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Editorial Reviews. Review. A classic Enid Blyton story perfect for Blyton fans Woking edition by Enid Blyton. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Children's eBooks . In Enid Blyton's bestselling school series Elizabeth Allen is sent away to boarding school and makes up her mind to be the naughtiest pupil there's ever been. The Naughtiest Girl in the School, The Naughtiest Girl Again, The Naughtiest Girl Is a Monitor, Ini Dia si Paling Badung, The Naughtiest Girl Keeps a Se.

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This is an electronic book (eBook). In order to read this eBook you need to: (1) have a compatible device; (2) register for an Adobe ID; (3) download the correct. 4, The Naughtiest Girl in the School, Download Can you upload other ebooks of enid blyton such as popular rewards? The Naughtiest Girl is a Monitor. Naughtiest Girl 2 - The Naughtiest Girl Again by Enid Blyton - Free download naughtiest girl in the school looking so delighted to be going back to Whyteleafe.

In the early 40s, author Enid Blyton began releasing novels in a series now known as The Naughtiest Girl. The series now consists of ten books total, four written by Blyton and the remaining six written by Anne Digby. The Naughtiest Girl books are based in a rather progressive boarding school, especially considering the time during which the books were printed. The school is essentially run by the children themselves and simply overseen by the adult headmasters. One of the most important elements of The Naughiest Girl series is, in fact, the operating style of the boarding school. For starters, Whyteleafe is a mixed gender boarding school, which is rare for this type of school, especially in the 40s and 50s.

And if you did not make those blots, how did they come? Blots do not make themselves, as you very well know. I'll do the work again. Jenny was upset and puzzled. She supposed that in some way she must have made the blots without noticing them, just as she shut the book.

She did not see Kathleen looking at her with a spiteful gleam in her eyes. Kathleen was delighted at the success of her trick. She would play a few more on Jenny very soon! There was half an hour that afternoon for any child to go for a walk, practise lacrosse, or do gardening. Elizabeth chose to go to the garden. There was one little piece she hadn't quite been able to finish digging the day before.

She could just finish it in the time, 29 So off she skipped, and called out to John who was already digging hard. But John did not look at all pleased with her. What's the matter, John? You look cross. She rushed off to the shed-and stopped in surprise and dismay when she saw her tools. They were all muddy and dirty! Not one of them shone bright and silvery. What a very extraordinary thing! She went outside, carrying them with her. Have some sense.

It's not like you to say you did a thing, when you didn't," "John! I'm never afraid of owning up. You know that. I tell you I did clean the tools," "All right, all right," said John, going on with the digging. We'll leave it at that. Elizabeth was puzzled, upset, and angry. She hated to think that John didn't believe her, and yet her common sense told her that it really did look as if she had forgotten to clean the tools, It was horrid to have John cross with her. She didn't know what to do.

I've never forgotten before, I won't forget again. He smiled at her, and she smiled back. But in her secret heart she was very puzzled indeed. Kathleen had been waiting about by the garden shed to see what would happen. She was pleased when she saw that John was cross with Elizabeth. She went away, planning to do something else to get Elizabeth into trouble, What should she do next?

Perhaps in a day or two she would dirty the tools again. She had better not do that too soon, though, in case Elizabeth began to suspect a trick, She decided to take two or three of Elizabeth's books and hide them somewhere.

Miss Ranger would be cross if they couldn't be found. So once again Kathleen slipped into the classroom, and this time she went to Elizabeth's desk.

She took out her geography exercise-book, her arithmetic-book, and her history-book. She slipped out of the room with them and went to a cupboard outside, On the top were kept old maps. Kathleen stood on a chair and threw the books right on the very top, among the old maps. Nobody was about to see her. She quickly put back the chair, and went away, 30 And now, what should she do to Jenny? The naughty girl frowned, and thought hard, Then she smiled to herself.

Download girl school naughtiest the the in ebook

She would take two of the white mice and put them into Miss Ranger's desk! That would be marvellous! Miss Ranger would be quite sure to think that Jenny had put them there herself, Nobody would know who had done it.

To do this Kathleen had to wait till the next morning. She planned to get the mice before breakfast, No one would be about then. She lay in bed that night thinking of what Miss Ranger would say when she opened the desk and found the mice. She was up early the next morning. Nora was surprised, for Kathleen was usually one of the last Out of bed. She slipped downstairs five minutes before the breakfast-bell went, and ran to the big shed where the pets were kept.

She went to the cage of white mice. She had with her a little box, and it took her only a second or two to pick up two of the tiny white mice and slip them into the box. Then she hurried to her classroom with them. She lifted up the lid of Miss Ranger's desk. She opened the box-and out scurried the white mice into the desk. Kathleen shut down the lid. What a surprise Miss Ranger and Jenny were going to get! THE first lesson that morning was arithmetic. Miss Ranger explained a new kind of sum to the class, and they listened hard, "Now get out your books and we will do a few of these sums," said Miss Ranger, beginning to put down a few on the blackboard, "You should all be able to do them correctly, but if anyone hasn't quite understood what I have been saying, ask me first, before you begin the sums.

It wasn't on the top of the pile, where she usually put it. She hunted through her desk. How funny! The book wasn't there at all, Where could it be? How much longer are you going to have your head hi your desk? I just put the book back when I'd finished with it yesterday morning. But it really isn't here. She simply could not imagine where her book could be!

She kept on and on thinking about it. Kathleen wondered what would happen when Elizabeth couldn't find the other books!

She was also longing for Miss Ranger to open her own desk and find the mice. But Miss Ranger had no reason to open her desk in the arithmetic lesson.

So the mice remained undisturbed. They had curled up in a corner and gone to sleep. The next lesson was French, and after that came geography. Miss Ranger wanted a map drawn, and the girls got out their exercise-books.

And once again Elizabeth couldn't find hers. Perhaps I had better look through your desk myself to make quite sure that they are not there, I can't imagine that you could lose two of your exercise- books, when you say you did not even take them out of the classroom! Robert was pleased to see Elizabeth getting into trouble.

As for Kathleen, she was so delighted at the success of her mean trick that she did not dare to look at either Elizabeth or Jenny in case they saw how glad she was. With squeals and squeaks they raced round the desk in fright, jumping over rubbers and books and rulers. Miss Ranger stared at them in amazement and anger. She was about to shut down the desk and leave the mice there, when they both leapt out, ran down Miss Ranger's skirt and tore across the floor, All the girls stared in the greatest astonishment, Miss Ranger put on a very stern face and looked at the surprised Jenny.

Do you really think it is a funny joke to put the poor little things into my airless desk in order to play a foolish trick on me? She really was too amazed to speak. Were they her mice? How in the world could they have got into the desk?

I wouldn't do such a thing to my little mice. And anyway, you were so decent to me when I came to class with one down my neck that I certainly wouldn't have been mean enough to play a trick on you after that," The mice fled all over the room. Jenny watched them anxiously, terrified that they would go under the door and escape-perhaps to get eaten by the school cat!

I can't imagine how they could have got into my desk unless you put them there. I shall have to think about the whole thing. I am very displeased about it. But that was easier said than done, The frightened creatures tore all over the room, hiding under first one desk and then another.

Some of the girls pretended to be frightened and squealed whenever a mouse came near their feet. Elizabeth and Belinda tried to help, but those mice were too nimble to be caught.

And then, to Jenny's great dismay, they squeezed themselves under the schoolroom door, and escaped into the passage outside! Jenny ran to the door and opened it- but the mice had disappeared! Goodness knew where they had gone! The little girl ran down the passage, looking everywhere, but the mice were nowhere to be seen. But others came, and she did not like to go back to the classroom crying. So she leaned against the passage wall for a minute, trying to fight back her tears.

Someone had played a mean trick on her! Someone had tried to get her into trouble! Someone had made her lose two of her pets! It was horrid, horrid, horrid! Footsteps came down the passage-and who should come round the corner but Rita, the Head Girl!

She was most surprised to see Jenny standing there, crying. They're gone-and I'm so afraid the school cat will eat them. The Head Girl looked very grave, "I don't like the idea of somebody trying to get you into trouble like this," she said, "You are quite, quite sure you you didn't play the trick yourself, Jenny?

Now go back to your class, Jenny. Cheer up. Maybe the mice will turn up again! Miss Ranger saw her red eyes and did not scold her any more. The bell went for the lesson to stop, and the class put away their books. Break came next. Thank goodness! Robert bumped into Elizabeth as they went out of the classroom, and she glared at him. Elizabeth tossed her head and walked off with Joan. But a thought came into her head.

Could Robert have taken her books? It really was so very extraordinary that both her arithmetic-book and her geography-book should have gone! She went over to Jenny and pulled her into a corner, "Do you think Robert has got anything to do with my losing my books and your mice being put into the desk?

This is really peculiar," said Miss Ranger crossly. You must have taken them out of the classroom and left them somewhere. You must hunt for them well, and if you cannot find them you must come to me and buy new ones. That's ninepence out of my precious two shillings.

It's too bad! If Robert has hidden my books I'll pull all the hairs out of his head! Don't take matters into your own hands, Elizabeth, You're such an impatient person-you'll only do something silly!

Wouldn't I love to report him at the very next Meeting! For some time now Robert had not bullied anyone or been unkind, because he really had been afraid of being seen by Elizabeth, He knew that she was watching to catch him and he did not mean to give her any chance to report him again. But two or three weeks had now gone by and he thought that she no longer bothered to watch, He did not know that she thought he had played the tricks on her and was watching very carefully indeed, Robert had to go and get some water for his painting after tea, Elizabeth saw him go out of the common-room and she looked at Joan.

Do you think Robert has gone to take my books again, or do some horrid trick? He went down the passage, and ran down the stairs to the cloak room where the water-taps were. And running round the corner came small, cheeky Leslie, the boy who had complained that another was always borrowing things and not giving them back.

He ran full. Leslie giggled. It was funny to see big Robert panting like that! Robert put out a hand and caught him, holding the boy's arm so tightly that it hurt, "Let me go," said Leslie. Robert looked up and down the passage quickly. No one was about. He pulled Leslie into the wash-place and shook him hard. He knew that Robert was a bully and he was afraid of him, "Say 'I humbly beg your pardon, and I will never, never do such a thing again!

He shook his head. Leslie glanced at them fearfully. But he still shook his head, 34 "No, I shan't beg your pardon," he said obstinately. Let me go! They were not terribly hot, but hot enough to make Leslie shout, Meantime, where were Elizabeth and Joan? They were just round the corner, listening to all that was said, and when they heard Robert pulling Leslie to the hot pipes they ran into the wash-place at once, Leslie was just shouting.

Robert pulled the little boy off the pipes as soon as he saw Elizabeth and Joan. He went red and looked very angry. To think he had been caught by those interfering girls-and one of them Elizabeth too! Just see you tell the truth and back us up in what we say. As for Peter, you know why he didn't say that Robert was swinging him much too high, don't you? Robert went to him and threatened him with all kinds of punishment if he dared to say a word against him!

But you won't get the chance! I'll report you at the Meeting all right, even if Elizabeth and Joan don't!

Ebook school download naughtiest girl the in the

She spoke fiercely. You're a perfectly horrid boy and I think you ought to be sent away from our school. He had heard all about Elizabeth's naughtiness during the summer term. Elizabeth went red. She wanted to hurt the girls who had the things she hadn't, and yet so much wanted to have. Her eyes flashed when she heard Elizabeth say that it was Robert who had played the trick.

On Wednesdays their monitor had to look at all their drawers and their hanging-cupboards to see that they were tidy. Nora was very strict about tidiness, and the girls in her dormitory had learnt to be very neat indeed-even Ruth, who was most untidy by nature, and found it difficult to keep any drawer neat, "It's awful!

They had done this as usual-so on Wednesday, when Nora went to pull open their drawers and found everything in a most terrible muddle, they were too astonished to say anything, "Jenny!

What have you been thinking of to get your things into such a disgraceful mess! And you are usually so tidy, both of you. What have you been doing? Didn't you remember I always looked on Wednesdays?

Why, you must have noticed us, Nora. Everything was upside down, Elizabeth and Jenny knew perfectly well they could never have got their things into that muddle, Somebody had played a hateful trick again, to get them into trouble, "It's Robert!

I think someone has been mean to you. Anyway, tidy your things, for goodness' sake," 36 The girls set to work. They were both angry. They did not notice how pleased Kathleen looked. She felt much safer now. The next School Meeting was not until Friday night. On Thursday something happened that disappointed Elizabeth very much. The Lacrosse Match was to be on Saturday.

Only one of her form was to be chosen for the School team, and Elizabeth felt certain she would be the one. But when she went to look at the notice-board, on which were pinned notices of matches, rambles, and so on, she found that Robert's name was set down for the match instead of hers! She did so badly want to play, She was very good, really she was!

If only the Meeting were after Saturday, so that he could play in the match first! How marvellous that he had been chosen and not Elizabeth! Serve her right, the interfering girl! Even the smaller children felt rather solemn, as the whole School took their places in the big gym. Leslie had told everyone in his form that he was going to report the big boy, Robert, and some of the younger ones, who disliked Robert very much, had made up their minds that they too would tell about him if they had the chance, "I should have told the truth about him when I was asked at the other Meeting," said Peter.

So I didn't dare.

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But I wish I had now. Rita had told William of the mean tricks that had been played on Jenny to get her into trouble, and the two Judges knew that they might have a rather difficult time trying to get at the bottom of things Still, Miss Belle and Miss Best, and Mr.

Download in school the girl the naughtiest ebook

Johns too, were at the back of the room. They could help if things got too difficult, Robert looked pale. Elizabeth was red with excitement and so was Jenny. Joan was excited too, though she didn't show it, The usual business was done with the box of money. The two shillings were given to everyone, and extra was allowed to two children for something they wanted, Then the Meeting got down to the real business of the evening.

Up jumped Elizabeth and Leslie, both together. Elizabeth began to speak, her words almost tumbling over one another in her haste. It's about Robert," "Go on," said William, with a grave face, "You will remember that I reported him for bullying Peter," said Elizabeth, "And because there wasn't enough proof of that, and because I lost my temper with Robert, the Meeting didn't punish Robert, and made me apologise to him.

Well, listen to this! And another thing we have found out is that he made Peter promise not to complain about being swung so high, He said he would let all Peter's guinea-pigs out of their cage if Peter dared to say anything against him at the Meeting. I was quite right-he is a horrid bully! Not only has Robert been unkind to the younger ones, but he has been perfectly horrid to me and Jenny too He has got us into all kinds of trouble by playing mean tricks on us.

I don't mind a trick being played on me, William, but it's cruel to play it on my pets. The cheeky little Leslie stood up. He felt rather important. He put his hands in his pockets, and began rather cheekily: But William cut him short. Leslie took his hands out at once, and went red. He lost some of his cheeky look, and began to speak in a polite tone. He related exactly what had happened, and the Judges and Jury heard him patiently to the end.

His knees were shaking again, for he was greatly in awe of the Head Boy and Girl. He stammered as he spoke. If you had been brave and had told the truth, we could have stopped Robert from bullying others. Because you were afraid, you have been the cause of others being ill-treated, and you made us disbelieve Elizabeth, and made her unhappy. Remember to tell the truth always, no matter how hard it seems at the time.

We shall all think much more of you if you do. Sit down, Peter," Peter sank down, glad that he hadn't to say any more. William looked at Robert, who was sitting looking sulky and unhappy.

Are they true? He spoke in such a low voice that the Jury could not hear him. Which complaint? Not One! Not one! I saw how pleased you were each time I got into trouble!

Ebook the naughtiest girl school download in the

Now you did not tell us the truth last time, when you told us about Peter and the swing. It will be difficult for us to believe you this time, because we shall all think that again you may be telling us untruths to get yourself out of trouble," 39 "Well, I am telling the truth this time! I don't like Elizabeth, I think she's a horrid, interfering girl, but I'm not mean enough to play tricks like that to get her into trouble-and why should I play tricks on Jenny?

I don't dislike Jenny. I tell you, somebody else is to blame for those tricks. They all remembered that he had told an untruth before, and they felt certain that he was doing so again. William knocked on the table with his hammer, for the children had begun to whisper together.

Three charges have been made against one boy. First, that he bullies smaller children than himself, Second, that he has played mean tricks to get two girls into trouble. Third, that he tells untruths. The Jury and Rita and I are going to discuss the matter to see what must be done about this, and the rest of you can also discuss it among yourselves, so that if anyone has a good idea, they may bring it forward in a few minutes," The School began to chatter. The Jury and the Judges talked together in low tones.

They all looked extremely serious. Robert sat by himself, for the boys next to him had gone to talk to the children behind. He felt dreadful. Why, oh why had he been stupid enough to bully the younger ones? Why must he always be so unkind to the little ones? Now perhaps he would be sent home and his mother and father would be very angry and upset.

Miss Belle and Miss Best looked very serious too. Johns said a few words to them, and then the three of them waited to see what the Judges would say. They never interfered with the School Meeting unless they were asked to, After a little while Rita and William knocked on the table for silence. The whole School sat up. Surely the Judges and Jury hadn't decided so quickly!

What were they going to say? And then began a strange talk that was going to make all the difference to Robert's school life! THE whole School was now looking very solemn and serious. Not a smile was to be seen anywhere. Everyone stopped talking as the three head teachers took their places on the platform, on chairs that the Jury quickly fetched for them.

First of all, this question of bullying the smaller ones. Now, have we ever had any cases of bullying since you became our Judges, William and Rita? Will it be in the Book? Each Judge had to enter in a report of the Meetings held, because Miss Belie and Miss Best said that sometime the Book might be a great help.

Now William took up the Book and began to look back through the pages. At last he found what he wanted, "Here it is," he said. Read it, William, and see what it was. It may help us with Robert. Then he looked up.

She hated the babies because she thought that her parents gave them the love they bad always given to her. Everybody knew what a bully was, and nobody liked bullies at all. The children looked at Robert to see if he was listening too, He was.

He gazed at William, and didn't miss a word. Johns, "we'll find out if Robert has anything to say now, Robert, have you any brothers or sisters? Then I got ill, and nm body seemed to bother about me as they used to do, and I knew it was because of James and John, my little brothers. Well, when I got better, I just seemed to hate little children, and I began to pinch them and be horrid to them, I pretended they were James and John, I couldn't do it to them because nobody would let me, and I would have got into such a row.

Poor Robert!

Naughtiest Girl 2 - The Naughtiest Girl Again by Enid Blyton

You make yourself much more unhappy than you make others. Now that we know why you became a bully, I am sure that none of us really blames you. It was just unlucky for you. You aren't really a bully- you are just an ordinary boy who took up bullying because you were jealous of two small brothers. You can stop any time, and change to something that is really you! Robert just hasn't- but he will now that he sees clearly what has happened. It isn't anything very dreadful, Robert.

But doesn't it seem rather silly to you that a boy of your age should be teasing and bullying Peter and Leslie just because years ago a feeling of jealousy grew up in your heart for your two young brothers? It's time you put all that behind you, don't you think so? I want to be kind to people and animals, I didn't know why I was the opposite-but now that I do know it will be easy to change. I feel different about it already. I'm sorry I was so beastly to other children all these years. | FREE EBOOKS | NANCY DREW| ENID BLYTON | HARDY BOYS

But I'm afraid no one will trust me now -they won't help me! There isn't a boy or girl in this school who would refuse to help you, or to give you a chance to show that you are quite different from what you have seemed. Her mind was in a whirl!

So Robert the bully wasn't really a bully-- he was just a boy who had got a wrong idea about himself because of something that had happened years ago. It seemed verv strange. Was it true? She didn't believe that Robert would change! And what about all those horrid teaks that had been played on her and on Jenny9 42 "Well-" said Elizabeth and stopped.

After all, you all helped me last term when I was dreadful. But I can't forgive him for playing those mean tricks on me and Jenny. I think he should be punished for those. Is the boy or girl brave enough to own up7" Nobody said a word Kathleen went red but looked down at the floor. She had begun to feel rasher dreadful now that Robert had been accused of her tricks. It isn't fair of you not to believe rue row. I'm sure I'm right. They found it very hard to decide anything. Then William spoke.

We did not believe you last time-and this time we will not believe Robert. We will try to make things fair between you by saying that you may play in the match to-morrow, instead of Robert. Nora says that you were disappointed that you were not chosen. Robert stood up. He looked unhappy. But I do say again and again that I didn't play those tricks. Johns says that the best thing we can do for you is to let you take care of something or somebody, so that it's easy for kindness to take the place of unkindness, You love horses, don't you?

You will feed them, water them, and groom them. When your class goes riding, you may choose one of the younger children to ride the second horse, and help him all you can. Choose two horses for his own special pets- look after them each day!

This was a thing he had always longed to do, for of all animals the boy loved horses best loved them with all his heart, He felt as if he could weep for joy. He didn't care about not playing in the match now! He didn't care about anything. He felt a different boy. It was Peter, He had listened hard to everything that had been said, and in his generous heart he wanted to help Robert. He also felt a little guilty-for he remembered how once lie had been jealous of his small sister and had smacked her when no one was looking.

Good gracious, he might have turned into an unhappy bully like Robert! But I think we all feel tonight that we have learnt something big-and once again you children have the chance of helping one of yourselves. It is grand to be helped-but it is even grander to help! Only one child was neither happy nor pleased.

And that child, of course, was Kathleen! Robert had lost his place in the match because of her. Every child in the school was going to help him-but Kathleen had harmed him. She was very miserable. But whatever could she do about it? THE next day was Saturday, the day of the lacrosse match, Elizabeth woke up early, and looked eagerly at the window, Was it a fine day?

It wasn't very fine. There were clouds across the sky. But at least it wasn't raining. What fun it would be to play in her first match!

When some school strawberry plants are vandalised… More. Book 8. Well Done, The Naughtiest Girl! The worst girl in the school - or the best? It's… More. Book 9. Elizabeth is furious when a girl new to the sixth… More. Book Elizabeth is overjoyed to be appointed monitor ag… More. Enid Blyton Collection by Enid Blyton. Shelve Enid Blyton Collection. Elizabeth Allen is always getting into trouble, n… More. Malory Towers. Bloggers who read the books during their initial release tend to re-read the books and offer insight on the difference between the books from an adult and a child point of view.

Another of the blogs is actually part of a society dedicated to the works of Blyton and offers extensive information on each book in addition to available illustrations, as the original books were all illustrated. Overall, the brainchildren of Blyton and Digby seem to have nothing but warm reception and positive feedback, whether readers are recalling their own childhoods with the books or passing them on to a new generation.

The consensus is, The Naughtiest Girl series of adventures is worth the read. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Book s. Karen is our author of the month! Check out our Karen Rose page. View Results.

The Naughtiest Girl: Here's The Naughtiest Girl

Thriller Master Harlan Coben is back! The man of a thousand twists is back with his latest edge of the seat thriller. A perfect family has lost their daughter to drugs and an abusive boyfriend. The parent sees her in Central Park one day and approaches her. However she runs, and she's clearly in trouble. Of course if you're a Coben fan you don't even need a description - you know this book is going to be good.