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Read "A New Hope: Star Wars: Episode IV" by George Lucas available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. The classic. Star Wars Trilogy: A New Hope eBook – Exclusive Excerpt! after the jump (or download the PDF), and check out more Star Wars eBooks!. Best Seller. A New Hope: Star Wars: Episode IV by George Lucas. Read an Excerpt. Buy. Look Inside Buy the Ebook: Kobo · Barnes & Noble · Apple · Books A.

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Download [PDF] A New Hope Star Wars Episode Iv Free Online the excerpt after the jump (or download the PDF), and check out more Star Wars eBooks!. Click on the link below to view / download the ebook(s): Star Wars: Infinite Darkness – IV: The Gathering by Eric Johnson (42k words) (EPUB. (+ Free Download Star Wars: Original Trilogy Graphic Novel How. To Download Ebook To Tablet ID:tousqe Since the release of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in , graphic stories (comics) have been a part of the galaxy far.

A New Hope , available digitally for the first time. The Jedi Knights were all but extinct. And the Old Republic — the democratic galactic government that had prevailed for almost 25, years — had been replaced by the Galactic Empire. The Empire was not without opposition. The Rebels hoped the data would reveal a way to destroy the Death Star. The Empire was determined to recover the stolen plans.

Michael A. Tales of the Bounty Hunters: Labyrinth of Evil: The Krytos Trap: The Clone Wars: Star Wars. Wedge's Gamble: The Ruins of Dantooine: Star Wars Galaxies Legends.

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Wraith Squadron: Aaron Allston. Heir to the Jedi: Kevin Hearne. Before the Storm: Michael P. Tales from the Empire: Isard's Revenge: I, Jedi: Dark Journey: Elaine Cunningham. Ambush at Corellia: Roger MacBride Allen. Iron Fist: John Jackson Miller.

Solo Command: Cloak of Deception: Edge of Victory, Book I. Greg Keyes.

A New Hope (Star Wars: Novelizations, #4) by Alan Dean Foster

Into the Void: Star Wars Legends Dawn of the Jedi. Tim Lebbon. Showdown at Centerpoint: Death Troopers: Joe Schreiber.

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A New Dawn: The Truce at Bakura: Kathy Tyers. Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Lost Stars.

Download new hope a ebook free star wars

Claudia Gray. The New Rebellion: Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Assault at Selonia: Knight Errant: Paul S. Jedi Twilight: Rogue Squadron: Champions of the Force: Wild Space: Karen Miller. Planet of Twilight: The Prequel Trilogy: Shield of Lies: Tyrant's Test: Add to Cart.

About A New Hope: Episode IV The classic adventure that started it all A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Also in Star Wars.

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Also by George Lucas. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Episode IV Also Read. Related Articles. Looking for More Great Reads?

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. More Rebel troops ran into the main corridor. The two droids stepped aside into a shallow alcove to avoid being trampled.

A New Hope: Star Wars: Episode IV

The Rebels took up defensive positions and aimed their weapons at a sealed hatch at the end of the corridor.

R2-D2 beeped nervously. Indeed, that was exactly what had happened: Then the hatch exploded. The stormtrooper was immediately cut down by a hail of return fire from the Rebels, but another stormtrooper appeared from behind him, firing as he stepped over his fallen predecessor. The second stormtrooper also fell to the Rebels, but there were more where he came from, and they kept on coming. The stormtroopers were identical.

More stormtroopers poured into the main corridor. From their alcove, the droids watched helplessly as several Rebel soldiers were shot down. The Rebels fought back, and the corridor was filled with deadly, crisscrossing projectiles.

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When a laserbolt slammed into the wall near the droids, R2-D2 responded with a loud electronic shriek, then rolled forward on his treads.

Not wanting to be left behind, C-3PO stepped after his companion. Laserbolts whizzed past their forms as the droids crossed the narrow corridor to a hatch that faced the alcove. Incredibly, neither droid was hit during their quick but harrowing exit. Overwhelmed by the stormtroopers, the surviving Rebels retreated hastily to other parts of the Tantive IV. A squad of stormtroopers secured the corridor, then instinctively moved away from the hatch as a tall, caped figure entered.

He was clad entirely in black, giving him the appearance of a menacing shadow amidst the white-armored stormtroopers in the white-walled passageway. His head was concealed by a helmet with a fierce-looking faceplate, distinguished by two recessed black oval visual sensors positioned above a triangular respirator. A life-support system control panel was affixed to his chest plate, and he carried with him the sound of his mechanical, labored breathing.

Darth Vader ignored the two dead stormtroopers near the exploded hatch and surveyed the fallen Rebels on the corridor floor.