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However, it is her sister Diona that Nikias has mistakenly held, not Kidnapped the Wrong Sister. By: Marie Kelly Read Book Download. Read "Kidnapped the Wrong Sister" by Marie Kelly available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Mistaken for her sister, Diona. However, it is her sister Diona that Nikias has mistakenly held, not believing her Marie Kelly This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people.

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Download eBooks Kidnapped the Wrong Sister (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Marie Kelly Read Online Full Free. Read “Kidnapped the Wrong Sister”, by Marie Kelly online on Bookmate – Mistaken for her sister, Diona Brown had been tricked into visiting the island home of. Read Kidnapped the Wrong Sister by Marie Kelly for free with a 30 day free trial. Download to App. Share Mistaken for her sister, Diona Brown had been tricked into visiting the island home of the Billionaire Nikias Dranias, who planned on.

Marie Kelly. Special Smashwords Edition. This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual events or locales is entirely coincidental. Kidnapped The Wrong Sister.

She believed that given enough time the two would become bored with each other and everything would return to normal. However, that was before the bombshell which landed on her on her return home from work that morning.

As the plane took off, Diona held onto the armrests, her whole body stiff from the fear which clutched at her to be once more back on a plane. She felt the sweat coursing down her back as she cursed her sister. The flight was tiring and cramped and she dozed on and off, woken constantly by the excited cries of small children, their families all looking forward to a holiday in the sun.

However, finally they landed as Diona breathed a sigh of relief. She frowned realising that she had not brought an adapter, hoping that her sister would have one she could use. As her sister answered, Diona told her where she was, demanding that the two meet. Daryle was shocked to hear that she was in Greece and quickly gave her the name of the town she was staying in, along with the hotel and details on how to get there.

She then agreed to meet with her at a restaurant later that day, to her relief informing Diona that Alexis would be there too. Ringing off, she was glad that she would have the opportunity to speak to the two of them at the same time, her mouth set determinedly that she would be bringing her sister home the following day. At the airport she quickly exchanged money. She booked herself into a room, frowning slightly as the receptionist informed her that there was no Daryle Brown staying at the hotel.

As she collected her key she then took her case up so that she could change out of her warm jeans and shirt into shorts and a strappy t-shirt, which was such a welcome relief in the heat of the Greek sun. Moving out of the hotel to keep her appointment with her sister, she received many admiring looks from the Greek men who spoke gently to her as they looked over her figure with appreciative eyes, seeing her firm breasts, slim waist and flat stomach flaring out to wider hips and perfect bottom.

Diona felt uncomfortable with this kind of attention, stopping to buy sunglasses to hide the discomfort in her eyes. Finally she reached the restaurant, relieved to see Daryle already there, laughing with some men at another table.

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As she moved to the table her sister sat at, Daryle stood, smiling warmly at her. Diona however, waved away the comment, looking sharply at her. What did you think I would do Daryle? You left a note only saying that you were in love and getting married.

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Are you out of your mind? Get your things Daryle, we are on the next flight back home. Sitting back she glared at her sister, who was smiling patiently at her. I heard you Daryle Well… There is a problem.

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And what is that? His brother Nikias With a look of annoyance Diona looked back at the woman before her. He is not the only one Daryle…this is ridiculous, what is the big rush? For a moment she looked at her sister, a look of horror crossing her face. Are you pregnant? Daryle looked at her with shock, crying out indignantly, No! Then why the rush?

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Please Daryle, I am begging you to come home. Daryle giggled at her. All the more reason to take it slowly Daryle, guys like that play by very different rules, and you are the one who is going to get hurt. However, her sister was laughing at her, her eyes shining brightly as she shook her head.

You are wrong Diona You said he would be here. Daryle giggled, as her phone began to ring. Looking at the caller ID she smiled, rising. With a soft sigh she realised that Daryle never could listen to sense; she chose her heart over her head every time, with little or no regard to what others said or did, and once more Diona blamed herself.

She had spoiled her as she was growing up, shielded her from the hard decisions which she was required to make; perhaps she thought with a soft sigh, she had protected her too much. However, she smiled remembering how embarrassed Daryle had been when she suggested she was pregnant, and telling her that she and Alexis had not even slept together.

With a warm sensation filling her tired body, she thought that perhaps she had not done such a bad job of raising her young sister as she had first thought. As she sat waiting for the return of Daryle, she became aware of somebody stopping behind her. Turning around, Diona held back the gasp as she saw the most handsome man she had ever encountered. Her eyes met his and held them unblinkingly, before he finally spoke.

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Miss Brown? Diona could only stare at the man, as his voice sent shivers down her spine, surprised that he seemed to know her name. Are you Miss Brown? Yes , she finally managed, Can I help you?

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My name is Nikias Dranias , he started, scowling to see how she smiled with relief. This is not a social call Miss Brown…I want you to stop seeing my brother right now. Diona looked at him with surprise. How much Miss Brown?

For what? To leave and never see him again. Diona began to get angry, losing patience with this overbearing man who, despite being so devastatingly handsome, was treating her with such disrespect, his arrogance so obvious from the way his eyes kept flicking over her, as though she was something unpleasant he was being forced to sit beside.

Who the hell do you think you are? This one was different from. This action might not be possible to undo. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each person you share it with. Thank you for respecting the hard work of the author.

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