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Nalini Singh - [Psy-Changelings 10] - Kiss of Snow (v).epub. KB. Like Show likes. 2 Psy Changeling - 14 Shards of H - Nalini KB. Nalini Singh - Shards of Hope (Psy-Changeling #14).epub. KB I can't open Shield of winter, Shards of hope and allegiance of honor. I just started the. Shards of Hope ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Nalini Singh · Shards of Hope. Nalini Singh. Berkley, June ISBN: Format: ePub.

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Shards of Hope. Psy-Changeling (Series). Book Nalini Singh Author Angela Dawe Narrator (). cover image of Caressed by Ice. Download Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh Ebook in PDF and EPUB format http:// Read online or Download Wild Invitation: A Psy-Changeling Collection (Full PDF ebook with essay, AUTHOR OF SHARDS OF HOPE, SHIELD OF WINTER, AND HEART OF OBSIDIAN . Nalini Singh eBooks | epub and pdf downloads |.

He is the quiet unassuming leader of the Arrows, the Psy hit squad, but we all know that still waters run deep, especially in the romance universe. So I was expecting another instalment in the Psy Changeling series blazing with passion and romance as another Psy has his Silence shattered. In terms of the romance, Aden and Zaira were great together, they were both Arrows, so both. In terms of the romance, Aden and Zaira were great together, they were both Arrows, so both have that icy demeanour going on, even post Silence. I believe part of the reason I found myself ambivalent towards the main couple was because a lot of page time was spent on politics and some of the inevitable fall out now that Silence has been broken. It is inevitable with a series as long as this that there are going to be some books and couples that you prefer over others.

You get to see a new, ruthless and clever enemy rising. All the previous alliances come together in this book. Not a single group previously mentioned was forgotten. My favourite part was Aden learning to be the leader his Arrows need.

The veterans have their own set of issues guilt mostly , those like Aden and Zaira need help to cope with the consequences of the fall of Silence, but the most heartbreaking part of it all are the Arrow children.

They need to be told they can have a hug anytime they want. Overall, it is important to note that Shards of Hope lacks the usual type of romance, but the moment you remember the who in this case, it makes more sense. Jan 31, Esra rated it it was amazing. It was just amazing. This is the book where the storyline ends and new one begins.

Download nalini hope shards singh of epub

Nalini singh introduced us new changeling packs and new arrows. All of them have huge potentials. I would love to read more about remi's pack and lion changelings. I'm curious about water changelings but they seems sneaky: D Aden and zaira are just plain cute and they're perfect together.

And nalini made a right decision about give It was just amazing. And nalini made a right decision about given that much power to a man like aden , a good man , beautiful inside and out. You're such a good writer , I love you women really: D Can't wait to read new stories and hope you're an immortal vampire so you can write forever.

Jun 02, Douglas Meeks rated it it was amazing. I waited 24 hours to even start this review so I did not sound like some gibbering fan, it was hard. First of all, this book might not have the same effect on people that have not been through all of the previous 13 books, this is the culmination of a lot of things and it was awesome and I dislike using that word usually.

Before I get into a few details let me make sure you understand that this book is a progression of this series, it builds on things that happened in previous books and without I waited 24 hours to even start this review so I did not sound like some gibbering fan, it was hard.

Before I get into a few details let me make sure you understand that this book is a progression of this series, it builds on things that happened in previous books and without that knowledge I seriously doubt you could really get the deeper meaning of many of the things that happen in this novel. This book does not progress slowly like most of the others have, we are dropped into a life or death situation which for any Arrow is a bit of a new feeling.

Most of this book revolves around either the attempts to get two Arrows who have lived most of their live under Silence to become a couple which may not be possible at all for reasons you will see as the story moves forward.

This is not a typical romance with a guaranteed HEA but a real struggle that could leave one or both of them dead. The majority of the rest of the book pursues a plot where people unknown seem to be targeting Arrows Aden in particular which to me would have seemed like a really stupid idea but you will see how it goes. There are a few other small subplots that play directly into one or the other of the above plots and everything weaves together beautifully so much that I have to say that I may have to give this my vote for the best book in the series and after Heart of Obsidian and Shield of Winter, that is not something I say lightly.

The fact that even with such save the world type plots going on Nalini Singh manages to inject some laugh out loud moments just makes this more of a masterpiece of urban fantasy than it would have been without it two adults needing a friend to write them a sex manual so they might do it right was entertaining to say the least. It is the depth of the characters involved that make this series such an exceptional work of fiction.

That is where this book left me and giving it 5 Stars seems inadequate for something like this.

Nalini Singh: The Psy-Changeling Series Books 11-15 (eBook, ePUB)

There are only two types of books when you boil it down to basics, those you read and those you feel like you are living, this is one of those latter types. View 1 comment. Oct 19, Jilly rated it it was amazing Shelves: I like books that have assassins and lethal killers as the heroes. I also love it when they do their job and kill people. Call me crazy, but I like my cold-hearted killers to actually be cold-hearted killers. Weird, huh?

Do your job! In this book we get to look at the deadliest psy group on the planet, the Arrows. They all have some sort of psychic powers that are so dangerous that their parents give them up to be trained assassins when they are toddlers. The training has always been br I like books that have assassins and lethal killers as the heroes. The training has always been brutal - basically torture. That's right, child-torturing.

But, hey, they become some major badasses after the years of child abuse. And, here I am raising my children with love, compassion, and support Our two heroes are the leader of the Arrows, Aden, and his seriously disturbed homicidal girlfriend, Zaira. Zaira was so badly damaged and abused as a child that she goes into bloody rages.

I really like her. They are trying to learn how to be together and to change things in the Arrow squad. They don't want the children to be beaten and abused anymore. And, they are determined to teach Arrows how to have the feels. No more bathing in blood?

What will we do with ourselves all day? In the meantime, there is a new group rising up that is determined to kill Aden. They keep trying, over and over again. I give them points for their persistence, but they kind of suck at killing someone. They need an Arrow in their group. An old-school Arrow - not one of the new rainbows and kittens, share-your-feelings, hippy Arrows. Arrow squad, how far you have fallen! Get a haircut and put on a freaking shirt!

I loved everyone in this book. I'm ready to join the hippies in singing kumbaya, or whatever about it. Not only is the romance good, but there are so many feels. Not the kind I hate, either. No cancer-kids trying to manipulate my feelings - just the happy stuff that assaults me when there are kids learning to love and crap.

I know, it's weird, right? The bluebird of happiness crapped all over this book. View all 11 comments. Fine by me! Here is my first reaction to the story. My gut reaction.

It may change after a second listen. Decent narration by Angela Dawe. In some books, her cadence becomes sing-songy, lulling me to sleep. Not here. In fact, the narration was better than the story itself, in my view. Don't get me wrong I did enjoy the story, which takes place 4 months after Silenc Contents: I did enjoy the story, which takes place 4 months after Silence fell in the Heart of Obsidian , and about 5 weeks after the Honeycomb Protocol in Shield of Winter.

But I have a few quibbles: Singh's language has become increasingly flowery purple and repetitive. I wish she would stop with the overblown references, like "said the woman who was his soul" or "said the woman who owned his heart" or "to the man with eyes of coldest frost" that kind of nonsense feels absurd and gets old.

And the childhood torture scenes felt excessive. Likewise, IMO, the serial killer scenes felt gratuitous and irrelevant to the plot I explain further below. No major spoilers here, I think. And try the quiz: The opening chapters were fabulous — when Aden and Zaira escape their captors see book synopsis.

Vivid scenes, and credible. True grit, loyalty, courage. An imminent and ominous threat. A link to prequels, and the creation of neural implants see Mine to Possess and Hostage to Pleasure , for example. The introduction of some new characters. Perhaps these opening chapters were the best in the book. I went back to a prequel, Tangle of Need , and found an excerpt pointing the finger at the most likely mastermind behind this plot.

That chip could also be utilized as a leash This was the single surviving chip of which he had personal knowledge. Neither Henry nor Shoshanna had ever realized he knew of their unauthorized experimentation. I still see Shoshanna as a threat cuz she lives in Australia surrounded by venomous insects and snakes remember the poison on the steering wheel that killed Blake? Jo-Jo, Tavish, etc. I really enjoy the way Singh writes kids into the series no scenes with the children we already know in this book, though.

Kaleb is now considered an honorary member of view spoiler [the loyal Mercant family, including Silver, her shrewd matriarch, etc. Her feelings for Aden were bedrock and of long standing, if kept silent. Loved the scene when she took down a killer in public view. Appreciated the fact that sex did not intrude upon the relationship development until late in the book, and then only a few times.

Her fear of madness made sense. But, Zaira's repeated thoughts about her madness and rage got old, as Blacky said in her review: Maybe that's just me and my brain but I got tired of that damn rage creature inside her Loyal to the bone.

Loved seeing what this humble Arrow can really do. Great scene! Vividly written. A unique and beautiful ability. I can see how Walker's psychic spinning X-fire filter -- see Kiss of Snow -- is loosely similar to Aden's special talent.

Loved seeing so many beloved characters from prequels come together to help Arrows learn to socialize and form community in a non-silent world. Loved seeing old friends from all three races put their heads together to figure out what the!

Vasic saves the day numerous times with his teleporting and intelligence, becoming a strong second-in-command when Aden goes missing. We see Selenka, alpha of the Black Edge wolves, and Miane, alpha of the Black Sea water pack — she's one shrewd shark! Hoorah to Singh for portraying these leaders as wise enough to see beyond emotional manipulation. Quibbles and Complaints: Much as I enjoyed the book, it gradually lost points with me.

There was no need to inflict yet another serial killer upon my poor abused senses, as seen in soooo many prequels, beginning with 1 Slave to Sensation.

It was a plot digression, adding nothing, and infringing on one of the smexiest scenes in the book. Furthermore, wouldn't the empathic Psy Net alleviate some of that pathology? Remove the serial killer scenes and the pace would flow swiftly this book is the longest of them all, and bogs in places. Likewise, did Zaira really have to have such an unbelievably horrible childhood?? As a toddler and very young girl, and given her fragile Psy body, how did she even survive such torture, for years?

They starved her. They shredded the skin off her bones. In one scene, she's hanging from a meat hook, bones showing in her back. Only six years old! Excessive much? Come on!! Then we hear repeatedly how the child murdered her sadistic parents with only an iron pipe and her powerful mind.

And Zaira's monstrous rage? I hate to say this, but such horrific abuse is heavy-handed. It's not credible or necessary in this book. I would sympathize with Zaira simply for being raised in Silence, as an Arrow, abandoned by unfeeling parents, as was the case with Vasic in Shield of Winter. Aden's childhood was not as bad, but still Wasn't it enough that they messed with his fetal DNA, not knowing what the result would be, in hopes of creating a super-Psy??

Wasn't it enough that they didn't ever love him for himself? Couldn't their coldness suffice?? Her supposed love for Sascha cannot excuse all the horror she allowed and sometimes even actively planned. Neural implants.

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Deer changeling attacks. Bottom line: The stage is set for future books, with a shiny new alliance formed, and the evil mastermind still a mystery. I have my guesses, but nothing solid. The series-wide plot is cohesive and fairly credible.

I'm still in.

Hope of singh epub download nalini shards

And the word "lethal" didn't seem quite so predominant as in prequels. View all 22 comments. Aug 13, Robin Bridge Four rated it really liked it Shelves: Then, if you are like me, you read the fourteenth and decide nope still interesting, still new facets, still love seeing glimpses of old characters too. Actually sometimes those scenes with prior characters steal the show.

I will admit that prior to Heart of Obsidian I was wondering how much longer it could hold my attention. I am enjoying the shift of the PNR focus to Psy-couples. It has added a new dimension to the story especially post silence as everyone is trying to figure it out.

It took me forever to warm up to Aden and Zaira as a couple, she was extremely hard to like at the beginning but it did come to me a little after the mid-point of the book. She is an arrow, so maybe she was supposed to be hard to like initially. Aden is bringing the Arrows into a world after silence and not all of them think there is a place for them in this new world.

He needs to find a way to connect the old to the young and create a safe environment to teach child Arrows that does not involve the cruelty he, Vasic and Zaira all faced as children. There is also a plot to assassinate him and a few other key individuals in an attempt to destabilize this post silent world and snatch up power from an unknown group that seems to be using people from Psy, Changeling and human groups. It gets intense as they have learned a lot from the prior groups that tried such things and failed before them.

Shards of Hope

Killing him would destroy the Arrows and strike a blow to the Ruling Coalition at the same time. As a bonus, it would rip away the shield of fear and mystique that protected the most vulnerable members of the squad. After all, shooting Aden in full view of so many witnesses would prove his lack of strength. Not only that, but if some of the witnesses were also murdered, it would indict the squad as being ineffective protectors against the monsters. To win against them all the factions will have to work together and find ways to build even stronger bonds to keep them fighting together.

I enjoyed the addition of a new pack that is in the early stages for Aden to build a friendship with. There are some moments that really tug on my heartstrings in this. The Arrows have been a solitary group for so long but I loved how Aden wanted to make sure they were like a family and that every one of them had a home no matter what they did. These were some of the biggest emotional moments for me in the book, much more than the relationship between Aden and Zaira.

Deadly Arrow children learning that they will be cared for loved and not hurt anymore was enough to touch on so many tender feelings inside me. She shuffled closer and beckoned him with one hand. But the side characters that stole the show for me this time were Nakita and Anthony Kyriakus. I really want to see what goes on behind closed doors with those two.

Like Kaleb she is one of the more complicated and intricate characters of the series and I would definitely like to see at least a novella if not an entire book devoted to her. This book had one of the better plots with a new and terrible group, more cunning than others of the past, a lot of action and fighting, tempered with a few other problems throughout. View 2 comments. There are so many reasons why I look forward to reading Nalini Singh's serials I have a tendency to loose interest in a series around the th book.

Once again, Ms. Singh has brought her readers to the amazing world where Psy, changelin 5 Amazing "I-can-no-longer-be- Silent stars"! Singh has brought her readers to the amazing world where Psy, changelings, and humans co-exist. Her writing is wonderful, and her characters unique, intelligent, loyal, strong, and dominant. Nalini's 'gift' in her story-telling is that she is able to give her readers a brand new story while developing characters who have been introduced as secondary characters throughout the series.

It's wonderful to finally read 'their' stories, and I've been eagerly waiting for Aden and Zaira's story for a long time! This story has Aden and Zaira caught in a conspiracy that involves all three races trying to cause chaos and disorder since the newly fallen Silence. Aden is the leader of the Arrow's. He was never considered a threat by the leaders of the squad because of his low Tk and M gradient.

He was only ever trained as an Arrow because both his parents were Arrow's. Little did the head of the Arrow's know what they had over-looked in Aden. They could never have fathomed the potential and greatness that this "invisible" little boy had within him Ever since he was a boy, is heart has been on caring and protecting his comrades in the squad.

He was only ever able to do this subtly, and covertly and in small measures, because if he was ever discovered he would have be crushed. Throughout the years Aden was able to help many people, including those Arrow's in the squad who were deemed no longer useful and sentenced to execution.

Aden found a way for them to 'die' so he could hide them until a time would come when they would be able to come out of hiding. Each and every person he helped over the years never forgot his loyalty or the sacrifices he made in order to protect them.

They knew that no matter what happened, Aden would never abandon them and they would never be left behind. As one Arrow stated when he broke squad protocol when Aden's leadership abilities were continually being questioned, "Aden is not our leader because of his abilities.

He is our leader because he understands each and every member of his squad and pushes us to our very best. He is our leader because he goes first against every threat, no matter the risk. He is our leader because we know that should we fall in battle, he will not leave us behind.

He understands to code of soldiers as the Council never did. He is our leader because he has never forgotten that he is an Arrow. He may sit on the Ruling Coalition, but he is no politician and he is no Councilor. He is an Arrow and he will always be an Arrow. When she came to the Arrows' as a young girl she was broken and abused by her parents. Zaira's parents thought they could beat, starve and cage their little girl in order to control her combat high gradient.

Zaira had never needed Silence, because by the time she reached the Arrow's what had been done to her in childhood had caused her to retreat so far into her psyche, that she had shoved her emotions into a dark hole just in order to survive.

The only loyalty Zaira has is to her squad because they are her family and the only place she belongs, and to Aden-absolutely.

Aden was the only person in her life who ever showed her compassion and care. Even when he was transferred to another training facility when they were teenagers, Aden found a way to hack into a computer and send Zaira messages to let her know she was not forgotten and not to let the trainers break her. He always had time for her and treated as if she was precious and mattered. Zaira held onto to every little thing Aden did for her.


It was the only reason she survived, and didn't let the rage of the little girl that lives within her take over and make her the monster that her parents created. Aden and Zaira's story is one of two broken people who have a chance of a new beginning. It's also a story of redemption. They can't change what they did in the past, but they no longer have to live there. The fall of Silence gives them hope for a new life and a new future. This story is about them learning to actually "live" , to trust one another, give into their love for one another, and let their 'shields' down.

Incredible addition to the Psy-Changeling series! I can't wait to see what happens next! I had a bad feeling in my gut that I would not enjoy it as I did with previous books. I hate to be right. I realized after Kaleb's book, which was basically the end of 'the first arc', that I was no longer interested with the rest of the characters.

Yes, I was able to give Vasic's book 4-stars, but I also complained about too many alternate POVs the story was no longer just about the main couple and the tiresome life-and-death situation. The truth is, I felt like the 'big bang' ended with the fallen of Silence Protocol and Kaleb being exposed as The Ghost. This second arc felt repetitive in theme: For me, to be told repeatedly that Psys are broken and dangerous has become tedious and annoying. So my problems with this book were two-folds: I didn't make it to the end grated on my nerves.

I did admit I was curious with the new changeling packs, and the cubs were cute. But I could also predict this execution-style would still be present in the next books, which definitely NOT the way I enjoy the series. It was difficult to care with the main couple when they had to share the spotlights with others. Thanks for giving me Judd, Hawke and Sienna , and Kaleb. View all 16 comments. Dec 25, Izy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Update Oct 16th' Just look.

Finally Aden's book. Nalini singh confirmed that this will be Aden's book on twitter YAY!!! It is amazing to me that this series is 14 books strong and still so amazing! This author brings her A game for every book, the writing never dips and the story is always so consuming.

I loved loved loved this book. Aden was sweet, protective and a damn badass lol. And Zaira is now one of my favourite heroines in this series. She was just so possessive and protective and that's not something you get from heroine's a lot. It was a nice change. And I just really liked how she was sort of weird lol It is amazing to me that this series is 14 books strong and still so amazing!

And I just really liked how she was sort of weird lol. Like this is probably one of my favourite things she says in the book, "I'm keeping this" "You'll have to shorten the arms. If I cut them, you won't be able to wear it. But it's mine. And of course one of the best things about these books is that we get to check in with lots of other characters, other couples we love, and see what they're up too. This whole series is definitely something I would highly recommend to everyone!

If you like PNR then you should be reading these.

In a series built on alpha over protective heroes, it's nice to see an alpha over protective heroine for once. I've waited a long time for Aden's story and Singh blows me out of the water in Shards of Hope. Not only in terms of protagonists but in the way she advances the arc, introduces new characters, and effortlessly continues to change the characterization of an entire race. A fabulous series that continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Jul 26, Camila, the opinionated Catruler rated it it was amazing Shelves: As I finish the fourteenth installment of my all times favorite series I wonder, was Nalini Singh planning this all along?

Does all of it make sense out of luck and good writing, or are all the reminders that Harry has his mother's eyes crucial to Severus' actions through the books? Because if you told me that the woman who started as a flawed, lonely individual of an emotionless race would become a mother, a mate, a friend, a healer and an outstanding Alpha of one of the most powerful changeling As I finish the fourteenth installment of my all times favorite series I wonder, was Nalini Singh planning this all along?

Because if you told me that the woman who started as a flawed, lonely individual of an emotionless race would become a mother, a mate, a friend, a healer and an outstanding Alpha of one of the most powerful changeling packs in the world, I would never have believed it.

If you told me a wolf and a leopard would mate and have pupcubs, I would have laughed at you. If you told me the most powerful individual on Earth would restrain himself from destroying the world because of a woman, I would have told you to get your head checked.

And if you had told me that Aden Kai had the power to turn the world around, I would have said Aden who? I thought we were talking about real power. If Slave of Sensation was the first step and Kiss of Snow was the war, then Shards of Hope is the beginning of a different world, a better world.

And Aden, who most people underestimated next to flashier powers like Kaleb, is the most promising leader this universe has shown us. He is, in a way, the true hero of the series. The one that makes what would appear to be the ultimate objective of the series possible. As for the romance, it wasn't the tenderness of Sascha and Lucas, the epicness of Sienna and Hawke, or the power of Sahara and Kaleb.

Like the book, it was rather unlike any of the others. Yet it felt right. For me, it had the emotion and absoluteness the last couples lacked. Aden is Zaira's, and Zaira is Aden's.

It's not a mating bond, nor simple human love, or even a psychic bond. It's different, it's unique, and it's final. They knew it and I knew it from the beginning, the rest of the book merely formalities. This is why I sit here and wonder, did this extraordinary author plan it all along? Has she always had the ending point for what she would call "the first season of this tv show"? But more importantly, what comes after?

Actually, I don't want to know. I'd rather let her surprise me. After all, if one thing can be said for this world, is that it never disappoints. Although, if Nikita dies, I will fucking murder Nalini Singh. Dec 24, Aly is so frigging bored rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nalini is taking the series in a wonderful direction.

La historia de Aden y Zaira es la peor en cuanto a romance de la serie, porque es inexistente y de hecho este es el libro que menos me ha gustado de la serie y no porque sea malo, la mala soy YO!! View all 7 comments. I fell totally in love with Aden. His dedication towards the Arrow world was extraordinary and I was blown away by the way he dedicated himself to his people. I will always be there for you. We can decide to stagnate, or we can decide to grow.

We can decide to settle for the status quo, or we can decide to reach for the stars. Jun 02, Under the Covers Book Blog rated it liked it. View all 4 comments. Firstly I love how the fall of Silence has a huge ripple effect and has impacted on Psy, Changeling and Humans.

Now the second over reaching story arc is in play and it is exciting. It was a little bit disappointing that the romance took a back seat to the plot - and this has been the case with since the fall of Silence and these Psy main characters. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it c 4. Aden and Zaira already had a connection from childhood, that grew as they became adults and Arrows. I loved how Zaira was "broken" and made a choice to fight and deal with it, and Aden was key to this in the end.

Aden was more than I expected him to be. As leader of the Arrows I expected him to be a high gradient Psy, but he wasn't and was an eternal disappointment to his parents. Aside from this there is Aden creating a new world for the Arrows, an introduction of two new Changeling packs RainFire and BlackSea , lots of changeling and Arrow children, a serial killer to take down and the Architect wanting to wreck havoc with some dastardly plan.

I can't see him being taken down any time soon, plus Ming will be making another move sometime soon. As much as I loved this book I miss the changelings, and I hope the ending of SoH means that maybe the next book with have changeling main characters. View all 10 comments. Jun 07, Mei rated it it was amazing Shelves: Just when I think nothing can be better than the last book, Ms. Singh surprises me! The whole series is fantastic and each book makes it only better and more interesting!

Here the story gets more complicated with the appearance of the Consortium. That's the new enemy and threat. And it is sooo cunning!!! So it brings new questions: What will happen next? Because here nothing is resolved: The love story, as there's alwa Simply: The love story, as there's always one present, is slow builing, with many difficulties to overcome due to their childhood, deliciously hot, but at the same time toushing and tender!

Both Aden and Zaira are great characters! Aden with his protectiveness and honesty and Zaira with her anger issues and her inner child with its unresolved problems.

Still they're perfect for each other! The slow build of their involvement is wonderful! We also get to see many of the characters from the previous book and that is fantastic too! This is a series I'll keep reading forever! Jan 14, Melanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved it - the perfect story for Aden, and the perfect plot that propels the series to new and great heights. I can't wait to read what Nalini Singh has in store for the Psy-Changeling world next.

She's sowed some interesting seeds Until the next one though, I'll have to content myself with rereading all the awesome books in this amazing series. Not a hardship! Jun 06, Ellie rated it really liked it. Full review - 1 June This is the latest instalment in my favourite paranormal series and I was excited to read more about the world after the fall of Silence. It turned out to be such a turbulent journey, full of unexpected and sweet, a pleasure to follow through.

I just bow my head to Ms Singh for the absolutely amazing paranormal world she has created in this series and the way she keeps elaborating and expanding it with each new book. There is so much going on, so much depth that it never Full review - 1 June This is the latest instalment in my favourite paranormal series and I was excited to read more about the world after the fall of Silence. There is so much going on, so much depth that it never gets boring or predictable. At times it even read more as urban fantasy than paranormal romance but I'm OK with it since it was really well-developed and created a rather engaging story.

This book is set in the aftermath of the fall of Silence and even though the action involves all the races, as well as some new players Hello, Remy , the romance was focused on two Arrows - Aden and Zaira. Aden was brilliant - strong and steady, calm and reliable and oh-so-fantastic with the Arrow kids. Clues but caring adults trying to figure out how the raise kids is a favoruite scenario in fiction for me. Aden focused on turning his Arrows into a sort of pack of his own and his efforts were both painful and admirable.

Zaira was a really troubled character. I liked the intricacy of her character very much, her journey to herself and allowing herself to feel was not an easy one. Her focus on "the beast inside, the madness" was repetitive at times and a bit annoying. Still, Aden was all too patient and he was strong enough to help her overcome her own fear and insecurities. The romance was strong and captivating but I missed the moment of discovery that you have feelings which I love about the Psy - all the confusion, uncertainty, even refusal to admit, to try, to pursue.

The conflict was based on Zaira's fear of her madness and her reluctance to risk the life of those she loved. They were together from the start, though they did walked their own path of discovery of sensual pleasure and true connection of body and soul. I very much enjoyed the suspense elements of the story, it was complex, full of twists and turns and kept me on the edge till the very end.

The plot is sort of setting the stage for further conflicts in the post-Silence world. Another element in the story which i particularly liked is seeing so many of the characters from the previous books acting together here. The world has been irrevocable changed and Psy, changelings and humans need to find their place in the new world order. And there are some powerful enemies lurking around! There will be more stories coming in the series and I'm already curious who will the star of the next book.

Remy, probably? I'd love a changeling story next. Or Nikita and Anthony? Or someone totally unexpected? Another worthy installment in the series!

Loved the world building and the suspense, wish the romance was stronger and more central. It read more like urban fantasy than paranormal romance to me. Still I very much enjoyed it and I believe fans of the series won't be disappointed! Full review to come closer to release day It's Aden's book! Here is a very detailed post by Nalini Singh on her website about the future of the Psy-Changeling series.

There are more books, short stories and anthologies coming our way! Can't wait! May 16, 1-Click Addict Support Group rated it it was amazing. Shards of Hope is the fourteenth book in this excellent, auto-buy series, and with every new book, I marvel at the breadth and depth of this unique world, these stirring characters, and this heart-pounding series.

With a now sprawling cast of Changeling, Psy and humans, all with varying talents, skills, challenges, issues and idiosyncrasies, the Psy-Changeling series is one full of surprises, romance, pain and, as the title of this book clearly states, hope.

Injured and isolated, Arrows Aden and Shards of Hope is the fourteenth book in this excellent, auto-buy series, and with every new book, I marvel at the breadth and depth of this unique world, these stirring characters, and this heart-pounding series. Injured and isolated, Arrows Aden and Zaira must fight to escape not just their would-be jailers, but also the harsh environment that threatens their lives as much as the men gunning for them.

These deadly shadow soldiers have no choice but to survive, as attempts to shatter the unstable peace after the fall of Silence jeopardizes the fledging hope of those facing this new world. With the future promising a chance for even the most deadly and volatile members of society, Aden is determined to do all he can to ensure that no Arrow is left behind. Awaken The Senses Nalini Singh.

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