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Let It Snow - Three Holiday Stories ebook by John Green,Lauren Myracle, Maureen . Showing Off (Upside-Down Magic #3) ebook by Emily Jenkins, Sarah. Read "Let It Snow Three Holiday Stories" by John Green available from Rakuten Kobo. Showing Off (Upside-Down Magic #3) ebook by Emily Jenkins, Sarah. Three interconnected stories from three bestselling authors: John Green (Paper Towns, The Fault in our Stars), Maureen Johnson (The Name of the Star), and.

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Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 9 Up–What do a Christmas Eve This item has a maximum order quantity limit. Send a free sample $ Read with Our Free App; Library Binding $ 16 Used from $ 9 New from. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 9 Up–What do a Christmas Eve $ Read with Our Free App; Library Binding $ 19 Used from $ 8 New from $ · Paperback $ Used from $ 86 New from $ 2. Nov 15, Download Let It Snow [PDF] [ePub] from Amazon written by three authors Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle. Currently.

Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Formatting may be different depending on your device and eBook type. Soon to be a major Netflix film! A trio of bestselling authors - John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle - brings the magic of Christmas to life in a whirl of romance that will take your breath away. One Christmas Eve, an ill-timed storm buries the residents of Gracetown under feet of snow and causes quite a bit of chaos.

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This was such a cute and snugly read! I read another book before this with short stories so I was a little afraid to try this one. I'm so glad that I decided to read it anyway!

All 3 of the books come together and at the end you get all the characters from all 3 stories into one place. I liked how even though the stories were written differently, the characters were different, you still were able to flow and follow each one separately but also as a whole. It made me happy to read in books 2 and 3 about Stuart in book 1. The shock of everyone as they came together at the end was wonderful and made me smile.

They all got to see how each other ended up and I could tell and friendship might have been forming between all of them after they all met up at a Starbucks. I like to hope that is what happened anyway: There are 3 stories in this set.

It starts off with a story by Maureen Johnson. Her's was honestly my favorite of the 3. I loved Jubilee and Stuart. It was such a heartwarming story and she really sucks you into the book.

I felt like Maureen put alot of love into her book and her characters show it. I felt closer to these 2 than any of the other characters put together. The second story is by John Green. This was a pretty hilarious one when it comes to what all they go through but the characters to me just kind of fell flat. I enjoyed the story but when I had a story like Maureen's before this one, it made it hard to love it as much.

I still liked it and don't regret reading it and I don't think any of you will either: The third and final story follows Addie and Jeb.

It mainly is Addie but Jeb is mixed in a little more through Addie's memories. This story was sweet the way it turned out but Addie annoyed me quite a bit with her selfishness. It was very obvious the whole time but the way the story is, I am pretty sure the author wanted it that way.

Again, I liked the story but Maureen's story killed the other 2. I did like how the author wrapped it all up and let us have all the characters in one place at the end. It was very pleasant to see how they all felt after the storm. I think anyone would love this book, especially to curl up to with some hot chocolate and a soft blanket.

That is exactly what I did and it was the perfect setting. I have my Christmas tree lights on too, I think that is a must when reading Christmas books! If you get a chance to read this, I recommend it and hope it makes you as merry as it made me! One person found this helpful. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The story starts on a train where we meet Jubilee, Jeb, and the cheerleaders that tie this story together.

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Jubilee was the perfect character to start this book with! She is fun and sassy. I stood straighter. He liked being seen with me; therefore, I liked being seen with me. I'm sorry, but this book was a cringefest. View all 19 comments. It is one of those reads that just makes you want to snuggle up on your couch, a hot cocoa or tea in hand and enjoy the winterly atmosphere. In fact, the only thing missing for my perfect reading experience was the fireplace ;.

Although the cute teacup pig almost made up for it … All in all, this short story collection is perfect for you if you are looking for a light and fun Christmas read. I'm positive I'll pick this book up again some coming winter.

A few quotes for you to enjoy: First page, first fit of laughter. The perfect start. I envisioned huge piles of the Elf Hotel flying off the belt, taking down everybody in sight.

I had seen pictures of that Elf Hotel - it had sharp candy-cane spires that could easily impale someone. If anyone was ever going to be killed by an Elf Hotel, it would be my parents. The whole story surrounding the Flobie Village was beyond hilarious.

There is nothing about a bad situation that fourteen hyper cheerleaders can't worsen. I have never even met one cheerleader. Yet, I can very much imagine this to be true. View all 8 comments. The other half is thinking: John Green, you absolute motherfucking genius.

You managed to salvage this utter arse-crap. As much as I hate chick-lit [and this is beyond chick-lit. I could barely get through the first of the 3 stories.

It killed my brain cells, I sw Sigh. It killed my brain cells, I swear it did. The John Green one was delightful, however. I laughed. And the last one was yet another over-cheesy-brain-cell-murder-fest. I did like how it all came together at the end, but I must say that if it wasn't for the festive season [and this being my friend's book], I'd offer it up as a sacrifice to the gods of good literature, and maybe some people who've run out of scrap paper.

The two stars are only for you John Green. If I could, I'd give you more but that would imply I enjoyed the rest of the book, which I most definitely didn't. So there. View all 6 comments. Liked the character development. I just expected a little more, but I still enjoyed this.

Dec 14, Mary S. One brave soul ventures out into the storm from her stranded train and sets off a chain of reac 3. One brave soul ventures out into the storm from her stranded train and sets off a chain of reactions and events that will change quite a few lives: Over the next three days, one girl takes a risky shortcut with an adorable stranger, three friends set out to win a race to the Waffle House and the hash brown spoils , and the fate of a teacup pig falls into the hands of a lovesick barista.

With three interconnected, hilarious, and charming stories of different characters in Gracetown, Johnson, Green, and Myracle tell a tale of love and friendship and the magic of holidays: The Jubilee Express by Maureen Johnson 3. Yeah, let it snow. Let it snow and snow and bury me. It was feeling just beyond fear and somewhere to the left of sadness. Tired, but not the kind of tired that sleep fixes. It was dark and gloomy, and yet, it didn't seem that things would get any better if the lights were turned up.

Besides that, it was special in its own way and a great short read to lighten your mood on a tough day. It was also precious and sweet when it needed to be, and all in all the author deserves a thumbs up for great writing: I knew it was beauiful, but knowing something is beautiful and caring about it are two very different things, and I didn't care.

Now this is the other reason why it got 3. One person's crazy is another person's sane, I guess. The other characters were also interesting and well developed for a small town tale: This one was absolutely cute and right and I was in no way against it!

Maureen handled it nicely and especially ended it well! Proximity doesn't breed familiarity. And so what if more snow makes a happy ending less likely?

So the car might get messed up—so what! So we might ruin our friendship—so what? I mean, c'mon!! It's John Green! That man can pull off anything anywhere anytime!!! Something about me has always liked the drama and inconvenience of bad weather.

The worse the better, really. John is John and he does magic with simple words! The three friends Tobin the protagonist, the Duke, and JP were easily the best of the whole book!

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The Duke aka Angie is the best. Hilarious, smart, crazy, peppered with the right amount of wisdom: Here is one of my main complaints about human consciousness: And even the sidekicks were masterfully managed and developed; John Green, everyone! It's what we give the universe. It wasn't anything special, to be honest. It was cute, unnecessarily dramatic, a little romantic, a lot more self exploration It attempted to be magical but failed, unfortunately: And for that, I enjoyed it.

If you're free and relaxed and wanting a fun read, this book is great; and this last story wouldn't ruin the fun of the previous ones if you look at it graciously and not too critically: Lauren Myracle does not have a unique writing, or hilarious storytelling, or addicting turn of events, or anything noteworthy for that matter. Shouldn't I have some say over the endless thoughts running through my head?

But as my goal is to always get the best of each book, and make you enjoy it best, too, I'm gonna admit that Myracle had her moments and I did awwwwww on some occasions and burst out laughing on others. The gem of this story was how beautifully and amazingly she used the two other authors'stories and wove them in her own! The sidekicks and friends were not that developed even though this story was the longest of the three in the book—the author attempted to give them each backstories, meaning, and dimension, but didn't much succeed Maybe everything wasn't always about me.

The protagonist, however, had a great character development and the story was mostly about her changing herself—in the beginning I was a little annoyed cause we were seeing everything from the eyes of a whiney self-absorbed drama queen ; but it was intentional and her friends were not blind to it and pointed it out. So, 2.

In the spirit of positivity, I'd say—while there wasn't much to it—it was fun reading it run in the background to character development for once!! Companions Motion picture adaptation: Neflix acquired the rights in December The announced cast: Into The Spider-Verse.

Let It Snow will go into production in the first quarter of , ans is expected to be released during the Christmas holidays of ! It's got an impressive team! I think it could be an enjoyable and hilarious holiday film if directed well; specially the second story: Also by John Green: The Patron Saint of Pigs View all 11 comments. If sweet and adorable got together and had a baby around Christmastime, it would be this book. I cheated on another holiday themed short story collection to read this one.

No regrets. The three not-so-short stories in this book are loosely interconnected. In the first one, Jubilee is shocked to learn that her parents have been arrested in a black friday type shopping riot and that she's being shipped off to her grandparents' for Christmas. Her train gets stuck in a snow storm on route, and so sh If sweet and adorable got together and had a baby around Christmastime, it would be this book.

Her train gets stuck in a snow storm on route, and so she winds up meeting a guy named Stuart and staying with his family for the holiday.

In the second, a group of friends are involved in a race to get to a Waffle House in the middle of a crazy blizzard. In the third, Addie is still reeling from her breakup with Jeb, one she totally caused. She's coming to realize that if she wants a Christmas miracle, she needs to change things about herself. All the stories are cute and humorous. However, the transition between them is not seamless. Maureen Johnson wrote her characters like they were in college, John Green like his were in middle school, and Lauren Myracle's were about on point.

I liked the first story the best and could have easily read an entire book with just Jubilee and Stuart. The second story grew on me. At first, I didn't care for it because it reminded me so much of Finding Alaska , with his "too cool for life" characters, except the girl here whose name is "the Duke" because apparently Green gets paid extra for horrible character monikers is hardly a manic pixie type.

The last story was the weakest, and the ending where they throw all three romances together winds up being a bit of a cheesy mess. That said, this is the perfect Christmas guilty pleasure read, and I could see myself coming back to it every year.

Pretty much what you'd expect. Light, fun, festive. And quirkier. Because John Green and Maureen Johnson are funny and quirky and their styles and characters fit together so naturally.

While I like Myracle just fine, she feels like the third wheel in this collection of interconnected stories and leaving her to pen the final story and tie everything together was Let It Snow's major flaw. It was nice to see all Pretty much what you'd expect. It was nice to see all the characters from all three stories come together, but I'm betting this would be a stronger read had the order of storytelling had been reversed.

The appearance of Johnson and Green's characters throughout Myracle's story were the only parts of "Patron Saint of Pigs" that I didn't mind Under Myracle's control, characters I liked and that, when written by Johnson and Green seem like actual people , sounded like bad acting. They just didn't feel authentic anymore. I cringed reading the shallow, meaningless things Addie had to say about Stuart one of Johnson's characters being Jewish. Her characters were just a bit Anyway, I'm getting caught in the negatives which is what happens when end on the wrong note, Penguin!

Johnson and Green are standout authors in their genre. They write characters that sound like people I know and want to hang out with. Johnson, in particular, was laugh out loud funny even and Green made something really fun happen with a car for the third time or possibly fourth, but I haven't read Looking for Alaska , so I don't know. I'll be singing it's praises to teens the city over this winter.

View all 5 comments. This is so super cute!!! I love all of the stories and it's great how they all come together in the end!!

John snow free green ebook download let it

Such a perfect Christmas book: View 2 comments. Mi favorito. Sobre Lauren Myracle poco que decir. Entre ellos que se ambienta en Navidad que es una fecha que me encanta y sobre la que me encanta leer. So that means I get to take a break from reading for the rest of the year this is a lie See you in !!!

Let it Snow by John Green

A book that I once thought was adorable, charming, and fluffy enough to rate four stars has now been downgraded to 1. This is not because the book has changed and gotten worse over time but because I, as a reader, have changed. Let it Snow contains three stories, each written by a different author and told from the point of view of different characters. This winter-themed-holiday book connects the stories of three separate characters who are all facing separate dilemmas and giving them their happy endings.

But it was so cringey, oh my God. While the characters had bits and pieces of hilarity, they were not funny, they were more obnoxious than anything.

And I was not amused with the whole cheerleader gig. What do you gain from generalizing cheerleaders as snobby-know-it-all-annoying-dimwits and scorning them because they participate in a specific activity i. The first story was my favourite but they literally all went downhill from there. I literally just skimmed through the last story cause I was not having any of it. View all 9 comments. I really loved how these 3 winter short stories were all connected!

They take place in the same town in a snowstorm and all of the characters come together in some way. Here's the actual breakdown: First part: The stories start with a train being stopped on the tracks in a snowstorm, so a lot of the book's characters hop off and head over to a diner in the nearby town.

The characters were believable and the story set everything up really well! Seco I really loved how these 3 winter short stories were all connected! Second part: He just tries so hard to have clever, quirky kids with their cool phrases and girls who aren't like other girls. The two other stories treated cheerleaders with a bit of background exasperation, but the incessant cheerleader-bashing from John Green's counterculture girl along with the obsession from the obnoxious guy friend were overkill.

The story was fun, but seriously Third part: The ending wrapped all of the stories up pretty well but I was kind of over everything at this point. I could have lived without the obsessive cheerleader hate, but I did like how everyone came together at the end!

This was mostly just a fluffy, short read to put you in a winter mood: This book, even though it is categorized as one book singular it should really be categorized as three books plural because although the stories within the book are interrelated, the writing-style and general plot of each story is unique and each could stand on its own.

It only seems fitting to write three mini-reviews. I apologize in advance. Section 1: The Jubilee Express 3. And so on. Sweet, funny, cheesy, likable. Those four words sum up the first story quite nicely. What I liked about this story was how it flowed. Too think back on it now, another word that would nicely sum up parts of the book is ridiculous but in a good way. Another example? But you can read that for yourself.

In fact, that totally gorgeous guy has a girlfriend who turns up later in the book. But more on that later. Moving on… Section 2: A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle 4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for simply existing. Again, no pressure. Stage IV melanoma. If you have already read a book by John Green, you know what to expect. The Patron Saint of Pigs 1.

But… This story is complete waste of time and paper.