Divide and Conquer -- it's produced by the same publisher and has vikings and true history! If you like true-crime stuff both fiction and podcasts , check out her upcoming release, Dead Air , a serialized thriller co-written with Gwenda Bond and Rachel Caine.

If you're pretty sure you won't survive the zombie apocalypse, you're in good company. She won't either. CarrieRyanWrites twitter: CarrieRyan website: Other books in the series. The Forest of Hands and Teeth 3 books. Books by Carrie Ryan. Trivia About The Dark and Holl Quotes from The Dark and Holl How I can be so bad at it when it's all I've ever wanted. All I've ever known is about leaving or being left.

Welcome back.