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“REMOTE is the book that 21st century business leaders have been waiting for” Meet some of the fantastic people who make working remotely for Basecamp. David Allen, internationally best-selling author of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (epub +. Office Not Required. Remote (eBook, ePUB) - Heinemeier Hansson, David; Fried , Jason. Als Download kaufen Sofort per Download lieferbar. Abo Download.

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Download Download Remote: Office Not Required | PDF books PDF books Jason Fried pdf, Read Jason Fried epub Download Remote. Building, managing and working in a remote team is becoming more and more common. However, best practices are still hard to come by. Download ZIP screen sharing; to-do lists on Basecamp; real-time chatting; sharing files on Dropbox The main advantage of remote working is to aim at a better quality of life: in the meanwhile, you and your employer will save money as a.

Crown Publishing Group. Feb 27, - However, this is the only one I've read so far this year. Nov 6, - Remote: Office Not Required. Spice 0 I'm aware of BranchCache it was part of the strategy I mentioned in my first reply , but need to get the branch office's server set up correctly before I can configure it. Remote is the latest book from the founders of 37Signals and Basecamp. I realize the second server will be a BDC, set up locally and then moved to the remote site, but I'm not finding any Microsoft information about the specifics of how to do this correctly.

Read On Writing Well. The best way you can do is to hire the person to do a little work before we hire them. Start with a small project, about a week, and pay them a fair amount. Start as early as possible.

Epub remote download 37signals

Cultures grow slowly over time and it will be much easier if you culture grows up with remote workers. If you have a well established company, just tell your best employees that they can work from home a couple of days a week if they'd like.

If you treat remote work as a little experiment, you will be able to iterate, adjust and find out what works best for you. It's easy to be a manager if you just have to manage the chairs: If I can't see my employees, how I can make sure they're actually working? Well, the job of a manager is to lead and verify the work done, not the chairs. This unfortunately requires that the manager understands what his team is doing, and in the finer details: Just because you don't have to be in the office all the time, there is no reason not to get together once in a while: So when if you're in doubt about trying remote working, just think: Well, at least I'm not trying to coordinate the work of 3' people across the globe on a single project.

If you treat remote workers like they're second level citizens, you're all going to have a bad time. The best trick is to have some of your top employees work remotely: The problem is that if work is all-consuming, the worker is far more likely to burn out.

This is especially true for people loving their job, since they won't see it as a problem until it's too late. We don't want people to work too little, or too much.

Just right: When something's scarce, we tend to conserve and appreciate it more. When something is abundant, we rarely think twice about how we use or spend it.

Face-to-face communication is great, but overabundance of meetings make them a complete waste of time. Remote work solves this problem by forcing people to rely on email, phone, chat or video calls. Face to face time becomes valuable again. Getting away from the office is great for your productivity because nobody can disturb you in person.

They can send you an email or try chatting but they just can't barge in your flow. Still, some people might find hard to start working in complete isolation. The trick is to take your laptop and go to the nearest coffee shof with WiFi.

Download remote 37signals epub

The only reliable way to motivate people is to encourage them to work on the stuff they like and care about. Most people suffering from lack of motivation will blame themselves first: The truth most of the times is that you are not the problem: Why wait for retirement? If seeing the world is your passion, you shouldn't wait until old age to pursue it.

Creative work that can be done remotely requires a computer and an Internet connection.

Remote: Office Not Required [ebook] by Jason Fried (epub/mobi)

You still have to respect the laws of remote collaboration, such as good writing skills and overlapping time zones. Routine tends to numb creativity. On the other hand, changes of scenery lead to all sorts of new ideas.

Don't think of working remotely as just shifting your routine from the office to your home. Look at remote working as an opportunity to work from wherever you like, and explore a new coffee shop every day. Skip to content.

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Sign up for a GitHub account Sign in. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Code Revisions 4 Stars 14 Forks 3. Embed What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Learn more about clone URLs. Download ZIP. Remote, office not required.

Remote, Office Not Required The Time is Right for Remote Work Why work doesn't happen at work The office during the day has become the last place people want to be when then really want to get work done. Offices have become interruption factories: Stop commuting your life away If it takes 45 minutes to get to the office from your house, that's 1. It's the technology stupid So why people didn't do it before?

They couldn't. Now we have: End of city monopoly Due to industrialisation, people moved to the cities. The new luxury If you're lucky enough to have a job which does not require you to be in the office, then don't be there.

Talent isn't bound by the hubs Technology only happens in the Silicon Valley. It's not about the money When people hear 'remote working', they hear 'outsourcing' The main advantage of remote working is to aim at a better quality of life: But saving is always nice IBM introduced remote working since They have reduced office space by 7. Still a trade-off You start missing talking with real people.

You're probably already doing it Most people don't trust remote working. Well, they are remote working. Is their work shit?

37signals epub download remote

Well, remote working is working. Dealing with excuses Magic only happens when we're all in a room How many great ideas can one have? If I can't seem them, how do I know they're working? Well, if people want to slack off, they will do it even from the office. Anyway, are you a babysitter?

Download remote 37signals epub

People's homes are full of distractions First of all, we are responsible adults, amirite? Only the office can be secure Mostly the following security will be enough: Enable hard drive encryption FileVault Disable automatic login and require password from waking from sleep Turn on encryption for all sites with sensitive information All mobile devices use lock codes and can be wiped remotely For each site, use a unique generated secure password Turn on two-factor authentication wherever you can But who will answer the phone?

Big business doesn't do it, so why should we? Big businesses are terribly inefficient. Looking at big businesses for innovation and productivity tips is probably a bad idea.

Moreover some big companies are doing it, like: Well, we are doing different jobs, right? Culture is: How we talk to our customers? What quality is acceptable? How we talk to each other? Risk taking: I need an answer now! What's the biggest problem in traditional offices?

Too many interruptions. Most questions can be managed by: We paid a lot of money for this office The money you've spent on the office is a sunk cost: That wouldn't work for our size or industry It worked for: Seeing is believing But explaining things on the phone is hard, right?

Well, we can share a screen: All out in the open Obviously we can't work if we don't know where the materials are, what are we going to do next and if something will be able to work with me. The virtual water cooler Working remotely is all fun and all, but one can't work 8 hours straight: In the remote world, this is place is a chat: Foward motion When working remotely, there isn't the same flow on information going around as easily: Email thread, IDoneThis Progress is a joy best shared with coworkers The work is what matters The best benefit of hiring remote workers is that you judge them just for the work they are doing.

Not just for people who are out of town Remote just means you're not in the office 9am-5pm, all day long. Disaster ready In systems design, we learn to build our systems so that they do not rely on a Single Point of Failure. You can't have face-to-face meetings Managers can't tell if people are working Well, is there someone who would like more meetings?

Beware the dragons Cabin fever Hell: Check-in, check-out The problem with working remotely is that it is hard to keep a life work balance: The irony is that passionate people work more when they're working remotely. Ergonomic basics Mind the gut If you're not careful, remote makes you fat. The lone output Remote doesn't work if there is only one person who's doing it. Working with clients Tell them you're remote Give them references before they ask Show them work often Be very available Get the client involved Hiring and keeping the best It's a big world Thinking internationally increases drastically the talent pool and makes you a better fit for tackling global markets.

Life moves on Given how hard it is to find great people, you should be doing whatever you can to keep them. Keep the good times going Given that it's much harder to understand irony and sarcasm remotely, you need that many people in your team have a optimistic attitude.

Building a Remote Team

No assholes allowed. No drama allowed. No bad vibes allowed. Seeking a human Another problem with working remotely is that there is the risk of having someone working at home from dawn till dusk and think about nothing else then work. No parlor tricks Instead of smart quizzes, ask them to show you their design or their code: It's the work that matters.

Look at the work and forget the abstractions. The cost of thriving Remote working shouldn't be a way to pay people less: Great remote workers are simply great workers It's a lot harder to fake your way as a remote worker. Great remote workers have two qualities: They are smart They get things done When the work product is there in the open, it's much easier to see who's actually smart, as opposed to who simply sounds smart. On writing well Being a good writer is an essential part of being a good remote worker.

Meeting them in person Hire remotely? No, thanks. From meeting them in person, we get to know a lot more information about the candidate: Are they polite?

Download The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work: A Free eBook from Zapier

Do they show up on time? Are they decent human beings? Do they treat people well?

Office Not Required. Spice 0 I'm aware of BranchCache it was part of the strategy I mentioned in my first reply , but need to get the branch office's server set up correctly before I can configure it. Remote is the latest book from the founders of 37Signals and Basecamp. I realize the second server will be a BDC, set up locally and then moved to the remote site, but I'm not finding any Microsoft information about the specifics of how to do this correctly.

Nov 12, - Remote: Office Not Required, I was relieved. A corresponding reputation as true workplace innovators. The two sites will be connected via VPN routers. Oct 30, - David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried have written the book that will show you how it's possible: Mar 25, - Remote: I spoke with David a few days ago about our experience with remote work culture. Their recent book, "Remote: Office Not Required," delves into some of the underlying philosophies about remote work that shape the culture of 37Signals.

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