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This big list of digital freebies for photographers is a collection of eBooks, Photoshop actions, and the like, for you to download and learn from/play with today. Tony Northrup is giving away How to Create Stunning Digital Photography as a free eBook download. Photographers Tony and Chelsea. To paraphrase the great Oprah Winfrey, “You get a photography eBook, YOU get a photography eBook, EVERYBODY gets photography.

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Click on the ebook's cover to read / download the free ebooks. Click here to read / download - The Textbook of Digital Photography - Second. Go ahead, download all the 23 photography e-Books!. If you are looking to start a photography business this ebook is a like film vs. digital, color vs. black and white, composition elements, etc.

If we can find a lot of free eBooks to learn photography , there is a lot of them which have so many pages to read without a single picture in it, that we can feel lost in the middle of the book and we will never finish the ebook, or the website systematically ask for your email. Here i have compiled the best free photography eBooks, on various photography topics and genres , where some go straight to the subject without having pages to read, or the need to give your email for a PDF as a bait. Lifehacker give also a link to download 41 eBooks about photography at the same time, a lot of those eBooks are also listed here on this blog. You might also be interested with the last entry in the blog: N owadays our smartphones have more computer power than a 10 years old desktop computer. We are doing everything with our phone, from a GPS assistant to photograph or record a movie in full p HD, even post processing those images, and i don't even speak about playing 3D games, read some news on internet and so on

Includes gear recommendations but any camera will do. How to compose your photo for maximum viewer interest. Learn how to take into consideration perspective, framing, leading lines, the rule of thirds, reflections, horizon line placement, color, patterns, shadows, depth of field, and more.

Photography download digital ebook

Then learn how to bring out the best of your shots with quick and efficient post-processing techniques. Tutorials on how to edit your photos to perfection. The results will leave you stunned. Be confident you are capturing the full potential of any scene in front of you!

Once you are comfortable capturing all the light in a scene. We will show you how to harness light to your will!

Ebook download photography digital

Photography tricks and long exposure techniques are very fun and also serve as critical learning exercises. From light painting in your landscapes to star trails in your skies, we will show you how to take the kind of photo that stops viewers in their tracks. Extensive tutorials on light painting, panoramas, spherical panoramas, night sky exposures, infrared, fisheye, bokeh, timelapse and more. You will be taking steel wool light painting shots and star trail exposures in no time. With all the techniques and shortcuts this eBook contains, you will avoid a lot of the frustrating trial and error I had to go through over the years.

It is designed to help you quickly become more knowledgeable and better prepared the next time you venture out with your camera. Wonderful layout as well. This eBook is a must for any experience level! I very much appreciated your tutorials on that subject in the post-processing section of the book, thanks so much for this resource. How to capture sharp, well-composed photos and all the light in a scene using optimal camera settings, occasionally filters, and multiple exposures.

We will walk you through how to use the most effective software and the most effective techniques to blend exposures to bring your photos to life. As you get into the digital darkroom, you will find that endless time can be spent there. We have included 1-click presets for instant amazing results when time is tight.

We will explain why and what features and accessories are important to these types of photography. I wanted to learn how to take photos of all the lights in Times Square NY, and this eBook was the perfect teacher!

The tutorials on editing and the included lightroom presets have been invaluable as well. Landscape art is as old as art itself. Cave drawings, Chinese murals and Minoan Greek frescoes are all ways of portraying the world around the artist. That so many cultures across so many eons have portrayed Earth in different ways tells us that fundamentals definitely exist. Some photos may look spontaneous and lucky—a streak of lightning, a fish leaping up out of a river—but this game has rules, and if you know the rules, you can take as good a shot as anyone.

The photography tricks section is amazing, the images I have been creating with these tutorials have been a big hit with my friends on social media and are now some of the most popular in my portfolio.

Good cityscape photography makes the viewer feel both things: The same general rules apply: The biggest difference is that cities change at night. A mountain is a mountain any time of day, but by night, a building transforms into a blaze of lights to challenge the stars, roads light up with moving dots of red and yellow, neon lights line the streets in attempts to catch your eye.

Telling a story with people in it is a surefire way to increase human interest. When it comes to intersections, some bigger cities—New York, Tokyo, Toronto—will have four-way crosswalks, where pedestrians stream across in all directions, stopping cars on all four sides of the intersection. These make especially great hectic shots, with cloudy masses surrounded by headlights and condo lights.

The world has grown beyond just Photoshop. If you only invest in one program, I would recommend Lightroom. The first few pages in this section will cover the quick and effective processing methods using the Lightroom presets provided with the book, then we will dive in deeper if you want to take your photos further. Photography has traditionally been the realm of the real. It documents things.

The Big List of Free Photography eBooks

Perspective could be toyed with. This changed the way people worked with depth, color and reality itself. Today, capturing reality is half the battle.

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Playing with multiple exposures, HDR and perspective can create worlds beyond what we can see with our own eyes. Trick photography takes that pioneering kernel of photography—capturing reality—and takes it one step further. Light painting is conceptually easy: We do this all the time with regular cityscape night photography, especially when cars drive through our shots, leaving behind stripes of red and yellow light.

The only way to grab it is with a panorama. In this infrared light, cameras help us better understand the world we live in. This chapter will take you through the whole process of how to get started.

Because lightning can not be predicted—the intensity, brightness and location are always different—it is extremely difficult to guess the proper exposure. The whole process of photographing lightning requires experience, luck and patience.

The goal here is to help you understand the full potential of photography, even the crazy stuff, so you can instinctively recognize any photographic opportunity that comes up. Richard Schneider is the founder of one of the largest photography education blogs, PictureCorrect.

He has been working as a photography educator for over 10 years. Assistant Editor: Michael Fraiman. Layout Designer: Naomi Creek. Assistant Producer: Jennifer Berube. Rebecca Bennett. It's yours forever! If you don't love the eBook, then we don't want to accept your hard earned money. Upon purchase you will receive immediate access to download the eBook.

Basically, if you had to distill a pro photographer's knowledge, experience and years of travel into one book - this is what the book would look like. If you are not already a seasoned pro, this is honestly the number one book I would recommend to you.

52 Free Photography Ebooks You Want to Download Right Now | Download Free Ebooks, Legally

Seeing the pictures you captured is almost indescribable. But to stay at the top of your game it is important to continuously improve and learn.

Starting with new cameras and finishing with undiscovered and new methods of photography. Better equipment helps, but knowledge and experience help a lot more. These books will help you learn photography skills first hand from some of the best photographers in the world. Also check out our top sources of photography inspiration post to see a few more great sites to discover and share photography.

Learn everything you need to know about depth of field and how you can apply it to your photography with this amazing ebook from Varina and Jay Patel. This ebook by Craft and Vision team is a practical guide which can help to improve the photography skills of beginners and amateur photographers. Learn expert tax and business advice from veterans and hear first hand lessons from college students just starting out.

Ebook digital download photography

Less gear talk, more pictures with in-depth commentary. The Macro and Close-up Technique ebook is for photography enthusiasts who love to take macro and close-up photography.

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This ebook shows you the techniques and skills required to get great looking macro photos. The best part is, this ebook contains a lot of examples from actual photographers who have had success with Facebook. Light will no longer be your excuse for bad photos. It does a great job of comparing the differences of the human eye and the lens and how that contrast balances out.

In this ebook, photographer Scott Bourne gives you tips to get sharper images and avoid blur. Collecting Souls… is the second ebook of Thomas Leuthard in our list. It is a passage through the mind of Thomas and his best tips for street photography. After a month of learning, Eric is confident you would have learned the craft quite well.

Download ebook digital photography

A great guide for the budding street photographer. Hope you enjoyed the free ebooks! If we missed any good ones, leave a comment so we can check them out. Nice list! Here are lots more free photography books: