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Dean Koontz's Frankenstein has 16 entries in the series. Dean Koontz's Frankenstein: Prodigal Son: A Novel 8 downloads Views KB Size Report Dean Koontz - () - Frankenstein - Prodigal Son. Dean Koontz - Frankenstein: Lost Souls (Book Four) Frankenstein Book, [PDF] Free Download Sole Survivor By Dean Koontz, Sole Survivor By Dean Koontz.

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Read "Frankenstein: The Dead Town A Novel" by Dean Koontz available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Dean Koontz's. Download free horror books. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Seanan McGuire , Dean Koontz, and Clive Barker have all left their marks on modern horror. Dead and Alive: A Novel (Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, Book 3) [Dean Koontz] on a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

In this fast-paced third installment of his Frankenstein series, Koontz continues, without necessarily concluding, his modern-day reimagining of Mary Shelley's horror classic. Leaving his co-authors behind, Koontz makes the most of previous developments, which set the stage for an epic showdown in storm-soaked New Orleans between Victor Helios and the high-tech, artificial beings he created to destroy the human race. Many members of the unhappy, soulless "new race," created by Helios to kill his enemies, have turned their hatred back on their master. Deucalion, a centuries-old giant who was the madman's first, flawed human creation, leads an uprising of creatures that includes a naked troll and a slithering chameleon. Though big developments await fans, Koontz hints that he may not be done with this violent monster tale, a project that has taken him deep into sci-fi territory. Witty characters provide relief from the story's dark undercurrent, though Koontz knows, perhaps better than ever, how to scare his readers without resorting to gory details. All rights reserved.

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Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Good installment in an already interesting series. Add in two intrepid police Detectives trading amusing banter as they fight Victor Frankensteins' aka Helios to boot.

All in all a fun foray into both monster hunting along with unique questions regarding the very purpose and nature of humanity. I recommend this for all readers.

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Looking forward to the next chapter. Sany Top Contributor: If you can read the first 2 and ignore the 3rd, you have the willpower of the monster in this story. In this 3-book saga, Frankenstein's Monster is the good guy, while his maker is the very evil bad guy. The following are spoilers only to those who haven't read the first books. Frankenstein, known as Helios, has created "improved meat machines" in tanks, with the vision of subduing the earth and all inhabited planets.

Breakdown in his kingdom is occurring in the most imaginative ways. Thank goodness, Mr Koontz is one of the good guys!! Yet, underneath the wondrous humor, lies the lesson that evil does walk this earth in the form of evil ideas, and humans can only subdue it by using our God-given free will, faith, hope, and love to keep it at bay. Dean Koontz has found a way to capture the mind of many adults in his intriguing Frankenstein Series.

In the first book you find yourself hooked automatically by the main character who is none other than the Frankenstein monster in modern day.

It has been hundreds of years since that fateful storm that brought Deucalion to life. His struggle to maintain humanity is an ongoing battle. His strive for peace is interrupted when he gets news that the man he fears and loathes the most is still impossibly alive. Victor Frankenstein is alive and his work has never stopped. His goal of creating a superior race is well underway and his skills have grown since his first success.

Deucalion travels to New Orleans with the hope of stopping this mad scientist. The city is flooding with Victors creations but there is confusion in quite a few of them. They are strong, smart, sophisticated but they are missing one key element that they are striving for but cannot achieve because of their program. This town is full of those who strive to find and understand numerous achievements human and monsters.

There are numerous killers in this book. Each one with its own personality and ending goal. Happiness, Perfection and Control. The fear that we are surrounded by a different species comes to life and will make you question if every myth you have ever heard is real.

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The way that Dean Koontz has built his characters are like none I have ever seen. All of his characters contradict themselves. Deucalion is a monster and is made from the worst kind of humans but yet strives to not be that. Victor is a human but views himself as godly and better than everyone. Koontz has awakened a classic in a modern day society in the slums of New Orleans. Finders Keepers.

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OK, this is the book in between the third one, which I read first, and the first one, which I read second. I still say I should have read them in the proper order, but at least now I know the details behind things that were mentioned in passing in the third book, Dead and Alive. I found out why Deucalion chose the name he did: I found out what happened to Arnie, Carson O'Connor's autistic younger brother. I learned a lot more about what was going on in the garbage dump where Victor Helios has his bodies buried, including Old Race people he has replaced and New Race people that didn't turn out quite right.

The dump workers call them Gone Wrongs. But I also found out about characters and situations that were not mentioned in either book one or book three, such as Benny and Cindi, two New Race assassins sent out to kill Carson and Michael.

Cindi is obsessed with having a child, even though she knows it's not physically possible, and believes voodoo can help her. Michael is just a simple guy who loves to dismember his victims while they are still alive. Cute couple. This book has sealed my fate: Book 2.


In the second installment, the reader again deals with Victor Helios, the original Dr. He's now in 21st Century New Orleans. Ordinary humans are killed, sent to a garbage dump, and their beings duplicated as one of Helios's creations in his attempt to take over the world.

Enter his first. Victor continues creating new replications of humans. Victor believes Deucalion to be long dead, being his first primitive creation. He finds otherwise when confronted by his creation. The books need to be read in order. How many times, can we learn of the smells at the garbage dump? How many times do we need the description of a young boy's Autism? How many times do we need detailed description of Erica 5? How many times do we need to hear of the New Race Cindi wanting a baby?

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There are new characters, but many are from the 1st book. The reader expects a new chapter only to be dropped of a precipice to await the next installment. Instead the reader gets protracted upcoming novel previews as fill in fluff.

The book is a disappointment, especially from Koontz. You won't be able to put it down! This book is the second in a series of five. I did not realize that when I bought this book, and was able to easily pick up the story line despite not having read the first book. That said, I do recommend reading the series in order since characters are developed as time progresses, and characters are continued from one book to the next. Dean Koontz is a talented writer.

His plot development, character development, story pacing is all excellent.