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Try the latest version of Turbo Lister that makes listing on eBay easier than ever. • Easier listing and editing Helpful Turbo Lister Links Download User Guide. Download Turbo Lister Tips & Troubleshooting Turbo Lister 2 also allows you to set default values for many form fields that are part of the Create Item. Turbo Lister itself is free to use and to download, however, as a seller you would still be responsible for any fees associated with listing or selling your item on.

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If you're already using Turbo Lister, you know that Turbo Lister makes listing lots of items to eBay Step 3: Download and Install the new eBay Turbo Lister. Turbo Lister 2 contains many new features to help you create and upload listings with Download the Turbo Lister - In order to use the Turbo Lister, you need to. This link - Look in your download directory for the file your previously downloaded -

How can I create copies of listings quickly? To quickly create copies of listings saved in your "Item Inventory", you can use the "Duplicate" feature. Just select the listing s you would like to duplicate, click the "Duplicate" button in the toolbar, and then enter the number of copies you would like to create. How can I create item templates? To create a template item from which you can create more listings: Put a small sample Title and Description in those fields.

This will add a copy of that item to the Waiting To Upload, from which you can send the items to eBay as relists. I just changed my password on eBay, and now Turbo Lister won?

Seller Tools: Turbo Lister Resource Guide

What do I do to fix it? For Turbo Lister versions before 6. The program will ask for your old password to complete the update. Keep in mind that the old password it will require is the last password that you used within Turbo Lister, if that is different from the last password you used on the eBay site.

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For Turbo Lister version 6. If you work in Turbo Lister with password protection you will have to enter your new password the next time you sign in.

Live chat can be reached from Monday to Friday What is "authentication and authorisation"?

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For added security protection, eBay has implemented a new sign-in process for the first time you use Turbo Lister versions 6.

All Rights Reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. What is Turbo Lister? How do I get Turbo Lister? How much does Turbo Lister cost? What do I need to use Turbo Lister? Will I be able to create Shop format listings with Turbo Lister?

How many user profiles can I set up within Turbo Lister? How do I create a backup of my data? How do I check that my version of Turbo Lister is current and up to date? If I want to transfer my data to a new user profile, how do I do that?

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What if I? How do I get help for my Turbo Lister?

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How do I sign in with authentication and authorisation? How often do I have to perform this process? How can I make Turbo Lister password protected at every sign-in?

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Choose a topic. Seller Tools. Seller Tools Overview.

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Selling Manager. Selling Manager Pro. Tools Comparison Table. Turbo Lister Quick Start Guide.

Introduction Welcome to the new and improved version of Turbo Lister. If you're already using Turbo Lister, you know that Turbo Lister makes listing lots of items to eBay quicker and easier than the traditional Sell Your Item form.

eBay: seller tools: turbo lister: faq

This Quick Start Guide will help you transition to the latest version so you can start enjoying even greater ease of listing right away. The purpose of this document is to assist you in moving your data from the current Turbo Lister, referred to as Turbo Lister 1, to the new Turbo Lister, referred to as Turbo Lister 2.

You'll find step-by-step instructions and helpful images. Please read through the entire document before beginning the first step. Step 1: Backup your current Turbo Lister database Back-up your current Turbo Lister 1 database to make sure your data will be safely transferred to the new Turbo Lister 2.

Turbo Lister will prompt you to save your database in your computer.