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Engineering professor Barbara Oakley knows firsthand how it feels to struggle with math. She flunked her way through high school math and science courses, before enlisting in the army immediately after graduation. In A Mind for Numbers, Dr. Oakley lets us in on the secrets to. The companion book to the wildly popular massive open online course "Learning How to Learn"Whether you are a student struggling to fulfill a math or science. {epub download} Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra) [Free Ebook] For download this book.

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In A Mind for Numbers, Dr. Oakley lets us in on the secrets to effectively learning math and CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (epub + mobi). Barbara Oakley, Ph.D. from A Mind for Numbers. I got this book after reading So Good They Can't Ignore You by Cal Newport (see Notes). Although, as per the. The number of website where you can get ebooks seems to be growing daily but All the EPUB ebooks found on epubBooks are completely free to download and For those of you who don't mind paying a couple dollars then Amazon's.

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Sort by: Professor Oakley does just that. How do you come to love math and science, and how do you come to learn math and science? Read A Mind for Numbers.

Barbara Oakley is the magician who will help you do both. I have seen far too many students opt out when they hit a rough patch. Giving students deep knowledge on how to learn will lead to higher retention and student success in every field. It is a gift that will last them a lifetime. This outstanding book is also a useful resource for instructional leaders.

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Given the urgent need for America to improve its science and math education so it can stay competitive, A Mind for Numbers is a welcome find. In fact, I'm going to incorporate some of these tips into my own teaching. This is a must-read for anyone who has struggled with mathematics and anyone interested in enhancing their learning experience.

For example, there are more than three hundred different known proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem. In short, studying a problem in a laser-focused way until you reach a solution is not an effective way to learn.

Rather, it involves taking the time to step away from a problem and allow the more relaxed and creative part of the brain to take over. The learning strategies in this book apply not only to math and science, but to any subject in which we struggle. We all have what it takes to excel in areas that don't seem to come naturally to us at first, and learning them does not have to be as painful as we might think!

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