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Download: Hudson laurelin paige epub free powered by Peatix: More than a ticket. KB .. Neither is free. Now that Hudson Pierce has let her into his heart, she's determined to break down the remaining walls between them so they can build a And she might lose Hudson anyway does anyone have fixed trilogy by laurelin paige? please shareeee. Laurelin Paige is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Fixed Trilogy. She's a sucker for a good romance and gets.

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Found in You Book 2: Alayna Withers has only had one kind of relationship: Otherwise, Suit might think I was avoiding him by hiding in my corner, which, of course, I was. Or maybe their less than ideal pasts give them an opportunity to heal each other and finally find the love their lives have been missing. But their intense connection could bring the entire game crashing down as they're forced to choose power and family. He was probably some business type that shared the opinion of my brother—there were jobs worth having and jobs for other people.

The ridiculous notion of romance has always intrigued him. Fixed on You Book 1: Stalking and restraining orders are a thing of Alayna Wither's past. So what are you doing on your vacation? Something to keep me occupied was what Brian had said when he offered to pay for my expenses beyond what my scholarship and financial aid covered.

As much as she feels for him, her ability to forgive and forget is tested beyond her limits. The return of Hudson and Alayna was everything I hoped it would be!

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Except, Hudson's fixed his sights on her. Author by: Charles A. I, on the other hand, had distinct empathy for people who had the need to gather more information than they should. Liesl, Hudson Pierce is only the most successful business man under thirty in America. He wants her in his bed and makes no secret of it.

It showed how far Hudson had come from the man that did not believe in love! Unfortunately most men see independence and ambition in a woman and they run. My brother, not so much. I turned to stuff the money into my tip jar on the back counter, pissed at myself for the effect this stranger had on me.

He's never experienced love, however, and he's seen few examples of it in his dysfunctional family. Submitting to him is the only thing keeping her grounded as the rest of her life falls apart. He is damaged — incapable of love. And how was your time not at the spa? Liesl straightened to her full five-foot-ten plus three-inch heels height.

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In return, Hudson will clear her student loans. So many missed opportunities to clear the air. Tell her everything. But he couldn't do it. Couldn't bring himself to trust that he was worthy of love, that he was capable of being the man that Alayna deserves. WOW That's all I'm going to say about that because you really need to experience it for yourself.

But I will add that I feel bad for anyone who ever got caught in their little web of deceit. However, even though I understand Hudson's relationship with Celia, my message to her still stands. All in all this was a really great companion novel to the Fixed series. So many situations make a hell of a lot more sense now. And I love that we get an extended epilogue looking further into the future.

Even though he can't fully name the emotion, thinking it's something less than it is, he has so much unconditional love for her. Their relationship was so much more than I expected. View all 23 comments. Mar 21, Hannah rated it it was amazing. I will try to make this review short because no, honestly you don't need to spend more time on reviews when you have a HUDSON waiting for you!

I adored Hudson so much I thought it wouldn't be possible for my heart to make another room for him since he has occupied every inch of it. But after delving into his mind, oh boy I effortlessly fell in love with Hudson all over again. His mind was complex, his heart was unknowing of the taste and existence of love, his soul was lost Alayna was his light, she was his lifeline and saving grace. Understanding the pivotal role of Alayna through Hudson's point of view was a beautiful and amazing experience.

Paige, as others seem to have agreed upon, has outdone herself this time. I couldn't have asked for a better ending for this series. Well done! I truly recommend this book for those who have read Fixed series. And oh, Ms. Paige, if you're reading this Yes, I'm calling her Mina-Lou because it sounds cuter.

I couldn't stop gushing about her. She's a lucky bundle of joy to have Hudson and Alayna as her parents. Jun 28, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: How can it be that such a damaged man can be so damn sexy! He is just so wrong and yet so perfectly right for Alayna! Even I, who devoured the three books a little over a year ago, had to pull those books out just to begin 4.

Even I, who devoured the three books a little over a year ago, had to pull those books out just to begin to put all of the puzzle pieces together. Hudson is a deeply damaged man. He is successful, attractive, business savvy, and can have anything he wants.

The one thing he has never allowed himself to feel or at least acknowledge that he is feeling is love. Love doesn't endure. Love ends. It always, always ends. He has an illness. He relished in watching humans overcome or more often he witnessed the damage his experiments caused when people were unable to overcome. Celia is cold, hard, and lethal.

Although deep down she fosters a dysfunctional love for Hudson, she is willing to take him for what she can simply get.

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It is Celia that Hudson concocted one of the most hurtful experiments of all. This experiment resulted in Celia vowing a life long vendetta against Hudson.

Hudson damaged Celia and the blowback will follow him years later.

Hudson is the back story of how he became the man that he is. We see flashbacks of his drunk mother, his loving sister Maribel, his aloof adulterer father, and we see the relationship of Hudson and Celia transform into something so ugly and cold.

We also witness key points of his relationship with Laynie in his point of view. Oh how it warmed my heart to read how much he loved her for so long! There were so many moments where I was clutching my side from laughter! Hudson is just so funny! It surely meant there'd be talking. Even if he didn't know what to do with those feelings.

I'll let her in as far as I can.

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I'll commit to her completely. Her world will be mine. And I'll do everything I can to protect her from being hurt. I wanted to understand Hudson but I really wanted more of him and Laynie. Once the book caught up to the key moments of their relationship, I snapped to attention and really reveled in the developments Hudson was making.

However, the reason this book is such an amazing book for me is the ending. The trilogy ended with a wedding. I was crying tears of joy for Alayna and Hudson.

If you are a fan of the Fixed Trilogy then you will love Hudson! Every part of you. Every flaw, every scar.

Just like you love me. And as I am every time we touch, every time we speak, every time our eyes meet I'm made new. View all 8 comments. Mar 10, Nikki rated it it was ok Shelves: Its got a dude on the cover and everything. I think there must have been a mistake.

So I think there must have been a mistake at print or something, cause this bitch is all about that bitch. And me no likey that bitch. I want to take that bitch and.. Cause yeah.. I really, really enjoyed this series. View 2 comments. Apr 07, Candace rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hudson's POV added a lot to the series. It didn't feel like I was reading the exact same story again, word for word, like many alternate-POV books often do.

Yes, if you've read the previous books in the series, told from Alayna's POV, you'll know the outcome, but glimpsing into Hudson's psyche provided a vastly different perspective.

I was surprised to see the extent to which Hudson was actually playing Alayna and how deep his deceit actually ran. His betrayal felt sooo much worse than it had in Hudson's POV added a lot to the series. His betrayal felt sooo much worse than it had in the other books. This book also thoroughly explained the background story between him and Celia in detail, answering my questions about exactly how strong their bond was. Even though Celia was a manipulative psycho, I couldn't help but feel for her at times.

Although it doesn't excuse her later actions, it did help me to understand why she became what she became. I felt sad for her, even though I despised the person she grew into. The same can be said for Sophia. Whereas we only see the bitchy ice queen side of her in the earlier books, Hudson tells some of the back-story.

How she didn't kill her man-whore husband years earlier is beyond me! He didn't come off quite so peachy this time around in my view. Growing up with them as parents, it's no wonder Hudson became the emotionless shell that he was for so long. Just as I hadn't been fully aware of the depths of Hudson's depravity in the preceding books, I also didn't fully understand the depths of his love for Alayna. He truly did love her, and that redeemed him in my eyes.

He wove quite a tangled web! The love story between Hudson and Alayna was every bit as hot and endearing as it was in the earlier books. I loved it! Jun 22, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Omg this man is just amazing!!! I m actually kicking myself for forgetting I hadn't read this book. But I'm actually delighted I got to read more of these characters. I luvd this series so much and now getting into Hudson's head was even better. Finding out what Hudson had gone through with the bitch Celia was great she is like a bad smell she just doesn't go away even after what he had done to her.

I did luv getting into his head and seeing how quick he fell for Alayna was great. Seeing this bi Omg this man is just amazing!!! Seeing this big guy who thought he couldn't luv and be in a relationship fall so hard for a girl who is just as complicated was brilliant.

I couldn't get enough of this book and would highly recommend it. I liked the past and present chapters it helped getting to know what had gone on and how the games and experiment had started. The whole series is so good. View all 16 comments. Apr 04, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: But I was ready for the challenge…and all that it might bring me.

It was a challenge…in both the good and bad sense. First of all, if you have no idea who Hudson Pierce is…we have a major problem that must be remedied. Hudson is the fourth book in the Fixed Series Hudson Alexander Pierce…what would my world be like without Hudson? He is definitely one of my top book boyfriends ever…definitely top three and this book solidified it for me. He is totally unique in his own amazing ways…combining all of the things I love and crave with this delectable untouchable quality that is solely Hudson.

His dominance is unyielding…his power is addictive…and his mouth is filthy. Well…just wait. Because getting in his head brings a whole different insight into his motives…his backstory and history give details as to why he is the way he is…and there are just certain things that are better learned from Hudson than from anyone else. The feelings I do have are tame, controllable.

It rattles me now, these days later when my desperation has increased. Never in my life have I felt this way about someone. Seeing her actions and what her feelings brought out in him, there are no words. Experiencing her strength and beauty from his perspective…it made her even more gorgeous. For the change that she brought out in Hudson…for the goodness that she created in his life…for the life she showed him he was capable of having…it just blows me away.

I know that no one has ever looked at me this way. I know that this connection is not just one-sided, that she feels it too. I know that I scare her and fascinate her as much as she scares and fascinates me.

I know that sooner or later I will fuck her , that she will enjoy it. That I will enjoy it. We get to see so many different sides of Celia…sides that I never knew existed, some intriguing, some confirming but I do have a new found appreciation for her. I definitely get her more which is enough for me and maybe…one day, Laurelin Paige will help give me a little more concreteness to all that is Celia.

With anyone. Not just today with the mess that Celia has created, but since the very first day I saw Alayna. Why her?

Why now? Has therapy actually changed me? Is that why she makes me feel the way she does? She makes me feel. It strikes me as funny. Why, after all my life of never feeling anything for anyone, this woman shows up and throws all my truths out the window. Because before her…Hudson was a completely different person and we get to see the transformation right before our very eyes.

But…it was, like Hudson, void of emotion. That part was hard for me…but, it was necessary. My precious. My cherished. My beloved. I tell her this over and over in between kisses as I roll in and out of her. Always with her. With all that I can give her. Seeing all the scenes that I remembered from Fixed , Found and Forever …experiencing them from his POV… feeling them from his emotions…. He left me speechless…breathless…and in my happy place.

It was sinful…and luscious…and everything I dreamed it could be. And it was also exploding with all the feels! I enjoyed every one of them…even the ones that hurt. But it was all worth it. This is something I know. My whole life I was empty. Overflowing with love and aguish.

Hers and mine. I love Alayna Withers. And each drop of that love is so laced with pain that it travels through my veins like acid, burning and scarring me from the inside out. The second that realization hit me, it brought tears to my eyes…it gave me a totally new appreciation for these characters, their love and the struggle that it took to get them to this place.

It was amazing. And for that, I have to say that I guess things happened how they should have. This is the path that led me with you like this. Hudson gave me a new found appreciation for the journey that he and Alayna went through…the struggles that he had to over come…and for the love and solace that they found in each other. I will never forget these two beautiful souls. Jul 07, Jacqueline rated it liked it Shelves: This is a companion to the Fixed Trilogy, alternating between Hudson's time pre and post Alayna, both in fp from Hudson's pov.

It's not a standalone. His perspective is enlightening and gut wrenching to read at times and it fills in lots of gaps in the story that I'd wondered about, but there are repeats I'm afraid. The issue for me was that the story felt like it was lacking in suspense - we already know what happened during his time with Alayna and had a good idea what had happened with Celia s This is a companion to the Fixed Trilogy, alternating between Hudson's time pre and post Alayna, both in fp from Hudson's pov.

The issue for me was that the story felt like it was lacking in suspense - we already know what happened during his time with Alayna and had a good idea what had happened with Celia so some sections felt a little slow. The new information was nice to know rather than 'omfg' heart-stopping revelations. The sex scenes were hot and the epilogue was lovely, brought tears to my eyes, but the chemistry between them wasn't always there because parts of the story were summarized or skipped over.

That said, I enjoyed parts of this very much but it just didn't really match the utter brilliance of the rest of the trilogy I'm sad to say. Mar 10, Alyssa rated it really liked it Shelves: Release Date: View all 5 comments. I trully love him and I remember when reading the third book, I was struggling with his pain. Laynie and him are perfect together!!

They are my favourite couple of all the books I've read! When I decide to finally try reading in English, this trilogy was one of the first I wanted to read! I've waited until the second book was out and it totally blown my mind away! Laureline Paige writing is easy, is captivating and I read both books in a matter of days! If you are looking for a trilogy who's different take this one! You won't regret it!

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Both, Laynie and Hudson are struggling with what's happening to them, with their emotions towards each other, because love for them is something total different from what we think. In so many accept, love for Hudson is a strange notion who hurt him more than he can imagine.

Love for Laynie is more intense, more demanding ans she suffers as much as Hudson. When they are together, they are just IT.

Love was totally meant for them! Usually, I don't like male pov book, especially if I have to read it after the whole story but this one is different. I prefer dual pov It was really interesting to read what was on Hudson's mind.

I liked the fact that you get the "before Alayna" parts and "with Alayna" parts. Some of the before was a bit too long and at the end, that's probably why I didn't give it 5 stars.

I found this series when I was browsing the bestsellers on Amazon. So I got my copy and read it —I am so impressed. And then book two came —it blew my mind. And I added on my review that the ending was a tease. An epilogue for one my favorite trilogy. Nakakaiyak yung last part I found this series when I was browsing the bestsellers on Amazon. Nakakaiyak yung last part!!! I saw the trilogy on bestsellers. It was too rough. I think Laurelin should stick with female POV.

I lurve that. I just said I love that part. I still hate her. I hope your vagina will wither. I admit I missed her. I mean her Cray Cray-ness. But I have one question… Is French Tip a common knowledge for a man??? O A young Hudson Pierce is such a bad boy. He deserves some good ol spanking. She got big part of the story. Kill me! The baby chandler is so cute. All I know is you love sex. I LOVE it! Hudson as a proud daddy is such bittersweet.

You made me smile.

Laurelin Paige

I love it! View 1 comment. Apr 07, Mary rated it it was amazing. Let me start by saying The Fixed Trilogy is one of my favorites. I think I've read it 4 times. I love it. I love Hudson Pierce! When I heard about this book I knew it would be great because throughout the Fixed Trilogy we are often wondering what Hudson is feeling and thinking. Well with this book Not only do we see the full insight of how Hudson feels and thinks, we get shown a lot about his past and what has led him to be the way he is.

This book made me love Hudson Pierce even more than I did before. He's alpha male, HOT, and just says all the right things! Sighhhhhh Oh Hot ,Sexy, Alpha and everything a woman could ever want!! This book is absolutely amazing. I could not put it down it was like reading Hudson and Alayna's story for the first time, even though I read the fixed trilogy a few times. Every emotion is brought out of you, new revelations and the unexpected.

Oh and all kinds of hot!!! Jun 02, Rebecca rated it it was amazing. Incapable of love. He was a player who took and gave pleasure but nothing else. His fascination with human behavior gave him enjoyment on so many levels. As the series went on, his relati Incapable of love.

As the series went on, his relationship with Alayna began to change him for the better, but there were still roadblocks. I needed to see into his mind and get answers as to what led him down his path of experiments and women. I wanted to string Hudson up by his balls on a number of occasions because I felt how Alayna did every time he let her down, lied to her, or kept his secrets. In order to understand the current Hudson, readers need to see what he was like when his experiments began and how Celia factors into it all.

Absolutely amazing! A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.