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Description: Free eBook “Oracle PL/SQL Programming, Fifth Edition” from Red Third Edition presents the key features of SQL (Structured Query Language) in. Starting with the basics of indexing and the WHERE clause, this book guides developers through all parts of an SQL statement and explains the pitfalls of. Free download of the popular Introduction To SQL book by Akeel Din. part of this chapter describes relational databases and how SQL is used to query them.

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As of today we have 76,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no Inside Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL Querying eBook. Nick Harrison's SQL Queries Succinctly will show you how to craft Explore all ebooks. SQL Queries Succinctly. Nick Harrison. DOWNLOAD. Getting started with SQL, Identifier, Data Types, NULL, Example Databases and Foreign Keys; Sequence; Subqueries; Execution blocks; Stored Procedures I just download PDF from ukraine-europe.info and i look documentation so good and.

Get started on mastering the one language binding the entire database industry. That language is SQL, and how it works is must-have knowledge for anyone involved with relational databases, and surprisingly also for anyone involved with NoSQL databases. SQL is universally used in querying and reporting on large data sets in order to generate knowledge to drive business decisions. Good knowledge of SQL is crucial to anyone working with databases, because it is with SQL that you retrieve data, manipulate data, and generate business results. Every relational database supports SQL for its expressiveness in writing queries underlying reports and business intelligence dashboards. Clare Churcher B.

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Share on Facebook. We can see just by looking at Figure 1. The table is a list of people's names and telephone numbers. It is similar to how we might go about the task of jotting down the phone numbers of some of our friends, in the back of our diary for example. The relational data model consists of a number of intuitive concepts for storing any type of data in a database, along with a number of functions to manipulate the information.

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The relational data model as proposed by Codd provided the basic concepts for a new database management system, the relational database management system RDBMS. Soon after the relational model was defined, a number of relational database languages were developed and used for instructing the RDBMS. Structured Query Language being one of them.

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The SQL language is so inextricably tied to relational database theory that it is impossible to discuss it without also discussing the relational data model. The next two sections briefly describe some of the concepts of this model. We have already seen that a relational database stores data in tables.

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Each row in the table is a record. In the table in Figure 1. A single table with a column and row structure, does not represent a relational database. Technically, this is known as a flat file or card index type database. Relational databases have several tables with interrelating data. Suppose that the information in the table of Figure 1.

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Now we get an idea that this simple table is actually a small part of the overall database, the personnel database. Another table, such as the one in Figure 1. The two tables described in the previous section and shown in Figures 1. Of course, in a real personnel database, you would need to store a great deal more information and would thus need a lot more related tables.

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Notice that the first column in each table is the NUM column. The information stored in NUM does not really have anything to do with the person's record. Why is it there? The reason is that NUM is used to uniquely identify each person's record. We could have used the person's name, but chances are that in a large company, there would be more than one person with the same name. NUM is known as the primary key for the table of Figure 1. For the table of Figure 1.

The primary keys and foreign keys are a very important part of relational databases. They are the fields that relate tables to each other. In the table of Figure 1. Introduction to the SQL language. The Structured Query Language is a relational database language. It is just a medium which is used to as a means of communicating to the DBMS what you want it to do.

SQL commands consist of english like statements which are used to query, insert, update and delete data. This does not mean that you can type in something like "Pull up the figures for last quarter's sales" and expect SQL to understand your request.

What it does mean is that SQL is a lot easier to learn and understand than most of the other computer languages. SQL is sometimes referred to as a non-procedural database language. What this means is that when you issue an SQL command to retrieve data from a database, you do not have to explicitly tell SQL where to look for the data.

It is enough just to tell SQL what data you want to be retrieved. The DBMS will take care of locating the information in the database.

This is very useful because it means that users do not need to have any knowledge of where the data is and how to get at it. Procedural languages such as COBOL or Pascal and even older databases based on the network and hierarchical data models require that users specify what data to retrieve and also how to get at it.

Most large corporate databases are held on several different computers in different parts of the building or even at different geographic locations.

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In such situations, the non-procedural nature of SQL makes flexible, ad hoc querying and data retrieval possible. Users can construct and execute an SQL query, look at the data retrieved, and change the query if needed all in a spontaneous manner.

To perform similar queries using a procedural language such as COBOL would mean that you would have to create, compile and run one computer programs for each query. Commercial database management systems allow SQL to be used in two distinct ways. First, SQL commands can be typed at the command line directly. Markus Winand Download: This book is for developers; it avoids unnecessary details about database internals. That's all in this list of Free SQL books for beginners and experienced developers.

You can download these books as free PDF or read them online as well. Even if you know SQL and have been using it for few years, you will be amazed to learn many new things in some of these books, especially the first two books are great for experienced SQL programmers, I just loved them when I found first and has since read them many times already.

If you have any question or you know a good SQL book which is available for free and wants to add to this list then please feel free to drop a note.

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