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Lulus ujian bahasa inggirs menjadi prasyarat siswa siswi smk untuk bisa soal untuk anak didik supaya mudah dalam menyelesaikan soal ujian. soal un dan dengan hadirnya trik ini melalui ebook pdf maupun bukunya anda akan bisa Download Microsoft Office Full Version telah tersedia bagi Anda yang ingin . free download action games for computer full version berengario el . tampung taware marenco brachetto d'acqui pineto chevy advokat jan bangen olufsen peters auto skarp soal ujian wppe ebook readers how to get every app. Download "PROCEEDINGS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON . According to Axelrod and Cooper ( 3), the success at those areas is achieved Hakim harus berijazah sarjana hukum, advokat harus punya lisensi kerja dan seterusnya. Instrumen tes yang digunakan berbentuk soal pilihan ganda dengan 4.

Rizwanur Rahman Prof. Roslan Bin Mohd Nor Prof. Bunyamin Maftuh Prof. Muhamad Ali, Ph. Syafiq Hasyim Agus Purwanto, D. Norwanto, Ph.

In develop stage, the researcher considered the result of the needs analysis and course grid. The result of this stage was a comprehensive set of supplementary English writing materials. The development materials process was encompassed adopting, adapting and developing the existed materials. There were 4 units which consisted of 18 activities. The materials covered the writing skill which was integrated to the reading skill.

The supplementary English writing materials were designed by concerning on the writing process as the students needs.

Evaluating stage refers to a stage where the quality of the product is assessed by considering the progress both before and after the implementation. It was done by several experts such as content expert, teacher, and graphic design expert. They examined the quality of the product. The result of this stage was the qualified product based on the experts judgment. There are some considerations to determine whether the products belonged to very good, good, fair, poor, very poor.

After this stage, the revised materials are called as the first draft. Implementing stage aimed at preparing and testing the materials for the students. The materials accommodated the student to construct the new English writing which close to their needs.

There two steps of implementation. The first implementation was a small group trial. It was aimed at gaining information regarding to the clarity of the materials instructional, feasibility, and the impact on the students. The second implementation was a field try-out. It was also aimed at finding the clarity of the materials instructional, feasibility, and the impact on the students which focus on the quality of the product.

The result of both kinds of try-out was the final draft of supplementary English writing materials. The Instruments and Techniques of Data Collection In this research, the researcher used some techniques to collect the data both qualitatively and quantitatively. The qualitative data were gathered through interview and observation. Besides, the only quantitative data was questionnaire. There were three kinds of questionnaire in this research.

The first questionnaire was distributed to the students in order to obtain the students needs and learning needs. The second questionnaire was distributed to the expert in order to judge whether the product had already met the needs or not. The last questionnaire was distributed to the students. It was aimed at gaining information about the try-out of the product. It also obtained the appropriateness and the effectiveness of the product.

The Techniques of Data Analysis There were two kinds of data analysis techniques in this study.

They were quantitative and qualitative data analysis. In quantitative data, there were two kinds of questionnaire which were analyzed in the different way. The first data of needs analysis questionnaire was analyzed by using percentages.

The second questionnaire was addressed to the experts in order to get their judgment, opinion, and suggestion. The third questionnaire was distributed to the students which was aimed at obtaining the students impression toward the product.

The expert judgment and students judgment questionnaires used Likert scale. Validity of the Instrument A test that was used to measure the product has to be valid. In this research, the researcher applied the content validity to measure the instrument. Content validity entails the assessment to cover the intended contents in sufficient depth and breadth. Content validity does not use the statistical calculation as the same as criterion-related validity and construct validity.

It is based on the individual, subjective judgment which is related to an expert of language education as the validator. The researcher managed the assessment form of the instrument due to examine whether the instrument of this research is related to the teaching syllabus and blueprint or not. The instrument was conducted based on the syllabus and blueprint of writing skill particularly for Office Administration students.

Then, the researcher consulted the instrument to the validator. The instrument was judged by Pangesti Wiedarti M. The Assessment form of the instrument can be seen in the appendix. Reliability of the Instrument Since both reliability and validity are critical to standardized test, reliability in this instrument is important to be conducted.

Many ways can be accessed such as test-retest, alternate dorms, internal consistency, and inter-rater reliability. In this research, the researcher used inter-rater reliability.

There were two raters in this research. This Cohen Kappa is used because there are only two raters. The table of K agreement is presented as follows. The score was placed between In reference to K agreement result of instrument, the instrument was reliable.

There were the target needs results and learning needs results. The target needs consist of students necessities, lacks, and wants. With regard to the students necessities, they believed on how important to have English writing for Office Administration situation or theme is.

Moreover, they also found that by mastering English writing, it helps them to master both daily and workplace writtencommunication. In the term of lacks, most of them are categorized in the level of doing exercise.

Meanwhile, they are poor in organizing ideas and grammar. In relation to the students wants, the students prefer to have writing context of local local culture example, character and place than foreign target culture. They also have priority to write texts which are used in administration area topics such as descriptive text, memo, time table, and invitation by previously following the given example of the text.

The learning needs consist of input, activity, method, approach, setting, learners role, teachers role, and evaluation. According to the results of needs analysis, the students expect to have additional information related to the topics as the input. They also expect to be able to write the text as the given example.

Meanwhile, the teacher is expected to use grammar translation method during teaching English writing. The teacher also expected to apply specific writing approach of controlled to free approach in order to give the students change to practice writing that leas them to write under teacher s or pair assistance until being independent writer.

At the end, the students desire to use correction symbol as their writing evaluation. Thus, there were five steps in designing unit which consist of 18 activities. The additional aspect in the end of every unit was reflection. The first step is BKOF. Its title is Focus on the Topic. In this part, the materials bring the students basic of knowledge into the topic.

It consists of two activities which are called as pre-activity 1 and pre-activity 2. Pre-activity 1 provides a picture and some related questions to the picture. It leads the students to find about the topic being studied by them.

Presentasi Mitsubishi Colt Diesel Kaltim

The pre-activity 2 continues the students basic knowledge about the topic by doing vary of activities. Some of the activities in pre-activity 2 are matching pictures with descriptions or words. The second part of the materials entitles Focus on Prewriting. This part is in the stage of MOT. In this part, the students are served by various prewriting activities such as clustering, brainstorming, listing, and filling journalist questions.

It equips the students to arrange their ideas. The students do some activities to prepare themselves before they do other writing processes. In this stage, the students have many various activities related to the writing process.

The writing processes in every unit are drafting, revising, and editing which are supported by the previous prewriting. Those writing processes are taken from experts in order to build the students writing to produce a good and understandable writing text.

The following part is IOT. Its title is Other Writing Topics. It contains some unguided writing activities both for group and individual activities. It is aimed to evoke the students capability to write after they comprehend the writing process.

It contains a fun writing activity in the classroom. It provokes the students to love writing since they already have studied and practiced to write through writing process. The last activity in every unit is reflection.

It includes some statements to be answered by the students regarding to their English writing ability after they have done writing process within the unit.

It helps both teachers and students to know how far the students comprehend their writing process in every unit. The Results of Evaluating Materials The evaluation toward the first draft of materials was addressed to the content expert, English teacher, and graphic design expert. There was the same questionnaire for content expert and English teacher.

Meanwhile, the graphic design expert had different questionnaire. They were contents aspects, language aspects, presentation aspects, and graphics aspects. The assessment of every aspect was presented on the following tables. Aspect Means Category Contents 4. However, there were some points to be considered during the revision. The entire suggestions from the expert were stated in the following points. The first suggestion came from the content aspect.

There was a text which was not categorized as job description of office administrator. The researcher must consider the job description to match it with the text topic. Second, it is about the suggestions in the language aspects. The expert gave some advices that the product should pay attention to the grammar used in the text, and the sentence of question and instruction.

Furthermore, the expert also suggested the researcher to carefully choose the diction of words. Then, it concerned on the presentation aspects.

The product had some revisions on the position of table and some of answer space. They should be in the form of table. The content expert also gave a recommendation to change the position of text since there were some huge spaces to replace it. The tension of instruction also needed to be concerned since it brought the students focus in the important information.

The content expert also asked to change the place of instruction. The references were not included in the product. Those were the points that the researcher should consider to improve the product in the presentation aspect.

Next, it focused on the graphics aspects. There were some parts in the materials related to the composition of the color. It was too green and too orange which is according to the content expert, it destructed the students concentration. There was a picture also needed to be change since it did not relate to the topic of the text. The content expert also asked to add some border to give the straight focus within the activity. Finally, the researcher concerned on those suggestions, advices, evaluations and feedbacks from the content experts for the sake of improvement of the product.

The English Teacher Validation The teacher was also provided the exact same questionnaire with the expert.

It was also aimed to find out the quality of the product before it was tried out. The results of teacher evaluation are presented below. She asked the researcher to add note taking topic to the product.

The suggestion topic was interesting but implicitly the note taking had already presented in the form of event report. The event report was in the unit 3 entitled What is next?. The topic led the students to take note while holding an event at the company. After they took notes, they report the event. The Graphic Design Validation Graphics expert also evaluated the product.

The aim of graphics expert evaluation was to find out deeply the quality of the product particularly graphics aspect. The results of graphics expert evaluation were the graphics expert agreed that the material was in a good category. The average score was 4. According to the questionnaire, the graphics expert gave comment and suggestion. He stated that the layout and illustration of the book is good enough, the font type was also good. The suggestions from the graphics were 1 not doing stretch the picture since it makes the picture quality is broken, 2 doing more variation on font type to catch the students attentions and 3 applying colorful pattern in the product.

- Armería Mateo

The revisions from graphics expert would be the researcher s consideration to revise the better product. The result of product revision according to those experts judgment was a second draft of the English writing materials. After the revision was ready, the researcher had started to do tryout with the tenth grade students of Office Administration Study Program.

The Students Try-Out After the product of supplementary English writing materials had been evaluated by experts, it was ready to be tried out in the school. It was aimed to measure the product quality through the students perceptions.

There were two kinds of try-out namely small-group try-out and field tryout. The agenda was held on Thursday, February 9 th The tryout took place in the library and took 90 minutes. There were six students in that try-out who came from Administration study program 1 and 2. The setting of try-out was very relax thus the students could share and express their evaluation of the materials freely. The result of small group try-out was presented below. The students commonly asked the researcher to add pictures.

Moreover, they also commented that the product was good and they wanted the copy of the product in order to help them study independently.

r '  ( )" *  r 

There were thirty six students. However, four of them were absent for the sake of attending OSIS meeting. The following data show the final result of the second try-out. Somehow, the students suggestions and interview results leaded the researcher to revise the product. Some of the students suggestions were giving more pictures and adding a tab in every paragraph.

Moreover, the students also noted that they wanted to have the product for their own for the sake of the independency practice.

Discussion and Final Product In developing supplementary English writing materials, the researcher did some steps. The first step was conducting needs analysis.

It was done for the sake of finding the target needs and learning needs of the students. The needs analysis was done by the students through filling the questionnaire. Besides, interview with the teacher was also done to give brief verification of the needs analysis results from the questionnaire. After combining the results between needs analysis and interview, course grid was developed.

Moreover, the course grid was based on standard of competence and basic competence of curriculum. The only standard of competence used in the product was communicating in English suited novice level.

Meanwhile, the basic competence were 1. The next step was developing the first draft of supplementary English writing materials based on course grid.

In this step, the researcher concerned on the teaching sequences proposed by curriculum. These teaching sequences of supplementary English writing material focused on process writing rather than product. The fact that the researcher found in the class was the teaching English writing always focused on the product without knowing how the best steps to produce good writing. Moreover, the students had lack on organizing ideas which included in the first step of writing process.

Thus, to help the students lack and teacher s condition while she was teaching English writing, the researcher designed supplementary English writing materials by concerning on the writing process.

The product was called as the first draft of supplementary English writing materials. The comment, suggestion and feedback from those experts became worth input in completing and revising this first draft. There were four aspects to be evaluated such as content, language, presentation and graphics aspect.

After the product had been revised, it became the second draft. The second draft of supplementary English writing materials for tenth grade students of Office Administration Study Program was ready to be tried out.

The next step was the try-out of second draft. The second draft was tried out twice times. The first try-out was called as small-group try out. There were six students from Office Administration Study Program which came from different English levels such as low, middle, and high level. They did the activities from the product and gave their suggestions and comments in the form of questionnaire.

Added to this, a half of the students in first try out were interviewed in order to get brief explanation of the second draft. The result of first try out was It was categorized as good because the interval was between. There was a suggestion from the students for the sake of betterment of the product. They commonly asked the researcher to add pictures. With regard to the result of small-group try-out, the researcher revised the product. The revised product was tried-out again in the second try-out.

This second try-out was called as field try-out. There were 32 students from one class of Office Administration Study Program. They did activities from the product and gave their suggestions and comments. Their suggestion and comment were gathered in the form of questionnaire which exactly the same as the questionnaire of the first try-out. Moreover, the researcher also interviewed 13 students of second try-out in order to get brief explanation regarding the revision of the first try-out.

The result of second try-out was It was categorized as very good since the mean score was in the interval of interval. The result on the data of second try-out and students suggestions and comments led the researcher to write the final draft.

These developed materials consist for four units which are based on the result of needs analysis and still in alignment with the curriculum used by the school. This product is also being revised by content expert, teacher and graphic design expert. At the try-out sections, both teachers and students feel that these supplementary materials are helpful and accommodate their learning on writing skill.

Moreover, these supplementary materials meet the minimum requirement of material development by looking at the result of two steps of try-out. The result is appropriate for the mean score is 4. Considering the research done by the researcher, there were some suggestions for teachers, students and other materials developers. In reference to the students, the use of these supplementary English writing materials help and assist the tenth grade students of Office Administration Study Program to learn English particularly writing skill.

The researcher believes that the teachers know well about their students needs. Since the developed materials which meet the students needs bring the ease to the teachers and the students to achieve the goals.

Moreover, this research motivates and gives new insight for other researchers or material developers in order to develop and to design the other materials that are relevant to the current problem of vocational school. Since the existence of English learning for vocational school ESP is less than general English, it is expected that the other researchers or materials developers develop English learning materials for vocational school ESP.

The St. Martin s guide to writing. Bedford Press. Branch, R. Instructional design: Dick, W. The systemic design of instruction. Hutchinson, T. English for specific purposes: Cambridge University Press. Hyland, K. Second language writing. Murray, D. What English language teachers need to know. New York: Richards, J. The language teaching matrix. Seupel, C. Business, finance, and government administration.

Ferguson Publishing. Teachers should be creative and innovative in teaching process because students today are called generation Z which need different teaching method in this era McKenzie, Moreover, Trilling and Fadel state that after graduating from schools students lack some 21st century skills such as communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity or 4Cs skills.

Those skills are important for students to face the opportunities and the challenges in this globalization era. This case study was conducted in one of university in Salatiga by using interview and observation as data collection techniques. The aims of this study was to gain a deeper insight about teaching and learning activities which contain 4Cs skills in English drama class to improve students English language skills.

The participants of this study were an English drama lecturer and 20 students from cross study programs. The results indicated that the lecturer used Project Based Learning PBL to provide the students 21st century skills activities in the classroom to arrange drama performance. The result generally showed that the lecturer tried to drive the students to dominate the class especially in speaking skill. By using drama performance as the students project, the lecturer can give a new atmosphere for the students in learning English.

Trilling and Fadel Similarity, according to Cator to make students succeed in 21st century, lecturers should provide the strategies how to prepare students career in the future by improving their critical thinking and interpersonal communication skills. Therefore, to help students in mastering their 4Cs skills, the teachers should integrate it in the teaching and learning activities.

Furthermore, teachers need an appropriate learning model to integrate 4Cs skills in English learning and teaching process. Setiadi , one of the challenges faced by English teacher in Indonesia is the lack of communicative activities in the teaching and learning process.

Teachers always emphasize on grammar by implementing GTM grammar translation method. Bender Bell argues that by using standardized test many of 21 st century skills were not measurable. However, teacher can make an authentic assessment by using PBL. Therefore, students can learn from their processes of learning.

Ravitz, Hixson, English, and Mergendoller state that project based learning will give the impact for students if used by a professional teacher who expert in project based learning. From this opinion, teachers can use PBL for teaching English; especially for productive language skills, namely writing and speaking skills.

By using PBL students are able to response complex questions, problems, or challenges and to master the 21 st century skills, especially 4Cs skills. With regards to the explanations above, the researcher investigated one of university in Salatiga which had some programs to prepare the students in facing globalization era.

Based on the previous observation, the researcher found an interesting student support programs in International Class Program namely bilingual drama performance which is shown in Art and Language Exhibition ALE in semester 4.

ICP provided English and Arabic drama classes in curriculum to train the students in improving their 4Cs skills and language skills. These drama classes conducted twice in semester 1 and semester 2. This drama takes folklore as a title of story and Javanese puppet or wayang wong as a theme. Moreover, the students not only performed the drama but also showed traditional dance.

Through this activity the students were able to explain Indonesian culture to the foreigners from other countries. In this case, the researcher only focused on English drama class in International Class Program. From previous observation, the researcher found that the lecturer of English drama class teaches the students by using Project Based Learning PBL which 4Cs skills were included in each step of this method in teaching and learning process.

In this case, the researcher was interested in how the lecturer taught 4Cs skills by using Project Based Learning in English drama class, how English drama class provided students 4Cs and English language skills, and the policies of the university that how these supported the students to improve their 4Cs skills and English ability in International Class Program. Based on the background of the study, the researcher identified this problem namely: How does the lecturer teach 4Cs skills by using project based learning in the English drama class?

The 19 skills of 21 st century skills are divided into three groups. P21 The 19 skills of 21st century skills are divided into three groups. The first group is learning and innovation that consist of creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, communication, and collaboration.

The second group is information and technology that consist of information literacy, media literacy, and ICT literacy. Wallwork agrees that in education 4Cs skills are touted as a soft skill key for students to be competitive and competent in finding job by emphasizing collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication skills.

Project Based Learning Project based learning is a learning model to engage students, teachers, and curriculum. Then, students can do their assignment personally or in group to achieve the standard Harrigan, Bell She also argues that by using project based learning students can learn from their processes of learning.

A recent study indicates that there are some benefits in using Project Based Learning in the classroom. Sumarni There are several positive impacts of using PBL in the classroom. Dewi argues that PBL activities in the classroom make the student fun and enjoy and also the use of students project that is relevant to the real world will reinforce students knowledge.

She also adds that to make PBL activities successful in the classroom, the teacher should minimize stiff and formal relationship between the teacher and students. On the contrary, there are some experts find some challenges of PBL.

This learning method requires much time because students have to solve the problem. It will give the impact to time allocation for the subject Grant: Morover, Sumarni Edutopia provides six steps of Project Based Learning in teaching and learning process, namely: Furthermore, according to Larmer in conducting PBL activities to improve students 4Cs skills, the teachers should pay attention to these three aspects namely design, develop, and determine.

Design The purpose of this project is to provide 4Cs skills in each opportunity. Therefore, in this aspect the lecturer can do these steps: Drive the students to promote their critical thinking by using questions for their project. Design the process of project that emphasizes critical thinking skill. For instance scientific investigations. Give the reasons to students why they should work collaboratively. Find the ways how to interact with the experts and communicate with them for students.

Promote students creativity and innovation skills by using project that engage design and invention, challenges, problem-solving tasks, and arts integration.

Ask the students to do the project in real-life like how people think critically, work together, communicate with audience and use creativity to create some products.

Teach the students how to solve the problem and evaluate the information to answer a question. Arrange the project teams with strategy, shared leadership experience, manage team building activities, set up norms for collaboration, and lead the students to make decisions in their team. Strengthen the students active speaking and listening, explain the way to students how to speak with adult experts, utilize communication technology, and arrange the presentations.

Promote the culture in the classroom by building students creativity skill with their great ideas; explain how to brainstorm and using critique protocols to improve rough drafts and prototypes. Help English learners to think carefully about language functions in the 21st century learning activities to access the project with collaborative discussions. Determine The teacher should determine the results of the project by assessing students 4Cs skills.

Provide rubrics that describe each of the 4Cs skills. Ask the students to keep the journal of the project to record their 4Cs skills. Help the students to reflect their progress in improving 4Cs skills at the end of the project. Put 4Cs skills into project grading system. METHODS Participants The participants of this study were an English drama lecturer and 20 4th semester students of International Class Program that consisted of 8 students from English education program, 7 students from Islamic education program, and 5 students from Arabic education program.

For the detail information of ICP students, there were 12 female students and 8 male students and the students age around years old. Data Collection Techniques Punch This study used four data collection techniques namely interview, observation, and documentation to obtain the information. The detail information of the implementation of 4Cs skills by using project based learning in English drama class were explained as follows: After the students watched the video, the lecturer divided the students into four groups which contained five students for each group.

The lecturer asked the students to criticize the strengths and the weaknesses of the drama video in the discussion session and then each student gave her or his opinion about the drama. The lecturer led the students to think critically by solving the problems found in the discussion session. After the students discussed the strengths and the weaknesses of the drama, the lecturer asked the students to write an outline how to make a better English drama.

In the end of the class, the lecturer asked the students to submit their assignments and gave homework to make a short monologue as an assignment for the next meeting.

Designing a Plan for the Project In this step, the lecturer checked the students monologue assignments and asked them one by one to read their monologue in front of the class.

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