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Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Design and build state-of-the-art applications using NET 4 eBook: Pablo Cibraro, Kurt Claeys, Fabio Cozzolino, Johann Grabner: Kindle Store. Take advantage of free code samples from this book, as well as code . Instead it just points you to the downloadable code link. Nishith Pathak, "Pro WCF 4: Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation" NET remoting and web service applications to WCF and how to integrate those. and interoperable services. Pro. WCF 4 Pro. WCF 4. Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation at a Glance links to access them. Download from Wow! eBook> Studio. This is a free download available from Microsoft.

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and interoperable services. Pro. WCF 4 Pro. WCF 4. Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation Studio. This is a free download available from Microsoft. A guide to architecting, designing, and building distributed applications with Windows Communication Foundation Windows Communication Foundation is the. Requests to the Publisher for permission should be addressed to the Legal . as pain-free as possible you have to surround yourself with the best people possible . . the meat of WCF by first laying down the foundation of WCF and explaining.

You can get more details from the following two posts where not only you can browse the catalogue but also download them. Read this story in the Guardian about a guy called Matt , who blogged about bringing up his daughter all alone, as his wife died soon after giving birth. This was such a heart stopping story, which is highly recommended. Interesting shift on the tone of the blog which first helped Matt with the bereavement and later gave him strength to cope with this to finally the blog providing support for others in a similar boat and looking for help. Matt has just released a book called Two Kisses for Maddy as well. You can check out the Table of Contents here and download the book in either pdf format or xps format. My Book on WCF is now available on Google Books — perfect for those of you who don't want to buy the book to support a few starving authors.

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The other two should follow soon. Excellent job guys! The table of contents is also published and can be downloaded from here. Dennis earlier was responsible for collating the code from us for the book, and he just informed us it is available online!

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You can get the code from here and have a play. You will of course need.

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It is good to see some reviews starting to come along, if you have any questions feel free to ping any of us and also let us know if you find any issues with the code — or the book if you need some help. I think the WCF Book that I recently finished is out earlier than a week and should be available on Jan 15th instead of the 22nd, however Amazon still shows the availability of Jan 22nd.

This is published by APress and it should be available by January 22nd — a little longer than usual because of the holiday season. It sure has been a very interesting experience for me. Hopefully it would be as useful for you. I hopefully will be able to take out some time to talk a little more about it here in the near future — all depends on how much time I can take out.

NeoSmart highlights about the fact that there is a possibility that. What would this mean? Well a couple of things.

One, hopefully MS has gotten their act together and stop making huge breaking changes in every public drop. While I understand that every CTP is still early in beta and with the nature of these things there will be changes, but you should see the number of breaking changes that are being made so late in the game.

Which makes all this quite irritating — and it seems quite similar to experiences shared with a few other colleagues of mine had with VSTS and Team Foundation Server.

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And two, hopefully there would be documentation! Currently, one of the chapters for the WCF book I am writing is on Peer-2—Peer networking and there is almost no information publicly available! Which as you can imagine makes life a bit interesting, though reflector is your friend in such situations. So, lets ignore the. Who are these crazy people you ask? Brave enough to hang out with me. I wanted to find out if anyone out there has read The Connection Machine — which essentially is a PhD thesis of the author's W.

Danny Hillis and seems to be something I would be interested in. The question I have is, has anyone read it and if so what do they think of it?

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And if you have it, can I borrow it to read it? He is a contributing author and an avid technical reviewer for multiple electronic and print publications.

Over the years, he has also been involved in providing consultancy and training services to corporations. Nishith is a frequent speaker and conductor of webcasts for Microsoft India and user groups on various upcoming technologies.

Currently, he is focused on key areas of the Microsoft platform, specifically distributed computing, service orientation, exploring Vista, and helping companies architect solutions based on service-oriented architecture SOA.

You can contact him at nispathak hotmail. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Free Preview. Pro WCF 4 is a complete guide to Windows Communication Foundation from the service-oriented architecture perspective, and shows you why WCF is important to web service development and architecture.

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