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MI40 MainTrainingManual-Pakulsky - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) my methods are equally effective for drug-free or drug-assisted individuals. PrintableWorkoutSheets_B - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Cardio is to be done 3 times per week in MI This is a. If you're looking for the new MI40X Xtreme, click here. Otherwise read on for the original MI This page includes a free PDF preview of Ben.

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We can't wait to help you achieve your goals! MI40 Nation member workouts are available in the menu, and depending on the membership level you purchased, you'll find videos, articles and much more waiting for you inside! Welcome to the MI40 family! Whether your goal is to get shredded or add pounds to your frame, Ben will work with you to write the perfect plans using your current stats, goal and answers to various targeted questions.

Congratulations on choosing to purchase a program that will very likely revolutionize the way you approach attaining your physique goals! If you click into the Community Forums from the MI40 Nation submenu, you will see a designated section for each program so that you can receive the focussed attention you may need, as well as interacting with many others who are embarking on a similar journey of excellence!

Ben believes in striving to deliver in return at least 10x the cost that his customers invest in him, so not only has he worked tirelessly to ensure that the purchase you made exceeds your expectations, he has also added several surprise bonus items to your order!

To further compliment your order, and for your enjoyment, you will have easy access to a large number of free Videos, Podcasts, Articles and Recipes to help you get more out of your journey! You can read more about the different MI40 Nation memberships by clicking here.

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Stay the course, trust in the program s , and soon you will no doubt be joining the many thousands of transformation success stories Ben is proud to have played an important role in! If not, please check your emails for your purchase receipt the email address you entered when purchasing the plans to access that now! Units of Measurement for food items: Meat in Oz rest in grams for accuracy OR Metric all in grams.

Workouts Videos Podcasts Articles Recipes.

MIFoundation Download Area. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser to watch the videos and. Main Program Materials. Nutrition Guide Preview. Training Manual Preview. Supplement Guide Preview. Exercise Guide Preview.

Training Videos Chest. Chest — Part 1. Back — Part 1. Delts — Part 1. Every single time I step in the gym, my focus is not only on building muscle and having great workouts, but also on how to improve each and every exercise so that I am able to get the most out of each muscle fiber on every rep.

This has taken a lot of studying of physics-angles and forces; anatomy and biomechanics.

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Hours and hours of reading textbooks and researching the most brilliant people in the world and often seeking them out to train with them or learn from them directly. All of the cumulative information gathered over the last 13 years has led me here, to MI40, and passing all of this information on to you. Why would I share this wealth of information?

I have such a tremendous love and passion for training and nutrition. Helping people is what I am good at.

MI40 MainTrainingManual-Pakulsky

I will take the same pride in changing your life. I look forward to seeing your before and after pics when you send them to me! Maybe part of it is my ego… I really believe that I can take ANY physique and mold it into something amazing with the obvious exception of people that may not be physically or mentally capable -- or even worse, LAZY!

The objective of this program is to teach each and every one of you how to build REAL muscle. I want you to be able to step into any gym with the confidence that you can build muscle and change the way you look, at will.

Free ebook download mi40

Building and shaping muscle is easy, once you learn how. These are the variables that most trainers and athletes know nothing about: Brain says contract; nervous system sends a signal; muscles move. The strength of contraction is dependent on the tension perceived in the muscle. The more tension, the more muscle fibers that are told to contract. Eventually those muscles fatigue, but the nervous system is still getting a signal to contract those muscles hard. At some point, the nervous system can no longer recruit any more muscle fibers to contract and the muscle stops working.

Every time this happens, the body is asked to adapt, thereby forming new neurological pathways to the muscle and, therefore, a greater percentage of muscles can fire at once. To fully exploit muscle growth, it is absolutely essential to know what this range is, and how the muscle is intended to move. Be sure to watch the online videos and review the Exercise Execution document to learn what full range of motion is for each respective exercise.

Torque is the force directed through a muscle that results in greater tension in the muscle: Muscles communicate in terms of tension. How does this apply to you? Weights are irrelevant. If we can increase tension and torque in the working muscle without increasing the actual weight, we grow equally as well and minimize chance of injury from uncontrolled heavy weight and improper movements. In order for muscle to grow, it must be subjected to new stimulus, or to a new amount of stimulus.

Most trainers get locked into the habit of doing the same things over and over and the monotony creates boredom, which leads to lack of intensity. MI40 takes control of every one of these variables and manipulates them so that your body is constantly adapting, and therefore growing!

Why is the workout 40 days? Forty days 6 weeks has been scientifically proven to be the optimal amount of time to adapt to any training program for maximal effect before moving on to another training program.

This number is not only applicable to MI40, but to any training program you might use in the future. Research done by Viiru et al, in , shows that the body has reached its climax for muscular and neurological adaptation at this point.

What do I do when I am finished with the 40 days? Definitely continue training. MI40 is actually designed to overload your nervous system and allow for a greater percentage of muscle fiber to fire when it is complete.

This means that you will actually be stronger and continue to grow for many weeks following MI40, if you continue to train hard. Why are the workouts 40 minutes long? We have all heard of, and seen, people who like to train for hrs at a time. This is NOT something I would suggest for any athlete wanting to build muscle. We need to optimize every aspect of this training program to ensure growth!

Cortisol starts to rise at the first sign of internal muscle damage. It will continue to rise as long as you train. The longer you train, the more cortisol you will produce. Cortisol is not ALL bad, but there is definitely a point of diminishing returns. Between minutes is when growth potential has reached its peak and the catabolic hormones start to overpower the anabolic growth-producing hormones. Is it bad if I train longer than 40 minutes?

Some workouts might be tough to get done in 40 minutes. Some people would benefit from doing two shorter workouts when 2 body parts need to be trained. How did you select the 40 exercises?

Years of training and research has led me to conclude that certain exercises simply recruit more muscle fibers and are more effective for growth. These are exercises that are known to recruit more overall muscle fibers per repetition. These exercises are perfect for learning to train a muscle through its FULL range of motion and for creating a greater mind-muscle connection. How do you decide how many exercises per body part? Most exercises are sets so each workout will be roughly minutes of work sets.

So, this is how we get 5 exercises per workout. Some days you will notice you have 2 body parts. This was necessary to obtain the optimal amount of frequency. In ideal circumstances, it would be best to train those in TWO separate workouts during the day. One in the AM and one in the PM: If this is not possible, the workouts will still be under 1 hour if done efficiently because the 2nd body part is always minimal volume. What is the thinking behind the body part split?

The split in MI40 was chosen to allow for optimal recovery between synergistic body parts. Every body part is trained twice in a week, every 3 weeks. How do I know I am creating the maximum amount of tension?

If you are applying Intentions whenever possible, the amount of tension you are applying is completely under your control. When using Intentions, the amount of force you apply either in or out , is inversely proportional to the weight used. The heavier the weight, the less you will be able to use Intentions.

Always do your best to use intention on the negative portion of ALL reps. Your body is stronger eccentrically and therefore you can apply additional force without having to worry about not completing the rep.

Watch the online videos to learn how to execute each exercise properly and re-read the Exercise Execution Guide multiple times over. How do I know I am doing the exercise exactly the right way?

Every single exercise of the MI40 program is described in the exercise execution guide. Optimal form is easy, once you know how to do it. When someone starts using Intentions, is it very normal for the weight to drop significantly? This is okay. You are still creating as much, if not more, tension inside your muscles. Once you feel the increased tension on the muscle, and can maintain this through the ENTIRE range of motion, slowly start increasing the weight back to where you were prior to using Intentions.

There are many helpful little tricks and hints in there to help you along. Why perform 8 repetitions per set? Why 5 seconds per rep? This keeps you using the maximal amount of weight possible while staying in the second Time Under Tension range. What is a tempo? How does it look for a pushing exercise? How does it look for a pulling exercise? A tempo is the standard tempo for all MI40 exercises unless stated otherwise.

A tempo on a bench press pushing exercise would look like this: Why 4 second negative? Any more than 8 repetitions and you will likely be using too little load to stimulate maximum growth. It has been shown that your muscles are stronger on the negative Eccentric portion of the rep.

Increased Time under Tension here is a great way to exploit the fact that you can use more weight and keep the muscles exposed to a load for a longer period. Why should a set last 40 seconds? A set should last 40 seconds because it has been proven that ideal Time Under Tension for muscular growth is between seconds.

To stay on the low end of this, ensures you will be working a greater percentage of fast-twitch muscle fiber and using a greater overall load. We will also utilize the science of time under tension to upwards of 70 seconds on NOS sets! Remember what we said was the means of communication between muscles?


We are increasing it in 2 ways by simply slowing a movement down. Why should I rest 40 seconds between sets? Forty seconds is just enough time to allow your muscle to replenish its energy stores to allow you to continue weight training.

These energy systems have been replenished substantially after 40 seconds to allow you to be able to continue to exercise. The point here is to train the muscles again before they have a chance to recover completely.

You may see many people taking longer between sets. The point of this would be to allow the nervous system, which takes more time, to recover.

This would be advantageous in strength training. It is not as effective for muscle-building. Why do you rotate around different workouts each week? The workouts are set up so that you train each body part twice in a week, every 3 weeks.

Training every 7 days is not enough to illicit optimal growth for most people. Training every body part twice a week is way too much, but rotating through body parts done twice weekly, is a great way to increase frequency and avoid burnout and overtraining. How much weight do I drop each time for my NOS set? This is when I discovered NOS!

My training partner and I had been coming up with creative ways to inflict pain on each other during leg workouts, for years. I remember daydreaming of ways to make workouts harder.

My goal was to leave the gym knowing I had BLASTED every single muscle fiber, and to have my training partner talking about how he had never experienced muscle pumps and growth like this. Being a research junky, I had always read about overloading the muscle and overloading the nervous system to stimulate new muscle and strength gains, respectively. Time under Tension was proven to be the number one factor correlated with muscle growth and overload! Something clicked in my brain!

This had to be better than just Time under Tension!! If I could use the maximum amount of weight I could handle for strict form, for the greatest amount of time possible, growth was inevitable! The only catch? NOS is something that I have been using religiously ever since… perfecting its components. I use it to get ready for my contests and in my off-season. The greatest number of muscle fibers are broken down or exhausted.

Taking your muscles to such an exhausted state also causes the highest possible release of growth hormones and growth factors within a working muscle! Without these, you can train all day and eat a perfect diet, and expect ZERO growth. The goals here are to extend the set for as long as possible while maintaining tension on the working muscle, and to perfect form! Start the set with a weight that you can use for a strict 8 repetitions.

Immediately continue to perform as many repetitions as you can with the second weight usually reps. DO NOT allow your form to stray in an attempt to complete more reps. The NOS system was specifically designed to increase intra-muscular intensity and create the optimal environment for growth! These hormones MUST be present inside the muscle cells to initiate the growth process. The body has its own natural ability to create more than sufficient amounts of these hormones, given the right training environment.

NOS has been No other training protocol comes close to stimulating this amount of muscle growth. Testosterone has been shown to increase in response to any intense exercise, in both men and women.

Its levels peak after 20 minutes and begin to fall around the minute mark. The goal of any workout plan should be to stimulate this natural release of testosterone, and get out of the gym before it plummets!

GH is released in response to exercise and the presence of lactic acid in the blood. Lactic acid is released during anaerobic exercise for the first 2 minutes of activity.

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GH levels will actually continue to be stable for a long time during training. IGF-1 -- Insulin-like growth factor is only released during exercise when muscles are pushed to their limit. This is the true muscle- building hormone.

This is what makes NOS so effective. Taking muscles to their brink causes maximal growth via IGF Complete the first 3 sets to failure with 8 repetitions at a tempo of For the 4th and final set, the NOS set: The NOS Mindset: There is a specific mindset that must be achieved to truly benefit from the NOS overload: It is also essential to completely eliminate any extraneous body movement.

Nothing, other than the muscle and joints I am working, are allowed to move. When taking your body to the most extreme limit, as you are with NOS, it is absolutely essential to be in the right mindset and not allow for any cheating or unnecessary movement. Approach each set and each rep with: Muscles do not know how much weight you are using. They only know how much tension is actually going through them at any one moment. Tension must be applied over a range of motion for the myofibrils small contractile tissue in the muscle to shorten and begin the exhaustion process.