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Public Administration eBook - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File q Macaulay Committee of in India recommended introduction of Merit system. Editorial Reviews. Review. "This remarkable introductory book on public administration is Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Politics & Social Sciences Read with the free Kindle apps (available on iOS, Android, PC & Mac), Kindle E- readers and on. Introducing Public Administration. by Jay M Shafritz; E W Russell; Christopher P Borick; Albert C Hyde. eBook: Document. English. 9th ed. Milton: Taylor.

Public Administration, both as a discipline and as a optional subject for the Civil Services Examination, has gathered momentum the recent past. The main reasons for the increasing popularity of the subject among the Civil Service aspirants are:. One, the available literature on the subject is comparatively less as the subject has its origin only in Three, the prowess of memory required is minimal. Four, the present day political, management and economical affairs form a major part of the subject. Important concepts have been explained for easy understanding. To be frank, there is nothing new in this book and all the concepts, facts and ideas are collected, simplified and rearranged.

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This is an executive act and does not require the approval of the Parliament. However, this can be done only at the sub-head level and not at the major heads or minor heads. The post of Integrated Financial Advisor was introduced first in the Ministry of Shipping and Transport in on an experimental basis. He is under the dual control of both the ministries and also answerable to both. Thus, the post of Integrated Financial Advisor violates the principle of unity of command and is subjected to dual supervision.

This means that money can be withdrawn from the Consolidated Fund of India only with the approval of Parliament. This is not so in other two cases. Money from the Contingency Fund and the Public Accounts can be withdrawn by the President without the approval of the Parliament.

The main cause of unemployment in a underdeveloped country is lack of effective demand for goods which depends on the propensity for consumption. To overcome this problem, Keynes suggested that deficit financing to finance public works. This increases the purchasing power of the people, which in turn increased the effective demand for goods. Deficit Financing has a negative effect on the economy, i. This is because it increases the supply of money in the economy without a corresponding increase in supply of goods and services.

External Debt is more dangerous than internal debt.

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When a country is in a critical situation of not able to pay even the interests on debts and it resorts again to borrowing in order to pay the interest not for paying the principal debt , it is said to under Debt-trap.

Conversion means when the rate of interest falls, the government converts the old loan into a new loan and thus reduces its interest payments.

The main reason for separation of audit from accounts is that accounting is an executive function while auditing is a quasi-parliamentary function. Though the audit and account functions were separated in at the Centre level, the Comptroller and Auditor General is still responsible for the compilation and maintenance of accounts of the States, which have not separated accounts from audit.

Controller General of Accounts: When the functions of audit were separated from those of accounting in , a new office of the Controller of Accounts was established as a part of the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance. It is generally believed that the forms of accounts are prescribed by the Comptroller and Auditor General. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India can conduct two types of audit — 1. Legal audit or Regulatory audit 2.

Propriety audit. Legal or Regulator audit means to check whether rules and regulations have been complied with. Thus, when he is independent in his own sphere of activity, he is responsible to the Parliament. It is based on convention that persons selected for the post of Governor should normally be an outsider, that is, resident of another state. Recently the Supreme Court has held that it is the discretionary power of the Governor to give permission for prosecuting the erring ministers, including the Chief Minister.

In this case, the Governor is not required to act on the advice rendered by the Council of Ministers.

The President has no discretionary powers and in all cases he has to act on the advice of the Council of Ministers.

In both the cases, he need not act according to the advice of the Council of Ministers. The difference between discretionary powers and special responsibilities: In the case of discretionary areas, the Governor need not consult or act in accordance with the Council of Ministers.

In the case of Special Responsibilities, he has to consult the Council of Ministers, but the final decision can be taken on his individual judgement. Sending report to the President under Article 2 Reserving a bill for the consideration of the President 3 Granting permission for prosecution of erring ministers. The usual Tenure system of placing officers in the Secretariat in the Centre applies to the State Secretariat also.

The officers of the IAS and State Civil Service come on deputation to the Secretariat and go back to their field on completion of their tenure. There is no provision in the Constitution for impeachment or removal of the Governor. Under three circumstances, the Governor cannot promulgate ordinance without the prior instructions of the President. If a bill, containing the same provision, would require the prior sanction of the President before its introduction 2.

If the Governor would have deemed it necessary to reserve a bill, containing the same provision for the consideration of the President. If an Act under the same provision would have been reserved for the consideration of the President and would have received his assent. There is no bar in the Constitution on the number of times the Governor can promulgate the same Ordinance.

The powers of the Governor as chancellor of Universities are provided in the Constitution but are given by the legislative enactment of the State. Adjournment, prorogation and dissolution are different from one another. Adjournment is an interruption small interval in the normal business of the Assembly in the course of one and the same session say, winter session.

The power to adjourn the House is exclusively exercised by the Speaker, and the Governor has no say in this. Prorogation means an end of a session of the Assembly. Pending bills, if any, can however continue for forthcoming sessions. Dissolution means end of the Assembly itself. With this fresh elections shall continue.

Pending bills, if any, will lapse. If the Council of Ministers enjoy a majority and still demand dissolution of the House, the Governor has no other alternative but to dissolve the House. The Lok Sabha rules prohibit a minister from being chosen as a member of the Public Accounts Committee.

The election of members to the Public Accounts Committee is based on the system of proportional representation with single transferable vote. This is to ensure proportional participation by all the major political parties in the PAC. The basic principles of natural justice are: Enthusiasm is different from morale. Enthusiasm is momentary, while morale denotes a more constant and persistent state of mind.

Enthusiasm may however be an indication of morale. However, a substantial portion of top- level jobs is still outside the Civil Service. Royal Commission on Reforms on administrative and financial Decentralisation relations between Government of India and the provincial governments.

Islington Committee Lower pay for members of services restricted in India. Mc Donald Committee Setting up of 3 new classes: Clerical class 2. Senior Clerical class 3. Administrative class Haldane Committee Reforms over government machinery Whitley Councils Employer-Employee relations Acworth Commission Separation of Railway budget from General Budget Anderson Committee Pay and service conditions Inchcape Committee -separation of audit and accounts -more delegated powers to subordinates Lee Commission Raising of Indian civil servants ratio to Bajpai Committee To investigate the question of personnel shortage Masterman Committee Participation of civil servants in political activities.

Satishchandra Committee Reform over civil service examination -introduced Essay paper -increased the interview marks from to Dantwalala Commission Planning at Block level Zakaria Commission Finance to Urban Local Government. Follet 12 Access to boss Urwick. Available at: Author does not assume any responsibility for the correctness of the information. This article is provided for informative purposes only. Thanks to Mr. Chidambaram Ramesh who compiled and provided this book.

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Search inside document. A Book on Public Administration by C. The main reasons for the increasing popularity of the subject among the Civil Service aspirants are: I welcome constructive suggestions for further improvement of the book.

Ramesh q According to L. Ramesh New Public Administration is called anti-positivist. This may drive the administrator to reckon the reaction of his boss as Available online at www. Ramesh q F. Taylor and Jonh D. The authority ceases Available online at www.

Ramesh to carry legitimacy when the rulers do illegal things in legal authority , ignore the traditions in traditional authority and lose charisma in Charismatic authority. Ramesh q While Board and Commission undermine unity of command, bureau does not undermine it. Ramesh Propaganda: But it is commonly believed that it was Available online at www.

Ramesh appointed on Panchayat Raj, which is incorrect. Ramesh q Art. Ramesh q If the Vice-President is unable to discharge his duties and functions due to illness or temporary absence, no other official is entitled to act as Vice-President. Ramesh q According to Article 88, every minister and the Attorney-General, even if they are not members of either House, shall have the right to participate in the proceedings of the either House, any joint sitting of the Houses and any Parliamentary Committee but do not have the right to vote.

Bajpai Committee To investigate the question of personnel shortage Masterman Committee Participation of civil servants in political activities Available online at www. Follet 12 Access to boss Urwick Available online at www. Ramesh Acknowledgment: Abhijit Jadhav.

Development Administration.