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Trade Me (Cyclone #1) by Courtney Milan To her shock, Blake offers her a trade: She'll get his income, his house, his car. Download now. Read "Trade Me" by Courtney Milan available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Tina Chen just wants a degree and a job. Tina Chen just wants a degree and a job, so her parents never have to worry about making rent again. She has no time for Blake Reynolds, the sexy billionaire .

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Jay na Thalang is a demanding, driven genius. He doesnt know how to stop or even slow down. The instant he lays eyes on Maria Lopez, he knows that she is a . “Even though I absolutely adore everything I've read by Courtney Milan, I had a teeny moment of hesistation about picking up Trade Me. I'm not usually. Editorial Reviews. Review. "This is a New Adult billionaire story Milan-style, which means she Trade Me (Cyclone Book 1) - Kindle edition by Courtney Milan. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability. Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Tina Chen just wants a degree and a job, so her parents never have to worry about making rent again. She has no time for Blake Reynolds, the sexy billionaire who stands to inherit Cyclone Systems. But when he makes an offhand comment about what it means to be poor, she loses her cool and tells him he couldn't last a month living her life. To her shock, Blake offers her a trade: She'll get his income, his house, his car.

Sydney Springer It isn't really a cliffhanger, but there is more to explore with the side characters. Book two follows Tina's roommate: Milan or 'GR community' now?? Thanks in advance! Janelle Sex scenes described in detail, though not belabored. See all 4 questions about Trade Me…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Nov 30, Baba rated it liked it Shelves: Full review posted January 22, Dear Reader, If you are here to meet a man who… …is a manipulative jerk with stalker-ish tendencies …has a fetish for insecure virgins with an inner goddess complex or any other complex for that matter …hides a torture chamber filled with BDSM devices in his penthouse, then… …you failed the test.

Shame on you. You are requested to kindly take exit A. Thank yo 3. Thank you. Besides, it will give me a little reprieve because I really need to get rid of that cut. Go straight up to the top floor.

See a Problem?

I need to mothball my beloved Harley stat and buy a couple limousines. I guarantee you that would not go over well. Got it? That shut him up. Rating clarification Writing: He feels the pressure of taking over the reins in the near future and needs some breathing space. Going to college, he hopes to finally solve his problem. That's where he meets Tina Chen. After a rather heated discussion about poor people and food stamps, Tina challenges him.

Nobody here would care about a word you said if your family was on food stamps. Try trading lives with me. You couldn't manage it, not for two weeks. Tina She almost fooled me when she came off as someone showing some backbone in the beginning of the story.

But then my face got longer and longer. I found her to be dull and she kept repeating it's not safe. So what? Get over it already! She wasn't only boring, she really irritated me. Also, a heroine having body issues her allegedly nonexistent boobs is a big turn off for me. I think being self-confident is very sexy. Respect and love your body and you will make your man happy. Blake gave her a compliment and she just brushed him off.

Not cool. I also thought that their "budding" romance didn't sizzle enough and was kind of weak. The speeding a hundred and thirty instead of seventy hide spoiler ] annoyed me very much.

And, to top it off, she view spoiler [cried and was upset while driving. She was always berating herself about playing it safe, and just because she didn't want to be careful anymore, it didn't give her the right to a carte blanche. This is somehow personal for me and I would have friggin' cared if she had harmed other people and I don't give a s it if it was a busy road or not.

Anyway, that explanation why she was so careful came too late for me. Besides, what was equally dumb and very predictable was that little view spoiler [coke hide spoiler ] interlude. I couldn't stop rolling my eyes. And, in the aftermath of that little drama, I was supposed to have a good laugh during their view spoiler [Fernanda launch. I mean the plot and the hero's background story was so very good and engaging, so I didn't see the point in ruining the entire thing with that dumb move.

Blake Among the huge, irritating and very trite swamp of billionaire jerks, it was refreshing to read about a man whose personality was different. Also, as a nice bonus, Blake did have an interesting back story.

I have a problem. It is very unfortunate, however, that I never completely connected with him. I also thought that the resolution of his problem didn't get enough attention. For too long a time I was aware that he had a problem which didn't come as a real surprise, BTW and he tried to outrun everything but getting to the bottom of the matter and, even more so, resolving his issues, needed and deserved more time.

Frankly, that didn't really satisfy me in the end. There's one thing I'm not going to do. I promised you when we started that you were important. So I'm not going to call your life a back-to-nature serenity camp or a tourism home stay.

I may be clueless. I may be taken aback. But this is your life. It matters. She doesn't say anything. I loved him. While his unexpected secret put a damper on my adoration for him, I still think that we would get along f cking well. Geez, I laughed so many times when he opened his very straightforward and somewhat filthy mouth. Regardless of his language and overbearing behavior, he really loved Blake dearly. Adam calling his son "asshole" has a back story. It's some kind of running joke…so don't judge him too quickly.

What the fuck, asshole, my father writes with his usual bluntness.

Milan trade me download courtney epub

Are you avoiding me? From his point of view, it must feel like I disappeared off the face of the planet. I have some stuff on my plate. I need to disconnect a little, so I've been conserving my time to take care of the script. The light indicates that he's typing a response. It comes in piece by piece.

What new fucking rancid bullshit is this? If you are blowing me off for some new-wave meditative retreat shit, I swear to God there will be a nuclear explosion down here. People think that my dad is an asshole because he says shit like this all the time and they think he means it. He doesn't. He's not really an asshole. He's just fluent in the language of asshole and likes using it.

Jesus, Dad. Mushroom clouds are 60s-era scare tactics. They're not even frightening anymore. Get with the program. Dirty bombs are the new black. He comes back with: I'll compromise with weaponized anthrax, but that's as modern as I can manage. You can't teach an old dog new methods of mass destruction. The man is pretty awesome! I'd recommend you to give Trade Me a shot because Courtney Milan's great writing, the well-placed humor and her trademark wit as well as the interesting plot might make it worth your while.

And finally, I really am totally excited to read Maria's story. She's a view spoiler [transgender woman hide spoiler ] and I can't wait to see her again and meet her love interest.

Recommended read. View all 68 comments. Jan 18, Lady Vigilante Feifei rated it really liked it Shelves: This was such a refreshing NA romance!! Nowadays, most of the angst and conflict in NA romances stems from cheating, love triangle, sex, making each other jealous, miscommunication, blah blah, and I mean…give me something new. Something fresh. Some real drama. And oh boy, this book delivered on that part.

This is a book that picked at my brain, made me think, and at the same time got me emotionally invested as well. I like books that engage both my mind and my heart, so this one was a winner.

Anyways, I just want to reassure you this is not your typical rich guy falls for poor girl romance. The reasoning behind their switch is actually pretty deep and more thoughtful than I expected.

Same goes for Tina. And her whip-smart attitude and quick reflexes are just laugh out loud hilarious. Their father-son bond made me laugh like crazy but also tugged at my heartstrings. Even with the romance being a little weak, this character-driven story was highly entertaining and a fresh take on billionaire romances.

Trade Me is the first book in the Cyclone series and can be read as a standalone. View all 87 comments. Jan 17, Jill rated it really liked it Shelves: Juggling her studies, work and family leaves Tina time for little else. She keeps her head down and her thoughts to herself. Until one day billionaire Blake makes a comment in class about poverty. Yeah, like he'd know all about it.

Blake Reynolds I have a problem. Blake's father is a self-made billionaire. Blake has been working for Cyclone since a teenager. Going away to college, he hopes for "Try trading lives with me. Going away to college, he hopes for some breathing space from his father, that will allow him to work out his problem.

No one can ever say that Ms Milan can't write. She shows here in her first foray into the new-adult contemporary genre, the same depth of research, and layered writing that she does in her historicals. This is not a dark or gritty read, but delivers a level of intellectual angst rarely seen in new-adult romances.

Though Tina in some ways does conform to the n-a heroine type, Blake is not your standard jock or alpha, nor is he the dreaded billionaire playboy. Going by the blurb, I thought this would be much more lighthearted than it is.

Told in first person from Blake and Tina's points-of-view, both the hero and heroine though, and many of the secondary characters had major issues.

I almost felt overwhelmed just reading about the responsibilities and problems that weighed so heavily on the young shoulders of these main characters. I had no major issues with this book at all. Both Blake and Tina are easy to like. Blake's father, despite his foul-mouthed, impatient, overbearing ways was a devoted and loving father, I totally got. Tina's mother, not. There is no cliffhanger; this ends on a hopeful note.

Their story continues in the following books - Hold Me and Find Me. I'd really like some answers about view spoiler [ Blake's mother!

If you don't like or have never read new-adult romances, I'd say give this one a go. If you are a fan of Ms Milan's historicals, but don't read contemporaries, I think this would be your chance to step outside your comfort zone.

If you're after a smart, nuanced read that doesn't follow the tropes of the usual new-adult romances, this one's for you.

View all 77 comments. Jan 18, Catarina rated it liked it Shelves: Tina is a student who works hard everyday of her life just to make ends meet and be able to keep studying. One day during class Tina and Blake start fighting over poverty and after that Blake makes her 3,5 Exchanging Stars. One day during class Tina and Blake start fighting over poverty and after that Blake makes her deal: For six weeks they will trade lives and each one will find out the reality of the other.

And together they will find out why people say opposites attract. This was a sweet and kind of refreshing NA. It had a slow rhythm and the story developed slowly and gave time to the characters really know each other. Somewhere around the middle I felt myself becoming bored and thinking that if the book was never going to end. However, it is a nice story with a refreshing plot and you should give it a try.

Characters Development: The good thing about Tina and Blake is they were really mature for a NA book. They were both very adult and work their asses off. I liked them individual characters. The problem? Absolutely no chemistry. Seriously, I felt more connection between Blake and his father and Tina and her mother than between those two, and they were supposed to be the center of this story.

Sensible Subjects: View all 17 comments. Nov 30, Geri Reads rated it really liked it. But this is still so much better than what is currently saturating the New Adult market out there. She has always had a distinctive voice, and it definitely shined in this book. Tina Chen is a struggling college student who's trying to keep her head above water despite myriad familial responsibilities that stop her from enjoyin 4 stars! Tina Chen is a struggling college student who's trying to keep her head above water despite myriad familial responsibilities that stop her from enjoying her life.

Blake Reynolds is the son of a billionaire, a wunderkid who enrolled himself in college despite his father's protests. Both of them had an interesting backstories. This is where Milan's writing shined the brightest. Tina and Blake are well drawn characters. I was shown the nuances of their personalities, the dynamics of their relationship with family and friends bit by bit and layer by layer. It made reading fun and easy when there's no clunky prose to impede it.

I liked Tina. She wasn't always likable but her struggles were relatable to me. Her being Asian is just a bonus to me. Her complicated relationship with her family was terrifyingly familiar to me because I live it everyday. I don't know if it's a cultural thing or it's just my family but reading it made me nostalgic.

Blake isn't your run-of-the-mill NA hero. No way. He's smart, funny and an all around good guy. I love his relationship with his dad. The Darth Vader reference made me laugh.

Again, I wasn't just told about how loving their relationship is, I was shown how loving their relationship is. While that aspect gave me the fuzzies, these characters are very flawed. None more so than Blake's father. Seriously, I don't know whether to give this guy the father of the year award or the shittiest father award.

Either way, I love his character. So why not 5? Well, as much as I loved the writing and the characters, the romance was a bit of a let down. It's not that they are not romantic or anything, it's just that they are so good and capable individually that it wouldn't matter if they stay together or not. They'll survive anyway. Simply put, I wasn't as invested in their romance as I was in them individually.

And since this is a romance book, I'm kind of bummed that their love didn't feel epic to me. But I am holding out hope that it's going to turn epic in the next installments because I needed epic. Call me old fashioned but I just needed that in my romance books. A copy was provided by Courtney Milan via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. View all 38 comments. If you can accept a rather unrealistic premise, you'll soon find out that Trade me is a fantastic addition to the New Adult genre, without any of its regular fucked-ups slut-shaming, stalkers, assholes, lack of diversity, giant dicks and their "it's not gonna fit!

Both MCs are endearing and well-rounded, making it very easy to root for them: I loved them both, dearly. For more of my reviews, please visit: View 2 comments. Jan 19, Didi rated it it was ok Shelves: The good with this book is that for a NA, it was refreshing because it lacked the excessive drama and overused angst often seen in that sub-genre.

There was no insta-love, the relationship between Tina and Blake was progressive and based on more than just lust. My favorite thing was the interracial coupling in this book Tina is Chinese, Blake is Caucasian. In reality this is not even something that warrants attention. People of differen 2.

People of different backgrounds, cultures, races and creeds date and marry all the time. But from my experience in romance novels, this isn't the case. It's a normal thing that should really be reflected more in books, come on. Anyways, the reasons for the low rating. The connection and chemistry between Tina and Blake wasn't very apparent for me. I couldn't connect with them as the book went on. In the beginning it was good, but as the story progressed something changed for me.

The middle into the last third was a bit boring and then the whole 'this can't go on' dilemma felt forced and out of place. Where as that issue was obvious in the first part of the book, as Tina and Blake got more immersed in each other's lives it became a crutch and therefore lost its appeal. The romance was there but again, it felt underdeveloped. By the end I found myself no longer invested in Tina's and Blake's story--although things end well--And I'm not interested in continuing the series.

I do plan on reading this author's HR's, I've heard they're great. View all 28 comments. Jun 17, Whitney Atkinson rated it it was ok Shelves: I wanted to love this book because I love how realistic it is with its representation and romantic scenes. And it was really steamy and had a good build-up to the characters' relationship, but the entire plot surrounding it was SO messy. The actual plot of this book is nothing like the synopsis. I loved the representation of a male character with an eating disorder, but it felt side-lined as a character trait and not necessarily something that was integral to the story and it was completely forgotten about by the end of the book.

Plus, the trajectory of the love story follows the cookie cutter mold of forbidden romance and wasn't intriguing at all. The first half of this was great, but the second half was so cheesy and unrealistic and messy that I was skim up until the acknowledgments page. It felt so incomplete, and the original plot of the book just dove off a cliff and in came in random side plots instead that were never wrapped up adequately.

Jan 21, Wendy'sThoughts rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Courtney Milan Fans. This review is more about my love of Courtney Milan The brief review is I loved the book. I was new to Goodreads, Romance and Erotica. In my looking around for things to read I had heard of this book The Siren Milan https: The review made me just stop I loved every pa 4.

I loved every part of it Milan and her books. The first one I read was The Governess Affair. I was into historical and this worked on so many levels. There was a scene to this day which was so sensual and sexy The book was more than just that scene though So, I bring this up because in this book, all of the research, attention to detail and insight into the mind and human condition is here All of these things color how we look at life, what we expect or want and what is thrust on us We have two characters; both very intelligent The blurb lays it out perfectly The representation of both families were strong; each were different yet the same in their love of their kids Each character went through their personal arc and came out the other end better There is just so much to the details to the story I could read this again and get so much more out of it She addresses many questions about the story at the end She is just wired that way.

This is a new series for her and more is coming. I will be ready. A gifted copy was provided by Victory Editing via NetGalley for an honest review. For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. View all 20 comments. Jan 18, Keertana rated it really liked it Shelves: Courtney Milan is known for writing unusual historical romance novels--the kind that make you swoon but also make you think.

I love her historical fiction primarily because she writes about the types of female heroines no other author really feels comfortable discussing, whether it be the feminists, the scientists, the overly large, or those of different races.

What's more, her male characters range from the classic duke to the a-typical male virgin to the self-proclaimed male suffragist. Thus, Courtney Milan is known for writing unusual historical romance novels--the kind that make you swoon but also make you think. But Trade Me surpassed even my wildest expectations.

Built upon the foundation of a relatively flimsy plot line--wealthy young man volunteers to switch lives with a poor immigrant woman--Trade Me does a brilliant job of pointing out not only the privileges of the wealthy, but also of the non-immigrant. It features an Asian protagonist and is one of the first times that I have been able to sympathize completely with a character due to her life circumstances--immigrant parents who don't fit into the American culture, a series of different traditional values, struggling to make ends meet, missing family members who live oversees.

And, honestly, I found the entire experience shocking and eye-opening. It made me angry but, most of all, it made me grateful to Courtney Milan for doing her research and being brave enough to write about a culture of people different from her own.

Beyond the in-your-face diversity of an Asian protagonist, though, Milan weaves this love story through many complex issues. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal much more due to fear of spoilers, but none of these characters are what they seem on the surface--and I love that. Admittedly, the whole "the rich have problems, too! If you're looking for a couple to swoon over, but one that will destroy your every pre-conceived notion about them, Trade Me is the book for you. Jan 26, Sherwood Smith added it Shelves: A fast-reading, involving spicy romance with humor and a whole lot of realistic angst about being poverty-stricken--and the workaholic rich.

Ordinarily I'm suspicious of romances with billionaires, but this one, with its "trading places" twist, was way better than most--Tina Chen, the poor girl, who switches places with wealthy Blake Reynolds, holds her own.

In fact, I thought the best conversation in the entire book was when she met Blake's dad Adam think a bearable Donald Trump crossed with S A fast-reading, involving spicy romance with humor and a whole lot of realistic angst about being poverty-stricken--and the workaholic rich.

In fact, I thought the best conversation in the entire book was when she met Blake's dad Adam think a bearable Donald Trump crossed with Steve Jobs and takes him apart. Also loved that it was set in the present. I really enjoy this author's prose and characters and pacing, but the historicals are hard for me to read because I keep getting poked out by all the historical errors. Historical paradigm, language, and detail is totally off the table here, letting me sink right in.

View all 3 comments. Jan 16, -ya rated it really liked it Shelves: Is Blake a possessive, six-pack man-whore? Absolutely not! Blake character surprised me. A nerdy gentleman. I love this character. Friendship with Blake is not safe.

Courtney milan me download trade epub

I always play safe. What choice have I had? The story has a good mix of culture difference, humor, angst and family issues- We are all mortal. We all have family problem no matter what race we are, or what ethnic background we have. Love is an universal language. Refreshing storyline and characters. Courtney Milan's first new adult novel delivered. Nov 30, KatLynne rated it liked it Shelves: However, I missed the chemistry between Blake and Tina.

I didn't feel the deep, romantic connection that I find in Milan's historicals. All in all, an intriguing read with a well writ 3. All in all, an intriguing read with a well written plot View all 6 comments. It was the fact that it discussed immigration and the suffering families have to go through, poverty and privileges. I love that a NA book was discussing such heavy topics in pretty great detail and basing the romance around that story arc.

But speaking of the romance, it wasn't necessarily that well developed for me. Or believable. I was half-heartedly rooting for them. The only question we have is how we treat them, and what that says about us. My mouth seems to work of its own accord.

Slowly—every second seems slow right now, drowned by the beat of my heart—he turns to me. He sits right across from me; our eyes meet, and I can see the astonishment in his gaze. I can almost feel him taking in my stained sweater, my fading jeans. I should put my head back down. I should go back to holding my tongue, watching other people talk about my life.

When have you ever had to work for anything? Who gave you the right to grant that poor people are lesser beings for the sake of argument? And who the hell are you to say that the only important thing is not whether people actually starve to death, but how the world will judge the wealthy? His face goes white. Your dad told the entire world when he put you in charge of his interface division at the age of fourteen.

It must be really hard holding down a part-time job that your father gave you. I bet it leaves you almost no time to spend your millions of dollars in stock options.

Hey, I guess I was wrong. It takes me forty-five minutes to get to class. He looks at me, his eyes wide. At the front of the class, Fred, the hapless instructor, is rummaging through his papers for the seating chart. He shrugs and bulls on. My dad lost his job when I first started college. Not in front of everyone, and especially not in front of Blake. Blake looks away. You know what, Blake? Nobody here would care about a word you said if your family was on food stamps.

Try trading lives with me. He looks away from me. The tips of his ears turn pink, though, and his lips press together into an angry line. Nobody is looking at me, for that matter. I look down at my stained sweater. She was dressed like a homeless person. I shit you not. I can be as inappropriate as I want. I bow my head, letting my hair fall around my face like a curtain.

But apparently, the class has turned into a referendum on Blake, and now everyone has to have their say. Blake deserves everything he has. It goes on like that for a few minutes. I take copious notes throughout the entire debacle. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck shit shit shit shit fuck fuck fuck, I write in my notebook in my neatest cursive. Everyone—Fred included—falls all over themselves to say how great Blake is.

And then the tone shifts. But his tone is icy. Come on, guys. Enough of this crap. We all know I won the nepotism lottery. Silence falls in response. At the front of the class, Fred clears his throat, maybe now remembering that he has a job besides savaging students. And I? I do not want to feel grateful to Blake. I hate that nobody even recognized me as a person until Blake spoke up. The girl in front of me stands and then turns to me. I consider whether my pen belongs in the front pocket or the side pocket of my backpack.

I make sure my notebook is securely placed in my backpack. I check the zipper. He looks at me now. His eyes are the ridiculous blue of ocean waters on some tropical beach. They make me think of a spring break that I will never be able to afford. My hands are still shaking. I should have kept my mouth shut in the first place. That does stop me. How does Blake Reynolds know my name?

Slowly, I turn to him. Maybe he emailed someone while we were in class? One of his…people. Someone like Blake has to have people, right? Getting a class roster would hardly pose a problem. But wait.

He gives me a sheepish smile. He shrugs. And I should have stopped that before it turned into a pile-on. And the fact that he thinks it can be just makes me feel worse. When he does, his coat—impeccably tailored gray wool—pulls back from his sleeve. For a second, with his hand outstretched, I see dark ink against his wrist, the edge of a tattoo that seems completely at odds with everything I know about him.

His life has been an open book to the world, ever since his father first put him in a television commercial at the tender age of twenty months. Everyone knows everything about Blake Reynolds, boy prodigy, certain successor to Cyclone Technologies. He grimaces. But when I started school, he…um. He looks at me, his eyes serious, and that damned something, that coiling awareness in my stomach starts up again. No; he has to take that away from me, too.

He gives me another one of his smiles, and this one seems to curl around me, catching me up in a wave of warmth. His eyes are relentlessly blue, and they cut into me. Against my better judgment, that little spark of something ignites in my stomach.

You were three inches from me. All of my books get code names.

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I started writing it sometime in , but have always prioritized the historicals. I used to say here that the series name is Inheritance, but nope. It's a contemporary New Adult romance, written in alternating first person points of view. You might be wondering: How much of a departure is it? In some ways, it's a huge departure. In other ways, not so much. For instance, is Blake really a billionaire? Yes, but he's not a self-made one.

And Cyclone is a company that is modeled after the tech firms that took prominence starting in the late twentieth century—Microsoft, Google, Apple, Oracle—which means that the 1. You'll find out exactly how Blake got his 1. It wasn't precisely a gift, but it wasn't exactly the sort of thing that anyone could do.

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It was a right place, right time kind of thing—and some people are always in the right place. How is it not so much of a departure? Well, oddly enough, I've had to do more research to write this book than any other book I've written to date.