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Quinn Julia - Smythe-Smith Quartet 1 - Just Like Heaven ( Avon epub. MB. Quinn Julia - Smythe-Smith Quartet 2 - A Night Like This ( Avon). Just Like Heaven (Smythe-Smith Quartet #1) ". By: Julia Quinn. Epub Download Mac, Epub Ebook Download, Ebook Download Pdf, Bookseller, Epub. Format. Once again, #1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn transports her readers to Download and Read Free Online Just Like Heaven Julia Quinn books, good books, online books, books online, book reviews epub, read books.

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Just WNj, Like Heaven (writer ,"Julia Quinn)" MediaFire " german download Just "Like,Heaven,( writer Julia epub open 3D torrent. whatthebook , torrent. Read “Just Like Heaven”, by Julia Quinn online on Bookmate – Once again, #1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn transports her readers to. Just Like Heaven. Smythe-Smith Quartet (Series). Book 1. Julia Quinn Author Rosalyn Landor Narrator (). cover image of Just Like Heaven.

Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Formatting may be different depending on your device and eBook type. Once again, 1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn transports her readers to historical romance heaven! Honoria Smythe-Smith is: A a really bad violinist B still miffed at being nicknamed "Bug" as a child C not in love with her older brother's best friend D all of the above Marcus Holroyd is:

The ensuing blend of tragedy and comedy includes such gems as: Or maybe he still was in hell, although if so, the beds were certainly comfortable. Which certainly did seem to contradict everything he'd learned in church. With a giant, mace-like carrot. The discussion about touchstones got me all teary. But not as teary as the very end. And the cousins bickering while practicing for the quartet was simply hilarious.

View 1 comment. Jan 23, Jennifer rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Fans of Julia Quinn's Historicals. Marcus is the best friend of Honoria's older brother Daniel who is living in exile in Italy for reasons that are explained in the first few chapters.

Daniel and Marcus have been friends for years and Marcus has become a type of surrogate son f 4. Daniel and Marcus have been friends for years and Marcus has become a type of surrogate son for the Smythe-Smiths. Before Daniel left, he made Marcus promise to watch over Honoria and make sure she does not marry anybody unsuitable.

Therefore, Marcus, despite his lack of interest in society, goes to London every year to keep an eye on Honoria. What follows is a beautiful yet subtle tale of friends becoming lovers. Honoria and Marcus have known each other since childhood and are aware of quirks and personality traits. Honoria is an intelligent and kind young lady who values her family and their traditions.

This viewpoint helps explain her willingness to go along with the family musicale despite her lack of talent. She knows she is bad, but is determined to have fun while performing for her family and friends. She also dreams of having a family of her own. As the youngest in her family, Honoria has always had a sense of loneliness especially after her brother's exile.

Marcus's mother died when he was young and his father had little interest in his son beyond preping an heir. He had no siblings or even friends until he met Daniel Smythe-Smith at school. Because of Daniel, Marcus found the family he never had. Like Honoria, Marcus is a lonely person who desires a family of his own. Through a variety of comedic and dramatic events, Honoria and Marcus become close friends and begin to realize their feelings for each other.

I was particularly drawn to a scene where Marcus had fallen ill and Honoria strived to nurse him back to health. The intimacy of this event caused them to look at each other in a way beyond friends.

In terms of secondary characters, we are introduced to the other members of the Smythe-Smith Quartet: Sarah, Iris, and Daisy. Each of these girls has a unique personality as well as unique viewpoint on the musicale.

I am definitely intrigued by Iris, the cellist who is actually talented, as well as the other girls. The whole Smythe-Smith family and their interactions with each other are fascinating and heartwarming. I cannot wait to read more about these girls and their happily ever afters. My favorite quote from this book is when Marcus is thinking about his relationship with Honoria and his dreams about that relationship: While it may sound simple and it is, I feel like Julia Quinn made it subtle yet powerful at the same time.

Another winner for Ms. Nov 26, Eastofoz rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Bridgerton series style fans. Quinn is one of the few historical romance authors out there whose books actually sound like a historical and the tone remains consistent throughout the book. Their relationship starts to spark after she helps him through a difficult time. Though there could have been a few more steam scenes, the strong writing makes up for it and still keeps you turning those pages. Some of the Bridgertons reappear which was nice to see too.

A good start to a new and promising series.

View all 14 comments. Feb 05, [Aengell] rated it it was amazing. This story was so enticing, charming, cute and romantic, that I felt all giddy inside. The main characters, Honoria and Marcus, were too sweet to be true, they had great chemistry but what I loved and I love this about every JQ book was the fact that they had a real relationship growing, they talked and interacted and were playful and in love, and my enjoyment was not clouded by heavy sexual scenes.

No, every time they touched felt like magic, just like it should be. Honoria as the heroine was quirky, funny, talking a little bit too much, but perfect in her own way. Marcus wormed his way straight to my heart with his aloofness, hiding his sweet and tender heart. He was the perfect beta-hero who showed off his macho-side in the end.

Marcus, you can be shy all you want! I just can repeat myself: Jul 12, ilknur a. Bi de Daniel: Mar 01, Christine rated it really liked it Recommends it for: By sheer luck, I got an early copy of Just Like Heaven and immediately read it when I received it in the mail yesterday.

And it was great! In the Bridgertons series, I always got the impression that the Smythe-Smith girls were a little boring and not But it turns out, they're just the opposite! I had so much fun learning about Honoria Smythe-Smith and her family and the very, very large number of cousins.

Geez, this family is big. Honoria and Marcus together are adorable and I love thei By sheer luck, I got an early copy of Just Like Heaven and immediately read it when I received it in the mail yesterday. Honoria and Marcus together are adorable and I love their scenes the most because of how they act around each other. It's just You'll understand when you read the book. My only complaint is parts of the book seemed to drag when Julia switched POVs between Honoria and Marcus and covered the same events for both.

But whatever overlapped usually was summarized so it wasn't bogged down too much. This book is classic Julia. It's fun, light, quirky and full of amusing wit and strong passions. I loved it. I especially loved the Prologue. I want more from the Smythe-Smith girls. I really hope either Iris or Sarah is in the next book, or possibly Daniel. I think I've figured out who Daniel's story will contain and that will be very, very interesting, but it may need to develop more, so I can see Sarah or Iris being next.

Now I must re-read the Bridgertons series in its entirety because the little hints and peeks at them in Just Like Heaven left me wanting to revisit my old friends.

One last thing: The synopsis of this book on Goodreads is crap. I don't know why they used that synopsis when the one on the back of the book is so much better. Although, it does give a little of the plot away, so if you want to read what the actual book will have on the back, click here: D all of the above hide spoiler ] La historia de amor es entretenida y pausada, y toda la parte relativa a las veladas musicales y al cuarteto es muy divertida, en algunas partes he llegado a llorar de la risa.

Estoy deseando continuar con el resto de libros. Right, so.

Julia Quinn

All of which are connected to each other. I mean, the concept from the beginning — the underlying theme, is lying reminder: First series I tried was the Rokesbys series, a prequel series to the Bridgertons series. Then I read. Most because I had to DNF one of them. Bridgertons being about, unless I confused myself, the generation of marriageable adults that came after the generation in Rokesbys.

Quinn julia download heaven like just epub

As in, the events in this series takes place during the same time period as the events in the Bridgertons series. Barely, but still. This specific book here, chronologically, slides in-between book 7 and book 8 of the Bridgertons series. Gregory and Colin make cameos in this book. Oddly, and I only really recalled it now — but Gregory got talked about a lot — invited to a party, was a member of that party, was talked about as a potential husband material. Colin, on the other hand, was never talked about — at all — yet had an important scene in the book.

The very old woman who feels free to say whatever she wants, but whose name now escapes me Lady. Honoria Smythe-Smith is the lead female character and yes there are two points of views in this book. So she both experiences a large family and. Marcus, Earl. Father, though, gazed upon his son and found him intelligent enough and stuff.

And had no desire to reenter the marriage market and heaven forbid actually deal with another wife. He was content with just the one child. Not that he talked much him until the kid was about 12, whereupon the kid was mostly off at Eton anyway — so father and son rarely saw each other. Mother and son, while mother was alive, were also in favor of the stand-offish parenting style. The book begins with Marcus meeting Honoria and her family, through brother Daniel — and being, basically, made a member of their family.

The actual story starts off with Honoria caught out in the rain in Cambridge, and being helped, temporarily, by an Earl — Marcus. They are still. Marcus and Honoria reconnect. Those who have read the Bridgertons series will recall that the Smythe-Smith put on music recitals — and that plays an important role in this book as well.

See a Problem?

Well, it would have to since Honoria is a member of the performing quartet. He spends the book near Honoria. I rather enjoyed this book from, mostly, beginning to end. My word processor just died. Now I have to actually write in the box here on Goodreads. Though I was able to get the review up to now. Where was I? Book was said to be funny. I didn't see it at first.

But was funny, eventually. There's a medical issue that crops up - I liked how that was described and even found humor there. As is somewhat normal, I kind of just skimmed along when the sex turned up - I do not, in general, enjoy reading the really long sex scenes this author writes, though there might occasionally be funny moments - more often there are. I liked the side characters, for the most part, especially Iris and Sarah from the Quartet. Though I had trouble telling the parents apart - Honoria's, Iris's and Sarah's were all of them there?

I'm not even sure, though I know. The perfect piece of audio-fluff for when - as I am - you're laid up in bed with a stinking cold and can't read a book because it makes your eyes ache! It's classic JQ - light-hearted, with plenty of witty dialogue; and it contains one of my favourite tropes, the "friends-to-lovers" one.

Lady Honoria has known Marcus Holroyd since she was a child. He's her big brother's best friend, the only child of an only child who has been given the best of everything in life - except familial life and affecti The perfect piece of audio-fluff for when - as I am - you're laid up in bed with a stinking cold and can't read a book because it makes your eyes ache! He's her big brother's best friend, the only child of an only child who has been given the best of everything in life - except familial life and affection.

It's a miracle he hasn't grown up a complete head-case, but he's a genuinely nice guy; shy, somewhat reclusive and possessing a dry wit which he generally keeps hidden.

Honoria is the youngest of her siblings by well over ten years, and as her sisters are all married and her brother Daniel we get his story in A Night Like This had to leave the country, she is terribly lonely and desperate to find a husband so that she can have a home of her own.

Most of all, she hates the silence. Having grown up in a large, bustling household, there is now just her and her mother, who has become very withdrawn since Daniel's departure. When Marcus becomes desperately ill, Honaria insists on going to him; and threatens to go alone when her mother demurs. Fortunately, her mother relents and the pair head off to Marcus' Cambridgeshire estate where they discover him to be in far more danger than they had believed.

Seeing her son's best friend in such dire straits seems to give Honoria's mother the kick up the backside she needed to pull her out of her listlessness and together, she and Honaria work tirelessly to save Marcus' life. There are some truly tender scenes - between mother and daughter and Marcus and Honaria - in that part of the book.

Although they more or less grew up together, the couple have not been especially close in recent years - although unbeknownst to Honaria, before Daniel left, he asked Marcus to keep an eye on her and "stop her marrying an idiot".

As he recovers, the two draw closer and begin to realise the true nature of their feelings for each other. There's a bump along the road to true love when Honaria discovers that Marcus had chased off a number of her suitors the previous year and gets huffy about it - but really, it's a mole-hill see what I did there?

Both protagonists are attractive characters. Marcus isn't a rake or man with a dark secret in his past, he's just a truly decent man who doesn't like to be the centre of attention although when push comes to shove, he'll do it if he has to and who wants to be loved and have a family of his own around him.

Honoria is no silly debutante. She's kind and funny and fiercely loyal to her family and its traditions. She's one of the few people to truly 'see' Marcus for what he is underneath the rather starchy exterior he presents to the world; and even though she worries that his attentions to her have been a result of his promise to her brother, she is sensible enough to realise she's wrong and that he does truly care for her.

If I have a criticism, it's that the sex scene was really not necessary. I have no objection to sex in romance novels, but it felt like it had been shoe-horned in here for the sake of it. Rosalyn Landor did her usual superb job with the narration. There are five or six different female characters featured throughout the novel, and in some scenes, they all appear - but each voice is clearly delineated so there is never any doubt as to who is speaking.

The narrative passages are well-paced and invested with the lightness of tone and humour that is prevalent throughout the story. Just what the doctor ordered! Dec 05, İnci Puyan rated it really liked it. Veee bir J. Ben sevdim.


Neyse historical severlere tavsiye ederim: Jan 10, Amanda rated it it was ok Shelves: That could all have been interesting except for the fact that he spent the majority of that time insensible or unconscious due to copious amounts of laudanum. Did I actually read pages of Honoria talking to an unconscious person while trying to feed him soup?

Was soup the most exciting thing? It seems off putting as a modern reader. The plot here sounds very Dare like from the blurb. They grew up together and then as adults they fall in love. Throw in bits about chocolate cakes and a terrible musical recital and boom, rom-com gold! However, the basic premise of the book is where the similarities end. Just Like Heaven is like a Tessa Dare book that someone took the jokes and sex out of.

Now if you read that sentence and freaked out thinking how amazing that would be then this book is totally your jam. I on the other hand want to run in the opposite direction. View 2 comments. Feb 02, Belle rated it really liked it Shelves: This wasn't as good as the most of Bridgertons series, but it was still very enjoyable. Chapter 23 Selections from the Personal Dictionary of Caroline Ravenscroft About the Author Books by Julia Quinn Copyright About The Publisher. Read Online Swipe version.

Read Online Continuous version. Download now. Buy a paper book. Once an Heiress by Renee Ryan. How to Catch an Heiress by Tarah Scott. To Catch Her by Alice K. Hard to Catch by Alice Ward.

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