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4XvC8Ju - Read and download Stephen King's book Finders Keepers: A Novel in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book Finders Keepers: A Novel by . Now an AT&T Audience Original Series A masterful, intensely suspenseful novel about a reader whose obsession with a reclusive writer goes much too far—the. keepers a novel epub download ebook 34,33mb finders keepers a novel epub free download books finders keepers a novel we all know that reading finders.

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Posted by Mason Epub on January 19, File Namefinders-keepers-by-c-a-; Original TitleFinders Keepers; CreatorC.A Rose Download now. Emily Rodda - PDF free download eBook. including Finders Keepers,. Download finders keepers epub or read online here in PDF or EPUB. Please click. The Little Prince PDF | Free Books My Books, Books To Read, The Little .. Download The Ninth Step (John Milton #8) by Mark Dawson .epub .. Finders Keepers by Stephen King Stephen King Books, Read Books, Book Club Books.

With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability. Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Stephen King is the author of more than sixty books, all of them worldwide bestsellers. We want your feedback! Click here. Subjects Fiction Suspense.

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This item has been added to your Favorites. But that's not all the 90's gave us. This is where I want you to invest a good chunk of your budget. That's not enough dammit! Bring back originality and creative writing. It's Stephen King. Read it. View 2 comments. This review originally appeared in the Irish Independent, June 7, On the surface, the mystery and horror genres have never entirely been on speaking terms with each other.

Mystery's roots lie in rationalism, or the belief that reality is essentially logical, and truth intellectual: Horror - along with supernatural fiction, it This review originally appeared in the Irish Independent, June 7, Horror - along with supernatural fiction, its close cousin - suggests that reality is much odder, and people do not always behave in rational ways. Or, as Stephen King puts it in his latest novel, Finders Keepers: The truth is that the two genres have much more in common than either might like to admit, for both mystery and supernatural fiction are curious about the impact of random forces on ordered lives.

In mystery fiction, these forces take the form of a criminal - frequently a murderer - while in supernatural fiction it's a non-human entity, but the effect is still the same: Mystery and horror are closer still. Horror is at its most powerful when it deals with the body's capacity for suffering, whether physical, psychological or emotional.

Free finders keepers download epub

In that sense, Thomas Harris's The Silence of the Lambs is as much a horror novel as it is a thriller, just as King's Misery, to which Finders Keepers might function as an interesting companion volume, is as much a thriller as it is a horror novel.

King has long had a relationship with the mystery genre. He has written perceptive introductions to the work of the great noir writer Jim Thompson, produced two novels for the Hard Case Crime series, and even went so far as to make Lee Child's Jack Reacher a character in his novel Under the Dome, while frequently including thriller and crime elements in his supernatural fiction.

Therefore, it wasn't a huge surprise when he made that interest explicit, and published his first non-supernatural thriller, Mr Mercedes, in , to which Finders Keepers is a sequel. But perhaps what Mr Mercedes lacked most was sufficient strangeness; there was the sense of a uniquely odd imagination being held in check by the perceived demands of the mystery genre. So it was that readers who had steered clear of King's supernatural fiction would have been pleasantly surprised by just how respectful Mr Mercedes was of the mystery tradition, while those who had followed his work for decades may have been slightly disappointed for precisely the same reason.

Reading the book was a little like going to the world's best sushi restaurant and having the chef serve you a very fine curry. The fact of the curry's existence might surprise and delight you, and eating it would be a pleasure, but a small part of you would still be wondering why it wasn't sushi. Mr Mercedes, it seemed, was not to be an interrogation or re-imagining of the genre, but a gifted writer's tribute to it. It proved that King could write a straight crime thriller that was as good as almost any out there, but the question remained: Finders Keepers offers a partial answer.

It's a more idiosyncratic novel than its predecessor, and returns to a theme clearly close to King's heart, one previously explored in Misery and Lisey's Story, among other works: John Rothstein, a reclusive novelist reminiscent of the late JD Salinger, is murdered by an obsessive reader named Morris Bellamy, in part because Bellamy is unhappy with the way that Rothstein ended his famous "Runner" trilogy of novels many years earlier.

But Bellamy discovers that Rothstein had continued to write, if not publish, and sees a way to make a fortune off the previously unknown works. Unfortunately, Bellamy ends up in jail before he can put Rothstein's manuscripts to use, which is where everything starts to get interesting.

In its fascination with books, writers and readers, Finders Keepers is more recognisably a Stephen King novel than Mr Mercedes. It's also a slower burn, in part because its timescale covers more than three decades, and is so classically ordered that the ending is never really in any doubt, although that's part of its pleasure: Finally, the touch of the weird so absent from Mr Mercedes is present in Finders Keepers.

Either King rapidly grew tired of adhering too closely to the genre's rationalist roots or, as is more likely, he was playing a long game from the start with this proposed trilogy of books. The Suicide Prince, the final instalment, will appear next year. For now, Finders Keepers is a first-rate crime thriller, but it's also to King's credit that, more than 40 years into his career, he continues to experiment, and his talent, curiosity, and generous, humane spirit show no signs of flagging.

View all 16 comments. Fantastic book!!! Ugh, and that cliffhanger???!! Yup, I'm obsessed. View all 6 comments. This almost got two stars. I mean, I liked it. There are things to like, but it's so far underachieving for King, so sub-par of his talent and storytelling capabilities that it made me cringe in parts and left me embarrassed for the guy. The last third of the book with Hodges and Holly and Jerome running around trying to solve a mystery like an after-school special mixed with an episode of Scooby-Doo was just paaainful.

Nothing about any of that was worthy of King for me. I know Mr Sigh. I know Mr. Mercedes had its many problems and weaknesses: I present to you Exhibit A and Exhibit B. But I really liked it. A LOT. Mainly because the villain -- Brady Hartfield -- is some nasty piece of psychotic work.

One of the better, more convincing villains King has written about in a long time. Brady isn't just a one-dimensional evil dude with sick tendencies and impulses -- King managed to flesh him out some and gave him an appropriately damaging childhood replete with a disturbed and abusive mother.

There was some context there. Some texture and layering. Unfortunately I do not feel the same about the villain presented to us in this book -- Morris Bellamy. Bellamy is a petulant, spoiled asshat -- entitled and vicious. He did not interest me in the least and the only satisfaction I was able to take from his legacy of brutal violent impulses was view spoiler [to see him die a burning fiery death hide spoiler ].

Epub finders free download keepers

For me, the most terrifying villain King has ever written is Annie Wilkes. On cold, dark winter nights I can still have feverish nightmares about her. Annie is the consummate fangirl gone wrong. She is a study in complexity and contradiction, a woman suffering from real mental illness and a menacing determinism and world view that bears no bargaining with.

You're either one of the good guys a "do-bee" or one of the bad guys a "dirty bird". And god help you if you turn out to be a "cockadoodie brat". Morris Bellamy is just a selfish, shallow, ignorant prick who loves to blame the world for all his problems. He blames his mother for the first time he ends up in juvenile detention.

He blames author John Rothstein for "selling out" and destroying his favorite literary creation thus setting in motion a terrible series of events. And most pathetic of all, he blames his "friend" -- future rare book proprietor -- of making him so mad that he goes out and view spoiler [gets blind drunk and brutally rapes a woman, a crime which lands Bellamy in prison with a life sentence rather than the home invasion and execution of the recluse author of his precious Johnny Gold.

He captures some of that magic in these pages but I feel like it all gets poisoned with the less than inspiring creation that is Bellamy. Since King is determined to get to the end of this foray into crime fiction, I am hopeful that the final book in the trilogy if there has to be one will return its focus to Brady Hartfield who may have developed some unusual skills. View all 45 comments. Dec 08, Will M. Here's my review of the first book: Mercedes I wasn't expecting to be completely amazed by this.

Yes, King is my favorite author, but I know his strong point is Horror, and not Crime. The most important thing that I learned after reading this latest novel of his was that Stephen King can write anything he fucking wants. While I was satisfied with Mr. Mercedes, it's a different game when it comes to Finders Keepers. FK exceeded my expectations. This is an amazing novel, add that to the list of Here's my review of the first book: This is an amazing novel, add that to the list of great novels King has written over the years.

Bill, Holly, and Jerome are back. The amazing trio we learned to love in Mr. Mercedes, but they're not the only stars in this novel. We have the honor student, the ever so curious Pete Saubers.

Everything stared to go wrong the moment we get that flashback of the Mercedes incident, where Brady killed and injured a lot of people. Brady injured Pete's father, Tom. That accident started all the commotion in Pete's life.

Then all of a sudden another antagonist named Morris Bellamy contributed to more chaos. Morris, the obsessed reader of Rothstein's novels decided to kill him and steal all of the things inside the author's safe. What happens next made this novel the piece of treasure that it is today.

Finders Keepers

This is a crime novel, and not a horror one. This is not a typical King novel in terms of the genre, but it's still King in terms of the greatness. He delivered what a crime novel should, and that's suspense. The last few chapters contained nothing but heart racing scenes. King doesn't hold back with his vivid portrayals of scenes, and FK was no different.

When he wants to write something violent, he will. In terms of plot alone I could already give this a 5. I didn't see some of the things that happened in the end, but some were predictable.

The characters were incredible. That is King's talent, his characters. I liked everyone of them. Even the father, because the the flashback chapters in the beginning were great. Perfect way to build momentum. Then after all the flashbacks, King handed out chapter after chapter of suspense. The trio were still fun to read here. They had the same humor as the last novel. King didn't focus much on them though, all the attention was given to the Saubers. Pete and his family were also very well developed characters.

I couldn't stand not knowing what would happen to them next. This novel should be the perfect example of a page turner. I would've finished this in one sitting but I got a bit sick. I read 70 pages and decided to sleep first. The next day, cured from all illnesses, I finished the rest in one sitting.

If that's not a page turner then I don't know what is. I'm not sure if this novel's really shorter than his other works or maybe it's because of the font and it being a hardback? It felt shorter, or maybe I was enjoying myself too much to notice the number of pages left.

Rarely happens, only with some King books, not even all of his works. This is one of my favorite King books to date. If you're looking for horror from King, then don't expect it here. This is a straight out crime-thriller, and if you manage your expectations right, then you'll most probably enjoy this.

I can't wait to read the third novel. That last paragraph was a huge cliffhanger. One more dreadful year of waiting. Write faster, King. View all 11 comments. Did anyone else notice the little smiley used as the dot after Mr. I have had this book for a couple of months and been reading on it for a few days and finally noticed it. I thought something spilled on my book and was trying to rub it off until I figured it out! Lol, I thought it was cool, the smiley, not thinking something spilled on my book!

I enjoyed this book with the new and old characters. I thought it was well written and all of the characters were nicely playe Did anyone else notice the little smiley used as the dot after Mr. I thought it was well written and all of the characters were nicely played.

In the 90's a nutcase named Morris Bellamy kills a famous author named John Rothstein. He then steals his money from the safe and a collection of Rothstein's books that have never been published. Morris panics and hides all of the stuff away in an old trunk at the back of his family house in the woods.

Then Morris goes to jail on a totally different charge where he gets what he deserves from his cellmate in my opinion. Jump ahead to and you have a family living in Morris old house. The parents are having a hard time financially when Mr. Saubers was hit by Mr. Mercedes in the City Center Massacre. Now Mrs. Saubers is the only one bringing in a little income.

Keepers epub download finders free

They have two children named Pete and Tina. One day Pete is out in the back woods and ends up finding the truck with all of the money and novels in it. Pete proceeds to send anonymous envelopes to his family over the few years and it helps them out of their money issues. He keeps and hides the manuscripts in the house. When the money runs out, Pete tries to find a away to sell the manuscripts without getting caught.

Well, this doesn't go over too well, especially after many years, Morris is let out of jail. Pete's little sister, Tina gets in touch with Holly and Mr. Hodges at their place of work called Finders Keepers. They decide to help find out what is going on with Peter. It was nice to see some of the old gang back together. Even Jerome comes home from Harvard to visit and he gets in on the hunt for answers. We get an appearance of Odell, Jerome's dog. Anyway, things finally get figured out and some peeps die and some craziness happens and more peeps die but mostly it works out.

Also Mr. Hodges keeps going to visit Mr. Mercedes in the hospital. Hodges thinks he is faking his craziness or veg state, whatever you want to call it. I'm really hoping something more happens with that in the next book! Melissa Martin's Reading List Head over heels. Morris ends up going to jail on a rape charge, but years later Peter Saubers finds the trunk that Morris buried containing the stolen money and Rohnstein's unpublished works. A few y "For readers, one of life's most electrifying discoveries is that they are readers - not just capable of doing it, but in love with it.

A few years after Peter's discovery, Morris is released from prison and wants back what he feels is his You love books, I love books.

We all love books. But King takes this book obsession to another level with two of his characters: Please never go this far, guys. Let's just stick to fangirling over our favourites on all forms of social media. Finders Keepers is an enjoyable detour away from the main story found within Mr Mercedes. The pace itself completely changes. Mr Mercedes is a fast-paced page-turner where your heart is in your mouth on multiple occasions. That slow burn where King builds the foundations of a great story and then turns up the heat.

I'm here for it!! Very quickly I am fully absorbed in the story of the Saubers family. They've fallen on hard times after the father Tom was injured in the incident at the job fair, and the very likeable Pete thinks of a way to relieve the tension building between his parents after finding a trunk full of money and notebooks.

For a while you're left wondering how exactly this will fully tie into the mish-mash trio of Hodges, Holly and Jerome, but King weaves it all so perfectly. For approximately the first half of the book, King flips back and forth between present day and the past, and as always, he does so seamlessly. King explores literature and the love of reading in Finders Keepers, and that was one of my favourite things about this book.

King so perfectly depicts how it feels to fall in love with reading, and it is very easy for him to do so because he is an avid reader himself.

He gets us. His passion for reading is just as obvious as his love for writing. It's interesting to see how two passionate readers, the two main characters Pete and Morris, differ in their obsession. One is significantly more unhealthy than the other. Holly is growing on me the more I get to know her, and my love for Bill Hodges continues to grow. I can take or leave Jerome - I just find it uncomfortable when King lets Jerome fall into speaking in his demeaning, and frankly unfunny, dialect.

I think it's unnecessary. Otherwise, I really enjoyed Finders Keepers. I love when King explores the relationship between an author and the reader. Really excited to see how the entire trilogy wraps up in End of Watch! I give this one 4 stars. View all 3 comments. The Hook - No daily walk would be complete without an audio book to listen to. Finders Keepers and its fine narration by Will Patton.

Patton differentiates between characters, young, old, male or female with out missing a beat. What one has to say sets the tone and the promise. My sense of deja vu in the opening scenes of Finders Keepers were strong allying my fears that the six months between reading the second in The Bill Hodges Trilogy was too long.

His family sure needs the money as his father is unemployed and disabled after being gravely injured when a Mercedes plows into him and others at a job fair at the City Center Auditorium. Pete decides to anonymously feed the cash in monthly mailings to his family.

But the real find is the long-lost notebooks, what to do with these? This is where the true dilemma for Pete begins. It is the crux of this thrilling story, which brings characters old and new, including the now retired Detective Bill Hodges.

Stephen King, I love you for having no shame in dropping names throughout your novels. Finders Keepers is no exception and I reveled in the many references to authors, books, songs and more. This kinship is what it is all about. One cannot exist without the other. King gets it. View all 27 comments. I started typing out a review of the book, and I might get back to doing that, but not yet. First, a few things that annoyed me with this book followed by stuff I really enjoyed. What's up with old man Hodges always hanging around people that could be his grandchildren?

His story at the beginning of Mr. Mercedes was so pitiful, but now he's like the cool old guy that the kids hang out with because he buys them beer. I still have issues with his friendship with Jerome. And Holly is a really an I started typing out a review of the book, and I might get back to doing that, but not yet. And Holly is a really annoying character. I'm putting too much into one point.

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Oh well. Stephen King is stuck in the 20th century when it comes to the way people talk, especially when it comes to characters like Jerome.

Even when Jerome does his stupid voice of some character he invented to sound more black, it just comes off as forced and awkward. He could really use some help in writing dialogue for younger characters, especially young black characters.

Sometimes things would be moving along just fine and someone would say "homegirls don't play that" and I would have to stop reading for a second to give my eyes time to roll back into place. Alright, I'm good. I really did like the beginning of the story and the ending, like the ending ending. Like the ok cool I'm glad I have End of Watch ready to go ending. Whoa oh boy that was interesting.


But, where this book really got my attention is with its book talk. I immediately wanted to read Rabbit, Run and American Pastoral and all the other newer classics of last century. It had a Mr. Penumbra kind of vibe at times, and I just really liked watching Pete's story unfold. I actually liked Morris as the villain more than Brady. I don't feel like King shoved how bad Morris was into my face like he did with Brady, and It was cool to see Morris unravel as the story progressed.

More crazy author and obsessed fan stuff that we have all seen before with King, but it played out pretty well. I'm still not ready to call this a trilogy.

I'll read the final book and see what happens, but this felt like a story that didn't need Hodges and the gang at all. It actually may have stood up on its own without Hodges and been a better story. King did a nice job weaving in events from the first book, but I almost forgot this was a Bill Hodges story until he finally made an appearance. Even after he was on the scene he felt like more of an afterthought.

Still chillin' with his homeboys and homegirls though. Still keep on' gangsta. I'm excited for the grand finale, and I'm really hope it's going where it seems like it's going. Now it's time to read Rabbit, Run. View all 15 comments. Oct 01, Christy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Crime thriller lovers and King fans who are open to a little change.

Seems like its been awhile since I read this book, but since I just updated the other two in the series, I thought I needed to add my thoughts on this one. And that is a perfect picture of King through the years--a gigantic composer, creating his own universe--and as far as this being a "redone Misery , I feel that perh Seems like its been awhile since I read this book, but since I just updated the other two in the series, I thought I needed to add my thoughts on this one.

And that is a perfect picture of King through the years--a gigantic composer, creating his own universe--and as far as this being a "redone Misery , I feel that perhaps they should be read back to back Other than that, everyone is entitled to like a story or not, based on it's own merits, and be respected for it Out of the trilogy, I really liked this one, though End of Watch i loved.

Both great. Both tied together in many ways; yet the genres are completely different. To me Finders Keepers is almost a straightforward crime thriller, and I believe King has proven that he can write any style he chooses.

I think it's unique for an author to have a distinct trilogy using divergent styles. I don't remember having seen it done before, and for that I only feel my respect for King growing.