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His Unlikely Lover (Unwanted 3) - Natasha ukraine-europe.info KB. A Husband's Regret (Unwanted 2) - Natasha ukraine-europe.info KB. Natasha. A Husband's Regret (Unwanted #2) is a Romance,Young Adult novel by Natasha Anders, A Husband's Regret (Unwanted #2) read online free. A Husband's Regret by Natasha Anders (Unwanted #2) TwitterChia sẻ lên FacebookChia sẻ lên Pinterest. Nhãn: A Husband's Regret, EPUB, Natasha Anders.

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A Husband's Regret book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Tall and thin, twenty-eight-year-old Bronwyn Palmer has become. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Hard to put down. This intense story is heavy on the romance and Natasha Anders (Author) .. Download Audiobooks · Book. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Natasha Anders was born in Cape Town, South Africa. The Unwanted Wife (The Unwanted Series Book 1) · Natasha Anders · out of 5 stars 3, Kindle Edition. $ · A Husband's Regret ( Unwanted Book 2).

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Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I read The Unwanted Wife and I had a hated-it-then-loved it feel for it. In the end the H showed remorse, begged forgiveness and proved his love and devotion to his h.

In the end I fell for their HEA. A Husband's Regret was nothing like that. The things he did, and said and allowed to happen to his h was so bad that nothing he did which tbh, wasn't much anyways could make up for it. He literally brainwashes himself so that he can hate the h for abandoning him. Has zero remorse in placing all the blame on the h and even when the truth comes out, he never acknowledges his large part in the misery they find themselves in.

The only admirable trait I found was that he was great with his kid. It was like he turned into this completely different person when he was with Kayla, and that side of him was wonderful. I just couldn't enjoy that or forgive him because his double personalities were so glaringly different. I couldn't reconcile the two different personalities with the one man Bronwyn was supposed to entrust her self and her child to. There is a third and last? But I think I'll take a break from this author for a bit.

H is in his 30's, h is Ends with HEA and an epilogue. Are we supposed to feel sorry for the Hero? Because he was in an accident and got hearing problems? It has NOT given him the right to be nasty, mean and hateful! He treated his wife, our heroine, very cruelly saying he doesn't want their baby or her. After two years he suddenly accuses her of depriving him of their child, threatening to take the little girl from her as revenge.

Anders natasha husbands a epub download regret

He bullies and lies and is every way horrible person. And she keeps apologizing and doing everything as he orders as a good doormat does. No way is that love! And suddenly there's HEA and all is forgotten and forgiven.

I wanted to vomit. Save your money and your mental health, don't read this rubbish. Believe it or not, this is the short version of this review.

I know one reads Romance expecting a fuzzy rose glow over behavior that would be unacceptable in real life, but this goes above and beyond. Full disclosure: I didn't finish. I skimmed other reviews to see if it would get any better, but it seems that it doesn't. My comments stem from the first few chapters, and are the explanation of why I put it down and regret buying it.

In a Romance novel I can forgive an emotionally battered woman falling into the patterns of a battered wife; that's realism. The 'heroine' surely shows all the signs, excusing her husband's fits of irrational temper but he always calms down and is sorry! She also limply allows her voice and wishes to be drowned out, even though her daughter's emotional maybe physical safety is unsure if her father is around. Apparently, it's better to have a father with an explosive temper who says cruel things to woman than no father at all?

She only hides from him because, if I read correctly, she's sure he's rejected her for reals, y'all, and doesn't want to inconvenience him with her pathetic existence. OK, fine, she's been abused by a man who does nothing to reassure her insecurities about their relative wealth and status. Some of my favorite romance novels are about battered women who find true love.

This is NOT such a book. Dear reader, she got back together with the abuser. That's bad enough, but not enough to make me one-star a book someone spent a lot of time crafting.

But what made me toss this book and desperately want to pull my money back from its support of this book was the complicit behavior from all the other characters, who enabled the abuse at every turn.

The brother-in-law's wife, herself a new mother, knowing that it's upsetting the heroine, not only fails to speak up, but tries to sweet-talk the heroine into going along with what is, essentially, a kidnapping. I am not kidding. The brothers, while shouting at the heroine for an accident she 'caused' but knew nothing about, ordered her to quit her job, berated her daughter's cheap clothing, and told her to come with them. Where walls are rare and staff is all over the place! Where staff is trained to intervene!

The entire universe here conspires to override the heroine's voice and enable the abusers to kidnap her.

But that's just the characters. Perhaps this is a clever social commentary in which the characters' actions highlight the pathology of abuse?

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If only. No, the omniscient third-person narrator is complicit every step of the way. Only the author miscalculates; the big misunderstanding would never have happened if the hero weren't an abuser. The heroine treated this abuse as a normal part of her husband's personality even before he flipped his lid about her pregnancy.

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And the resolution of the misunderstanding, as I understand it, doesn't seem to be each party realizing their pathology and vowing to do better. I'm left feeling very, very afraid for the child who will grow up seeing this every day of her life. I take no pleasure in trashing an author's work. I write myself, and I know how much of one's self is in writing, and how much it hurts when other people view it very differently than intended.

I'm sure Ms. Anders in no way meant to imply that abuse is normal and fine! That said, this text, however unconsciously, encourages girls and women to submit to abuse. That abuse is romantic. That men are weak creatures who can't help but dominate, accuse, and bully.

A Husband's Regret (Unwanted #2)

But there are real men out there who do act like this abusive hero, and women also are raised to make excuses and stay. Romance, with all its fantasy, also provides benchmarks of what is and is NOT romantic behavior. Again, had the heroine used her time as a single mother to grow a spine, and had the hero realized what a brute he had been to his family, and had just one of the supporting cast stood up to support the heroine's wishes no means NO, people , then I'd not be so irate.

So basically, I found it disturbing on a number of levels. Some readers didn't! But I hope this helps buyers to choose wisely and encourages the author to step back and examine the way her plots look to other eyes. Also, get more honest and critical readers. See all reviews.

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