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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Un total de treinta especies fueron aisladas en 16 hembras y cinco machos. Aerobic bacterial flora from the digestive tract of the common vampire bat. Sangramiento gingival y flora bacteriana en la gingivitis y la periodontitis. Thirty periodontal sites presenting with gingivitis and 30 with periodontitis were studied with the aim of determining the relation between gingival bleeding and microflora present in gingivitis and periodontitis. Patients selected for the study did not present with a history of systemic diseases and received neither antimicrobial medication nor periodontal treatment during the last 6 months, in the case of women it was required that they were not pregnant. The sample was taken in the teeth chosen in compliance with the requirements established; then the sample was immediately examined in the dark field microscope.

Collecting expeditions to insufficiently known areas, loans from the Addis Ababa Herbarium to collaborating taxonomists, and other activities inside Ethiopia are organized by the Ethiopian secretariat, whereas the Uppsala secretariat is responsible for the initiation and co-ordination of the taxonomic revisions and family accounts needed for the Flora.

Collaborators for several of the roughly families of Ethiopian vascular plants have already been secured, but many more remain to be covered. AETFAT members with specialist knowledge of the remaining families are requested to help fill the gaps in our list of contributors. Nuestro objetivo fue evaluar la eficacia inmediata, a la semana y al mes del uso controlado de cinco productos con estos componentes, comparados con otros productos de uso habitual.

The analysis of the main parameters of the flora is made. Eponyms of gea, flora and fauna, erected in honour of Charles Darwin, naturalist on board of the H.

Irradiation mucositis and oral flora. This study, which is motivated by the substantial morbidity of local signs of mucositis and generalized symptoms that result from mucositis induced by therapeutic irradiation, has the following objectives: To investigate if it is possible to prevent irradiation mucositis via oral flora elimination, and, if it is true that flora plays a role in irradiation mucositis, what fraction of the oral flora may be involved; to evaluate oral Gram-negative bacillary carriage; to investigate the possibility to eradicate Gram-negative bacilli from the oral cavity; to evaluate oral yeast carriage; to investigate the possibility to eradicate yeasts stomatitis and the 'selectivity' of elimination of flora.

Two methods are described for monitoring alterations of mucositis of the oral cavity and changes in oral flora. Chlorhexidine has been tested as the commonly used prophylaxis. The effect of chlorhexidine 0. The results of the influence of saliva on the antimicrobial activity of chlorhexidine and the results of selective elimination of oral flora in irradiated patients who have head and neck cancer are reported.

Salivary inactivation of the topical antimicrobials used for selective elimination of oral flora has been studied and the results are reported. Finally, the objectives that have been achieved or not are delineated. The significance of the results of the study are discussed in terms of published information and further lines of research are suggested. Aislamiento e identificaci? Este articulo presenta los resultados de la versatilidad adaptativa y tolerancia de una consorcio bacteriano constituido por 10 cepas bacterianas end?

La consorcio bacteriano aislado del suelo est? Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus licheniformis, Pseudomonas stutzeri, Acinetoba La persistencia bacteriana: Bacterial persistence: In our western culture, we have a triumphalist and messianic conception of science, since it is confided that sooner or later it will find the answers and the solutions to the problems of humanity.

However, science tends to systematically ignore everything for which it has no explanation, and condemns to oblivion all knowledge that has not practical application. Persister cells are one of those forgotten problems, although it has recently attracted the attention of the scientific community, as it is associated with the growing problem of bacterial resistance.

This article addresses two dissimilar but closely related topics. The first is to explain the forgotten and ignored phenomenon of persister cells. Flora of Ethiopia and Eritrea, vol. General information about the Flora project, the history of the scientific exploration of the flora of Ethiopia and Eritrea, the natural vegetation, the regional diversity and endemism as reflected in the Flora , the use of wild and cultivated plants in the flora region, important scientific plant Diatom flora of Southern Africa.

Full Text Available identity if the species presented, an illustrating them through the medium of the light, transmission and scanning electron microscopes. The latter is probably the most valuable contribution the Flora makes to diatomists Ex situ Flora of China. Full Text Available The role of living collections-based research and discovery has been a prominent feature throughout the history of evolution and advance of botanical science: Currently, there are c.

As an example of initiatives to utilize the garden cultivated flora to address plant diversity conservation and germplasm discovery for sustainable agriculture and the bio-industries, the Ex situ Flora of China project aims to catalog and document this mega-diversity of plants that are cultivated in the Chinese botanical gardens.

The concept of Ex situ Flora of China is a complete new formulation of species, based on garden cultivated individuals and populations, to obtain better morphological descriptions, provide multi-purpose applicability and a fundamental data service that will support national bio-strategies and bio-industries. It emphasises integrative information, accurately collected from living collections across different Chinese botanical gardens, on biology, phenology, cultivation requirements and uses of plant resources, which are normally not available from traditional Floras based on herbarium specimens.

The ex situ flora should provide better information coverage for taxonomy, biological and introduction and collection data and color photos of stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seed, as well as useful information of cultivation key points and main use of each plant.

The project of Ex situ Flora of China is planned to be one of the most important initiatives of the plant diversity research platform for sustainable economic and social development in China. Ivan Munera y Luis Jorge Perez, se permite informar a la opinion publica, las conclusiones preliminares a las que ha llegado despues de haber analizado todas las ponencias presentadas por las personas y entidades que atendieron sobrevivientes de la catastrofe de noviembre de Estas erupciones se presentan de manera intermitente y su comportamiento es impredecible.

Allamanda schottii Apocynaceae: Microbial flora in orodental infections. Full Text Available The present study was carried out to compare the normal aerobic and anaerobic bacterial oral flora with flora from deep seated dental caries, gingivitis and adult periodontitis.

All the samples belonging to both the control and study groups yielded microbes. Streptococcus mutans and anaerobic lactobacilli were common in dental caries, Actinomyces and Peptostreptococcus spp. The endemic flora of Greece. The Balkan Peninsula has a rich endemic flora estimated as between and taxa; c. Conservationists consider the endemic flora of a country needs protection for all time; there is a tendency to paint an alarming picture.

However, unless one knows something or Determining the centres of diversity is an important and significant contribution to further conservation measures at the global level Posible indicador de influencia bacteriana. Full Text Available Electron microscope observations of opaline silcretes found in the playa of a Miocene shallow lake reveal new opal CT microstructures. They are straight, bent, wavy or even hairpin shaped.

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These microstructures comprise part of the opaline mass of the silcretes and are very similar to both neogenic opaline structures which are formed by bacterial intluence and to silicified biofilms.

Therefore microbial mediation could exist in the genesis of this opal CT, although a possible inorganic origin by silicification of sepiolite is also considered.

Las fibras, filamentos o varillas tienen formas variables: Different researches have performed studies on the management of the febrile infant and they point out that this is a dilemma faced by every physician who takes care of children.

Motivated by this subject, a descriptive and retrospective study of febrile infants was conducted. The study was carried out to evaluate febrile infants without evident cause at the baseline evaluation who attended the emergency service during a period of 9 months with the objective of identifying the definite diagnosis at admission.

The type of bacterial infection was accurately assessed and the presence of this was related to clinical and laboratory parameters. The greatest number of febrile infants evaluated and admitted to hospital were 91 days months old. The lowest percentage. Se ha observado una mayor frecuencia de infecciones por Campylobacter spp.

MALT oculares. Purulent pelvic collections are common pathologies observed in contemporary gynaecological practice. They may originate from chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, from abortions or following normal deliveries. This study was designed to compare the bacterial flora in purulent pelvic collections obtained from HIV infected Annual report Foundation Flora Malesiana Aportes a la Flora de Colombia: Estudios en Compuestas - VI.

Bacterial flora of sturgeon fingerling. The study on microbial populations is a suitable tool to understand and apply control methods to improve the sanitary level of production in fish breeding and rearing centers, ensure health of sturgeon fingerlings at the time of their release into the rivers and also in the conversation and restoration of these valuable stocks in the Caspian Sea, Iran.

A laboratory research based on Austin methods Austin, B. The factors which may induce changes in bacterial populations during different stages of fife are the followings: Flora and vegetation of walls in the town of Krosno Odrzanskie Poland. Full Text Available The flora and vegctation of walls in Krosno Odrzanskie West Poland is described based on field research conducted in and The vascular flora consists of 96 species from 35 families.

Predomination of apophytes and plants capable of vegetation propagation was obscrved. Los concentrados fueron suministrados por las p.

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Las investigaciones relacionadas con este problema emergente son indispensables para reconocer y desarrollar programas para su vigilancia y control.

Estafilococo Epidermides, E. La morbilidad materno-fetal del primer grupo fue del 1. Labella, Alejandro; Trento, I. Bacterial diversity in the sediments of a temperate artificial lake, Rapel reservoir Diversidad bacteriana en sedimentos de un lago artificial temperado, embalse Rapel.

Full Text Available Rapel reservoir is an eutrophic system in Chile that has undergone a series of anthropogenic impacts in recent decades. To provide a better understanding of the processes occurring in the reservoir, we examined bacterial composition from surface sediments using traditional microbiology techniques and molecular biology tools. Our results showed significant temporal variation in the physical and chemical composition of the water column, but no depth-related differences during the study period.

To detect temporal changes in bacterial composition, cultivable heterotrophic bacteria, heterotrophic iron oxidizing bacteria, and sulfate-reducing bacteria were extracted from the surface sediments and their concentration measured.

Microbial diversity in sediments was represented by closest relatives of eight different bacterial phyla. La diversidad bacteriana en los sedimentos estuvo representada por 8 diferentes Phyla del dominio Bacteria. Los filotipos m. Flora juhid.

Kalleim osa kinnisvara. Prevalencia de vaginosis bacteriana en trabajadoras sexuales chilenas Prevalence of bacterial vaginosis in Chilean sex workers. To determine the prevalence of bacterial vaginosis BV in Chilean sex workers and relate the findings to sociodemographic, sexual, and clinical variables. All of them were interviewed to obtain their sociodemographic and sexual history.

A clinical examination was performed that included the characteristics of vaginal discharge, pH, and amine test. A vaginal sample was taken for Gram stain. The Nugent criteria were used for the diagnosis of BV. Somme epidemiological aspects of bacterial meningoencephalities that occurred in Cuba from are described according to available data from the National Surveillance Service.

A total of cases involving children under 15 years old were reported throughout the country in this period of time. The most affected age group was under 5 years. The most frequent identified agents were Haemophilus influenzae type B Hib, Streptococcus pneumoniae Spn and Neisseria meningitidis Nm.

The incidence of Hib decreased by 4 times thanks to massive vaccination program, particularly in under 5 years-old children, from the year on. Spn is the main causative agent of bacterial meningoencephalities and the most lethal one in Cuba.

General lethality rate increased from Further studies will allow deepening into the epidemiology of these infections and monitoring the changes that might occur as a. Tratamiento de agrandamiento gingival inducido por fenitoina asociado a placa bacteriana. Se reportan medicamentos tales como los bloqueadores de los canales de calcio, inmunosupresores, anticonvulsivantes que producen estos efectos adversos. Occasionally a situation may arise in which the purpose of the maintenance of working length is compromised such as overenlargement.

This situation allows the extrusion of filling materials, mainly sealer cements, causing post treatment complications such as inflammatory reactions, injury to adjacent structures orbital pain, inferior alveolar nerve injury, headache, etc. Lichen flora of Tomaszow Mazowiecki. Lichens are not indicators of air pollution.

They are indicators of a complex of microclimatic conditions that enable them to maintain a positive balance of assimilation and of respiratory processes in a given station within the town as well as in natural habitats.

BV was established when at least 3 out of 4 criteria were found. For the infertile patients the figures were 20 Sertula Florae Colombiae — XV: Resistencia bacteriana a los antimicrobianos: Una terrible amenaza.

Geographical features of the flora of the region have been analyzed. The major endemic complexes of the flora being investigated are described. Natural Vegetation of the Flora area. A review article summarising the recent ideas about the natural vegetation in the area covered by the Flora of Ethiopia and Eritrea Anticancer Drugs from Marine Flora: An Overview.

They are taxonomically diverse, largely productive, biologically active, and chemically unique offering a great scope for discovery of new anticancer drugs. The marine floras are rich in medicinally potent chemicals predominantly belonging to polyphenols and sulphated polysaccharide Bacillus cereus, B. Full Text Available Se cita por primera vez para la flora argentina a Dennstaedtia dissecta, hallada en la provincia de Misiones.

Full Text Available La microbiota es el conjunto de microorganismos que se localizan de manera normal en distintos sitios del cuerpo humano. Varios factores permiten que se mantenga el equilibrio necesario para conservar la salud. Destacan los lactobacilos Lactobacillus casei, L.

The microbiota is the group of microorganisms that live normally in different parts of the human body. Several factors allow the maintenance of the required equilibrium to preserve health.

It has been described that one of the most important functions of the normal flora is the resistance they confer to humans against invasion by pathogenic agents by different mechanisms such as production of bacteriocins, lactic acid or hydrogen peroxide.

Among the most noticeable microorganisms are lactobacilli Lactobacillus casei, L. Probiotics are live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host. Research conducted with several. Fermentation Tecniques and Applications of Bacterial Cellulose: Full Text Available Bacterial cellulose is a polymer obtained by fermentation with microorganismsfrom Acetobacter, Rhizobium, Agrobacterium and Sarcina genera.

However, the main problem is the production in mass that is constrained by low yield.

flora bacteriana del: Topics by

It is therefore necessaryto develop some alternatives. Anticancer drugs from marine flora: The marine floras are rich in medicinally potent chemicals predominantly belonging to polyphenols and sulphated polysaccharides.

The chemicals have displayed an array of pharmacological properties especially antioxidant, immunostimulatory, and antitumour activities. The phytochemicals possibly activate macrophages, induce apoptosis, and prevent oxidative damage of DNA, thereby controlling carcinogenesis.

In spite of vast resources enriched with chemicals, the marine floras are largely unexplored for anticancer lead compounds. Hence, this paper reviews the works so far conducted on this aspect with a view to provide a baseline information for promoting the marine flora -based anticancer research in the present context of increasing cancer incidence, deprived of the cheaper, safer, and potent medicines to challenge the dreadful human disease.

Acacia bonariensis; Baccharis articulata; Blepharocalyx salicifolius; Castela tweedii; Eichhornia azurea; Eichhornia crassipes; Erythrina crista-galli; Gaillardia megapotamica var. Prevenir las infecciones adquiridas en los hospitales, en especial las causadas por microorganismos resistentes, es una prioridad.

Mediante el software Whonet 5. Objetivou-se avaliar a quantidade de placa bacteriana dental removida pela escova dental e dedeira. Estudio de caso: Meliaceae y Anacardiaceae. Sleumer trompillo, Anacardium occidentale L. It alerts to Tonsillar Surface Micro Flora: To determine the best method of identifying core tonsillar flora. Quasi-experimental study. Eighty-seven patients of recurrent tonsillitis undergoing tonsillectomy were included.

All the patients, after being anaesthetised, had surface swabs taken from the tonsillar surface followed by tonsillar aspiration with a 5cc syringe. Following tonsillectomy, the tonsils were sent for culture of core flora. All three specimens from each patient were cultured according to established criteria. Flora of 12 Chi-square test showed this difference to be significant p-value flora as compared to surface swabs.

Valores P abaixo de 0,05 foram considerados estatisticamente significativos. Das 77 cr Mateo Sanz, E. Montamarta Prieto, S. Valencia Janices. Composition and characteristics of Libyan flora. Full Text Available The composition, life forms and the distribution of plants in Libya were studied. The results show that in Libya there are species that belong to genera and families.

The distribution among Libyan seed plants was characterized by a high proportion of herbs annual to perennial, unlike the low number of woody tree and shrub species; these have an important influence on the structure of floral composition. The geographic element of the flora was predominantly tropical and Mediterranean. The local plants belong to representative tropical desert flora. The presence and distribution characteristics of flora in Libya show that climate, environmental condition, ecological amplitude and adaptive capacity of the plants have a determinative influence on the floristic stock in the area studies.

Changes of flora -information over time. Changes in Flora -information over time can be divided into three different categories: An intensive activity involving floristic and taxonomic changes took place in Ethiopia and Eritrea in the 19th century, particularly before ca. Recent studies of the Orchidaceae family in Scandinavia has demonstrated considerable changes in our information about that family in Scandinavia during the last 50 years, both real, floristic and taxonomic changes.

Similar, or even greater, changes are to be expected in the flora of Ethiopia and Eritrea There were found and identified species of plants, which belong to genera and 67 families. There was taken a taxonomic analysis of flora of the cemeteries also of spreding of plants by ekobiomorphs, the analysis of hronotyp and origin. The proportion of the flora on the cemeteries is 1: Herbs and trees are dominant among the life forms.

Mesophytes and kseromezophytes are in the majority among hihromorphs. Heliophytes are on the first place by adapting to the light. Kenophytes is a dominant group among them. Floragenetics analysis revealed the dominance of the plants from Asia. There have been allocated plants that were met at all six cemeteries independently of the location religious and age characteristics of the cemetery.

Convallaria majalis L. Koch Schur, Clematis integrifolia L. Moreover Convallaria majalis L. Also two species: Hyacinthella leucophaea K.

Koch Schur and Clematis Keywords: Flora -On: Occurrence data of the vascular flora of mainland Portugal. The Flora -On dataset currently includes , occurrence records for the class Embryopsidae vascular plants , comprising data collated via the platform http: Observations are uploaded directly to the database primarily by experienced botanists and naturalists, typically on a weekly basis, and consist of geo-referenced data points for species or infraspecific taxa along with their date of observation and phenological state.

The Flora -On project aims to compile and make publicly accessible chorological, ecological, morphological and photographic information for the entire vascular flora of Portugal. The project's website offers powerful query and visualization capabilities, of which we highlight the probabilistic bioclimatic and phenological queries which operate based on the empirical density distributions of species in those variables.

Given its focus on research-grade and current data, the Flora -On project represents a significant contribution to the knowledge of the present distribution and status of the Portuguese flora. Contributo alla conoscenza della flora lichenica epifitica dell'Umbria. The ecology and distribution of selected species are discussed. Diversity, rarity and the evolution and conservation of the Canary Islands endemic flora. To investigate geographical patterns of diversity within the endemic flora , distribution data from published sources together with other field observation and herbarium data were used to compile a data matrix comprising the distributions of ca.

WORLDMAP was then used to investigate patterns of endemic diversity, range size rarity a measure of endemicity, phylogenetic diversity and threatened taxon richness.

Epub ossos download de saco

Endemic taxon richness was found to be highly heterogeneous across the archipelago, with cells containing between one and taxa each 0. Patterns of variation in range size rarity and phylogenetic diversity were found to be largely congruent with endemic diversity, although some cells exhibited markedly higher range size rarity scores than would be predicted by their endemic diversity scores.

In contrast, the pattern of endangered taxon richness across the archipelago differed markedly from endemic taxon richness. Many cells in Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria exhibit higher endangered taxon richness scores than would be predicted from their endemic richness scores whereas in Tenerife, El Hierro, La Palma and La Gomera, the converse is generally true.

Protein synthesis and intestinal flora in piglets. Utilization of non-protein nitrogen NPN by the flora in piglet colon was studied by administration of 15 N-urea and 15 N-ammonium salt to aseptic piglets and to SPF piglets which had been acclimatized to a clean environment after settling of intestinal flora.

Administration of 15 N-urea did not result in 15 N uptake by any tissue-constituting protein at any site of the aseptic piglets, almost all 15 N being excreted into the urine. In contrast, the tissue and skeletal muscle of the SPF piglets showed incorporated 15 N from urea. Urea was converted, by urease of the intestinal flora , into NH 3 , which was absorbed from the mucosa of the intestinal tract to reach the liver where it was synthesized into glutamic acid, followed by conversion into various amino acids.

After NPN administration, the liver protein-constituting amino acid fraction showed 15 N-labeling of almost all essential, as well as non-essential amino acids. Culture of colonic flora with 15 N-urea revealed 15 N-labeling of all amino acids that constituted bacterial cells, indicating the presence of urea recycling mediated by bacterial urease in single rumen animals. Chiba, N.

Mariene flora en fauna te boek. Het aantal boeken over de Nederlandse flora en fauna neemt gestaag toe. En ook de afgelopen jaren zijn er weer aardig wat nieuwe titels uitgekomen over het Nederlandse zeeleven. Op deze pagina's vier van die boeken. Eerder, in de Onderwatersport van april , is ook al een aantal titels.

It is renown that the lactic flora plays an important role in many different foods, both from a technological and a food safety standpoint. The natural lactic flora of the crostini demonstrated a variable capability to inhibit the growth of Listeria monocytogenes which depends upon: De flora van het Urbaan district.

Characteristic for urban areas are often disturbed and trampled communities of ruderals and. Globalization of flora: Meeting the needs of expanding human populations has changed land use worldwide and presented a biodiversity crisis.

Emerging related concerns are threats to native species from homogenization of world flora and the spread of exotic species by human activities Soule , United States Congress, Office of Technology Assessment , Wilcove and others , Soule and A survey of microbial flora of partially processed periwinkles Tympanotonus fuscatus sold in six markets in Port Harcourt was undertaken for twelve weeks.

Results show that all samples of periwinkles were contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus sp. The normal bacterial flora prevents GI disease. Inhibits pathogenic enteric bacteria. Improves epithelial and mucosal barrier integrity. Naturalized alien flora of the world. Using the recently built Global Naturalized Alien Flora GloNAF database, containing data on the distribution of naturalized alien plants in mainland and island regions of the world, we describe patterns in diversity and geographic distribution of naturalized and invasive plant species,.

A new way of editing a flora. Modern electronic tools have become common tools of most scientists. This tool allows structuring a.

Does circumcision alter the periurethral uropathogenic bacterial flora. The aim of this study was to assess the pattern of periurethral bacterial flora in uncircumcised boys and to evaluate the effect of circumcision on alteration of periurethral uropathogenic bacterial flora. Materials and Methods: Pattern of periurethral bacterial flora before and after circumcision was studied This document provides a user's guide to the content and use of the two-dimensional axisymmetric equilibrium and stability code FLORA.

Ossos download epub de saco

FLORA addresses the low-frequency MHD stability of long-thin axisymmetric tandem mirror systems with finite pressure and finite-larmor-radius effects. FLORA solves an initial-value problem for interchange, rotational, and ballooning stability. To avaliate the incidence of bacterial plaque 30 mogreal dogs were utilizated, distributed among three equal groups. According to age, group I was composed of 0 to 2 years-old dogs, group II was 3 to 5 years-old, and group III over 6 years-old.

The animals underwent a general anesthesia and metilrosanilin cloret was applied over the tooth, to evidence the bacterial mass. The plaques were distributed to The dental groups were considerated apart, showing index of The dogs from group II and the incisive tooth group showed minar bacterial plaque index. Koch Schur and Clematis. The present study aims to evaluate the occurrence of the bacterial transmigration in induced ezxperimental appendicitis in rabbitis through complete oclusion of the vermiform appendix.

They were divided into 2 groups. The animals from group I were submitted to a median. De acuerdo al COC Centro de Control de Enfermedades de Estados Unidos, la resistencia se da cuando un medicamento deja de inhibir el crecimiento o matar un microorganismo. Amostras de 20 ninhos de C.

Microbial flora associated with submerged mangrove leaf litter in India. Full Text Available We studied the microbial flora in decomposing mangrove leaves in relation to changes in nitrogen and tannin levels, and in penaeid prawn assemblages. Senescent leaves of two mangrove species Rhizophora apiculata and Avicennia marina kept in nylon bags, were separately immersed for 80 days in five tanks full of mangrove water.

A known amount of decomposing leaves was collected every ten days from each tank for microorganism counts, total nitrogen and tannin measurement, and juvenile penaeid prawn counts. Five genera of total heterotrophic bacteria THB, three species of azotobacters and 19 species of fungi were identified.

The azotobacters showed a significant peak around days after the beginning of of decomposition, similar to the trend for total nitrogen and for prawn assemblages. Epub June, Hort Flora Res. Distribution of lichen flora on South Korea. After an overview on the temporary situation of the lichenology in South Korea, localities of 95 macrolichen taxa are reported for South Korea. In this revised lichen flora of South Korea, 16 species are apparently new to the territory.

Melica arrecta G. Kunze y Stipa clausa Trab. Kunkel, Ranunculus bupleuroides Brot. Hamiguitan Range: A sanctuary for native flora. Hamiguitan Range is one of the wildlife sanctuaries in the Philippines having unique biodiversity resources that are at risk due to forest degradation and conversion of forested land to agriculture, shifting cultivation, and over-collection.

Thus, it is the main concern of this research to identify and assess the endemic and endangered flora of Hamiguitan Range. Field reconnaissance and transect walk showed five vegetation types namely: Taxonomy and Physiology of un-wanted bacterial flora in activated sludge process. Study in a pilot plant; Taxonomia y fisiologia de la flora bacteriana indeseable en el proceso de fangos activados. Estudio de una plant piloto. Berrocal Escobar, M. Madrid Spain ; Aznar Munoz, R.

Madrid Spain. The activated sludge used in the wastewater depuration in treatment plants could be considered as an artificial microbial ecosystem in balance.

In this community which is constituted by free and flocculated bacteria, protozoa, rotifers, nematodes and a few other invertebrates, the stability of the system is maintained by the continuous food competition. The breakdown of this stability due to a high proliferation of filametous bacteria drive to the phenomenon called bulking.

Nowadays, to avoid bulking is one of the main objectives in research because is the main cause of the malfunction of wastewater depuration interfering with compaction, settling, thickening and, concentration of activated sludge.

In the present work, a taxonomical and physiological study of the microbial community which carries out the cleaning of wastewater in an activated sludge system has been performed by using an airlift bioreactor working in continuous. Activated sludge coming from a conventional wastewater plant was used as inoculum starter culture. The nutritional conditions and bioreactor system parameters in which the filamentous bacteria grow in excess have been established.

Several of filamentous bacteria responsible for bulking have been identified: Sphaerotilus natans, type N, Nocardia spp. In addition, protozoa of groups involved in the depuration process free-swimming ciliates, attached ciliates, crawling ciliates, carnivorous ciliates, flagellates and amoebae were observed as well as rotifer and nematode populations. Author 13 refs. Las muestras se recolectaron con una botella Van Dorn de 2 litros en la parte central de la laguna; se registraron 67 taxa: Chroococcus pulcherrimus, Coelosphaerium confertum, Cyanodyction iac, Phormidium pachydermaticum, Planktolyngbya contorta, Rhodomonas minuta, Amphidinium massartii, Ensiculifera cf.

The planktonic flora from Lagartos Lagoon, Quintana Roo, was examined based on the observation of samples collected from November to September The superficial samples were collected with a Van Dorn bottle of 2 L, in the core part of the lagoon.

A total of 67 taxa were identified: The species Chroococcus pulcherrimus, Coelosphaerium confertum, Cyanodyction iac, Phormidium pachydermaticum, Planktolyngbya contorta, Rhodomonas minuta, Amphidinium massartii, Ensiculifera cf. All the taxa are illustrated with microphotographs. The flora of Oktibbeha County, Mississippi. We surveyed the flora of Oktibbeha County, Mississippi, U.

Occupying square kilometers in east-central Mississippi, Oktibbeha County lies among 3 physiographic regions that include, from west to east, Interior Flatwoods, Pontotoc Ridge, and Black Prairie. Accordingly, the county harbors a diverse flora. Compared to 3 other counties in east-central Mississippi, Oktibbeha County has the second largest recorded flora.

The number of state-listed endangered, threatened, or of special concern taxa 67 documented in this survey far exceeds that reported from any other county in the region. Three introduced species, Ilex cornuta Lindl.

We also describe 16 different plant communities belonging to 5 broad habitat categories: A detailed description of the vegetation associated with each of these communities is provided. Conjunctival bacterial flora in diabetic patients. Full Text Available Conjunctival flora refers to population of microorganisms that dwell within the eyes of healthy individuals and is important in maintaining a healthy ocular surface and normal conjunctival function.

Conjunctival flora may be altered by a variety of factors that include age, immunosuppression and geography. Immune function is compromised in diabetes mellitus. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article.

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