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So she really should write another trilogy. I still miss Akkarin, sigh. But good, light and fast read fantasy. I think this story just ran out of steam, there wasn't much new to learn about any of the characters and it fell a bit flat for me. I like this author and have loved some of her books, but this one didn't quite make it for me. Enjoyed listening to the final in the trilogy.

Similar pace to the others, not nail biting but interesting with a satisfactory final twist. View 1 comment. Cery http: Ce qui est positif c'est que ce tome ce lit vraiment bien. Elles sont finalement aussi totalitaire et limite fanatiques que les autres. Ya estaba muerto. Anyi y Gol socorro, menos mal que Anyi va a ser la nueva dirigente y los va a poner a todos en sitio. Solamente se han centrado en la historia de Dannyl y Achati, cosa que ya se sabia que iba a acabar mal desde el principio.

Y me gusta la pareja, son bastante cutes. Like most of the other books in this series, the pacing has serious issues. The middle drags and in my opinion, too much time is spent on uninteresting plot lines.

Konigin ebook free download die sonea

I've never cared much about Cery and I don't care at all about Lilia, so that whole subplot was a chore to get through and the resolution is rushed and unsatisfying. Despite the ongoing pacing problems an 3. Despite the ongoing pacing problems and dull subplots, now I kind of want a third trilogy to find out how everything changes after the events of this one.

A decent ending to a solid, formulaic fantasy trilogy.

trudi canavan in books |

Canavan never lets her reader get lost, moving the plot forward at a reasonable pace. Her characters could have done with a bit more detail and dimension, but I imagine she was relying on readers of this trilogy having read the Black Magician trilogy first, which makes sense as the Traitor Spy trilogy follows on from it some 20ish years later.

Konigin ebook download sonea die free

I loved this trilogy and it did completely captivate me. I mean everything else about this book was just amazing! Pleasant ending book of this trilogy resolves all the main story lines in a satisfying manner. While I enjoyed the story and characters, it seemed either less material than required three books to tell or just not deep enough in terms of the world or characters.

Still in all, happy to have read the series. Overall this ended well. Still a bit contrived in places.

Still don't care about Lorkin. Pero muchos otros personajes simplemente no cumplian con si papel en la historia.

"trudi canavan"

I loves the Black Magician trilogy and had high hopes for this series. Unfortunately, I just couldn't warm to Lorcan. I mean I love this world, I love the magic system and different cultures and I had so much hope for him. I mean he's Sonea's son! Anyway, I enjoyed the overall premise and all the other characters but as a whole this series was just not as good as The Black Magician trilogy.

The conclusion is neat enough a bit too neat I felt, especially regarding events in Sachaka. You call that a war? Is it too cynical to say that this whole Sachaka thing i.

There's a lot of overtones in Canavan' The conclusion is neat enough a bit too neat I felt, especially regarding events in Sachaka. There's a lot of overtones in Canavan's work that I didn't pick up when I read the original trilogy in high school and bother me now that I'm older. I don't like the simplistic, black and white morality of pretty much all the characters: I also don't like the fact that the Allied Lands feel the need to "correct" Sachakan society - it smacks far too much of imperialist sentiment.

The presence of the Traitors rectifies this somewhat, especially as they are the ones to bring about the end of slavery in Sachaka, but even so the whole slavery issue feels too cute and trite. Speaking of characters, Skellin irritated the hell out of me. Lorandra I preferred as a villain because you have some insight into her character throughout the series, her role as the Thief Hunter makes her formidable and fearsome, and it's easy to sympathise with her to some extent since she would naturally want to be with her son and look out for him.

Skellin was somewhat intimidating as an invisible threat, but having black magic as his ultimate goal and the whole luring-Lilia-out-so-I-can-learn-black-magic-from-her thing just felt really lame. I found Cery's death really pointless too, though I suppose that's to set Anyi up as the new Thief It was sad, but like the death of his family at the start of the series, it just felt too sudden to really have an impact.

It's foreshadowed constantly, yes, but when it finally happens it just didn't resonate with me which was a surprise because I really liked him. Lorkin is adorable and pretty much the likable character I wanted Akkarin's son to be. I love that he always gets dominated by the female characters, ahahahaha.

But I really enjoyed the complexity of the relationships between them, and especially the way Danny and Tayend's fluctuates. It's very believable, and I have to say one of the most readable qualities of Canavan's work is that the relationships are always good fun to read. I love Sonea. Damn you for making me like you, Regin: I didn't like this one as much as the other two, and the ending was too neat for my taste. Enjoyed the trilogy as a whole, perhaps even more than the original, despite my reluctance to get into it again and I look foward to more adventures in Imardin and beyond in the future.

I wanted to really like this book, and this sequel trilogy to the Magician's Guild trilogy by Canavan, but I just couldn't. I mean, yes, it was interesting and all but it just couldn't live up to the first trilogy and looking at some of the other reviews for this book it seems like an opinion shared by many fans. Warning, there may well be spoilers ahead, but some of this is stuff mentioned or referred to in previous books in this trilogy.

Firstly, the plot. It continues that set up in the first t I wanted to really like this book, and this sequel trilogy to the Magician's Guild trilogy by Canavan, but I just couldn't. It continues that set up in the first two books in the trilogy, with Sonea and Regin heading to Sachaka to meet with the Traitors, whilst Lorkin and Dannyl try to stop the Sachakan King from reading Lorkin's mind now that he's returned to Arvice from the Traitor's home. Meanwhile, Lilia deals with being a black magician and trying to capture the rogue Skellin.

The plot just moves at a really slow pace, and whilst it is nice to see some character development in these chapters, I do feel a lot of it in the first half could have been condensed. Then in the second half of the book the majority of the action takes place really quickly and it kinda feels a bit rushed. Also, there were some parts of the story that I just really didn't care about.

Plus, I did kind of like Lilia and Anyi, and I guess it was important and nice to see how things have changed and are different for the next generation. But the whole Skellin plot seemed really irrelevant in the end.

I thought it might somehow tie back in to what was happening in Sachaka but it didn't and it was just there really to give Lilia and the magician's in Kyralia something to do. Also, it ended really quickly and was rather an anti-climax view spoiler [apart from, you know, the face Cery died. But I did kinda see it coming hide spoiler ]. I felt like I was supposed to like Lorkin as a main character, but I just didn't.

He was rather boring and flat. And I also felt like I was supposed to like the Traitors and want to root for them, but I didn't either. I mean, I liked that they wanted to abolish slavery and stuff, but other than that they just seemed ruthless and arrogant and no better than the Ashaki they were trying to overthrow really. I wanted to see more of Sonea being a badass like she was in the first trilogy, but she wasn't.

I kind of understood why, since she's spent the last 20 years feeling like an outcast and stuff and missing Akkarin, but I wanted to see her regain her former life and courage and she didn't. She didn't really do anything in the end Canavan obviously just wanted to give Sonea a new love interest but didn't want to or couldn't spend time developing a whole new character for her hide spoiler ].

What did interest me though was Canavan's hint in the epilogue of another nation in this world that is starting to develop new technologies such as a "ballshooter" which sounds remarkably like a gun to me, and made me think that the minefire mentioned earlier in the book could be gun powder which hadn't occurred to me at the time.

This sounds like an interesting idea and I hope it's an avenue that Canavan explores further in another book s.

It would be interesting to see how the magician's dealt with such a technological revolution. Let me start by saying that Traitor Spy isn't anything like the The Black Magician and it never convinced me or intrigued me as much as those books did. The main problem in the Traitor Queen is the characters we get to follow.

They are just not interesting enough and the characters we'd actually like to hear more about, don't get as much space in the book.

Dannyl's storyline was interesting every now and then, but ended quite disappointingly. I expected him to do more when the war finally happen Let me start by saying that Traitor Spy isn't anything like the The Black Magician and it never convinced me or intrigued me as much as those books did. I expected him to do more when the war finally happened, even though he was the ambassador.

Lorkin was mostly boring, and he went on too much about Tyvara being so important to him. It was interesting to see what happened with the gemstones, but in the end even that seemed quite a disappointment and I was actually wondering what would happen to the wasteland. The "final battle" ended way too easily for my liking.

I kept thinking things were going too smoothly for the Traitors, expecting the Sachakan to turn things around but that never happened. The battle was over so soon. It was however fascinating to read how the slave system was overthrown, but Canavan could have done more with that.

We never really saw much about the slave rebellions. And, unfortunately, we don't get enough Sonea, and Sonea isn't anything like the important heroine she was in TBM. But one of the things I did love was the developing relationship between Sonea and Regin. Regin of all people! Canavan actually handled that really well. We knew him as the bully from TBM, but I would never have expected his character to develop the way he did.

I was pleasantly surprised and he was one of the people I would really like to have seen more of. Unfortunately we didn't get that either. Yes, it was a good book, I liked where it was going.

But at the same time there were too many things going on, and none of these things were developed in a way that would make them very fascinating.

Die free download sonea konigin ebook

A lot of likeable and interesting characters didn't get mentioned in the book as much as they should have been, and a lot of uninteresting persons were dwelled upon too much. One of the most disappointing things was that Cery didn't get the ending he deserved. He should have had a heroic ending at least. If you have read TBM, I would still recommend you to read Traitor Spy but you should not expect it to be of the same level.

I usually can't put a book down if it's good, but I could easily lay Traitor Queen aside in the evening. That's not a good thing. At the same time, I did want to finish it, I enjoyed a lot of the storylines, there were some very interesting things happening, the conversations were usually really good, and we got to follow some of our beloved characters from the previous books again.

But Canavan could have done much much more with it.


Mar 01, Alicia. If you're interested in more thoughts on that front, I'd recommend my previous reviews links at the top of this review. In terms of a third book in a series, all the major plot points were closed off by the end. The final battle between the Traitors and the Sachakans happened, but was a little anti-climactic. I quite enjoyed the sense that the Guild was having to adapt on many fronts at once - politically, technologically, internally. It gave a sense of change and time marching forward, which doesn't always happen in a fantasy world.

Canavan has introduced several younger characters, and if she was to ever revisit this world again which I don't believe she has any plans to , I think leaping forward into the future and not focusing on any of the older characters at all would be the way to go. Anyi and Lillia would form a solid basis for a new series, especially if combined with dealing with the results of the world changes mentioned above. Overall a solid series that I enjoyed reading. I also reviewed this book on my website.

A good read, nothing too heavy or boring. Young adult level I guess. The only funny quirk in this book was an above average trowel of gaiety. Two younger teenage girls, a couple of young women and a love triangle of three men.

All these rainbow relationships have an edge to them since the individuals all represent different factions. Is there something Trudie is not telling us, this seems more personal agenda than book.

Sonea - Die Königin

A A good read, nothing too heavy or boring. Nothing was subtle, each point and the reasoning for every decision was laboriously explained by every character. We as readers were happily left sipping our margaritas in the spa without the need of a crease developing between our eyes. We will all wish we had read more books like this when we get older: The book while still readable for the male audience is obviously targeted for the female of our species.

I gave it a valiant effort at approx. Pity since all earlier offerings were not so.. There till I closed the book were no real baddies, the magicians on whole were very insipid. I wish the story had some grey in it, all very black and white … The most interesting character was one of the surprise gay teenagers, she was at least a little evil.

Surely a beheading here or there is not too much to ask? Cheers Gav x The last in the trilogy of "The Traitor Spy", The Traitor Queen is a fitting end to the reader's second glance into the world of Kyralia, Sachaka and beyond. The underworld of the largely cooperative Thieves - as much as rival thieves can be cooperative - is broken. The underworld is now largely ruled by Skellin, the rogue magician, due to his supply of not only magic but roet. Cery, Gol and Anyi find what solace they can under the Guild with Lilia, a new black magician and novice, helping out wh The last in the trilogy of "The Traitor Spy", The Traitor Queen is a fitting end to the reader's second glance into the world of Kyralia, Sachaka and beyond.

Cery, Gol and Anyi find what solace they can under the Guild with Lilia, a new black magician and novice, helping out where she can. Cery, Gol and Anyi know they can't stay there forever, though, and they figure out a way to try and lure Skellin to them in order to trap him. Meanwhile, in Sachaka, Lorkin has returned from Traitors' Sanctuary. Predictably, he won't tell the Sachakan king anything, so Lorkin is thrown in prison until his tongue is loosened. Black Magician Sonea is sent to try and treat with the king - as a Black Magician, she is the only Kyralian whom the Ashaki might respect, though she is still a woman - and she brings Lord Regin along as her assistant - to whom she has also been softening and forgiving since his cruelty in their novice days.

The Traitors also reveal that they are finally ready to conquer Sachaka as their own and throw off the chains of slavery, something they have been aiming for, for a long time. As a trilogy, I thought it was fairly enjoyable overall. Maybe I had too high expectations because the Black Magician trilogy was so fantastic, but each story in this trilogy - particularly this one - seemed a bit more flat and struggling.

The Traitor Conquest seemed a bit too easy, even with the battle in Arvice at the end. I think I mainly kept going because of the characters and wanting to see how their stories end, but that was still mostly out of loyalty to the characters I first got to know in the Black Magician rather than this trilogy.

There was just something missing that didn't draw me in as much. Still, the end of the book wrapped most things up well, with glimpses into further changes in the world of Kyralia in particular. La vita amorosa di Sonea viene gestita come quella di Lilia nel libro precedente: Surreale davvero.

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La sottotrama di Cery era terribilmente noiosa, odiavo quelle parti. E il finale lascia presagire che la storia non termini qui. Spero che la Canavan decida di proseguire con questa ambientazione solo se ha realmente qualche nuova idea Aber ich muss zugeben, so richtig warm geworden bin ich nicht mit der Trilogie.

Die Autorin hat einen ausgesprochen deskriptiven Stil, der mir an einigen Stellen zuviel wurde und mir die Spannung verhagelte. La regina dei maghi, di Trudi Canavan. Readers Also Enjoyed. About Trudi Canavan.

Trudi Canavan. All three books entered Australian top ten SF bestseller lists. The trilogy is now rated by Nielsen BookScan as the most successful debut fantasy series of the last 10 years. Sorted By: Top Matches. Filtered By:. Grid List. Order By: The Magicians' Guild: Mass Market Paperback. In stock online Available in stores. Cloaked in the protection of…. Audio Book CD sold out. Angel Of Storms by Trudi Canavan. Out of stock online Available in stores. International No.

Tyen is teaching mechanical magic at a school respected throughout the worlds. News arrives that…. Hardcover sold out. Successor's Promise by Trudi Canavan. The third book in the Millennium's Rule fantasy series by international bestseller Trudi Canavan. Five years have passed since the Rebels confronted the Raen. Five years, in which the boy Rielle rescued, Qall, has safely grown up among the Travellers. Thief's Magic by Trudi Canavan. In a world where an industrial revolution is powered by magic, Tyen, a student of archaeology, unearths a sentient book called Vella.

Once a young sorcerer-bookbinder, Vella was transformed into a useful tool by one…. The Traitor Queen by Trudi Canavan. Discover the magic of Trudi Canavan with her brand new novel in the Traitor Spy trilogy Events are building to a climax in Sachaka as Lorkin returns from his exile with the Traitor rebels.

The Traitor Queen has given Lorkin the huge task of brokering an…. The Rogue by Trudi Canavan. Living among the Sachakan rebels, Lorkin does his best to learn about their unique magic.

But the Traitors are reluctant to trade their secrets for the Healing they so…. The Novice: In stock online Not available in stores. Yet she has won powerful…. The High Lord: She has earned the grudging respect of her fellow novices and a place in the Magicians' Guild.

But there is much she wishes she had…. The Ambassador's Mission by Trudi Canavan. Half the Thieves in the city are dead and nothing can account for the randomness and the inventiveness of each death. Sonea, a Black Magician of Kyralia, knows that she is needed to help hunt down the rogue magician killing the Thieves.

But Sonea has problems of…. Sonea 3: Kobo ebook German. Available for download Not available in stores.