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Fools Die by Mario Puzo Book I Chapter 1 “Listen to me. I will tell you the truth about a man's life. I will tell you Fools Die: A Novel · Fools die: a novel · Fools die. Mario Puzo, with this novel, prepared me for many of the dangers as well as the For in truth, the story of Fools Die is my story as is The Godfather and The Sicilian. They are Скачать эту книгу (k) в формате: fb2, lrf, epub, mobi, txt, html. The Fortunate Pilgrim. The Godfather. Omerta. See all books by Mario Puzo People Who Read Fools Die Also Read. ‹ › Bleeding Edge. Billionaire Blend.

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Fools Die: A Thriller. +. The Sicilian: A Novel. +. Omerta: A Novel. Total price: $ Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. One of these items ships sooner . Fools Die - Kindle edition by Mario Puzo. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. The novel is by far the best I read. To ask other readers questions about Fools Die, please sign up. .. When you see a Puzo you expect a down and dirty tale of men's vices, violence .. to read the novel though. before i started reading Fool's Die, i was unfamiliar with Puzo's .

Fools die Title: Fools die Author: I read Fools Die for the first time when I was sixteen and it was chosen by me because of my desire to learn more about Mario Puzo's work aside from The Godfather. It changed me. Even after five years of college and university, I have yet to find a novel with characters which touched me the way Puzo's did in this novel. I actually miss them to this day and every year or two, I read it again, to remember those characters and the lessons they taught me.

Share This eBook:. Add to Wishlist. Instant Download. Description eBook Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews "Fame and wealth, skulduggery and cheating and pimping, love affairs and carnal arrangements, once scene following another pell-mell, all written with unflagging vitality The Pretty Delicious Cafe Hungry for summer, romance, friends and food?

Fools Die - Mario Puzo Reviews

A Thousand Paper Birds. Anything is Possible. Men Without Women Stories. The Trip of a Lifetime. Best Laid Plans.

Against All Odds. City of Friends. View 2 comments. View all 4 comments. Jan 14, Brian Fagan rated it it was amazing. This is a big, sloppy, at times poorly edited book. But, it was also ambitious, energetic, poetic and at times genius. Puzo swung for the fences with this book and 'tho the heavens may fall' he did whatever he wanted to.

The storyline is almost nonexistent. Instead you follow Merlyn, the protagonist, as he lives his life as a sometimes gambler, government clerk, husband and father, successful writer, Hollywood hack, and loyal friend to some old Vegas buddies. I love these kinds of books. Books w This is a big, sloppy, at times poorly edited book. Books with ideas so big that there was never any chance they would fit inside the book jacket.

Mailer had a few books like that incidently check out Puzo's character Osano. There's something wonderfully arrogant about saying to the reader that the story isn't nearly as important as my preaching! I love it. Defiant pricks! This is the only time I can think of possibly Fortunate Pilgrim fits this as well, possibly , where Puzo got up on a pulpit and preached.

The whole book is nothing but his philosophy. I loved reading this. This has to be the most personal thing Puzo ever wrote. It's a shame he didn't write more books like this, but what a document he left for us. View 1 comment.

I'm having a hard time deciding how to rate this book. I truly enjoyed the first half of it, I was hooked from the very first Chapter and once again blown away by Puzo's masterful writing. Some scenes felt like they were coming right out of a movie the gambling ones in particular and I quickly became attached to the characters, with their believable background stories, their flaws and their motivations.

But then, this all turned into a big mess and a big waste when it became apparent the book I'm having a hard time deciding how to rate this book. But then, this all turned into a big mess and a big waste when it became apparent the book didn't have any storyline.

Die free mario puzo fools download ebook

Instead, we got introduced to uninteresting characters and THEIR backstories , tedious affairs, poorly written sex scenes, painfully repetitive dialogues and drama. The book had lost focus and it kept dragging on and on. Yet, I kept listening, hoping for some kind of twist or something that would tie everything together When I finally reached the end of the book, I was left with disappointment.

I can't recommend Fools Die tho, unless you're a hardcore fan. I've read that it's the author's favorite and it's true that the book sounds very personal at times with its reflections on death, love, and writing, but maybe it's also why it also felt so self-indulgent and too long. View all 6 comments. I've tried listening to this twice. I think it was supposed to be funny, but it was just grating. I remembered it well enough that I skipped through it quickly. The story itself starts off by introducing 4 or 5 people in a Las Vegas casino.

There was a lot of detail without much happening.

Puzo free die mario download ebook fools

I didn't like any of them nor did I care enough about them to even dislike them. I decided that if they ever got around to doing anything interesting, I wouldn't care anyway. Dec 28, Brian Gordon rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is Puzo's finest hour This book is about real people and fate and magic.

The story goes in several directions but manages to come back home in a solid fashion. Everyone should give it a read, I've read it several times. Feb 19, Travis rated it it was amazing Shelves: Definitely took some time to get in to, but once I was in I was hooked.

I read several reviews of this book claiming that it was a departure from Puzo's normal style, and that it was unlike his masterpeice, The Godfather.

I totally disagree. The story here follows big and powerful people, skipping cross-country through a dizzying melee of sex, money, power, fame, love, hatred, blame, denial, loss, and luck - and remains the whole while to be an ultimately human experience. That's really what Puzo Definitely took some time to get in to, but once I was in I was hooked.

That's really what Puzo's good at - no matter the scope of the story or the level of grandeur, it's always an intensely personal experience, deeply grounded and fraught with character insight and real-world interactions that make the characters, not the plot, drive the story forward.

The characters are real, believable people, and by the last page you really get to know them, begin to understand what they might think and feel. This book is about a man, not the things a man does.

Another notable quality of this one is it's marked masculinity. Chauvinism aside, this isn't really a book I'd recommend for the average lady-reader. It's wholly about a man - a cynical, macho, gambling, cheating, unfaithful, and bizarrely honest,noble and likable, man - making it big first in Vegas and then in life, following his exploits from the casino to the bedroom with equal parts machismo and somberness.

That being said, it does have it's flaws. At times the prose seemed to ramble on without any clear direction, and a constant shift from third-person switching often from limited to omniscient to first-person perspective with occasional alternate first-persons made the reading awkward at times, and almost felt like poor editing.

It was really only blunt force power of the writing that managed to pull it all together. Even still, it came out as a deeply affecting story and a quality read, despite its flaws. Apr 14, Teodora rated it really liked it. Feb 01, Ebehi rated it really liked it. This book is like a different Puzo. Reading the reviews at the beginning I got the feeling that the critics were not especially crazy about this one and after reading it I understood why. Puzo's The Godfather earned him the reputation of a writer that gives the reader a good thrill.

No need to really enter the minds of the characters, their deeds speak for them. When you see a Puzo you expect a down and dirty tale of men's vices, violence and deeds done in the dark, especially those of the Mafia This book is like a different Puzo. When you see a Puzo you expect a down and dirty tale of men's vices, violence and deeds done in the dark, especially those of the Mafia.

However, with Fools Die I was caught totally by surprise. And my surprise and fascination grew as the story progressed. I had to readjust to the fact that the was not just another thrilling fast-paced tale, this went deeper. Puzo was Very surprising, but not really a bad thing.

Fools Die by Mario Puzo

Many would say that this was a tale of gambling and Vegas, of women and money, but that would be largely inaccurate. I say it is a story about the workings of the mind of man who has a lot to say and the will to say it. It gives me a whole new picture of Puzo as man and perhaps his aspirations as a writer.

However, for all its merits as a deeply touching yet unsentimental tale, there were moments when my mind wandered while my eyes kept moving, just so that I could get to the next page. Sep 26, Jillanne Johnson rated it did not like it. Just an opinion but I feel Mario Puzo was resting on his laurels from The Godfather when he wrote this book. It rambles on for over 5oo pages without going anywhere different, exciting or important.

I really wanted to like it but by the end I was choking my way through it! Dec 30, Carl rated it really liked it. Jan 13, Ritika rated it it was ok. A big disappointment from someone like Mario Puzo. Seems a bit stretched and is quite boring in between. He has written better books so don't waste your time on this. An Average read! Nov 14, Aurobindo Nayak rated it really liked it Shelves: I opened this book with a big urge to read it. After all it was the second Mario Puzo book i had picked up after being thoroughly engrossed and impressed with 'The Godfather'.

This book surprised me as it wasn't a regular Puzo style writing. The book begins with the story of four people who became friends at a Las Vegas casino and plays all night, leading a wave of luck.

Merlyn, who changed his name after making sure that he was the magician of King Arthur, Cully, the master of the 21 counts, Jor I opened this book with a big urge to read it. Merlyn, who changed his name after making sure that he was the magician of King Arthur, Cully, the master of the 21 counts, Jordan, a man abandoned by the woman, who leads the largest of all sorts in baccarat and Diane, a decoy Xanadu casino.

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Comments Dec 01, I picked up this book after reading Mario Puzo's Godfather, which I found good but not great. Fools Die is about gambling, film industry and publishing and corruption involved in them. It is mainly about Merlyn, a writer. According to me he was also a fool. One of the good points about this Comments 2. Nov 24, I am a huge fan of Mario Puzo Its autobiog Claim this Business.

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Fools die : a novel

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