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Dear Friend, You cannot download the books Seven Secrets of Shiva, but i can give the website where File formats: ePub, PDF, Kindle, Audiobook, mobi, ZIP. Get Instant Access to 7 Secrets Of Shiva By Devdutt Pattanaik #2b EBOOK EPUB KINDLE PDF. Read Download Online 7 Secrets Of Shiva. [PDF Download] 7 Secrets of Shiva: The Hindu Trinity Series Devdutt Pattanaik , introduces listeners to these varied aspects and Index of Cults ePub 7 Secret.

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7-Secrets-of-Shiva. erebusoverkill. Views. 2 years ago. Shiva, · Brahma, · Ganesha, · Shakti, · Goddess, · Parvati, · Murugan, · Prakriti, · Ravana, · Hence. Smeared with ash, draped in animal hide, he sits atop the snow-capped mountain, skull in hand, withdrawn, with dogs for company, destroying the world with his. Seven Secrets of Shiva - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Devdutt Pattanaik - Sita An Illustrated Retelling of the ukraine-europe.info

Smeared with ash, draped in animal hide, he sits atop the snow-capped mountain, skull in hand, withdrawn, with dogs for company, destroying the world with his, indifference. He is God who the Goddess shall awaken. His name is Shiva. Locked in his stories, symbols and rituals are the secrets of our ancestors. This book attempts to unlock seven. MacFie, , , 34 pages. To purchase the entire book, please order ISBN

He details about the creation of this linga form. The author describes a story about Shiva emerging from a infinite beam of fire, burning without any fuel. It is thus a representation that god is formless, limitless and is omnipresent. The term "Aham Brahmasmi" is also explained, pushing the mankind from finite to infinite, from mortality to moksha or immortality Bhairava: There are two kinds of fear for the mankind, the predator and the prey. The fear of such things makes us Pashu or with animal instinct.

Shiva becomes Pashupathi who destroys this fear and leads us towards Moksha. It is said that Brahma also fears Prakriti or nature and attempts to tame her. This fear sprouts as a fifth head for Brahma and an enraged Shiva because of Brahma's ignorance slays his head.

Thus he becomes the Kapalika.

The child form seen with the dogs at his feet is the Bhairava who removes such fear. This is the most interesting part where Shiva turns from the hermit to a house holder.

It is with the help of Sakthi that Shiva opens his eyes and looks at mankind with mercy. The lonely, celibate, blissful hermit, insensitive God becomes caring and patient towards humans. The marriage of Shiva and Shakthi is explained in great details. Shakthi through her never tiring efforts makes Shankara indulge in Prakriti nature and Sanskriti Culture and Society of humans. It is described that Yoni, the pot dripping water on linga, is Sakthi who helps Shiva to reflect on humans.

This part discusses Shiva to be ignorant or rather innocent about the society and culture. It describes him to be pure and blissful like a child that he never discriminates between good and bad.

It is due to this fact that he never discriminates between a Asura and Deva and grants all the boons. It is also due to this fact that he never follows with the basic rules of the society, such as eating, need for a house, children, et al. We often hear about Aghoris and their uncouth practises. The two sons of Shiva who help him to empathise and embrase the humankind.

The births of these gods are discussed thoroughly. Ganesha who is more attached to Shakti is the god of prosperity and Muruga is the war lord who wards away all fear of predator. In other words they help mankind from the fear of prey and predator, thus paving the path to attain moksha The 7 secrets of Shiva is a book with so much information that even after this exhaustive review I feel that I could have included more.

A special note goes to the photos of Shiva. It is astonishing to see so many photos that substantiate his writting. The book definitely has a lot of Tension between the genders going, without which the author could not have given such indepth details.

Seven Secrets of Shiva | Shiva | Devi

A few stories which I had heard already and a lot of them which were so refreshingly new got me look at the Shaiva cult with a new meaning. It is not a end to end light read, but something to, relate to and think about our Hindu religion. The author has covered such symbolic stories around Lord Shiva and attempted to decipher the meanings.

For some people things might look a bit odd but readers must understand that deciphering ancient symbolic stories is not an easy task and it can never be The reason behind depicting God and Godess as humans was to make it easier for us humans to understand these concepts easily. Devdutt Patanaik came to me as a breeze of fresh air. The book is a light read. What makes it special is the illustrations in terms of the poster paintings, the pictures and the photos of statues of work related to Lord Shiva.

I couldn't drop the book once started. Shaivism has been always enticing to me but after this book, I got a newfound love and respect for Pashu-pati, Mahadev. He who chooses to ignore the world, culture and all its implications. This book will remain with me for a long, lo This book will remain with me for a long, long time. I must look out for more Devdutt now!

Secrets shiva epub of download 7

I particularly liked how, though the representation of The Lord differed in each form, and for each culture, it eventually represented the same truth.

The illustrations on every second pages, are rare pictures of Paintings and sculptures, which enable us to understand the view points even better.

Each illustration is labelled, explaining its significance. For me, these pictures and their explanations were the best bit. I finished this book in 1 and half day. It's really good read. His writing and pictures both together help you to gain much more you have ever known about shiva. As always, so enlightening.

So many facts and myths that have stayed with us since childhood and we discover the meanings why certain things associated with Shiva, are that way.

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A must read for all those who love mythology, tradition, history. Well, if you go by the title, u will be disappointed.

Epub download 7 of secrets shiva

But if u read without any exceptation, it's definitley a good read. A strange thing happened when I read this one. My 3 year old was asking abt this book and I told a story from this one. She kept silent for sometime and started crying. When I asked, she said she loves Shiva and wanted to see him. I have told her a lot of stories about gods but she never reacted this way.

I wonder what makes a 3 yr old cry My confused mind is more confused now Devdutt Pattanaik born December 11, is an Indian physician turned leadership consultant, mythologist and author whose works focus largely on the areas of myth, mythology, and also management. An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharat An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata Once the seller accepts the return request, the item will be recalled and a brand new replacement will be shipped to you by the seller at no extra cost.

Replacement can be for the entire product or part s of the product. In addition to this, we have Flipkart buyer protection program to resolve any possible issues. In 7 Secrets Of Shiva, Pattanaik begins his analysis of Hindu mythology by looking at the conflict between Western methodology and Hindu devotees. He states that when Western scholars and academicians examine Hindu mythological symbols such as the Shiva Linga, they are more concerned about the objective representation.

Objectively it is a phallus, but subjectively it represents a mind that is unstirred and happy. Hindu devotees are more concerned with the latter explanation and therefore ignore the former during their worship. In a similar style of analysis, Pattanaik goes on to decipher the seven forms of Lord Shiva.

In the first chapter titled Lingeshwara, the author goes beyond the meaning of a phallic symbol. Instead, the Lingeshwara represents mental stimulation, happiness, and a focused mind. With the banishment of fear, the mind is able to continue on the path to inner happiness. In the third and fourth chapters titled Shankara and Bholenath, Shiva is portrayed as a householder and as the counterpart of the goddess Shakti.

Their union symbolises the propagation of the species.

Of shiva download 7 secrets epub

It also explains how the goddess attempts to get Shiva to participate in the material world. It explains how Ganesha removes scarcity, and promotes a good life, prosperity, and knowledge. Kartikeya wards off evil doers and predation. When Lord Shiva performed the Tandava, he was destroying the Universe. Apart from deciphering the symbolism behind Hindu mythology, Pattanaik has included illustrations, photographs, poster art, and blurbs to give readers a visual dimension to the explanation.

He has authored over twenty books dealing with Hindu mythology. Apart from writing, he has over fifteen years of experience as a medical doctor, working for companies such as Sanofi Aventis and Apollo Health Street. He has also worked with Ernst and Young as a Business Advisor. Pattanaik is currently an inspirational speaker and leadership coach at many organizations.

Pattanaik has written more than 25 books. Read Dr. Pattanaik's few books earlier and this one too is one of his best writings. I am neither a Shiva sadhika nor an expert in mythology but reading this great book was a soothing experience. Shiva's various aspects as Kaal Bhairav, Sundareshwar, Kashi Vishwanath, Gore Bhairav have been wonderfully ellaborated in different chapters leaving the readers spell bound and surrendered before Mahadev.

Shiva's Nivratti marg as compared to Narayan's Pravritti Marg has been justified aptly leaving it to the readers to decide which is the greatest of both. Sri Devdutt Pattanaik explains the stories and their meanings and interpretations of almost everything that is associated with Shiva. It is a great eye-opener. Most Indians would have seen Shiva linga. What exactly does it mean? Who is Parvati?

Who is Shankara? Why do people worship Shiva the destroyer and Vishnu the preserver and not Brahma the creator?


Why are some of the sadhus in the Himalayan region the way they are? Why is rudrakshi mala associated with Shiva. What does Shiva Purana contain? Dr Devdutt Pattanaik is a medical doctor by training, a marketing manager by profession and a mythologist by passion.

He lectures extensively on the relevance of sacred stories, symbols and rituals in modern times. An Introduction, Vishnu: An Introduction, Devi: An Introduction, Hanuman: An Introduction, Lakshmi: An Introduction, Krishna: An Introduction, Shiva to Shankara: Stories, Symbols and Rituals from the Heart of the Subcontinent.

Shiva is a God that has truly transcended time and space. He is Mahadeva - greatest of Gods. His legends exist and have survived since eons ago. This book is a treat for all who find mythologies and ancient legends fascinating.

In the must-read introduction, the author Devdutt explains his approach. A reconcilliation between East and West. He mentions how Western scholars look at Hindu mythology through the lens of western thought and philosophy, often referring to Western stream of understanding and analysis.

And Indians are shy of the explicit exploits of their Gods, a result of Victorian colonial propriety. In this book Devdutt explores the myth through research of Vedas, Puranas, legends and temples. He goes to the basic philosophy of Hinduism to explain and interpret the mythology in its more accurate meaning.

For example, there are many Gods in Hindu mythology and many demons and a heaven and hell, but there is no equivalent of Satan. Lord Shiva is an ascetic and he also is a householder. He is worshiped in these 2 forms as well as a host of other forms - angry Rudra, united Ardhanareshwara, simpleton Bholenath, vengeful Kaal Bhairava, etc.

So not only do we have more than one God, the God's themselves have myriad versions and avatars. Shiva is eternal with no beginning and no end, he is infinite, no before no after, he grants boons and blessings to all who worship him. So even demons pray to him for benefiting from his benevolence. This is a unique thought process of a God who differentiates between no one and nothing. He has angry form, he has a compassionate form, he is a lover and husband, he is a father too, and he is formless divine.

He can revive the dead, he can take away all fear of death. He provides for all his devotees and protects them from predation. In which books have you dealt with these? I would also like to read a key text which serves as a guideline for the patterns and techniques you use for interpreting myths.

Shiva of epub secrets download 7

Have you written any such book on how myth works? If you can suggest me relevant books by other writers, Indian or foreign, that will also be welcome. Well after watching Mahadev and as your contribution to the show is amazing, speechless. Moreover very queer thing waht I want to share with you that right from the childhood say at the age of 7 or 8 first time I red Skanda Purana the Image of Shiva and Sati was deeply rooted in My heart and from that time I did consider it as the great love story with greater tragic end.

After so many years watching it on screen not only the story but the vision and Imagination which was cherished in mind last from years exactly shape up in reality.! Thanks for being the part of it. I am amazed at the Knowledge you have especial about HIndu Mythology.

I came to know that the serial Devon ke Dev Mahadev is the inspiration based on your work. It is a fabulous serial. I congratulate the producers and Broadcasters. I wish it were to be for more duration. Everyday i look forward to watch this serial. Hi, Congratulation for success and great write ups. It certainly explains the mythology with logic, but what I found disappointing is there was nothing articulated from Vedas for Rudra..

7 Secrets Of Shiva Books

Pat sir: Your work is certainly a guiding light to the many seekers who are randomly searching for anything and everything they can to find the truth.

Be blessed! And let the light forever shine. Vishnu's first secret is to draw humanity's attention to 'the spiritual reality within material reality'. Even Shiva, the world-negating ascetic, 'needs to open his eyes' to this, so Vishnu appears as Mohini, the enchantress and 'is inviting spiritual reality to enter her rangabhoomi or playground, and join the leela or game of material reality'.

He next delves into the stories of Vishnu's avatars as Kurma the tortoise, Varaha the boar, Narasimha the man-lion and as Vamana the dwarf, to tell us how Vishnu appeared in these incarnations to put down the asuras - just when they were getting the upper hand on earth - and in their battles with the devas.

Shivalinga, writes Pattanaik, is at once, the self-stirred phallus of the Tapasvin, the reverse flow of his semen, the burning of Tapa, the endless pillar of fire and the form of the formless Divine.

This is also Shiva's first secret - the meaning of his linga beyond the conventional titillation of the phallic symbol. Pattanaik is best when sticking to mythology; when he begins to draw on concepts in nature and psychology, his arguments are not always well-founded and the generalisations are sweeping. While writing of Shiva as Kaal Bhairava and of death, he goes on to say that "it is the fear of death that makes animals migrate in search of hunting grounds".

Aren't there other reasons too, like changing weather conditions, the taking over of a pasture by another group, and the need to find food, you wonder. That, if any, is the only flaw in a book in which Pattanaik doesn't let you settle down; just as he did in his first book, he engages you with interesting information. Poster art of Shiva as Nataraja The. South Indian painting of Shiva Ekap. Chola bronze of Shiva as Nataraja W. Acknowledgements I would like to th. Short-link Link Embed.

Share from cover. Share from page: I humbly and most respectfully dedi Page 8 and 9: River stone Shiva-linga Natural roc Page 12 and In many temples of India, a head or Page 14 and North Indian miniature showing Shiv Page 16 and Indus valley seal showing a sage su Page 18 and Shiva-linga with mask Detached from Page 20 and Reverse movement of the semen is al Page 22 and Bhaya means fear.

And the greatest Page 24 and Mysore painting showing Shiva overp Page 26 and North Indian miniature painting sho Page 28 and Rudra watches as Brahma sprouts fou Page 30 and Recurring theme of three visible in Page 32 and Kaal Bhairava of Varanasi The lines Page 34 and Tantrik imagery showing Kali forcin Page 36 and South Indian stone sculpture showin Page 38 and The moon in final phase of waning s Page 40 and South Indian temple wall image of V Page 42 and As Sati, the Goddess has opened Shi Page 44 and A more handsome, Page 46 and Shiva-linga and the directions In S Page 48 and In nature, animals have sex in the Page 50 and Kalamkari painting of Shiva and Par Page 52 and Cave wall carving of Shiva and Parv Page 54 and Kerala mural showing Shiva with Moh Page 56 and One day, Vishnu got the Devas and t Page 58 and Elephant cave wall carving showing Page 60 and As long as the lion is hungry, the Page 64 and Temple wall image from Belur, Karna Page 66 and Calendar art showing Shiva and Parv Page 68 and Photograph showing Ganesha being im Page 70 and Bengali image of Parvati as Durga a Page 72 and Statue of Ravana and the cowherd Po Page 74 and Page 78 and Temple wall image showing Kartikeya Page 80 and Murugan is visualised as a muscular Page 82 and Kanwariyas, who carry the holy wate Page 84 and Poster art of Khandoba, the guardia Page 86 and Rare temple of Kartikeya in north I Page 88 and