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Since its publication in , Charlotte's Web has become one of America's best- loved children's books. For fifty years, this timeless story of the. beloved book by E. B. White, author of Stuart Lit Charlotte's Web . by E. B. To read e-books on the BookShout App, download it on: iPhone/. Since its publication in , Charlotte's Web has become one of America's best- loved Charlotte's Web by E. B. White Buy the Audiobook Download.

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Did you know that the Charlotte's Web audiobook is read by E.B. White himself? He died in and must have recorded it before then. Charlotte's Web (Audible Audio Edition): E.B. White, George Plimpton, Listening Library: Books. $ Read with Our Free App; Audiobook. CHARLOTTE'S WEB read by E.B. White - Audio Cassette Tape [E.B. White] on E.B. White's popular tale of Wilbur, the pig, and his friend, Charlotte, the spider, Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

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Charlotte's Web

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Astrid Lindgren. A History of Baseball in Ten Pitches. Tyler Kepner. The Old Drift. Namwali Serpell. The Amateurs. Dementia Reimagined. Megan K. The War Within. Stephen R.

The Gift of a Happy Mother. Rebecca Eanes. Just Let Me Look at You. The Unwanted. I could totally see why it would be a kind of life-formative book. I was reading a passage last night and laughing at it there is so much in here that is really funny , and it made me wonder about the level of the humor. That is, would the kid me have thought this was funny or is I grew up without reading this book.

That is, would the kid me have thought this was funny or is it my adult self? And I think probably the kid would have. This is all to say that reading it now, as an adult, it gives me an appreciation for kids' minds, and kids' books that take them seriously, even in their humor. I hope that all makes sense. I'm a late comer to the Harry Potter books, too, but was really delighted by them in some of the same ways.

But--to get back to "Charlotte's Web"--there's a section about the end of summer, a couple chapters away from their Fair trip. White makes this lovely kind of song about the end of the season and the coming of Fall and the kind of beauty and dread and tinged sadness of it all.

My god, it was affecting. That's something that I probably would not have picked up on as a kid, but I think that has more to do with kid-me than with most kids. I know my wife remembered that part distinctly, in fact it is one of the reasons we went back to this book now. We have recently moved from Minnesota, our home for about four years, and Fair Time there just passed.

We really experienced the sort of sad beauty of summer's end there. In our new place in Chapel Hill it hasn't happened quite yet. It is still hot and very dry from drought, so I don't know if there will be that kind of fading moment or not.

We'll have to see. Anyhow, when a book for kids whatever--for all of us can make you laugh and cry and think about the beautiful sadness of death--then, damn, what can you do but ramble? View all 9 comments.


Jul 31, Deanna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: One of my favorite childhood memories is of reading this book with my mother.

I remember how much I giggled at some of the funny situations and cried especially when we read it the first few times. Sobbing into my pillow with my mom rubbing my back I wondered why Charlotte had to die. My mom patiently explaining the gift Charlotte left for Wilbur. Even now I feel a bit of a lump in my throat. It was treasures like this that started my love of books and reading.

I loved it so much I don't know ho One of my favorite childhood memories is of reading this book with my mother. I loved it so much I don't know how many times I read it over the years. Such a timeless classic that will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.

It was easy to understand and I loved the illustrations. The characters were so well developed and completely lovable. I wanted to move to a farm right away and have my very own baby pig. So many life lessons It was all in there! The meaning of true friendship, love, life's adventures, miracles, death, trust, betrayal, sorrow and the passing of time.

Enjoyable to both children and adults I hope everyone reads this book at least once in their lives. Truly a timeless classic. View all 14 comments. Aug 29, Carol rated it it was amazing Shelves: As I now join the million's of readers who have enjoyed this great book, I realize it truly is a book for ALL ages.

Loved every minute of it! View all 6 comments. Feb 20, Natalie Monroe rated it it was amazing Shelves: How I feel about spiders when I read Charlotte's Web: How I feel about spiders when I see one in my house: But I really do love this book.

Charlotte A. Cavatica, you will live on my heart forever. Jan 06, TL rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Recommended to TL by: No words I can say but this book is magical and beautiful and everyone should read it View all 12 comments. I have been listening to or reading Charlotte's Web since My first grade teacher, Mrs.

Bunting, read this magical book to our class, and I can vividly remember sitting on my carpet square, entranced.

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Her reading that book to our class was the highlight of each day. Later that year, there was a movie in the theaters, and we went to see it as a class field trip.

From my memory, everyone in class was excited about the book and the movie.

This was book was that important in the lives of early I have been listening to or reading Charlotte's Web since This was book was that important in the lives of early readers. I also remember the book fair that school year, and my mom allowed me to buy one book and bookmark- these were the days of unicorns and rainbows, and my first bookmark had both.

I'm sure you can guess what my purchase was. My copy of Charlotte's Web was read more times than I could ever possibly keep track, and as some of my book friends know, even at age 6, I worked hard to keep that well-loved book in pristine condition. All of that to say, when Audible had a sale recently on the audio read by E.

White in the s, I quickly bought it. You know an audio is good when you are instantly ready to listen to it again. There is nothing better than the author of THE perfect book reading his own perfect words. So much love and connection in his voice, tone, and inflection. Some books are full of magic that lives in your heart forever, and Charlotte's Web is certainly in mine.

Web by download read charlotte eb white

Summer Read View all 18 comments. Sep 05, Stephanie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I mean, I realize that children's literature is considered a joke by most intellectuals, but get serious.

Anybody who reads this story and fails to recognize its greatness doesn't really like books, in my opinion. Notice how White evokes the arrival of winter on the Zuckerman farm in one short paragraph: The maples and birches turned bright colors and the wind shook them and they dropped their leaves one by one to the ground. Under the wild apple trees in the pasture, the little red apples lay thick on the ground, and the sheep gnawed them and the geese gnawed them and foxes came in the night and sniffed them.

One evening, just before Christmas, snow began falling. It covered the house and barn and fields and woods. Wilbur had never seen snow before. And the fact that White does this in such simple language only underscores his reputation as a great writer.

I wish the folks at The Modern Library had before compiling their list. View all 3 comments. It may sound weird but this is the first time I am reading this book. Anyway, if I had read it as a kid I might have mustered some sympathy for Wilbur. Right now though, I am just mad. Such a whinny and annoying crybaby. Met enough people like him in real life. Poor Charlotte! My personnel bitchy nature aside, this book was amazing.

A quick read, but it makes an impact. Beautiful lessons It may sound weird but this is the first time I am reading this book. Beautiful lessons on friendship and kindness. My favorite quote: View all 11 comments. Aug 08, Ash rated it it was amazing Shelves: I could not stop myself from crying. I literally had tears in my eyes after I finished reading it. Charlotte was such a sweetheart. And Wilbur's innocence made him look cuter. These lines made me breakdown: It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer.

Charlotte was both. I cried like a ba I could not stop myself from crying. I cried like a baby at the end of the movie. The movie is probably as good as the book is. It entered my all-time favourite movie list. Jul 22, [Shai] Bibliophage rated it it was amazing Shelves: Saw the movie adaptation of this classic children's book a decade ago so I'm already familiar with the story.

What I like about this book is how it reminds everyone about friendship, compassion, humility, courage, respect, gratitude; and even the concept of life and death was tackled. Young and adult readers will definitely appreciate and enjoy reading this.

If you have time to read this one of a kind story, I highly recommend to squeeze it to your reading list. It took me almost one year to realize that I have loved this book all along. View 1 comment. Dec 21, Fran rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was 10 almost 11 the summer I first read Charlotte's Web. Understanding life and death, the cycle of life, is never an easy experience.

Since very little we hear about death and we learn about people and things being born, the two extremes of that cycle.

But learning is not understanding. Later, we perhaps get a baby brother or sister, as it was for me, or the neighbor's cat has kittens and one of those kittens comes to live in our house, to be out four-legged companion. And we start to unders I was 10 almost 11 the summer I first read Charlotte's Web.

And we start to understand what being born means. And as life goes on, we see plants and insects died, sometimes under the soles of an adult's shoe or even our own. If we are unlucky or perhaps just not very lucky a pet of ours would die when we are still very young, giving us a better understanding of what death means.

So, understanding life and death is an endeavor that takes wonderful experiences and terrible experiences, and that is what Charlotte's Web is all about.

One morning over breakfast, Fern sees her father heading outside, ax in hand, and asks an innocent question: He's going to kill the runt pig of the newest litter. Fern begs his father to spare the little piglet and she nurses him into a healthy pig, but it's Charlotte, the pretty but rather large and hairy spider living over Wilbur's nook, who really saves Wilbur's life, using words she weaves in her web.

The words she uses describe how extraordinary Wilbur is. This ensures that everyone believes he really is an extraordinary pig, and consequently he becomes famous. He is not like any other pig and, therefore, will never share their fate. This is a book I've liked since the first time I read it, but that has much to offer to readers that are not children. It's a book that treats some of the hardest events of our lives with love and respect, helping us both understand and cope with such events.

All in all, a wonderful read. Feb 22, Ji rated it liked it Shelves: I read this book three times and my opinion of the book has changed each time. The importance of this? Just think how complex and well written a book is if you can take different meanings from a novel at different stages of your life.

Here is a mini recap of what I thought each time I read it Poor piggy! I'm glad he found a nice spider friend. I'm so sad that Charlotte died at the end! But I still hate spiders. I guess it is a really good outlook on growing up I didn't I read this book three times and my opinion of the book has changed each time. I didn't realize until now how Fern spends less and less time with Wilbur as she grows older until now. Junior in College: Why did I ever feel sorry for Wilbur?

He's a cry baby! And poor Charlotte, always having to take care of whiny Wilbur. I don't blame Fern at all for not caring about her pet pig. Unfortunately, my dislike for the annoying pig prevents me from giving it a higher rating. I hear enough whining in life, I don't need to hear it from a pig. Sep 23, Wanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: I suspect there was some snivelling when we reached the end of the tale. Boy, could I identify with the main human character, Fern. I grew up on a small farm like the ones in the book without the work horses—we used tractors during my childhood and it was primarily a hog farm.

I was very familiar with how sweet baby pigs are. In fact, when children came to visit, my mom would assemble her camera and some old towels and we would head to the pig barn. She would scoop up a piglet in a towel, hand it to a child, and photograph the proceedings. That cute little round snout on a piglet is irresistible to a child—we have many photos of kids kissing piglets right on the snout! Not a good idea to get too attached. Like Fern, I spend many happy hours in the barn, watching chickens, pigs, cows and horses.

In fact, when I was about 3, my uncle gave me some duck eggs and a Bantam hen to incubate them. She hatched four ducklings from the eggs and was quite distressed when her charges went swimming in mud puddles and those ducks lived for many years!

They would stand and quack at us when we were playing baseball if they wanted to cross the yard for some reason. Farms have changed so much! Not just horses being replaced by tractors, but the mixed use family farm being lost in favour of large, single purpose farms. Wheat farms, chicken farms, intensive hog farms, cattle feed lots, etc. Fewer children learn to milk cows, gather eggs, and weed gardens.

This was one of my favorite books as a kid and I always felt bad for Charlotte that people saw the spider web that said "some pig" and were instantly impressed with the pig Anyways, I had a weird love for Templeton the rat and still think this entire story is absolutely adorable!

Charlotte’s Web audiobook read by E.B. White

Jul 30, Archit Ojha rated it it was amazing. What a delightful book! Friendship, love, honesty, helping hands, utilizing your talent for a greater good, never giving up, keeping hopes high, embrace what life throws at you because in the end, things are going to be wonderful and if they not, then the ending is yet to come. I loved Charlotte's Web very much. I recommend it to people of each age group. Sep 03, Luffy rated it really liked it. Charlotte's Web is a tender children's story with sweet insights about life, growing up, and mortality.

It's a privilege to open a book and hear the timber of a gifted writer, whose voice was so simple that one wonders why this book was not hatched decades earlier. The author's voice remains unique enough to be distinctive from the crowds of pretenders that have succeeded him. I think what I've done in my review is describe a classic. Make no mistake, a classic Charlotte's Web is. The fact that Charlotte's Web is a tender children's story with sweet insights about life, growing up, and mortality.

The fact that I like it, is mildly a catharsis for me. An endearing tale from childhood.

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Once I had my daughter, I knew I had to buy this book for her. Now that she's grown, I decided I needed a copy for myself. This book teaches us about love and friendship. It teaches us to celebrate life. These are lessons we are never too old to be reminded of. View all 4 comments.

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White with debbicat, Malina, Greg, and Brina 22 23 Jan 17, Charlotte's Web 17 43 Dec 30, Characterization 5 35 Oct 24, Charlotte's Web and a few others! Readers Also Enjoyed. Videos About This Book. More videos