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Colours of Love--Entfesselt. Colours of Love (Series). Kathryn Taylor Author ( ). cover image of Colours of Love--Verführt. Colours of Love - Entfesselt. Roman - Ebook written by Kathryn Taylor. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read. Roman - Ebook written by Kathryn Taylor. Read this Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Colours of Love - Entfesselt.

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Uploaded by: KAYE Online Source For. Free Ebook and Pdf Downloads. Colours Of Love Entfesselt Roman File. Reading is a favourite pastime for lots. Entfesselt book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers . Grace ist jung und behütet, für Männer hat sie sich noch nie so recht i. Erlöst book. Read 68 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Grace je těhotná, což ji poněkud vyvede z míry. Ani ne tak kvůli tomu, že je.

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I am sure that I will check out the next book in this series. Despite my reservations, I am dying to know what will happen next. This book ends in a huge cliffy so beware! View all 18 comments. Because I got the highly coveted internship at Huntington Ventures. Jonathan Maxwell Henry Viscount Huntington , a memeber of the British aristocracy, always busy expanding his various business enterprises, and, according to the local tabloids, one of England's most eli 4 "he isnt good for me" stars …my name is Grace Lawson , …I'm twenty-two, majoring in economics at the University of Chicago.

Jonathan Maxwell Henry Viscount Huntington , a memeber of the British aristocracy, always busy expanding his various business enterprises, and, according to the local tabloids, one of England's most eligible bachelors.

With his dark hair and striking blue eyes, he really is incredibly good looking. And there stops every fairtail-ish notion Grace might have had about the man. He's alluring , he's demanding , he's probing and taking what he wants but he doesn't get attached. He's elusive as one can possibly get without vanishing.

He's emotionally detached, vacant even. And there's a mistery cloud lingering around him, making him even more attractive … and she is an intern in his company. This is a forbidden relationship…and so undenaible and palpable …yet Jonathan fights it until he can't any longer…and Grace welcomes him with open arms, enticing and enlightning carnal desire…for him.

I want you too. It might come true. And it might be very different from what you imagine. We'll just have seks. A lot of seks. For as long as we're both having fun. If you're expecting something like that, you're going to get hurt — but it won't be my concern. I want the impossible — I want him to belong to me. Not half or a little, but completely. Everything I found so arousing before suddenly repulses me: Jonathan's emotional frigidity. Because for him I'm just one of many — interchangeable, replaceable.

Because his interest in me doesn't go any deeper than that, even though I really wanted to believe it did…. Because I just don't have a future with him. View all 4 comments. Nov 18, Marjorie W. This isn't a review, not really at least. I couldn't resist. I have no idea how that happened. It just did. Anyway, this wasn't the best book I've ever read, to be honest.

At first, I was really enjoying it, and I feel like that might be because I was book-deprived, once I This isn't a review, not really at least. At first, I was really enjoying it, and I feel like that might be because I was book-deprived, once I got over my book-crave, I started seeing all the flaws this book had.

The main thing that bothered me was the story line. I feel like it was kind of unoriginal. I felt like I had seen it before, you know, the boring girl starts working for a big company, the rich-as-fuck Owner of the company is a sex god with major commitment issues, but oh-so-surprisingly, he takes an interest in the new awkward girl that works for him. I mean, we've all seen that one before. So, yeah, the story in itself wasn't very original. I wanted to know what the deal with that guy was.

That helped the book a bit. THAT, people, made me really happy. Finally, an Erotic Romance that doesn't need any sort of side-bitch to be kind of enjoyable.

If it didn't have at least these two things, I'd probably have rated it lower. To me, the originality of the premise is quite important, and unfortunately, aside from these two things it wasn't really original or different.

Love download ebook of entfesselt colours

One thing I'm quite confused about is the main female protagonist, Grace. I'm confused on whether I liked her or not. Here's the deal: She's extremely naive, awkward, clumsy, and very inexperienced with men, blah blah blah. You know the drift. She wasn't the heroine who's all of that but pretend to be someone else. She was all of these things and was very upfront about it. She knows she's naive. She knows she's awkward and clumsy. Somehow, she didn't piss me off as much as she should have BECAUSE she wasn't putting her head in the sand and pretending to be someone she's not.

It just made it easier for me to deal with the fact that she's the most naive character I've ever read about. As for Jonathan I don't have much to say about him actually. He's like the other men. Nothing quite different about him. I don't really care for him. Which surprises me, because I usually like that kind of man, whether they're different or not, but somehow, Jonathan didn't do it for me. At least on the girl's part. I don't enjoy insta-love. She was basically obsessed with the guy from day one, and I didn't understand why.

To me, Jonathan had nothing interesting about him, so I had a hard time dealing with her insta-love because I didn't understand it. I felt like Grace made a decision based on a stupid sorry but those are my true feelings guy, and that she didn't respect herself. I don't mind weak heroines. But I DO mind heroines that don't respect themselves. In other words, they do stuff they usually wouldn't do because the guy would want them to do it and not because THEY want to do it.

That's what I personally call a heroine that doesn't respect herself. Anyway, those were my thoughts on this book. I won't be continuing the book nor will I continue on with the series. The writing style felt very Fifty-Shades-of-Grey-ish to me, it was easy to read and a quick read, but for me, that's all it was. I'd consider this an "ok" or a "meh" read. I didn't quite enjoy the story to be honest. It was too much mystery and the big revelation wasn't worth it. The characters, I felt were underdeveloped and weak.

And the writing was average. Free copy provided via netgalley. When I'll finally know what happens after the first book ends in a cliffhanger!! Grace Lawson is a very young and a very naive twenty-two year old Economics major from Chicago.

Grace has worked very hard to win a three month internship in London at a company called Huntington Ventures. Grace thinks that he is looking at her and smiling, but he is really looking at the Japanese ma Unbound Colours of Love, 1 by Kathryn Taylor This novel was translated by Iona Italia.

Grace thinks that he is looking at her and smiling, but he is really looking at the Japanese man standing behind her. She goes up to Jonathan Huntington her future boss and shakes his hand introducing herself. Jonathan exclaims "This is Grace Lawson our new intern.

Of download colours ebook love entfesselt

Already on the limo ride Grace and Jonathan keep bumping into one another and sparks are beginning to fly between the two of them. Grace is the one doing most of the narrating throughout this book. Grace is thinking to herself how much better looking Jonathan is in person. She has seen photographs of him before.

Grace is instantly attracted and infatuated with Jonathan. When they all arrive at Huntington Ventures Grace is greeted by Annie who takes Grace home with her and gives her a spare bedroom to rent.

Annie warns Grace right away to stay away from Jonathan. The next day Annie shows Grace where she will be working in the Investments department. After working there one day Grace is offered to be Jonathan's Personal Assistant. Never before has Jonathan taken an intern and made them his Personal Assistant. Jonathan tells Grace that she can go with him to all his meetings and shadow him.

Grace is becoming more and more attracted to Jonathan. Jonathan tells Grace that he never mixes business with pleasure and by her being his Personal Assistant he is conducting an experiment.

To me, Jonathan is very dark and aloof. He seems to have commitment issues. Jonathan has always been single and wants to remain that way. I could not see what the big attraction was for Grace which as we listen to her inner dialogue as she is the narator. Her atraction to Jonathan just keeps growing and getting stronger. Jonathan and Grace have a long romantic kiss on the elevator. A strong passionate kiss.

Jonathan tells Grace that the kiss was an exception but a couple of nights later he takes her along to a business dinner. Grace gets really intoxicated and wakes up the next morning in an unfamiliar bed with just her underpants and Jonathan's pajama top.

She doesn't remember how she got there or how she was undressed. As Jonathan had to practically carry her to the limo a photographer takes a snapshot of Grace leaning up against Jonathan. This will have consequences for them both. In the meantime Grace wanders into the kitchen where Jonathan is cooking them breakfast. The two of them have a hot, steamy sexual encounter.

I almost dnf book one and was not interested in book 2 or book 3. After their sexual encounter Jonathan has his driver bring Grace home. When the picture of the two of them end up on the cover of a tabloid they are both pursued by the media.

Grace is worried about her reputation and Jonathan, England's most eligible bachelor hide out in Jonathan's townhouse in a rare show of affection for Grace, but she decides she is going to go back to her apartment. She has gotten the cold shoulder from most of the women at work. Jonathan has told Grace repeatedly not to read anything into their steamy sexual encounters. He tells her repeatedly that they are not making love it is just sex. Grace is so atracted to Jonathan the more time they spend together Grace thinks that Jonathan will change his mind and have a relationship.

Jonathan clearly reminds Grace they are just having sex not making love. They usually have their encounters and he sends her right home. There is never any cuddling afterwards because Jonathan wants to remain single and go to his mysterious club.

Jonathan keeps telling Grace it is just sex, you need to learn that I don't belong to you. Grace seems willing to go along with Jonathan's terms. She sees how loving he is with his sister and perhaps that gives her hope that he has it in him. I felt that Grace gave herself willingly to Jonathan. Jonathan had all of the superficial qualities but lacked depth.

He seemed very guarded and cold and dark. I didn't relate to either Grace's character or Jonathan's. The secondary characters seemed likeable and I would have liked to see them developed more.

This book ends with a huge cliffhanger.

Of download colours ebook love entfesselt

View 2 comments. Aug 30, Luzie rated it it was ok. Okay, I'm trying to be constructive here and not give a mean review were I just bad-mouth the book, but this was not the book for me. Let's start with the storyline, I could not keep track with it, my interest with this book was lessened for every second page or so that I read, and I could not concentrate on the story whatsoever.

Also, it reminded me a great deal of FSoG with him being superior to her and the sex club at the end. I did not like the heroine, who was protrayed as naive, had no backbone and was generally just a representation of every cliched female lead in a romance novel. Jonathan wasn't any better, the author tried to make him mysterious and unreachable for the common people, but in the end he just seemed like a snobby, passive-aggressive douche and I was not rooting for them to get together.

Finally this was not my kind of book, but those who liked FSoG, could check it out. I will not be continuing this series! Apr 08, Eva rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Doch dann kommt sie ihm bereits nicht mehr aus, weil er ihr anbietet, sie mitzunehmen. Jonathan bietet ihr umgehend das Firmen-Penthouse an, doch das lehnt sie ab. Zwischen den beiden beginnt es zu brodeln. Jeder Moment wird intensiver.

Annie warnt Grace einige Male vor Jonathan und seinen eigenartigen Beziehungen. Sogar etwas unerwartet. Sie wirkt menschlich, ohne abgehoben zu sein.

Taylor bzw. Charaktere Grace ist jung und unerfahren, das kommt mehrmals vor. Jonathan ist das Gegenteil. Er ist Viscount, also ein adeliger, mit all dem, was man sich bei solch einem Menschen erwartet.

Sie sagt nein, an einem Punkt, vertraut ihm nicht blind. Looks like I fall on to the minority who definitely didn't enjoy the book as much as they wanted to. From the beginning of the book I lost interest. The same old repetitive playboy billionaire falling for a completely hot girl who happened to be a virgin and she manages to change his ways to the good.

Really doesn't this plot seem reeeeeaaaaaallly similar to one of the world famous erotic novel out there? Although it was similar, I've got to admit that it wasn't bad enough for me to stop reading in the middle. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Dec 19, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the third book listed as 2.

Each book must be read in order. Jonathan and Grace have been married for a year and both have found solace in each other. The thought that I might lose Jonathan is simply to terrible to imagine. In addition to marital conflict, some past adversaries reappear to cause havoc for Jonathan and Grace.

Both Jonathan and Grace have secrets and are hesitant to open up to one another. Can Grace and Jonathan overcome the demons of their past and walk boldly together towards their future? All mine. Don't forget that. Although I thoroughly enjoyed being back with these characters, I was certainly hoping for a more complex plot.

There was a great deal of "misunderstandings" and simple "miscommunication" that seemed ill-suited for these two characters. After the journey we have taken with them through the first two books in the series, it seemed slightly unbelievable. Elements that remained strong in this read are the passionate "physical and emotional" connection that Jonathan and Grace share. Additionally, I was quite pleased to see some of my favorite secondary characters from the series flourishing a year after we had seen them last.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoy the writing style of Ms. Considering the text has been translated from German to English I can sincerely say that nothing is lost in translation. Jonathan and Grace are still very special characters for me and although this wasn't my favorite in the series, I am still very glad that I read this quick glimpse of their lives. I would certainly read more from this author in the future. View all 12 comments. Honestly, I loved this series so for but why would you write this novella when you could just have this part in the beginning of the next book?

I guess authors do a lot of things readers won't understand but this made me shake my head. The writing is still good, Jonathan is still one incredible man, and the story is still moving, so I can't complain too much. When the novella opens the reader learns a bit has changed since the second book ende 3 okay but not understanding the need for a novella.

When the novella opens the reader learns a bit has changed since the second book ended with the fact that Grace and Jonathan have been married for some time, Grace has moved up in the company, and the marriage has been pretty awesome until recently. The tension in Grace and Jonathan's marriage comes from whatever he's keeping from her that is ultimately putting a wall between them.

By the end of the novella the wall has been shattered, Jonathan knows what Grace has been keeping from him and is more than accepting, and Grace learns what Jonathan has been doing. The two seem stronger than ever and the novella leaves the reader desiring the next book because everyone wants to know that happily ever after truly does exist.

View 1 comment. Unleashed is the third book in the Colours of Love series and is also a novella. In this book we get an inside look at Jonathan and Grace's first year of marriage. When Jonathan starts to act awkward, Grace can't help but to worry. When she finds out that Jonathan has taken a meeting with Yuuto, she eves drops on their conversation.

Grace begins to panic when she hears Jonathan admitting to making a mistake. Her immediate thoughts are that he has to be talking about her. Luckily that's not the c Unleashed is the third book in the Colours of Love series and is also a novella.

Luckily that's not the case, but now she has to tell Jonathan her secret. One that could change the dynamics of their relationship.

Erlöst (Colours of Love #) by Kathryn Taylor

Overall, this was a good read. As I mentioned in my review for Unleashed, if the series would have ended with that book I would have been ok with that. However, I did enjoy getting to see more of this duo. ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. View all 4 comments. Ok I thought we would get the answer to the Yuuto question I still think something should tie in there. I really didn't see the point to this very short story.

Jonathan is moody and then turns into Prince Charming. Grace is worried and insecure. Again something is missing no depth. It starts off a year into Grace and Jonathans marriage.


Yeah that's right they've been married for a year. Grace finds out about something that she thinks Jon will not like and keeps it a secret, mean while she's noticing that Jon has become distant and is keeping secrets of his own. Through out the book Grace is worried that their marriage will not survive. She finds out that Yuuto is back in the picture. While she was eavesdropping on Jon and Yuuto conversation, she hears something that breaks her heart. Will things work out in the end for Grace and Jon?

I think that Unleashed was short and cute. You learns about things right away. I just wish that we could've read about their wedding or heard more about it. I think that would've been cute cus we all read these book to get to the happily ever after. Grace was her usual self, working hard in the company. Jon is still Jon but a little quiet and kept to himself, makes you wonder what's he up to. Great book, like that it's short and to the point: I was disappointed in this one.

Its a perfect ending to their story and a sweet, hot read. Four, short and sweet ending ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers. This was a great quick read. The one thing I was disappointed about was it took place a year after their wedding.

I was hoping to see all the planning that went into Grace and Jonathan's wedding as well as Sarah and Alexander's wedding. I would consider this a must read if you have read the first two books in the series, it was a great way to wrap up the romance between Grace and Jonathan.

Some changes have been made in their lives and you get a peek at it all, the ups, the downs, and the insecu This was a great quick read. Some changes have been made in their lives and you get a peek at it all, the ups, the downs, and the insecurities that Grace has. I am curious about the next book which has been released in a few languages but so far not English, fingers crossed that it will be released in English soon. Unleashed is the third book in the Colours of Love series and is more of a novella type book.

We get a look of how the first year is in the life of Jonathan and Grace and how their marriage is. There are ups and there are some downs. When Grace hears Johnathan admitting to something, she starts to panic and has a secret she has recently been holding to , waiting for the right time to tell. Now she is afraid to admit to.

What will happen when she tells Jonathan her secret? Will this be the end to Unleashed is the third book in the Colours of Love series and is more of a novella type book. Will this be the end to their marriage… I loved the novella but wished it was longer and included some more scenes to it. The writing was fast, tight and on point. I really was sad this seemed to be it for Grace and Jonathan. This was a nice end to the story.

By the end of the book, all has been said and done and the MC seem tighter than ever. You know they are stronger than ever and unbreakable. That is nice we can see that about them. My rating: Where the first two books are novels this book is a novella. Jonathan and Grace had finally worked out all their hang ups and love had blossomed but in this novella Grace has a secret that could destroy their future. Although I loved the first two novels I felt that this novella would have worked better for me if it had continued where Uncovered ended instead of jumping so far into the future.

It just felt like half of the book was missing. That aside I did enjoy the story in its own right. The Where the first two books are novels this book is a novella. The story was very believable with the characters personalities. I have really enjoyed both the romantic and erotic journey of Jonathan and Grace. I do feel that the romance grew more with each of the books and the erotic scenes became fewer although just as intense. These books need to be read in order not as stand alone books.

I wish to thank Netgalley and Bastei Entertainment for allowing me to read and review this book. This novella follows up with Grace and Jonathan a year after they are married and follows Grace while she uncovers some disturbing news about their future.

Loved this Novella! Jonathan, or should I say Grace, finally puts Yuuto in his place and I love it! Sadly, I don't know that this will be the last of him.

There's nothing bad about this quick catch up with Grace and Jonathan. ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This was a short novella to wrap up the first two books and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the completion of the story. This novella answered some of the really important questions that the reader still had after completing the first two books in the series.

I loved how the author took the time to understand that she left a few big details hanging and wanted to give her readers the closure. Product details File Size: April 19, Sold by: German ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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