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The Rules of the Game by Neil Strauss. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Read "Rules of the Game" by Neil Strauss available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. If you want to play the Game, you've. In his international bestseller The Game, Neil Strauss delved into the secret Rules of the Game To read e-books on the BookShout App, download it on.

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ALSO BY NEIL STRAUSS The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of .. After you download it, find a comfortable place free of distraction. Editorial Reviews. Review. Neil Strauss, the New York Times bestselling author of Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Buy a Kindle Kindle eBooks Kindle Unlimited Prime Reading Best Sellers & More Kindle Book Deals Free Reading Apps Kindle Singles Newsstand. Editorial Reviews. Review. Neil Strauss, the New York Times bestselling author of The Rules of the Game by [Strauss, Neil] .. Download.

Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. In his international bestseller The Game , Neil Strauss delved into the secret world of pick-up artists—men who have created a science out of the art of seduction. Not only did he reveal the techniques that they had developed, but he became a master of The Game, and the world's No. Now, in this bestselling companion, Strauss reduces three books of life-changing knowledge into a single-volume set. The first book, The Stylelife Challenge , breaks down the knowledge he learned and techniques he invented into simple step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow to meet and land the women of their dreams.

So if you're too intimidated to approach women you're attracted to. My challenge to you is simple: Get a date in thirty days. Along the way, whatever your experience level may be, you'll receive the skills, tools, confidence, and knowledge to meet and attract almost any woman, any time you want.

I want you to master this part of your life. And to make sure you do. I'm going to hold your hand and walk you through every step along the way. Why am I doing this? Because after reverse engineering my transformation from lonely to oversexed to just-right, as described in The Game, I developed a shortcut that compresses years of learning into a month. Get a date in thirty days or less. Anyone seeking more success with women. II The cost: MI The prize: The company of quality women, the envy of your peers, the lifesivle you deserve.

This book contains thirty days of exercises. Set aside at least an hour a day—the days don't actually need to be consecu- tive—to perform the suggested missions and read the supplemen- tary material. Guidelines Your instructions are simple: Every morning. They may be primers to study, questions to answer, self- improvement exercises to perform. Think of it as a fitness program for your social life.

If you want to vt the most from the Challenge—so that your friends and family will instantly notice the new you—it's important that you complete all of the missions in the order they are presented. Do not read ahead. Sonic exer- cises may seem basic; others may seem out of character for you.

But each new exercise builds upon the last, so stick with it. Several missions will require you to read certain guides and articles. These can be found in the supplementary briefing immediately following the break- down of the day's tasks. Make sure that you read each briefing before proceed- ing to any corresponding field assignments.

The only other material you need will be a pen and paper—although access to a mirror, a computer with an internet connection, and some way to record your voice will be useful for a few assignments.

You may also want to keep a journal. None of these assignments requires much more than an hour, so even if you're working three jobs, you should still be able to do them all. In a pinch, you can always save time by cutting back on all that energy wasted desiring women from afar in men's magazines, on TV shows, in the street, on the Internet and instead learning what it takes to have them in your life.

Though the Challenge is designed to be completed alone. You can post all questions, adventures, sticking points, and successes there. My trained coaches, your fellow Challengers, and 1 will be there to help you, In addition, you'll find video and audio examples demonstrating some of these exercises and approaches.

Note that all the additional tools provided to supple- ment this book are free. A date is defined as a planned second encounter with a woman you have just met.

For example, if you approach a woman at a bar, exchange phone numbers, and meet her far coffee two days later, that is a date. If you talk to a woman at the mall and arrange to meet that night at a bar, and she shows up specifically to see you, that is a date. Even if you don't ex- change phone numbers. Basically, any scenario where you approach a woman and she agrees to see you at a later date or time—and shows up—constitutes a date.

Once you get a date, feel free to put your name in the winner's circle at www. If you win before the thirty days are up, feel free to continue the Challenge and carry out the daily mis- sions for the remainder of the month.

They'll only further enhance your confi- dence and game. When you're ready to receive your first mission, turn the page and begin the Stylelife Challenge. Evaluate Yourself Fitness programs require you to weigh in on the first day. Financial plans ask for a list of your assets and debts. So to revamp your social life.

Your first mission is to write answers to the following questions. Don't worry about what anyone else will think of your answers. Your goal is to be as honest with yourself as possible. Write one or two sentences describing how you believe other people currently perceive you.

Write one or two sentences describing how you'd like to be per- ceived by others 3. List three of your behaviors or characteristics you would like to change, List three new behaviors or characteristics you would like to adopt.

Read and Eestroy Before moving on to your first field assignment. Your next task is to read the manifesto titled "The Chains That Bind," included at the end of today's assignments in the Day Briefing.

Operation Small Talk Your first field assignment: Make small talk with five strangers today. It doesn't matter whether they're male or female, young or old, Friendly or unfriendly.

The stranger can be a businessman in the street. The goal is simply to start a conversation, with no intent other than filling in the silence with a question or pleasantry. The conversation doesn't have to progress beyond a comment and a response.

If idle chatter doesn't come naturally to you, scan news headlines before you leave the house. Small-talk topics include: Too bad we're stuck inside. I wonder if it's any good.

The answer doesn't matter. Whether you receive a long story or a cursory grunt in response, you've completed the mission simply by opening your mouth and speaking to a stranger. I used to look at myself—five foot six, scrawny. I was so unhappy that l considered plastic surgery. But once I started approaching women in streets, bars, clubs, and cafes. I discovered that looks don't matter nearly as much as I'd thought.

As long as 1 was well groomed. I was doing just fine. In fact, I usually had it easier than big, muscular, square-jawed male models because 1 was much less threat- ening and intimidating. In the end, then, my problem wasn't my looks, but my limiting beliefs about my looks.

A limiting belief is something that you believe about yourself, other people, or the world—and although it isn't actually laic, the fact that you think it is holds you back from experience and success.

Any time you tell yourself you "can't" do something that's within the realm of human possibility—that's a lim- iting belief. Dispelling limiting beliefs is very easy: For example, if you believe that you get uncomfortable around beautiful women, ask yourself. Nearly everyone is held back by some limiting belief, whether he's con- scious of it or not. So before I send you running around the streets talking to strangers, let's clear the air and dispel a few of the most common limiting be- liefs about dating.

If I talk to her, shell ignore me—or, even worse, say something mean that will embarrass me. Here's something that may surprise you: The harder it is for you to approach women, the less likely it is that you'll be rudely rejected. DAY 1 Why is that Because most people have been raised to he courteous and po- lite, unless they feel threatened—and a shy guy isn't too likely to intimidate any - one.

The worst thing that's likely to happen is the woman will politely say she's having a private conversation, or simply excuse herself to go to the bathroom.

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Playing negative what-if scenarios in your head is detrimental to your emotional health. Instead, get out of the house and start approaching women, and you'll discover that most of the things you imagine going wrong will never happen. People are looking at me, judging me, or making fun of me. This is half right. People may notice you. Once you realize that most people are just like you—and that they're actually seeking your approval—you'll start to become socially fear- less.

Besides, most bystanders who see you approach a girl or a group assume that you know the people. So act like you do. Not only will it ease your worries about what everyone else is thinking, but it'll also make your approach more effective. Women aren't attracted to nice guys. They like jerks. This is one of the oldest myths about dating. And, fortunately. The dating dichotomy isn't actually between nice guys and mean guys.

It's between weak guys and strong guys. Women are drawn to men who demonstrate strength—not necessarily physi- cal strength, but the ability to make them feel safe. So if you're a nice guy. But you must also he strong.

However, make sure you know what nice means. Most guys who define themselves as "too nice' only behave nicely because they want everybody to like them and don't want anyone to think badly of them. Don't mistake being fearful and weak-minded for being nice.

I'm not good - looking, rich, or Famous enough to be with a beautiful woman. There are plenty of rock stars and multimillionaires who have the exact same problems with women that you do. I know because I've coached many of them.

And, in the process, I learned that money, looks, and fame— while they certainly make things much easier—aren't actually necessary. Fortu- nately for men, the way we look doesn't matter nearly as much as how we present ourselves. And this requires only good grooming, and clothing that con- veys an attractive identity. When it comes to wealth and fame, simply displaying the desire and ability to achieve them can be just as powerful. Like talent scouts, many women are attracted to men with goals and potential.

And in the next ten days, we'll be sharpening your appearance. There's this one girl There are many incredible women in this world. If you're hung up on one particular girl you just can't get out of your mind—and she hasn't given you any sense that she shares the feelings—then recognize that's not love you're feeling, but obsession.

And that obsession is likely to scare her away. The best thing you can do for yourself and for her is to go out and interact with as many women as possible, until you realize that there are plenty of people out there for you—some of whom are capable of recognizing your worth and recip- rocating your feelings.

Some guys are born with the ability to charm women. Other guys just don't have it and never will. Fortunately, there is a third type of guy; one who can learn it.

That's me, And once you understand bow attraction works and have a few suc- cessful approaches under your belt, it'll be you too. Any problems you may cur- rently he having aren't the result of who you are but of what you're doing and how you're presenting yourself.

Those problems can he fixed easily with the right knowledge and a little practice. If you stick with the program after the Chal- lenge, you'll even start doing better than the so-called naturals you once envied. All I have to do is "be myself," and eventually I'll meet the right woman who likes me For me. This works only if you know exactly who you are, what your strengths are, and how to convey them successfully.

Most often, this statement is used as an excuse not to improve. What most of us present to the world isn't It's a combination of years of bad habits and fear- based behavior. Our real self ties buried underneath all the insecurities and inhibitions. So rather than just being yourself. To figure out what women want, just ask them. This may be true sometimes, but not as often as many people think. It wasn't until I started trying behaviors that seemed counterintuitive that I discovered a key principle of the game: What women want isn't neces- sarily what they respond to.

That said. If I approach a woman, she'll know I'm hitting on her and think I'm lame. This includes men who make them uncomfortable, creep them out, or seem to have an agenda.

The biggest mistake a man can make with a woman is hitting on her before she's attracted to him. And though this describes the so-called technique of most men, its a mistake you'll avoid if you follow your daily missions. Few women will resent meeting someone who is warm, funny sincere. Women don't like sex as much as men do.

They're mostly interested in having a relationship. If you believe that, you haven't spent enough time around women. Here are a few facts that may help dispel that belief: It's women, rarely men, who have an organ solely made for sexual pleasure: And its women, not men, whose orgasms can last minutes or longer. Most men have just one orgasm and then lose their arousal: In short, good sex is even better for women than it is far us.

So doesn't it make sense that they want it more? Set Your Goals Congratulations! You survived Day 1. Whether you already know your life goals or you just need a little prodding, today's first exercise will help you set your intent and program your mind for success. To quote J. Penney, founder of the department store chain, "Give me a stock clerk with a goal. Give me a man with no goals, and I ll give you a stock clerk.

Be as specific and ambitious as possible. Examples of accomplishments include starting a band, buying a house. What three accomplishments would you like to achieve to make you happier? What are the reasons these accomplishments will make you happier? DAY 2 el 3.

What is your personal mission? List three specific results that will let you know that you've accom- plished your mission. For example. Why are you now fully committed to pursuing your personal mission? Look into Your Eyes Optional There's another step you can take to reinforce your personal mission statement and strengthen your subconscious intent: I've commissioned a charismatic mind-shaping exercise specifically for the Challenge, which I've made available for you online at wwwstylelife.

After you download it, find a comfortable place free of distraction. Dim the lights, take off your shoes, and sit or lie down. Then put on headphones, play the audio, and take the journey. Make sure you listen to the entire recording without interruption. It's more important to feel this experience than to see it. Try to listen to the recording every other day during the Challenge: The more you repeat it.

Look into Their Eyes Your held assignment today is to go out and make small talk with five more strangers. But, this time, there's one more thing you need to do: Record his or her eye color in the space below: In the first small-talk exercise, the purpose was to develop the ability to talk to anyone without fear.

Meeting people eye to eye being careful not to stare will not only increase the likelihood of a response, it'll help you connect with them on a more personal level. DAY 2 C If you'd like to develop this crucial but subtle skill further. Try to hail a cab, get a banender's attention, or call a waiter to your table without speaking or gesturing—instead, use nothing but eye contact.

A Hint for Tomorrow Be sure to read tomorrow's assignment the moment you wake up—before you shower, shave, or check your email. Adopt the Caveman Hygiene Method This next mission may make you a little uncomfortable. And that's a good thing. The reason will be made clear tomorrow. But for now: Do not shower today. Do not shave today Chances are, no one will notice—most people are too busy worrying about how they look. If they do. Speak with Confidence When I was learning the game. I had trouble meeting new people because I talked too fast, too softly, and swallowed my words.

In a loud club, it made meeting women practically impossible. So I went to a vocal coach named Ar- thur Joseph. There are five common speech mistakes people make. These errors are out- lined, along with an exercise for each, in your Day 3 Briefing. Your task is to read the article and do at least three of the exercises, even if you don't think you need to.

You may be surprised. Find Mr. Moviefone For today's field mission, stay home. You're going to use only your voice. Your task is to dial a local number randomly on your telephone. When DAY 3 C someone answers, try to get him or her to recommend a good movie. That's all. The point isn't just to talk to more strangers. It's to learn how to change the course of an interaction without making the other person feel uncomfortable.

This skill will help you take control of conversations in real life and direct them toward the outcome you want. A few hints: Rather than just dialing random strings of seven-digit numbers, look through a residential telephone book and select numbers at random. Or use the first three digits in your own numher and make up the last four digits.

Here's a sample script I used when doing the Challenge myself: Well, maybe 1 can quickly ask you this instead. And I was wondering, have you seen any good movies lately that you'd recommend?

Is this Moviefone? Well, would you mind quickly recommend- ing a movie to watch tonight? Have you seen anything good lately? One magic word you can use is be- cause. Providing a reason, no matter how illogical such as "No, I'm serious, because I'm in a rush" , psychologically influences people to accept an unex- pected behavior. Once you've received a movie recommendation from three separate people. Hypno Time Optional Listen to yesterday's charismatic mind-shaping exercise again.

Understand and begin to integrate your new attributes and self-image. Before beginning this activity, you'll need: The Basics There are two factors that make all the difference between a good orator and a bad one: Breathing deeply before you speak fills your lungs with air, allowing you to give full power to your words.

To ensure that you're doing this correctly, take a deep breath, If your chest expands, your breathing is too shallow. Try it again until your diaphragm—the sheet of muscle beneath your rib cage—expands.

To check this, place your hand on your stomach to make sure it rises with each inhalation. Bad posture can restrict your diaphragm and breathing, effectively neuter- ing your vocal power. Whenever you speak, make sure that your upper body is straight and aligned. If necessary, use the technique of imagining a string run- ning from the bottom of your spine to the top of your head and then pulling it taut.

But don't get too tense; make sure you're relaxed comfortably into the frame of your body. If this seems unnatural, don't worry: Tomorrow we'll exam- ine your posture in detail. Find a large, open space indoors or outdoors. Bring an audio recorder, a trusted friend, or both.

Take three large steps away from your audio recorder or friend. Take a deep breath From your diaphragm. Hold it. DAT 3 0 Take two more deep breaths. Then inhale one more time, and as you exhale, say, using your everyday voice, "I can say this without shouting and still be heard. Return to the same position and recite the same line. This time, instead of speaking to your friend or the recorder, aim your voice at a spot six to ten Feet above.

Imagine your voice is a football, traveling a wide arc to make a held goal. Afterward, check the results for improvement. Take three more large steps away and repeat the same sentence: Take another three steps away. Remember to send your voice in a high arc, past the listener.

Afterward, listen to your recording or your friend's reaction and critique your vocal projection. See how far away you can stand and still be heard clearly without shouting. Practice this until you're comfortable talkingat loud volumes without changing the tone of your voice, You'll notice that.

If you've been a quiet talker all your life, chances are that the volume of your voice in your head isn't the volume at which other people hear you. So if you normally talk at a 5. Don't worry about speak- ing too loudly, Its much more likely that your friends will start complimenting you on how clearly you've started communicating. Speaking too rapidly is one of the most common and crippling vocal mistakes.

Not only does it make you difficult to understand, but it gives others the impression that you're nervous, you're not confident, and what you have to say is unimportant. A calm, slow voice commands authority. For this exercise, sit up straight in front of your audio recorder or computer microphone. Take a deep breath. Now say without slowing down the following sentence—all in one breath: Most likely, cramming a run-on sentence into one breath worsened your enunciation and caused you to swallow some words.

Now inhale and say the same line. But this time, make the pace exaggerat- edly slow and deliberate; leave excruciatingly long pauses between phrases; pronounce each word carefully; and take a breath more often than you feel you need to.

Then listen to the recording. Repeat this exercise five to ten times, gradually increasing the pace, nor- malizing your breathing, and shortening the pauses between words while mak- ing sure you're still speaking slowly and pronouncing each word fully.

This is going to feel unnatural at first, but stick with it until you find a comfortable and clear speaking pace that captures the attention of others. Repeat the run-on sentence several more times in front of a mirror until you get used to your new speaking pace. After you've mastered this exercise on your own, your voice may well speed up again in social situations. So make sure you monitor yourself, and take a breath and slow down as soon as you catch yourself speed talking.

You may think you're boring others, but you're not. Fast speakers often discover that. Brain farts. Whether or not you know what a brain fart is. Record yourself speaking with a friend.

Either take an audio recorder with you when you leave the house. Play hack the recording and carefully transcribe the first few sentences. Make sure you write down every single word you say. Don't leave out anything. Now take a look at what you've written. Do you notice the words urn or anywhere?

How about "you know. These are known as pausers, or brain farts. We've learned to use these meaningless utterances for several reasons: DAY 3 0 ing of what to say next, and as a sonar system, to make sure the other person understands or agrees with what were saying. But do you know what message these pausers actually send to others? Insect' rity. Pausing for a moment won't cause you to lose someone's attention. Always speak as if you're making complete sense—even when you don't think you are.

The fact is, the way you communicate makes more of an impression than what you say.

keywordebook - neil strauss - rules of the game pdf

Now listen to ten minutes of the conversation you recorded. Write down every pause,- you say. Repeat them until they're imprinted in your mind so that you'll he conscious of them during future conversations.

From now on, slow down and consciously choose each word when speaking. The secret to eliminating pausers—and to breaking most other bad habits—is to become self-correcting. In other words, listen to yourself when you speak. If you notice a brain fart, stop, correct yourself, and repeat the sentence without the pauser. It may also help to carry your list of pausers with you, as a reminder to monitor your speech for these small signifiers of insecurity.

If you drone like an old geography teacher when you speak: Here's an excerpt from a children's short story. Read it out loud into your audio recorder now: Leopold Elfin had a problem: He couldn't help it.

Every time he breathed through hiS nose, not came a note. Not 1 6 quiet hiss that occasionally issues from the hoary nostrils of men three times his age. Leopold laws well aware of thiSiproblem, but he'd never been to see a doctor, figuring it was more a matter of anatomy than medicine. Maybe it it' 6 Now play hack the recording. If possible. Do you have a dynamic storytelling voice. Or do you have a monotone voice, the kind that listeners tend to tune out? If its the latter, then turn on the television.

Find a male host, comedian, or other broadcaster with a dynamic voice that you like. In his international bestseller The Game , Neil Strauss delved into the secret world of pick-up artists—men who have created a science out of the art of seduction. Not only did he reveal the techniques that they had developed, but he became a master of The Game, and the world's No. Now, in this bestselling companion, Strauss reduces three books of life-changing knowledge into a single-volume set.

The first book, The Stylelife Challenge , breaks down the knowledge he learned and techniques he invented into simple step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow to meet and land the women of their dreams. In the second book, Strauss takes readers into the dark side of The Game.

The Style Diaries offers a series of tales of seduction and sexual mis adventure. From accidentally getting married during a drunken night in Reykjavik, to luring a famous musician's granddaughter into a threesome; to the stress and frustration of the torturous and highly unorthodox "30 Day Sex Experiment," The Style Diaries takes you further into the seduction underworld than ever before.

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Finally, in the all-new, updated third volume, Strauss collects the greatest, most powerful, field-tested, word-for-word routines. You don't need money, looks, or fame to succeed with women. All you need is an understanding of how attraction works—and this thirty-day workout program for your social skills, which has already guided countless men from frustration to fulfillment. Sex, Dating and Really Confusing Girls. Sue Ostler. Corey Wayne. The Mystery Method.

The Noble Art of Seducing Women. Kezia Noble. Art of Conversation. Vincent Ng. Mastering Your Hidden Self. Serge Kahili King. Online dating for guys. Benedict Tyler. Body Language Basics. Joe Navarro. Persuade Anyone with NLP: Teach Yourself. Alice Muir. The Natural. Richard La Ruina. Tom Hoobyar. No More Mr. Nice Guy. Robert A. How to Turn Yourself into a Smooth Talker. Bobby Rio. The Laws of Charisma.

Kurt Mortensen. The James Bond Cold Reading. Julian Moore. Robert Greene. The Art of Seduction. Tools of Titans. Timothy Ferriss.

How to Succeed with Women, Revised and Updated. Ron Louis. The Power of Eye Contact. Michael Ellsberg. Just Fuck Me! Eve Kingsley. The Charisma Myth. Olivia Fox Cabane. Jordan B. The Obstacle Is the Way.

Ryan Holiday. How to Be Interesting.

The rules neil download strauss ebook game of

Jessica Hagy. Roger Ellerton. Stop Procrastinating: Lucas McCain. The 48 Laws of Power. The War of Art. Steven Pressfield. Mark Manson. Robert B Cialdini PhD. Original Title.

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Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Rules of the Game , please sign up. How would u put this in a small summary? See 1 question about Rules of the Game…. Lists with This Book.

Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Jun 01, Max Jackson rated it it was ok. This book is one of them. It was literally thrown at me by my helpful roommate one dark day when my romantic despair was so intense it was almost bending the light around my head. I did my sincere best to bracket that noise and come at it fresh and open to new ideas and experience, figuring I could just take the good and laugh at the bad 1.

See, humans and human connections and humanity in general are deeply important to me both concretely and conceptually, kind of replacing capital-G God in my little cosmology 2. Human interaction more often than not leaves me feeling fried and drained and in desperate need of several hours of solid solitude. But one-on-one the task of weaving my emotions into the immediate experience that I share with another concrete human being is a different beast altogether.

But enough about me 6. This particular book opens 7 by jarring you to get your attention, the first page having a big READ ME title and the rest of the intro spent mostly mocking you for being so weak as to mindlessly follow orders.

This is gimmicky and dumb. The military con- and de-notations are definitely intentional. No reading ahead, no skipping out on assignments. There are a few fields for you to fill out answers to questions, some good what are your strengths and goals in life and some bad explain with detail exactly how you will suffer if you fail to change your broken ways.

The calendar is supposed to take you from the zero at which you start to getting a date, defined as any agreement to meet with a woman after first meeting her as a stranger.

The author goes over Opening, Demonstrating Value, Disqualifying i. There was indeed some positive and good advice to be found, such as making human interaction about enriching other people rather than satisfying some desperate need of yours for sex and affirmation Also worth attention is the idea of just having fun wherever you go, bringing value and positive-vibes into your own life and into the lives of others no matter what the ups and downs of what happens to you over the course of any given evening.

The good advice is vague and can be found from other more-robust sources. What makes this book less-robust is the lengthy digressions on NeuroLinguistic Programming, Astrology, Psychic readings, and Evolutionary Psychology. The Missions involved a lot of this, explicitly telling you to go out and engage girls about, say, how the rings on their fingers predict the planets they were born under and the personality implications thereof, etc.

What did I learn? Some things! It kind of inspired that kind of reaction i. Not me. Not here, not anywhere, not ever. For better or for worse I think rawness and openness and serious-togetherness are all we can really hope for - some beautiful people live this lovely life effortlessly, and the rest of us can only try. I tend to come away with a better understanding of my ideas, of the ideas of my enemies, and with a deeper appreciation for how someone like me might conceivably believe something horrible like that.

I think atheism has conceptual consequences that my old New Atheist movement glosses over and ignores basically keeping God but stripping it of its personality , but it the movement remains a step rather than a leap in a good atheistic direction. Gender-reference is a real head-clutcher and as a creature of almost-maximal privilege 4. Hearing that word used makes me want to gather a crowd and publically push my thumbs into the offending vocal chords. As half-alluded to somewhere around the main text 6.

But man will it be fun. This, to me, is the single hardest part of being in public. For all the male bitching and moaning about having to deal with huge amounts of rejection from women it seems also and even more-so true that the acts of selection and rejection take their own heavy emotional toll, especially when some guys will do literally anything to provoke a response from you.

View all 5 comments. Jul 30, Eva rated it liked it. Some notes: One exercise: It's to learn how to change the course of an interaction without making the other person uncomfortable. The dictionary definition of 'reject" is 'to refuse to accept. Do you feel an emotiona Some notes: Do you feel an emotional sting? Probably not. But for most people it is different, and here's why: When the gum is rejected, we think the person doesn't want the gum.

But when we extend and invitation and get rejected, we think she doesn't want us. She's known us only for a short while. She's practically a complete stranger. She doesn't know how great we are, the way our friends and family do. Why do we value her opinion over theirs? Next time you see someone you want to talk to, open your mouth and say the first thing that comes to mind. As long as your comment or question isn't rude or hostile, you may be surprised by how difficult it is to get solidly rejected.

If they feel you're not respecting or acknowledging them, they'll try to end the interaction. Don't begin by apologizing; "starting a conversation this way makes you sound insecure at best and like a panhandler at worst.

You can get opinions, start a conversation. If you catch yourself saying a situation was impossible, the guys were jerks, or the woman was just a 'bitch,' then you're wrong. It's your fault. It's always your fault. And that's a good thing, because it means you're in control. Even though you may be chasing her, disqualification turns the tables and makes her want to chase you. What they don't realize is that they're losing points simply by submitting to the test.

One was relationships, another was spirituality, and a third was animals. He just told me he knows kung fu. Why do you think he would say that to me out of the blue? A friend of mine taught me that the best way to butt into a conversation is to give someone something to hold.

And I wanted to test it out. Jan 08, Douglas rated it really liked it Shelves: This book creates a 30 day 'bootcamp' to help train any man to improve his 'game' Each day, the book provides exercises and learning outcomes to help each man build out his repertoire and confidence when talking and approaching women.

I have read a number of books about picking up chicks to hone my game. The top three are the mystery method, How to be successful with women, and this book. If you want to start dating better women, get those three books. I promise you a more exciting and rewarding This book creates a 30 day 'bootcamp' to help train any man to improve his 'game' Each day, the book provides exercises and learning outcomes to help each man build out his repertoire and confidence when talking and approaching women.

I promise you a more exciting and rewarding dating life lies ahead. The second book wasn't too special. Jan 23, Marie Bisgaard rated it liked it Shelves: I think the book had some good points and was an enjoyable read. A person who follows the rules will definitely improve his or even hers social skills. I however doubt that it is possible to achieve all the goals in one month.

The book also doesn't really offer any magical key for scoring that you wouldn't find in other self-help-ish books. Or maybe that's just how I see it - nobody have tried all of these "tricks" on me, so perhaps I'm wrong. View 2 comments. Although, that is the primary motivation for guys to learn this stuff. That is the biggest difference between Style's material and all the other master's stuff. Neil is teaching you to become a confident, socially adept person, not just a pickup machine.

By the way don't miss the part that contains "The Routines Collection," detailing scripts for successful interactions with women ; Apr 02, Ronnie rated it really liked it. Just when you thought all the PUA stories were told, Neil cranks out another soon to be bestseller. A fascinating sequel to Strauss's groundbreaking pick up artist classic with a twist.

The void of male social dynamics and pick up advice with substance is masterfully filled with the entry of Rules of the Game. His techniques are compelling, and his tales are infectious page turners. This slickly packaged title is a two volume set.

Its focus begins with establishing your identity, expectations an Just when you thought all the PUA stories were told, Neil cranks out another soon to be bestseller. Its focus begins with establishing your identity, expectations and desires to better concentrate your efforts on your relationship goals. It dissects the psychology of female expectations, and lays out in classroom format the smooth adaptable skills that satisfy their wants and needs to create physical and an emotional connection.

Part one -the Stylelife Challenge is a 30 day instructional mental-workout program; the HOW TO for improving your social marketing; perfecting your personality, body language and image, creating sexual chemistry and attraction; virtually s of tips, exercises, and techniques, logically explained step by step.

What I really liked is he explains exactly how and why each facet of your studies works, and assigns you homework. You're forced to do somewhat uncomfortable things until you become a natural through repetition; till each skill is performed effortlessly.

Each chapter builds and expands on the previous. After learning all 30 you've got the mindset and confidence to have Game.

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Part 2 - The Style Diaries: As always, Neil's infamous story telling of underworld situations are riveting and bizarre, from conquests to hilarious train wrecks. Edge of your seat field reports brilliantly written. He hangs with the who's who of Rock Stars and travels the globe, injecting himself in situations most of us can only dream of. The conquests could be penned in a braggadocio style, but his writing is self-deprecating and fun; he's learning and laughing along with us.

A contagious writing style. Rules of the Game is a very unique concept, and needed to be written. The first title simply left too many men desiring all the PUA tools Style used in the previous title.

It's an advanced classroom explaining how he learned to execute all the killer pulls of hot women in the Game.